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02-24-2011, 02:02 AM
I've said it was possible that one way to explain the dated items in the series was that it might be an expression of the biblical "End Times" in Revelation and that we were having things we see in the series be vintage as a clue to that. The RV is from the early to mid 1970's along with the walkie-talkies Rick and Morgan have. The Huey helicopters are even a decade older than that when first developed (really 1959). The Ms. Pac-Man game was introduced in 1981 in the USA.

In trying to think of topics that might be linked to why we have multiple references to a time in the past around 30-40 years ago we do have the following. The character of Dr. Edwin Jenner is an homage to the real Dr. Edward Jenner. He is known as the father of immunology and because of him the smallpox virus was deemed by the World Health Organization eradicated in 1979.

Since I've seen the multiple books that I've revealed being used by the showrunners be used by Rick to form a fictional dream-scape of his (as I believe), then it could be said that what we are seeing is a world turned inside out, with the stories becoming in Rick's mind his current reality. If we then were to turn the fact of smallpox being eradicated in the world by mankind inside out, we'd have the zombie-pox instead being the thing to eradicate mankind in the world. So having the year of 1979 being the center of this time vortex because smallpox was wiped out that year, vintage items on either side of this time period appearing in the series might be a way to point backwards to it. It would be much better if they all were 1979-centric, so this might not be the reason at all but it's worth dropping into the mix.

There is something else to mention as long as I'm doing this. Andrew Lincoln was 36 during season one so it has to be that Rick Grimes is around that same age. If it was ever established that Rick was 32-33, coincidentally about the same age it is said Jesus was when he died, then his birth year would be about 1979.

After presenting all this, I still think the vintage items are more a clue that time has run out for the world as in Revelation's context and that no more new things will be allowed on Earth. Everything is a hand-me-down like the watch Dale mentioned when he quoted William Faulkner. But like has been said before here, we shouldn't hold back on something that might have traction later.

The best evidence for this is why insert a character with a link to smallpox's eradication and have him working at the CDC no less?

Of course Jenner himself mentioned "weaponized smallpox" and even though the World Health Organization declared smallpox eradicated samples are still kept for research purposes and in the very place as our fictional Jenner was working.

OK, here is a little more to think on regarding the line of reasoning of why we have old items and specifically the year of 1979, although not everything is tied specifically to that year. I mentioned the year of 1979 being tied to the eradication of smallpox. Well, according to comments on the Internet Movie Cars Database (http://imcdb.org/vehicle_349099-Jeep-Cherokee-SJ-1979.html) (http://imcdb.org/vehicle_349099-Jeep-Cherokee-SJ-1979.html%29) Rick's family Cherokee looks to be dated perhaps to 1979 as well. I've already linked the name of Cherokee like Winnebago and Chieftain to The Song of Hiawatha but now we have the Grimes' family vehicle model year perhaps matching the smallpox extinction (in the wild) year of 1979. The Dodge being a 2009 by my best data makes it a nice round thirty years between 1979 and 2009.

Now I'll toss yet another item on the list. Rick states Wayne Dunlap's birth year in Guts as (drum roll) 1979.

So I'll suggest that we keep looking for more instances of the year 1979.

I'll even suggest the Ms. Pac-Man game can be corralled into this year now as it was developed over the course of a year beginning in (drum roll again) 1979.

AMC itself has a video tour of the RV with Jeffrey Demunn and he identifies it as a 1977 model year Winnebago so we're off by only two years.

The Chevy pickup at the farmhouse that Rick checks for keys (before spotting Blade) is identified on the IMCDb website as a 1979 so there is another one.

The Holy Cross Lutheran Dodge Ram van could be as old as a 1979 as that was the first year of what was called the "late" Dodge van series.

Morales' and Shane's 4WD rigs are dated in the late 80's so they don't fit as nicely.

What this all might mean is a connection from Rick's age to the year that smallpox was eradicated (1979).

Also, smallpox ravaged Native American populations so this is yet another reason for inclusion of The Song of Hiawatha.
OK, I now see why Frank Darabont picked that particular corner in Atlanta to place the tank that rick ends up trapped inside of at the end of the pilot.

I was looking at the overhead Google map of the Walking Dead locations today and when I went to street view I caught something I have missed before this. The corner where the tank was placed is a historic location of a previous PIPE shop (!). No coincidence there I'll assert as it links to both the peace pipe of Gitche Manito (the Great Spirit or Great Mystery) in The Song of Hiawatha as well as the hookah-smoking caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland. http://tinyurl.com/47x9rf6

Now THAT's attention to detail, Frank! Bravo, placing the "Chieftain" next to the pipe shop. Brilliant!

Although the pipe shop is now history the sign remains, much like the smile of the Cheshire cat!

02-24-2011, 07:43 PM
My money says Jenner, the horse and all the missing dogs and cats. Anything truely living would be in hiding now.

Yea. I think Jenner found what he was looking for, Rick Grimes {Rick is Germ}. If I am right he might have told him where to go so the rest of the living might have a chance of finding a cure, using him as a test subject.

Hard to say exactly what it is. A result of a direct hand, a random chance event such a mutation, a species jumping virus like a ranavirus or the Earth just being in the wrong place and time. If it is a science experiment or black ops then its purpose would be defined by the release of retro-type RNA virus into (or the sudden appearance and exposure of the virus into) the human population. Purpose of that is unknown but one can make an educated guess based on what the end result would be if the virus runs it full course and produces a final outcome. The herd is being sorted into two piles. The majority will end up on the big pile. A few or as little as anywhere from 1 to 3 will end up on the other pile. Draw your own conclusions as to what it means if there are only 3 survivors.

In the roughly 20,000 to 25,000 (exact number as yet unknown) component genes of human DNA, the break down is 2% protein folding, 8% retrovirus and 90% noncoding. So about 98% of the human genome is dark or of unknown function. But the retrovirus accounts for a factor of 4x greater than the protein folding part. All the infections we've been exposed to since the beginning of time largely define what we are made of.

My money is on 1. If Grimes is the cause he may also be the cure...

The thought of AI's being responsible is a scary thought. If they are tweaking alpha then they should factor in (keep in mind) that along with making things hostile for biological life, they run a risk too if their tweaking suddenly makes electrons do unexpected or unpredictable things. Hard to think when the electrons in your cpu or the photons in your head get a little squirrely?

It has always fascinated me that computer misfortunes are called viruses. So Human..

02-25-2011, 04:23 PM
It's hard to say if we'll see Jenner get hold of any good test equipment and continue his research (reiterating my belief he'll be alive next season along with Jacqui) but from what I've learned from the clues the infection seems to be a retrovirus much like HIV. It makes use of RNA and does seem to be consistent with the visuals we saw from Jenner's microscope. The RNA is single-stranded and has a different sugar base from the dual stranded DNA used as a set of instructions.

After "kidnapping" the gene strand from the synapses the capsid (the protein shell that encloses the virus) immediately formed a rather spiky defensive pattern in order to keep what it stole (TS-19's memories). As I've said before, I think this is basically a metaphor for holding the "soul" of the host prisoner and to torment them until Judgment Day (the series finale) where we'll see this unfold but then realize it is not real but a dream of Rick's while still in his coma. While a virus breaks down DNA into RNA a retrovirus works the other way around, using RNA to insert itself into DNA. At least that's how I understand from what I've read recently.

While some capsids are helical or cylindrical in shape in TWD our nasty infection is spherical or icosahedral.
As to the sign left for Morgan on the Challenger and why the camera holds for a bit, I've said previously that I thought the delay was saying to us that the message could be read just as easily by Merle as by Morgan. Merle has a "pound of flesh" to get from Rick (who signed the note) and I'll bet Rick's right hand weighs just about a pound.

Yes, I'm thinking of the possibility that Merle, even though he (like Daryl) was written into the series to fill out characters from Revelation and The Song of Hiawatha might also be cast for the role of the GN's "governor" character. It does seem to fit well and is something I've considered.
Coincidentally, an icosahedron has twelve vertices which would be yet another iteration of this number in TWD. Add to its sides numbering twenty and we get thirty-two which in the Kabbalah is the number of the paths of wisdom. It might be that our "scorpion cell" infection will turn out to be a stellated icosahedron. In trying to count the spikes though it looks like even more perhaps. It's an evil-looking thing.

Here is a nice find. It's a New Yorker article about retroviruses that looks like it would fit very nicely along with my recent analysis and in TWD. I especially thought of the irony of the guy at the end of it named "Coffin" and for two darkly humorous reasons. The pine box sort of coffin and "coughing." ;-)

Here is another item to add to the "this is not a coincidence" stack. In episode 101 of Days Gone Bye we see Rick leaving the hospital grounds and begin to climb the grassy hill. There is a detached "ENTRANCE" sign on the wall that has the "EN" part scorched. Although it could be argued that the letter T is also obscured it is still there while the EN is completely redacted. What I'll contend is that this leaves us with the word "TRANCE" which has the following definitions.


The etymology of trance includes coma although it also includes rapture and death as listed here.


Let's hope with Rick it's the former and not the latter ones. As to film homages I'd prefer to see The Wizard of Oz over Jacob's Ladder.

Here is the screen capture for your consideration:

02-26-2011, 07:02 PM
Now THIS was funny. I decided to take another crack at Rick's car #134 as a clue and hit it on the first retry (I had struck out earlier for a meaning). I guess at the time I was looking in Revelation or in Judges and did not look in the Book of John. THIS does nicely to jump out and yell "boo!" with perfect context to the Revelation identity of Rick.

John 1:34
"And I saw, and bare record that this is the Son of God."

Doh! That's it. I'll take a vow of belief that this is what Frank Darabont was hiding on Rick's car. Rick even keeps that same car when he leaves Morgan and Dwayne. Gee, I guess either the windshield in car #134 was fixed or this is a dream, lol.

I think parts of Revelation 8:10 (a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky) and 8:11 (the name of the star is Wormwood) will be synchronized by Frank Darabont with the graphic novel around issue 5. This then should link the helicopter Rick saw back in Atlanta (as a foreshadow) to the crash site and from there to Woodbury. So I'll call the AMC version "Wormwoodbury" I guess. ;-) Now to wait and see what transpires.

Oh, and because we also have The Song of Hiawatha to keep track of it conveniently has mention of Ishkoodah, the comet early in that story as well.

Of course this is not so much my discovery but rather my uncovering of what Frank Darabont had already discovered and decided to merge together in his version of The Walking Dead. Make no mistake, this is storytelling on a grand scale and not just a good series about zombies. This is Frank's Ouroboros Opus.
There is also a chance of Stone Mountain being the location of the hidden government cache of food, fuel, and medicine. I quoted Revelation 2:17 as my opening to what Jenner whispered to Rick and it does mention a white stone. Although composed of granite, Stone Mtn. could easily fit as where Jenner told Rick to go. It's only about thirty miles east of the CDC location. Glenn had the distance to Fort Benning as 125 miles so Stone Mtn. might be within their reach. Plus this steers the caravan to the east and away from them backtracking and possibly meeting Merle coming after them. Then, Rick could go SW and back to the Vatos location. Here is a screen cap using the very good WD location map at http://walkingdeadlocations.com/ and getting directions from the CDC to Stone Mtn.

I have the CDC 30 minute clock found in Revelation 8:1 and the episode/season ending at around 9:2 so seeing Revelation 8:10 and 8:11 segues fairly good from that. Perhaps being just a bit out of sequence I have the absolute end of the episode where we see the smoke rising at Revelation 9:2 but we might think that fire is still burning which would allow 8:10 & 8:11 to happen at the beginning of season two.
I'll say a bit more regarding the windshield of Rick's car. As he is driving into Atlanta we see that it seems to have cracks around the area of the rear view mirror but NOT the damage of the shotgun blast. The damage is more like a rock than the shotgun hole pattern we saw earlier. If the windshield had been replaced then why isn't it free of damage? I'll venture to say that this car is in Rick's dream and Rick might not know of the near miss next to Shane as Rick was facing the other direction. He did turn back towards the car to speak with Shane so his subconscious might be making a reference to the windshield damage but only as cracks in the area of where the shotgun holes were. The fact of that particular car being the one left for Rick at the Sheriff's office also suggests that it's in Rick's head. Shane, feeling that Rick was dead could have used it to rescue Lori and Carl for instance or another official might have made use of it. But there it is like a loyal horse, waiting for its rider.

02-27-2011, 06:56 PM
Now THIS was funny. I decided to take another crack at Rick's car #134 as a clue and hit it on the first retry (I had struck out earlier for a meaning). I guess at the time I was looking in Revelation or in Judges and did not look in the Book of John. THIS does nicely to jump out and yell "boo!" with perfect context to the Revelation identity of Rick.

John 1:34
"And I saw, and bare record that this is the Son of God."

Doh! That's it. I'll take a vow of belief that this is what Frank Darabont was hiding on Rick's car. Rick even keeps that same car when he leaves Morgan and Dwayne. Gee, I guess either the windshield in car #134 was fixed or this is a dream, lol.

IMO, No. Personaly I dont think the Bible has anything to do with what we are seeing.
As for the car, what if the windsheild was simply repaired? What if the second time you see him driving the car is sometime after he was shot?

I think parts of Revelation 8:10 (a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky) and 8:11 (the name of the star is Wormwood) will be synchronized by Frank Darabont with the graphic novel around issue 5. This then should link the helicopter Rick saw back in Atlanta (as a foreshadow) to the crash site and from there to Woodbury. So I'll call the AMC version "Wormwoodbury" I guess. ;-) Now to wait and see what transpires.

Oh, and because we also have The Song of Hiawatha to keep track of it conveniently has mention of Ishkoodah, the comet early in that story as well.

Well I dont know about Wormwood or Hiawatha. But one possible answer might be right on the front of Dale's Winnebago.

02-27-2011, 08:43 PM
IMO, No. Personaly I dont think the Bible has anything to do with what we are seeing.
As for the car, what if the windsheild was simply repaired? What if the second time you see him driving the car is sometime after he was shot?

Well I dont know about Wormwood or Hiawatha. But one possible answer might be right on the front of Dale's Winnebago.

Yes, I'm talking about the car after he was shot. I said it was when he was going into Atlanta. The only scene we see of the car before Rick is shot is when he and Shane were eating lunch and then when the call for assistance comes in which leads to the roadblock.

So if it was repaired (and by that I mean replaced as you don't patch shotgun damage) where did the spider-crack come from? It's nice to see you state something on the record regarding my bible connections but I've got so many links now that are dead-on accurate and track with Revelation I'd be silly to come off of what I have put together. I'm going to have to assume you didn't read most of my comments as at AMC I'm not getting the rejection that I received there initially. As I've said this is not going to be Frank Darabont "preaching" to us to get religion as it's more of a component to the overall theme that Rick is still in his coma and is getting input for his dream-world construction from someone reading to him bible selections and from the comic and from The Song of Hiawatha. Besides, bible material is royalty free and so too is the Hiawatha book. It's why Alice in Wonderland is popping up like in FF as its royalty-free.

Could you offer what you think is on the front of Dale's RV that you alluded to connecting to the comet? Does it have to do with 9866 or something else?

And thank you genuinely for offering your opinion. We all don't have to be of a single mind but rather are offering things for commentators here to consider.
One thing to add to my previous reply to Redbird would be how he'll explain how I used chapter two verse seventeen of the Book of Revelation to hit upon what I'm alone in saying on the web of what was whispered in Rick's ear. That item of interest arguably being the item viewers are most curious about since the season finale...

Happy birthday to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, born on Feb. 27, 1807. I'll imagine him sitting with Gitchie Manito and them both smoking pipes and enjoying The Walking Dead together. In High Definition of course. ;-)

I used Longfellow's own version of spelling Gitchie Manitou as was in The Song of Hiawatha but need to mention that it was not the correct Algonquian spelling in English as Longfellow dropped the u.

02-28-2011, 12:27 AM
Yea. I think Jenner found what he was looking for, Rick Grimes {Rick is Germ}. If I am right he might have told him where to go so the rest of the living might have a chance of finding a cure, using him as a test subject.

My money is on 1. If Grimes is the cause he may also be the cure...

It has always fascinated me that computer misfortunes are called viruses. So Human..

Keep your fingers crossed for it being So Human. Could be worse, a lot worse...

TS-19 made it abundantly clear that it is what it's all about. Rick's brain is the cure.

There is no exact one region in the brain that can be called the "god spot" but all the higher regions that are associated with that functioning are killed by the virus. Only a lower functioning Walker remains. Jenner's deep MRI scan did show occasional weak flashes of midbrain activity. That's the sense areas - sound, sight and smell, functioning at a weaker than usual level. What you're describing is closer to amphibian or reptilian than to sapien.

Only the primitive brain stem lives on. Sometimes called the reptilian brain. That's the part responsible for basic functions plus our animal instincts like fight or flight, aggression. Tell it to the Frog or Dinosaur masters when they get here.

If this xenomorph is of Earthly origin you should be able to find if here on this circle (tree) of life


if it's not here then what does that say... the monkey boys are under invasion or is this a first contact?

The walkers like to bite pretty much anything - human, horse, deer, etc. All viruses use tricks to propagate and survive via vectors for infection. The goal is to make more viruses. Is that the case or is it that they need blood for food? Specifically the iron found in blood.


Usually the virus runs out of steam and allows the host to survive but this one is hell bent to infect and kill all of the hosts. I really can't see any man-made purpose for this virus. A planet full of Walkers. It's not the direct hand that is responsible. It's something else.

If this virus has been around awhile infecting one organism after another via this horizontal gene transfer method that it employs then the virus will be passing along DNA picked up from previous hosts. Its latest incarnation is a little bit human now but god help us in what it picked up from previous (extraterrestrial?) encounters and is mixing with the DNA that defines us. Be extra careful with pregnancies and results thereof.


Pregnancies are the next big issue now that the whole planet is infected. Are there people out there that were bitten but didn't become a Walker? Something has to procreate in order to survive. What happens next is the big question.

There may be an answer hidden within Rick but even if there is hope in that, the bigger picture is grim. How many survive this plague will determine whether man gets another chance to be in charge. It took hundreds of years to climb out of the Dark Ages. This is going to take much longer.

Assuming of course that is what is happening here. You don't suppose Rick is laying on the hospital bed right now with the virus uploading and engaging in communication with him. Telling him all about itself and displaying the as-yet-to-be-experienced near future using Rick's mind as the baseline for this possible alternate reality. The virus shows what it is, what is plans to do and gives a representation of how the near future would play out. The virus shows the "end result" and asks Rick then to decide whether it should proceed or not. Rick decides Yes or No on whether to go to the next step in First Contact.

There is the element of precognition that both Rick and Jim have displayed that has to factored in - Jim's digging of the graves ahead of time and Rick's uncanny ability to manufacture an escape through a hatch, door or window. (An extra sensory input has been activated as a result of the virus or is it the human brain fighting back against the virus?) Is this precognition part of the interactive session that Rick is having with the virus on the hospital bed or are events as shown in real time? If events are in real time then Rick is not on the hospital bed. That leaves the final solution to the story involving the side effect produced by the virus of enhanced mental abilities/precognition/ESP in people such as Rick, Jim or as yet unknown others. The only way to beat this virus is for all minds to join together. Jenner may or may not have suspected but at least he has shown with TS-19 that the answer is centered in the human brain.

If we go through the rabbit hole one more time and we're back to Rick being on hospital bed with the virus offering the "end result" of expanded senses and a deeper shared consciousness for mankind would Rick agree to it? Rick's mind chooses one of two realities upon restart of his brain after the virus has posed its question. Open his eyes on the hospital bed in 2010 or open his eyes in this new reality future that is the aftermath of a first contact / precog utopia.

02-28-2011, 12:35 AM
Oh, more dream goodness to offer. When looking at the cracked but not blasted windshield I spotted one of those closeups where the camera really pauses for an extra second just hanging there. Then I noticed something that had eluded me before. Not only was the windshield cracked and precisely where the rear view mirror was attached to the inside of the windshield but the rear view mirror itself was cracked (!).

On a hunch I went web surfing and found many sites say this about a broken mirror seen in a dream:

"Seeing a cracked or broken mirror in your dream represents a poor or distorted self-image."

Booyah, yet one more log on the fire of Rick being in a dream-world. It's getting downright toasty!

I'll offer a screen cap for consideration: http://tinyurl.com/47h9rlv

BTW, this is also right when the camera also allows us to see distant lightning that I've previously linked to Revelation 4:5-

King James Bible
"And out of the throne proceeded lightnings and thunderings and voices: and [there were] seven lamps of fire burning before the throne, which are the seven Spirits of God."

I've also previously mentioned the gas lanterns but perhaps can update them more accurately since I've re-watched the episode enough.

In the opening scene at the gas station there is a gas lantern hanging on a tree. Remember this sequence is after Rick parts from Morgan and Dwane and when he stayed at the Drake's house. However this lamp is unlit Another is at Rick's bedside when Morgan cuts him free and is lit. As Rick exits the bedroom there is a glow from another room but I'll assume that light was from candles. We see lit lantern #2 in the dining room. Lantern #3 is in the living room not far from the covered windows. I'm not trying to count the candles as I did before. We need "lamps" as the verse said above. So unless someone can discover enough lit lamps what I'll say constitutes the first four of the "lamps" are the four matches that Rick himself lights in the hospital. One at the nurses station and three while exiting the dark fire exit area. So we can have "seven lamps of fire burning" as in Revelation 4:5.
I imagine that as Rick is being read The Song of Hiawatha while in his healing slumber he has cast Shane as I have said as Kwasind the strong man. What I want to offer if I haven't before is that what we see of Shane's habit of hiking up his trousers that many have noticed seems to me to be a dated way of wearing ones pants, lol. Sort of hearkening perhaps to the dating of TSOH in 1855. The notes of TSOH say of Kwasind being an "aboriginal Hercules" so this surely fits. This may or may not be something the real Shane removed from the dream would do but I'd guess it is not what that Shane would do with his pants off duty.

Sam G
02-28-2011, 12:39 PM
AMC Walking Dead Marathon (http://www.tvsquad.com/2011/02/28/amc-schedules-walking-dead-marathon/)

02-28-2011, 07:11 PM
Yes, I'm talking about the car after he was shot. I said it was when he was going into Atlanta. The only scene we see of the car before Rick is shot is when he and Shane were eating lunch and then when the call for assistance comes in which leads to the roadblock.

So if it was repaired (and by that I mean replaced as you don't patch shotgun damage) where did the spider-crack come from?

Well that depends on who was driving the car when Grimes was in the hospital.

It's nice to see you state something on the record regarding my bible connections but I've got so many links now that are dead-on accurate and track with Revelation I'd be silly to come off of what I have put together.

Unless you can provide a link from a show runner confirming your theory, then "dead on accurate" is just speculation in My book...

The Song of Hiawatha. Besides, bible material is royalty free and so too is the Hiawatha book. It's why Alice in Wonderland is popping up like in FF as its royalty-free.

So are a couple thousand other works of literature.

Could you offer what you think is on the front of Dale's RV that you alluded to connecting to the comet? Does it have to do with 9866 or something else?

No Comet.

Keep your fingers crossed for it being So Human. Could be worse, a lot worse...
If it's not here then what does that say... the monkey boys are under invasion or is this a first contact?
It should proceed or not. Rick decides Yes or No on whether to go to the next step in First Contact.

In order to sell his fist comic of The Walking Dead, Kirkman promised the publisher that the twist for this Zombie series would be Aliens softening us for a invasion using a virus. 80 or so issues later he still has not kept his promise.
Kirkman states that there is a 5000/1 ratio of walkers to non walkers...

02-28-2011, 10:43 PM
AMC Walking Dead Marathon

Sam, don't forget the drinking game :drunk:I mentioned earlier.

So are a couple thousand other works of literature.

No Comet.

In order to sell his fist comic of The Walking Dead, Kirkman promised the publisher that the twist for this Zombie series would be Aliens softening us for a invasion using a virus. 80 or so issues later he still has not kept his promise. Kirkman states that there is a 5000/1 ratio of walkers to non walkers...

I think Frankenstein, The Modern Prometheus, is the more logical choice of classic fiction to reference. Plus the latest stuff Ridley Scott is working on.

Yeah, that's the way I see it. The media are different; comic books vs tv. Wandering around dodging Walkers while on a journey of metaphoric allegory doesn't make for long term tv joy - endless episodes of Touched by a Walker will grow stale fast long before 80 episodes.

Either aliens are seeding a virus onto a comet or the tweaking of a physical constant from a distance that causes a particular micro-lifeform on Earth to go lethal. The aliens are zapping us from a distance. Like I said, the horizontal gene transfer this virus uses is ideal for allowing this alien DNA to get a toehold into our environment. There's a blueprint in the virus.

The virus kills but it will cause humans to quickly morph into aliens. An invasion and colonization by proxy.

5000/1, that leaves about 1.4 million survivors... errr, I mean colonists. Human prehistory contains incidents of sudden human depopulation... I for one do not welcome our new Saurian Overlords. The Krith will eventually have to show themselves.

At the Narrow Passage
No Brother, No Friend
Vestiges of Time (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Timeliner-Trilogy-Passage-Brother-Vestiges/dp/009951690X)

I'm pretty sure that those sneaky monkey boys have already anticipated this eventuality and have a counterplan in place.

02-28-2011, 10:49 PM
Well that depends on who was driving the car when Grimes was in the hospital.

Very unlikely the windshield would be replaced and then damaged again so quickly and in addition show a rear view mirror broken as well.

Unless you can provide a link from a show runner confirming your theory, then "dead on accurate" is just speculation in My book...

Yep, fair enough. I should have said "to me" and it is indeed "to me" quite beyond coincidence. Revelation and Hiawatha give meaning and purpose to the characters inserted by Darabont. Sorry you don't see that as it's quite a creative thing to behold really. Still, we don't have to wait for the last episode of the last season to reveal something biblical and that's the first episode of the 2nd season coming up. And of course currently that is also speculation but time has a way of revealing certain mysteries. If I'm correct I'll not need a signed letter from a showrunner. It's actually quite rare to have a showrunner spill their guts as they can recycle their ideas into new work. I can say however that I've had one confirmation by David S. Goyer on record (re: the FF ARG) and a telephone call from an executive producer of another show so I'm not a newbie at this game. And past performance is no guarantee of future prophesies but it doesn't hurt either. I'll agree that your point about certainty is valid, and until things are revealed they are all supposition.

So are a couple thousand other works of literature.

Fair enough but consider this reference (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TheBible). It does show up more than one might think in a lot of live TV and more. Also understand I'm agnostic and have no motive other than analysis of a show from what I see and can interpret. I've never read the darn bible before like this and it took a zombie apocalypse to do it, lol.
I simply ADORE this idea and it's past time to offer it up for posterity. If I'm correct and this is all playing out in Rick's head and with the assistance of his medication then we might think of the caravan flitting around as The Walking Dead's version of Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters !!!

It would not surprise me in the least to discover that Frank Darabont might have considered this as well and got a chuckle that what he was panning off to us was basically Dale driving a psychedelic bus. ;-)

Daryl's Harley would provide the homage to the Hells Angels connection and another name for Dale's RV might be thought of as "Further." ;-)

This fits with Amy as the "mushroom queen" and we might even think of Kirkman's Woodbury as Woodstock, lol. Booyah!

Think of my Merry Pranksters offering as mostly tongue in cheek but I do think it might have occurred to Frank Darabont that Dale is driving a version of the 'Further' bus inside of Rick's medically-assisted coma.

It's mostly a fun thing to consider especially after see Frank's toke-smoking homage to the standards and practices folks at one of the Comic-Con panels. :biggrin:

03-01-2011, 11:41 PM
This is quite fun to consider and I hope to see it in the finale of the show. When Rick wakes up (assuming I'm right and I think I am) Rick's loved ones will be gathered around his hospital bed (yeah I've said this before but be patient as I'm building this up lol).

What we see will be in BLACK-AND-WHITE just as Dorothy Gale's real world was in 1939. This can be a triple (Trinity???) homage to The Wizard of Oz, Romero's The Night of the Living Dead and Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead graphic novel.

We'll just have to wait and see if my prophesy is as accurate as Daryl's crossbow skills. Bulls-eye & Booyah? Time will tell us.
Because I hadn't seen anyone yet as a WD character that played music of any sort I had been holding off on assigning a WD character to Chibiabos, the musician. HOWEVER, if I consider that I've got Glenn correctly fitted as the Archangel Gabriel then we do in fact have our musician already and that's Glenn.

OK, for the present unless I find a better candidate I'll assign Glenn as Chibiabos, the musician in The Song of Hiawatha. And yes, he meets his fate in chapter 15 of 22 in TSOH. Hiawatha lamented for seven weeks (there's that Godly number again) so we'll have to see how this works out as I have Daryl as our protagonist as Hiawatha. So if I'm right Glenn will die about 3/4 of the way through the series and be back TWICE. In the finale as Gabriel putting the finish to Rick's dream and then we'd likely see him again around Rick's bed after he wakes. That would make Glenn exit well after Lori but before Shane, Andrea and Merle.
Chapter 15 of TSOH (Picture Writing) speaks to symbols and thus I'd gather they would also speak to us as clues in TWD. For example, I've said that Daryl is both an antagonist (in Revelation as The Dragon) and a protagonist (as Hiawatha himself). I've described Rick as Christ in the Revelation story (as Protagonist) but in TSOH from the perspective of Hiawatha Rick is an antagonist as Mudjekeewis. Consider the dualistic nature in TSOH of Gitchie Manito in this and we'll see clues emerging such as me seeing eggs all over, such as breakfast in TS-19 and in the geeks as literal eggheads (within the context of the dream layer).

"Gitche Manito the Mighty,
He, the Master of Life, was painted
As an egg, with points projecting
To the four winds of the heavens.
Everywhere is the Great Spirit,
Was the meaning of this symbol.

Gitche Manito the Mighty,
He the dreadful Spirit of Evil,
As a serpent was depicted,
As Kenabeek, the great serpent.
Very crafty, very cunning,
Is the creeping Spirit of Evil,
Was the meaning of this symbol.

Life and Death he drew as circles,
Life was white, but Death was darkened;
Sun and moon and stars he painted,
Man and beast, and fish and reptile,
Forests, mountains, lakes, and rivers."

You can see perhaps the "B&W" theme here, as it is in the design of the Yin-Yang symbol. Also we see perhaps the universal "circle of life" theme that was repeated in FF and that might be perceived in the "halo" lighting in Zone 5.

This too might speak as to why Rick is carrying the Python, as from the Christian perspective he is one third of the Trinity that is spoken of in TSOH as "The Great Spirit or Great Mystery" and is called Gitchie Manito/Mantitou.
Since Merle won't show us his seven heads as The Beast, Frank Darabont likely will make use of Merle's missing Dexter hand as the wounded head that is mentioned in Revelation 13:3. We did get the update that Merle had cauterized the stump and that matches up with the fatal would being healed. So I don't think we'll necessarily see a forehead scar on Merle when we see him next but I'd like a hint of one to link him back to his Hiawatha persona.

Of course the subject of Merle's severed hand can become a dual use item and become a "Chekhov's Hacksaw" for Rick when Merle gets his Sinister hand on him and exacts a bit of payback. That's why I think Merle will become what is the Governor character from the GN. Besides, Merle already likes to be "boss" and will likely keep with those ambitions. I think I've said most of this already but it was on my mind when reviewing Guts again.

I've also said I see the world in the show as a construct of Rick's subconscious and therefore it reminds me a bit when seeing Glenn and Morales go down into the sewer level of the film Fantastic Voyage. Now if Frank can find a way to create a guest appearance for Raquel Welch we might see that as a further clue of the fantasy-world that is existing only in Rick's mind.

03-02-2011, 07:22 PM
Yeah, that's the way I see it. The media are different; comic books vs tv. Wandering around dodging Walkers while on a journey of metaphoric allegory doesn't make for long term tv joy - endless episodes of Touched by a Walker will grow stale fast long before 80 episodes.

It will be interesting to see what road they will take when the "shock and awe" wears off from the Walker attacks.

5000/1, that leaves about 1.4 million survivors... errr, I mean colonists. Human prehistory contains incidents of sudden human depopulation... I for one do not welcome our new Saurian Overlords. The Krith will eventually have to show themselves.

I think the survivors need some guidance. There is a interesting formation about 90 miles east of Atlanta that was built in the late 70's. Some say the answer is written in stone.

03-02-2011, 08:12 PM
It will be interesting to see what road they will take when the "shock and awe" wears off from the Walker attacks.

I think the survivors need some guidance. There is a interesting formation about 90 miles east of Atlanta that was built in the late 70's. Some say the answer is written in stone.

Right you are.



But it calls for a maximum of 500 million to live in harmony with Gaia. A call for depopulation?

Babylonian <> Saurian. The Walkers hug the shade (http://img26.imageshack.us/img26/4435/shadep.jpg) like any good lizard would.

When things get dull just get a bigger gun. BFG 2000. Doom / Duke Nukem / Dirty Harry? Not that shooting and dodging zombies is anything like a video game or a Clint Eastwood movie? The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

03-03-2011, 01:07 AM
This is perhaps a bit of a foreshadow of the episode title to follow up Tell it to the Frogs being Vatos.

Morales makes mention of Rick to Shane after Shane says "How'd y'all get out of there anyway?" and after Glenn says "New guy... he got us out" Morales adds "Yeah, crazy Vato just got into town. Hey, helicopter boy! Come say hello."

I also love the name Morales gives Rick because it signifies that Morales (like the group said when first meeting Rick in the dept. store) thinks Rick imagined seeing the helicopter. If I'm correct this will actually update that scene to be that both the helicopter as well as this version of Morales (and everyone else) is a component of Rick's dream. As I mentioned when I brought up Alice coming across the Red King in the sequel to Alice in Wonderland of Through the Looking-glass and What Alice Found There that Alice was afraid of waking the king for she didn't like the idea of belonging to another person's dream. If I'm right it will be Morales (and all else) that will be a part of Rick's dream. It's no wonder that Morales is in denial and making fun of Rick.
I think I'll review what I think the meaning of keys are as I have them being mentioned in Revelation multiple times.

In Revelation 1:18
"I am the Living One; I was dead, and behold I am alive for ever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and Hades."

Revelation 3:7
"To the angel of the church in Philadelphia write: These are the words of him who is holy and true, who holds the key of David. What he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open."

Revelation 9:1
"The fifth angel sounded his trumpet, and I saw a star that had fallen from the sky to the earth. The star was given the key to the shaft of the Abyss."

Revelation 9:2
"When he opened the Abyss, smoke rose from it like the smoke from a gigantic furnace. The sun and sky were darkened by the smoke from the Abyss."

Revelation 9:11
"They had as king over them the angel of the Abyss, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek, Apollyon."

Revelation 20:1
"And I saw an angel coming down out of heaven, having the key to the Abyss and holding in his hand a great chain."

We see Rick having keys as decorations in his house (http://tinyurl.com/4w2umo2) and we have keys in the cupboard that Rick uses to get open the weapons lockup and we see the handcuff key Rick gives T-Dog to unlock Merle. We even see Rick using a screwdriver as a key on the Challenger. There will be more that I'm not bringing up here like for example Glenn tossing the keys to Rick for the cube van. I also see Jenner's passcard of course as an electronic key that let's Rick out of Zone 5 and the grenade as a key to getting out through the unbreakable glass.

If we segue over to Rick's son Carl, we get this from Shane in Tell it to the Frogs:
"All right, little man, look. You are the... you are the
key in all this, okay?"

I've assigned Carl as sort of a chapter III reference to Hiawatha's chaildhood in TSOH as Carl (as the son of Mudjekeewis) is Hiawatha, even though we have the adult Hiawatha in Daryl Dixon and the coming baby boy of Rick and Lori as the child Hiawatha that should be taken care of by Carol as I have her as Nokomis, mother to Wenonah. Through what Shane says to Carl in the quote above I'm taking that as channeling Rick's upcoming challenge by Daryl as the Revelation's Dragon and by him as the adult Hiawatha. This likely is all connected to the core of Rick's current family troubles of his relationship with Lori and Carl. In Rick's dream he is working this out and is trying to find his way back to them both.

03-04-2011, 01:33 AM
Here is the current status of my WD shrine. I went to some budget stores and on the cheap found some cool additions. The clock was $5 and of course I had to set it to 2:17 :32 precisely. I added a unicorn, a roll of duct tape (a must), a second set of handcuffs for Shane's set ($3) and got the bonus of an extra set of keys. I added a pocket watch, a bible (a local bookstore let me have it for $2), a $1 toy grenade, and a small crucifix. Almost all of the items in the collection have context directly but a few might be a degree of separation apart but were still fun to add. If you see something and wish me to explain its meaning (to me), don't hesitate.

Oh, and I added the two Dale Brown Da Vinci Code books today as well as we have to allow for Rick as the Messiah to have a family and the books also connect Carol's daughter Sophia as the Sacred Feminine link. Besides, we have a third link from Dale Brown's sequel of Angels and Demons as that's one of the subterranean story elements as we will be seeing a toned down version of the Battle of Armageddon. "Angels and Demons", get it? ;-) http://tinyurl.com/4s6l52z

Oh yeah. I added some "hidden mana" behind the Chieftain. It's a mini-loaf or bun that I picked up for $1, made of Styrofoam. Perhaps I'll try to find one of the red Eagle gas cans like Rick had in the pilot. I've got an MRE I can toss onto the table but of course we haven't seen our survivors find any of these yet. I'd think because of the long shelf life of MREs the government cache should have a large supply of them. We'll see I guess.

03-04-2011, 09:31 AM
morning all :)
Just popping in to remind those who know and inform those who don't that there will be a marathon tonight starting at 8 Eastern.
I only caught the promo once but I think behind the scenes and interviews with TPTB will be aired also.

those stones in Georgia are very disconcerting and very much new world order - not sure about the rosicrucian's angle, not that it matters except that the mystery of it will attract more attention as was the intent

03-04-2011, 07:38 PM
A call for depopulation?

"The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry"

03-05-2011, 12:26 AM
"It contains a recombinant virus. It takes your DNA and deconstructs it and reshapes it. The results can be phenonomal, super human like...or hellish." - Jerry, Day of the Dead 2: Contagium (2005)

03-05-2011, 01:36 AM
I've got the WD marathon running next to me and I'm enjoying the added comments by our resident "Trinity" of Darabont, Hurd and Kirkman during some of the breaks.

One thing I'm doing tonight is reconsidering whether I still have a chance that my initial intuitive leap that Rick's hospital room clock might have been a correct one. I've thought that if my solution to the room number being 450 and connecting to the Book of Judges was correct then my assignment of the clock should also be in the same context and be linked to Judges.

The only ones to ever tell me about this are the showrunners and at least I can say that although it will be very unlikely that I'll ever get to chat with them I've done it once last year with an executive producer so it's not like anyone can tell me it's flat out impossible. I've already crossed that "impossible" gap once so just perhaps lightning will strike twice in my life with Frank et al at some point in the future.

Well, here is what I've got to hang on to Rick's clock being connected to Genesis. It's not the "2:17" message as that can be any chapter/verse connection. I'm setting aside Richard's long ago comment (as my very good Devil's advocate lol) that it could be for anything as I KNOW in my gut that it is a bible clue. For example, "if" the clock 2:17 is a reference to Genesis (in the FIRST episode of the season) then the "omega" or last 2:17 clue (Jenner's resurrection time) is from Revelation. Since Genesis is the bible's "alpha" and Revelation is the bible's "omega" this completes the circle, as it were. Plus, I do have in the TS-19 clue the fact of "proof" of my gleaning of it being my unique solution to Jenner's whisper to Rick. In other words, my proof of getting the 2:17 TS-19 to mean Revelation will be if I'm correct this Fall in the reveal of the whisper mystery.

So what did I come up with specific to the clock in Rick's room other than the hour and minute hand? It's the SECOND hand. It's displaying 32, as Richard pointed out before in trying to "help" me see the error of my imagination. ;-)

I've studied the Kabbalah for solutions to clues I saw in the late-great FlashForward show last year so I know of the meaning of 32, as in what are called "lines of wisdom." What I didn't know until doubling down and searching harder was that 32 is contained in studies of the first chapter of Genesis. From several sites I found this quote:

"According to the Jewish tradition, the 32 Paths of Wisdom concept is derived from the 32 times that the name "Elohim" is mentioned in Genesis, Chapter One."

In a wiki entry I've looked at many times ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sephirot ) I also found the section called "Rabbinic significance" where this is defined also. It has to do with the 22 letter paths (which I knew about) but this next item was new to me tonight.

"God is said to have created the world through Ten Utterances, marked by the number of times Genesis states, 'And God said'.”

Therefore, IF the second hand at 32 is really pointing to the Book of Genesis THEN the 2:17 can then be assigned to that chapter and verse.

One additional item of note (and I've mentioned this before but partly with tongue in cheek) is that with SIX episodes in the first season our "Trinity" of showrunners has metaphorically created the world of AMC's The Walking Dead. Add to that my previous detailed work that proves that indeed SIX days have passed from the day Rick "wakes up" (although he's still in a coma) to leaving the CDC.

Also, when I consider Frank Darabont perhaps being a bit of a "Genesis" name dropper in this ( http://blogs.amctv.com/the-walking-dead/2010/06/frank-darabont-interview.php ) then the circumstantial evidence perhaps isn't that much of a stretch. I guess I might even say I've come "full circle" and back to my original path, lol. I might have lost faith along the way (metaphorically) but I'm back to Genesis.
In the marathon tonight Vatos just started and yet again I find myself "watching the boat" and the girls fishing. "Wenonah" really opened things up for me.

It's an interesting perspective to watch the episodes with Rick's mind creating everything we see. For example, at about the 28 minute mark of Tell it to the Frogs we see Lori saying "He'll show you. Isn't that right?" and it's as if Rick is speaking through Lori there like she was a puppet, which is exactly what I think she and everyone else IS.

She acts differently 5-6 minutes earlier when talking privately with Rick. There is no reason she would flip over like that once we saw her opinion stated so strongly the other way, to me. The convenience of events setting up the later scenes and episodes is then (if I'm right) Rick writing his own path and working his way down his own "yellow brick road."

I see tonight as my own investigative marathon of a sort while enjoying the AMC one of The Walking Dead.

Even though I might have touched on the subject of William Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury before I think I can visualize it as a support mechanism for Rick being in a dream. I've got two links. The first is that it is said that Faulkner recreated the thought patterns of the human mind by using "stream of consciousness" techniques. To me that's how I'm seeing the show, as put together by rick's subconscious mind "on the fly" and influenced by things being read to him while in his coma.

In the wiki entry at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Sound_and_the_Fury I also find references to existentialism and to Faulkner using classical, biblical and literary themes. Thus, I'll grab onto something here that I've mentioned before, that of the nested doll concept. If Dale is aware (and thus it is really Rick that is aware) of Faulkner's methods, then he too might be channeling Faulkner and blending the books I've mentioned into his "story." Of course it's really that Darabont is the one ultimately channeling Faulkner. The wiki article also conveniently (for me) suggests that Faulkner's character of Benjamin is derived from the brother of Joseph in the Book of Genesis.

03-05-2011, 09:18 AM
TV Guide interview with Robert Kirkman:
I don't consider it a real spoiler but some may, so beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


03-05-2011, 01:18 PM
TV Guide interview with Robert Kirkman:
I don't consider it a real spoiler but some may, so beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks benedett, I saw in this article a foreshadow of my prediction of my biblical "hidden mana" because Kirkman says they'll be telling the viewers about the whisper early rather than drag it out. By my reasoning it has to be told early (if I'm correct) or they'll all run out of gas before they can travel very far.

Sam G
03-05-2011, 06:19 PM
Season 2 Premier Date (http://tvovermind.zap2it.com/cable/amc/the-walking-dead/walking-dead-season-2-premiere-date/50356?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+tvovermind%2Ftvnews+%28TVOver mind+Television+News%29&utm_content=FaceBook)

03-05-2011, 06:44 PM
"It contains a recombinant virus. It takes your DNA and deconstructs it and reshapes it. The results can be phenonomal, super human like...or hellish." - Jerry, Day of the Dead 2: Contagium (2005)

Interesting. Two become one, one old and one new? Someone finds a capsule and opens it after in the past the virus was thought to be destroyed. Talk about a "Time Bomb".

IMO this also may apply to what we have been seeing in every episode, we seem to have a heavy influence of retro 70's and early 80's technology mixed with present day technology but the players seem to not notice that there could be a 40 year time gap in there everyday affairs. Two time lines become one, or this Virus affects the perception of time in the brain? A experiment?

19 test subjects. Have you noticed that at any giving time there seems to be 19 or 20 main players in play until one or more get killed off, then they are replaced with a new player or maybe in this case test subject?

03-05-2011, 07:21 PM
Season 2 Premier Date (http://tvovermind.zap2it.com/cable/amc/the-walking-dead/walking-dead-season-2-premiere-date/50356?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+tvovermind%2Ftvnews+%28TVOver mind+Television+News%29&utm_content=FaceBook)

Thanks Sam. This is pretty much what I figured but nice to get out of the way so we know where we are.
PaleyFest goodness-


Another PaleyFest link with a clip of Andrew-

Norman Reedus was assisting to get this out from his tweet-


03-05-2011, 09:11 PM
Interesting. Two become one, one old and one new? Someone finds a capsule and opens it after in the past the virus was thought to be destroyed. Talk about a "Time Bomb".

IMO this also may apply to what we have been seeing in every episode, we seem to have a heavy influence of retro 70's and early 80's technology mixed with present day technology but the players seem to not notice that there could be a 40 year time gap in there everyday affairs. Two time lines become one, or this Virus affects the perception of time in the brain? A experiment?

19 test subjects. Have you noticed that at any giving time there seems to be 19 or 20 main players in play until one or more get killed off, then they are replaced with a new player or maybe in this case test subject?

A TimeBomb. That's a good description.

One timeline split into two was what the researchers were trying to do but instead they forced two into one. The usual Zombie mythology behind the Dawn of the Dead has army scientists trying to cure cancer by attempting to bio-engineer the common cold into a cancer cure but then something unexpected happens when this new cold virus is reintroduced into the population. In another scenario the army is trying to bio-engineer supersoldiers and something goes wrong. The army gets the outbreak halted by destroying the virus but in typical military style they decide to safekeep a small virus sample in a canister for just in case future use. The virus eventually escapes but this time the outbreak can't be stopped and it's World War Z to the max.

In the Andromeda Strain 2008, which Frank Darabont was involved in, we have a virus that at first seems to be of extraterrestrial origin but instead is found to be a virus from our future that has been sent back to the past. The virus has killed off most of mankind in the near future and the survivors send a sample of it to the past so that the scientists in the past can work on a cure for it. The virus is lethal in the future because a naturally occurring anti-viral agent no longer exists but does exist in the past hence the reason for sending the virus into the past. The scientists in the past eventually neutralize the virus but again a sample of the virus is put into a canister and stored on the International Space Station for future use. Presumably the ISS re-enters and burns up. Turns out this canister from the past is what causes all the trouble in the future. So the first grandfather paradox is not caused by a time traveling human but a time traveling virus. That's what Andromeda Strain 2008 hints at in its ISS closing scene.

Paradox Possibility #1 is that the Walkers are the first stage of some sort of longevity-immortality experiment that will be initiated in our near future. The future is meddling in their past but this past is our present. Is the meddling for good or for bad?

Paradox Possibility #2 is that the experiment has gone astray and the Walkers are not part of the experiment. The Butterfly Effect was something that was not addressed when the virus was sent back in time.


Paradox Possibility #3 is that a fix to the experiment will be tried by sending the virus even further back in time. Time loops and repeats more or less. This time around World War Z starts a few weeks earlier. Circumstances are different but Rick ends up one more time on the hospital bed. His brain reawakens one more time... Hello again Jim, Amy, Merle and Jenner.

Paradox Possibility #4 adds to PP#3 by allowing for subtle changes or alternations to the near past and historical facts. Rick and gang are wandering around the Georgia countryside which is a state in the People's Democratic Republic of Germany. Nazi Zombies!!! Hitler won the war with a variant of the virus...

Paradox Possibility #N is that the origin to life on Earth is caused by the virus from the future. A canister containing the virus is inside of a comet that is headed towards primordial Earth. This region of space is locked in a temporal loop because of a tiny virus. Time and the perception of time are messed up but what can you do when that's what we consider to be normal?

In Terry Gilliam's 12 Monkeys you had a similar scenario. The time traveler, James Cole is sent over and over into the past hunting for the moment in time where the plague or World War Z started. In the Walking Dead we're hunting for TS#1.


03-06-2011, 06:08 PM
One timeline split into two was what the researchers were trying to do but instead they forced two into one. The usual Zombie mythology behind the Dawn of the Dead has army scientists trying to cure cancer by attempting to bio-engineer the common cold into a cancer cure but then something unexpected happens when this new cold virus is reintroduced into the population. In another scenario the army is trying to bio-engineer supersoldiers and something goes wrong. The army gets the outbreak halted by destroying the virus but in typical military style they decide to safekeep a small virus sample in a canister for just in case future use. The virus eventually escapes but this time the outbreak can't be stopped and it's World War Z to the max.

They are doing some amazing things now day's with viruses. (http://www.princeton.edu/main/news/archive/S27/75/01M36/index.xml?section=topstories) Of course there is always the other side of the coin where someones takes the the good and uses it for there own applications.

In the Andromeda Strain 2008, which Frank Darabont was involved in, we have a virus that at first seems to be of extraterrestrial origin but instead is found to be a virus from our future that has been sent back to the past. The virus has killed off most of mankind in the near future and the survivors send a sample of it to the past so that the scientists in the past can work on a cure for it. The virus is lethal in the future because a naturally occurring anti-viral agent no longer exists but does exist in the past hence the reason for sending the virus into the past. The scientists in the past eventually neutralize the virus but again a sample of the virus is put into a canister and stored on the International Space Station for future use. Presumably the ISS re-enters and burns up. Turns out this canister from the past is what causes all the trouble in the future. So the first grandfather paradox is not caused by a time traveling human but a time traveling virus. That's what Andromeda Strain 2008 hints at in its ISS closing scene.

Absolutely, and lets not forget about Gale Anne Hurd and her strong ties to the movies Aliens and Terminator.

Paradox Possibility #3 is that a fix to the experiment will be tried by sending the virus even further back in time. Time loops and repeats more or less. This time around World War Z starts a few weeks earlier. Circumstances are different but Rick ends up one more time on the hospital bed. His brain reawakens one more time... Hello again Jim, Amy, Merle and Jenner.

We may have seen this happen with Shane. When he was talking to Grimes holding the vase full of flowers and then later, weeks or months, Grimes starts talking to Shane like he was still there. Seconds become weeks or months?

In Terry Gilliam's 12 Monkeys you had a similar scenario. The time traveler, James Cole is sent over and over into the past hunting for the moment in time where the plague or World War Z started. In the Walking Dead we're hunting for TS#1.

To my knowledge the only person who has talked about a parent is Andrea, I believe her father. I think it is strange that Grimes being the upstanding man he appears to be hasn't said a word about his parents well being?

03-06-2011, 08:59 PM
I'll add the PaleyFest 2011 interview with Laurie Holden-


Watching this (to me) tells me that Andrea won't be [comic spoiler] --> climbing in the sack with Dale in the AMC version. A nice plus is that it does keep in perfect context with where I think Andrea is heading and what she'll be doing and who she'll be hanging with eventually.
The Wings song of "Band on the Run" has been bouncing around in my head of late as I think of how the first season ended with the caravan back on the road again.


Because I can't place the complete lyrics for the song here (permissions and all of that I'm thinking) what I can do is drop in a few lines and juxtapose them with my thoughts of how I see things from the clues and how I perceive them.

"Stuck inside these four walls" to me is Rick still in a hospital room, trapped inside of his nightmare of a coma-dream.

"Sent inside forever" could be an unending Jacob's ladder purgatory but I hope it doesn't go this way. I want Rick to wake up.

"Never seeing no one nice again" is a no-brainer as this is of course the Apocalypse after all, lol.

"If I ever get out of here" alludes to my hope of Rick escaping his mind-maze.

"Well, the rain exploded with a mighty crash" is the cloudburst in Guts that sent Rick and Glenn running.

"As we fell into the sun" is the heat in Atlanta and the end of the world by fever and fire.

"And the first one said to the second one there... I hope you're having fun" is Shane saying to Rick (sarcastically) about Rick's first night with Lori in the tent (lol).

"And the jailer man and Sailor Sam" is Deputy Rick talking with Jim in the RV about watching the boat.

"We're searching everyone" is Jenner requiring blood tests in the CDC.

"Well, the undertaker drew a heavy sigh" is the aftermath of the camp attack.

"And a bell was ringing in the village square" is the car alarm first sounding when Rick broke the Dodge's window.

"For the rabbits on the run" is them running from Daryl when he's on a hunt.

"Well, the night was falling..." is just before the CDC doors opened.

"In the town they're searching for us everywhere" is of course the walkers in Atlanta.

"But we never will be found" is because they're on the road at last.

"And the county judge, who held a grudge" would of course be a certain 1971 Pontiac GTO Judge with a trinity of badness inside heading right towards Rick's roadblock.

(takes a bow).

Do I think Frank Darabont knows of this coincidental connectedness? No. So do I think they might try to license the song for inclusion next season? I hope so.

Of course "rabbits on the run" is also our survivors...

03-07-2011, 02:02 AM
They are doing some amazing things now day's with viruses. Of course there is always the other side of the coin where someones takes the the good and uses it for there own applications.

Absolutely, and lets not forget about Gale Anne Hurd and her strong ties to the movies Aliens and Terminator.

We may have seen this happen with Shane. When he was talking to Grimes holding the vase full of flowers and then later, weeks or months, Grimes starts talking to Shane like he was still there. Seconds become weeks or months?

Rick: VAI, what happens when the power runs out?
VAI: When the power runs out, facility wide decontamination will occur.

Rick: VAI, what happens when the countdown hits zero?
VAI: When the countdown hits zero, planet wide decontamination will occur.

Don't forget The Mist that Darabont was involved in. A secret army project unleashes a plague of nasty bugs from the 4th dimension in that one. The main character makes the bad assumption at the end of the movie that it is bug armageddon only to find out too late in the clearing mist that the army is in the process of beating back the bug plague.

Rick forgetting time... for a moment now and then.

You never know what time it is do you? No one seems to be keeping track of time. All the analog wall clocks are stopped at 14h17m32s. Jenner has a digital clock but his is counting backwards to zero.

Rick and Merle are wearing watches. Dale winds his up religiously every morning.

"Time, it's important to keep track of it? The days at least? ...I give you [the watch] the mausoleum of all hope and desire which will fit your individual needs no better than it did mine or my father's before me...I give it to you not that you may remember time but that you may forget it ... for a moment now and then and not spend all of your breath trying to conquer it."

03-07-2011, 07:09 PM
Rick: VAI, what happens when the power runs out?
VAI: When the power runs out, facility wide decontamination will occur.

Rick: VAI, what happens when the countdown hits zero?
VAI: When the countdown hits zero, planet wide decontamination will occur.

The fourth dimension.

The Undiscovered Country?

Time, it's important to keep track of it? The days at least? ...I give you [the watch] the mausoleum of all hope and desire which will fit your individual needs no better than it did mine or my father's before me...I give it to you not that you may remember time but that you may forget it ... for a moment now and then and not spend all of your breath trying to conquer it."

"Clocks slay time... time is dead as long as it is being clicked off by little wheels; only when the clock stops does time come to life."

How could we stop time? A particle accelerator or a more drastic way, to die. Or create a virus that seems to do both?


03-08-2011, 01:37 AM
The Undiscovered Country?

"Clocks slay time... time is dead as long as it is being clicked off by little wheels; only when the clock stops does time come to life."

How could we stop time? A particle accelerator or a more drastic way, to die. Or create a virus that seems to do both?

World War Z?

That's what you ask yourself when you read any of Faulkner's stuff, What Time is It? He does his best to manipulate and distort time. The story being told depends on the state of mind of the character that he's writing. It differs for the sane, insane or mentally deficient. We've seen those three minds.

The virus erases your past. All that's left is the present and the future. Then the Walker awakens. Rick awakens as well. But the biting is far from over. What awakens will change and evolve as time does whatever it is doing. Today's Walkers are not tomorrow's Walkers. Today's Wakers are not tomorrow's Wakers.

"She should have died hereafter;
There would have been a time for such a word.
To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,
To the last syllable of recorded time;
And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury
Signifying nothing." — Macbeth (Act 5, Scene 5)


"We've got to get these things to learn to eat something other than us."

03-08-2011, 04:31 PM
I came across a 1929 quote from Samuel Beckett regarding James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake that hit me as perhaps similar to my gleanings of what I saw of Darabont's own intentions in his AMC version of The Walking Dead.

"Here form is content, content is form. You complain that this stuff is not written in English. It is not written at all. It is not to be read – or rather it is not only to be read. It is to be looked at and listened to. His writing is not about something, it is that something itself."

Here is how I connect this to Darabont. I see him planting clues to his framework within the episodes themselves, such as in TS-19 with the exchange between Lori and Carol regarding there being enough books to keep them busy for years. If I have a good grasp of his formula of channeling Faulkner in his methods of referencing other literary classics within his own novels like The Sound and the Fury did then when we as viewers watch episodes of this series we are looking also at its building blocks.

That is what I'm exposing here as I'm a bit like Jim digging things up with his shovel. And like Jim did in his own way he now has others picking up shovels of their own and assisting in the effort as Rick and Shane did. Those shovels are now wielded by the likes of Richard, Quirky, and SK over at AMC and as there is an infinite supply of shovels more are likely to join the excavating fun.

The Wenonah name on the canoe, the multiple clocks and what they are saying to us, the use of lighting and camera techniques such as to pause for effect or push in and hold, and messages sent to us within the very things the characters say to each other are not imaginary, such as multiple references to keys, pipes, etc. If I ever make up a business card for this hobby I've come to love doing these past two years it will have on it words like "People tell me I'm seeing things and I can't agree more." ;-)

If I've revealed anything at all it's that Darebont's vision for The Walking Dead was to tell many stories all at the same time, with three intermixed layers of Kirkman's graphic novel, cyclic books of the bible focusing mostly on Revelation, and Longfellow's The Song of Hiawatha. For sprinkles he's added Gone With the Wind, The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, The Da Vinci Code, The Sound and the Fury, and more to this potpourri of a multi-faceted diamond of a show.

I'll end my mini essay with another Beckett quote that works very well in context with The Walking Dead-

"Say what you will, you can’t keep a dead mind down." Samuel Beckett

03-09-2011, 07:27 PM
That's what you ask yourself when you read any of Faulkner's stuff, What Time is It? He does his best to manipulate and distort time. The story being told depends on the state of mind of the character that he's writing. It differs for the sane, insane or mentally deficient. We've seen those three minds.

System Time has been Hacked.

The virus erases your past. All that's left is the present and the future. Then the Walker awakens. Rick awakens as well. But the biting is far from over. What awakens will change and evolve as time does whatever it is doing. Today's Walkers are not tomorrow's Walkers. Today's Wakers are not tomorrow's Wakers.

All past files have been erased. The slate is clean. New Bits are being downloaded. Reboot. This may take a few minutes or hours depending on each system.
New software loaded. For some reason download was unsuccessful on some systems. These systems seem to have advanced encryption blocking download.

We now seem to have Two Versions of the same software running on this system.

03-10-2011, 04:17 AM
Something just hit me that I'd not considered before regarding the context of how I can resolve (in a new way) how the context of Rick's room number could be (i f I'm ever told I was correct) connected to the Book of Judges from the Tanakh and in the Christian Old Testament but the clock in the same room could link to the Book of Genesis. What hit me is that I hadn't accounted for the passage of TIME.

When Rick is shot after his altercation with the Judge(s) dying (both the vehicle as well as the trinity of criminals) he is placed into room #450 which makes perfect sense. The clock only stops as a result of the power going out in Rick's room after he has (according to my own working of the timeline) spent thirty seven days in a coma. Rick's waking up three days later is his "re-genesis" (resurrection) and is precisely when Rick himself is able to look at the stopped clock. So we really see the timeline in Rick's room move from the Old Testament to Genesis in the New Testament, the second book in the bible.

To add to this perspective perhaps that Rick when waking is in Genesis there are several examples of us seeing the number two as bookmarks of sorts for the New Testament. There are two stopped clocks that match up with each other and when Rick leaves the pitch dark area and opens the exit door into very bright and almost heavenly light we see a "LEVEL 2" sign posted as shown here (http://tinyurl.com/4fs9lla). I won't go further and push ideas like there were two cafeteria doors because I'm barely able to put a good argument forward that the two clocks or the level 2 sign mean anything special. The showrunners hold the reigns of how far they meant to go or say with clues so I'll just have to be happy that I can now separate the room number from the clock and even poetically use time to do it. I was already back to Genesis and it looks like I'll be staying there for the duration.

Here is a youtube link for a WD promotional clip that I don't remember seeing. It came out a bit over a month before the Halloween premiere. It's a keeper.

This is fun and was uploaded by the band itself. Yes, the clip is reversed. My fun perspective in looking at this is that we are inside the TV and are looking out at Rick and reality. It is we who are the fiction.


03-10-2011, 10:47 AM
System Time has been Hacked.

All past files have been erased. The slate is clean. New Bits are being downloaded. Reboot. This may take a few minutes or hours depending on each system.
New software loaded. For some reason download was unsuccessful on some systems. These systems seem to have advanced encryption blocking download.

We now seem to have Two Versions of the same software running on this system.

Yep, that would get your attention wouldn't it? If human's and AI's both came down with the Walker virus.

Does Norton AntiVirus protect from Von Neumann Probe invasion?



03-10-2011, 07:17 PM
A recent addition to my TWD shrine is a 1/24 scale stack of old books with a crow on the top (http://tinyurl.com/4fdux59) of it all. I thought it was a perfect addition to the growing collection. I put it on top of my red tool chests that I also recently picked up. The silver GTO Judge is in the background as are the mermaid and unicorn. I made sure to frame the "Dodge Challenger" in the upper left corner but in order to get the stack of books as close as I might dare I left out the scorpion just off the photo's bottom border. I've also recently picked up a 1/24 scale Harley motorcycle as I believe that is what is in Daryl's Ford F-100 in TS-19 that he kept with him from the quarry camp. Darabont might have had it as an "Indian" make of motorcycle to continue the homage but I'm sure it's a Harley because of Norman Reedus' history of working at a Harley shop before switching to acting as a profession. If anyone is proficient at recognizing the motorcycle make and model of Daryl's that'd be great to know for certain.


03-11-2011, 07:08 PM
Yep, that would get your attention wouldn't it? If human's and AI's both came down with the Walker virus.

The Walkers seem to exhibit Swarm Intelligence. They seem to be lost most of the time, awaiting further instruction. But fear not, nature in its infinite wisdom always seems to make sure that if a million fall, there is always a hand full of dazed and confused survivors, that survive in one form or another.

Does Norton AntiVirus protect from Von Neumann Probe invasion?

VI { Six } the AI { Nineteen } might have a answer to that question.

03-12-2011, 01:41 PM
The Walkers seem to exhibit Swarm Intelligence. They seem to be lost most of the time, awaiting further instruction.

VI { Six } the AI { Nineteen } might have a answer to that question.

Subroutines that byte? :)

03-12-2011, 07:02 PM
Subroutines that byte? :)

" Je pense donc je suis "

The 19 seem to have there Brain in a Vat?

03-12-2011, 08:09 PM
OK, more confirmation (to me) that not only was the book of Judges in the pilot but that the book of Genesis was and thus the room number could point to Judges and the clock could point to Genesis. It's from this that I previously attributed to Moses "speaking" but now see it as "God" through Rick as Messiah-

The 32 seconds on the 2:17 clock as I previously pointed out (back on March 4 during the marathon) links to the Sephirot as described here:


I believe the exchange in the car in the pilot between Rick and Shane about Rick "speaking" to Lori point directly to the world creation as noted here:

"The ten Sephirot are a step-by-step process illuminating the Divine plan as it unfolds itself in Creation. They are fully found in the Medieval Kabbalah texts, such as the central work in Kabbalah, the Zohar. The Hebrew etymology of their names in Kabbalah is understood to refer to the nuanced aspects of meaning of each Sephirah. This direct connection between spiritual and physical creations and their Hebrew names, reflects the theology in Kabbalah that Creation is formed from the metaphorical speech of God, as in the first chapter of Genesis."

So the exchange below seems to support that Darabont was not just dropping clues about the book of Judges but also Genesis:

Shane: "The least you could do is speak."
Rick: "That's what she always says: 'Speak'. 'Speak'."

I believe this points to the ten utterances in Genesis of God speaking metaphorically or if I may do a play on the word metaphoRICKally. ;-)

03-13-2011, 07:21 PM
OK, more confirmation (to me) that not only was the book of Judges in the pilot but that the book of Genesis was and thus the room number could point to Judges and the clock could point to Genesis. It's from this that I previously attributed to Moses "speaking" but now see it as "God" through Rick as Messiah-

The 32 seconds on the 2:17 clock as I previously pointed out (back on March 4 during the marathon) links to the Sephirot as described here:


I believe the exchange in the car in the pilot between Rick and Shane about Rick "speaking" to Lori point directly to the world creation as noted here:

"The ten Sephirot are a step-by-step process illuminating the Divine plan as it unfolds itself in Creation. They are fully found in the Medieval Kabbalah texts, such as the central work in Kabbalah, the Zohar. The Hebrew etymology of their names in Kabbalah is understood to refer to the nuanced aspects of meaning of each Sephirah. This direct connection between spiritual and physical creations and their Hebrew names, reflects the theology in Kabbalah that Creation is formed from the metaphorical speech of God, as in the first chapter of Genesis."

So the exchange below seems to support that Darabont was not just dropping clues about the book of Judges but also Genesis:

Shane: "The least you could do is speak."
Rick: "That's what she always says: 'Speak'. 'Speak'."

I believe this points to the ten utterances in Genesis of God speaking metaphorically or if I may do a play on the word metaphoRICKally. ;-)

Can you provide some visual proof that the Bible has anything to do with this show. A Cross? A Bible? A Priest? A Church? Anything but obscure references to to numbers that could mean anything to anyone?

03-14-2011, 12:01 AM
Can you provide some visual proof that the Bible has anything to do with this show. A Cross? A Bible? A Priest? A Church? Anything but obscure references to to numbers that could mean anything to anyone?

I'm not being sarcastic when I say watch the show and listen to the characters. In the pilot when Rick and Shane were doing "guy talk" in the car Shane kept pointing to himself metaphorically as a preacher ("Alright, Reverend Shane's preaching to you now, boy") and saying "I may have failed to amuse with my sermon." All this passed over my head as well and I didn't focus on it until I had it in my mind that the clock in Rick's room was Genesis 2:17 (and it is in my opinion) and the series was using the zombie apocalypse as cover for the Biblical Apocalypse. As per my theory though this is not the primary message of Darabont as three tales are being told and all three are combined into a dream of Rick's. With lots of homages thrown in for good measure.

Also in the pilot Rick walks past a bulletin board (http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c385/SSTforumpics/The%20Walking%20Dead/EP101/EP101_CHRIST.jpg) in the hospital with Christ pictures and material on it. My take on the gurney against the door is being a metaphor of the rock against the burial cave of Jesus and Shane not hearing a heartbeat from Rick just before he places it there adds to the idea. Shane is surprised to see Rick alive later.

Take a look-see during Vatos at just how many people (both vatos (http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c385/SSTforumpics/The%20Walking%20Dead/EP104/EP104_VATOS1.jpg) as well as the old folks (http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c385/SSTforumpics/The%20Walking%20Dead/EP104/EP104_VATOS2.jpg)) are wearing crosses. Quite a few.There is a cross on a curtain (http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c385/SSTforumpics/The%20Walking%20Dead/EP104/EP104_VATOS3.jpg) up high when Rick follows Felipe to help the old man.

The van in the quarry camp is a Lutheran Church vehicle.

"God Forgive Us" was smeared in blood on the walls in the house.

Jacqui suggests to Jenner that the cause might be "the wrath of God?" pointing to Revelation in my opinion.

How about Merle? There is his wrist guard (http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c385/SSTforumpics/The%20Walking%20Dead/EP102/EP102_WRISTGUARD.jpg) and his belt buckle (http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c385/SSTforumpics/The%20Walking%20Dead/EP103/EP103_TRIQUETRA_BELT.jpg). The belt buckle is very interesting as it's a Celtic cross combination with triquetra included. I already had Merle placed as "the Beast" in Revelation before someone else offered the belt buckle triquetra as support perhaps for the Unholy Trinity of Satan, the Beast and the False Prophet. Norman Reedus sports a real devil tat that (for me at least) cast him as the Dragon (Satan) in Revelation. Remember Andrea saying Amy liked mermaids, unicorns and dragons? Well, I've got Andrea cast as the False Prophet. In the other story thread mixed in with Kirkman's GN of The Song of Hiawatha I have her as Minnehaha and Daryl as Hiawatha. This handed me the idea that Daryl and Andrea will become lovers. You have to juxtapose all three stories and fit the characters into multiple "hats."

Go and have a look at the text for The Song of Hiawatha. Longfellow was criticized that his story seemed to follow biblical stories like David and Goliath and Jonah and the Whale and resurrection. He argued that his poem/story was "chapter and verse" from Native American Oral traditions without the white man's influence. This follows what Joseph Campbell said in The Hero with a Thousand Faces (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hero_with_a_Thousand_Faces) as world creation and hero mythologies are similar all over the globe. He called it the monomyth (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monomyth).

It's what binds all three stories (TWD GN, Revelation and Hiawatha) together and allows Frank Darabont to merge the three together and tell them all at once. I think it's brilliant and I think it's what Darabont is doing. Go ahead and read The Song of Hiawatha (http://etext.lib.virginia.edu/etcbin/toccer-new2?id=LonHiaw.sgm&images=images/modeng&data=/texts/english/modeng/parsed&tag=public&part=all) but not as bible stories. Read it as what we've seen already in the first season of this series. Pay attention to mentions of the color red, quarry, and pipes. Then look at the episodes again. Daryl's crossbow (to me) is the singular totem for the series as it's both a cross and a bow and is symbolic to me of the two stories (Revelation and Hiawatha) that form the undertow of the series. Yeah, it's a trilogy of stories that we see and not just one.

In episode 103 Merle goes off on his great four minute heat-stroked tirade, first asking for Jesus' help and then abandoning it for self-reliance. Notice the turn-about. Merle is a "bad moon rising."

God! God!
No no!
God! Jesus!
No no, merciful Christ!
No no. No no.
God, help me!
God! God!
Jesus, please!
Jesus, please.
Help me!
Come on now!
Help me.
No no. Oh, no no.
Oh my god.
No, Jesus. Jesus.
No no no no no no.
I didn't behave, I know.
I know I'm being punished.
I know. I...
Oh, I deserve it.
I deserve it.
I've been bad.
Help me now.
Show me the way.
Go on, tell me what to do.
Tell me. Tell me.

That's okay.
Never you mind,
silly Christ boy.
I ain't begged you before.
I ain't gonna start
begging now.
I ain't gonna beg you now!
Don't you worry about me
Begging you ever!
I'll never beg you!
I ain't gonna beg you!
I never begged you before.
Morales in Vatos just before the attack says to Dale regarding his watch:

I see you every day, the same time, winding that thing like a village priest saying mass.I'll suggest you humor me the next time you watch the episodes and look for these and many other things because it's not my imagination. Like I said before, if I'm the one who solves the whisper to Rick my solution came from Revelation 2:17 in TS-19 that Jenner himself says to us in code, as he embeds it in the resurrection time of his own wife. Do I need to say that he didn't need to use the term resurrection as other words like reanimate would have worked equally as well? Resurrection is linked to Jesus and to the book of Revelation and was spoken by Jenner right before giving out the time for TS-19.

It's my contention and theory that Rick's clock in the pilot was Genesis 2:17 and the TS-19 iteration of 2-1-7 was for Revelation 2:17. Your mileage may vary of course.

I'm agnostic and have probably read because of this show 99% of all of the bible that I've read during my lifetime. I'm doing it because I'm following the clues I see, If I might be a bit humorous I'll say that I can't believe for you, you've got to believe. I've done a lot of work in this post to scoop up (I hope) enough items for you to ponder on. The rest is up to you. I'll keep commenting here even if no one thinks it's worth considering because I think quite a lot of this entire forum, including The Fuselage, Red Panda Resources, Fringe, & Flick-n-Shows and want this website to continue to be a force on the net for creative ideas and "deep thought" on the shows we love to watch.
Mr. Gilbert was also wearing a cross. I'd venture that a lot of the bling in the Vatos episode was cross related or at least Christian related symbols.

Although I can't show you "real" halos there is one incorporated into the tagging across from the main entrance to the vatos structure. I believe I have the graffiti resolved and it relates to the infection spreading quickly and perhaps (and I believe this) the vatos being the source. This doesn't make any sense if the world is real but works well if Rick is dreaming this all up. It makes everything seen so far compacted down into a small radius centered around Atlanta. I also perceive the ceiling lighting in Zone 5 to be a halo but maybe that's just going to be me. Of course you can call in the butterfly net team to take me away but Rick's wedding ring can also be thought of as a halo- and another idea I like of juxtaposing the halo with, that of the ouroboros. What I see of what Darabont is doing is picking out the cyclic parts of the bible. Judges, Deuteronomy, and then him placing Genesis against Revelation tells me the phrase "Alpha-Omega" which is a loop I think linking to the other themes of the halo and the ouroboros.

From what I could tell of FlashForward, they were playing with similar ideas. The chicken and the egg and Demetri cryptically telling Janis in Somalia that she was having a "circle of life moment" as she was thinking of the dead people she saw and her "mythical" baby." I thought they were playing with not only quantum physics and causal loops but biblical themes of cycles but I never got beyond two or three biblical passages in that show. I knew they were playing with the Kabbalah a month before the series premier of FF and later learned about the 32 lines of Wisdom. Sam G spotted a ship with "Wisdom Lines" painted on the side (CGI of course) and I offered to her what I thought it meant. Look up "Mystery Plays (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mystery_play)" and you'll find they are medieval public plays that run through the bible in thirty-two plays, then begin over. I resolved that the main theme of FF was of non-linear time and all of mankind's history being caught in an endless loop. I also think Darabont will insert an ending suggesting a loop as (if I'm right) Rick will wake up only to learn of a growing infection on the news. Thus his dream becomes a prophesy. Jenner could be Rick's surgeon and Amy a nurse responsible for his medically-induced coma drugs, a clue for this dropped from her being called by Lori the "Mushroom Queen."

03-14-2011, 03:01 PM
I wanted to add that back during FF I stumbled onto the mystery plays because I was playing with web searches on "Wakefield." I was very pleased to see a link in FF canon using the term in physics (which is real) of plasma-Wakefield acceleration and then after seeing multiple time-loop clues finding it as something called a Wakefield Mystery Play (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wakefield_Mystery_Plays). For me the coincidence was too much to ignore and I thought David S. Goyer was making use of that coincidence.
If I had to pick a single theory to explain the cube van sporting the red "Ferenc Builders" on it I'd say Frank Darabont did it as a metaphor for the biblical creation of the world and of his own hand in creating the version of The Walking Dead that we see on AMC. He is indeed a world-builder as (if I'm later proved somehow accurate in my theory) he is combining three stories into a single epic tale. Those three stories themselves have added dashes (like spices added by a chef) of homages of the other books others here and myself have gleaned. I think the entire creation is wrapped up (like the wrapping paper Andrea was looking for in the RV) in The Wizard of Oz, if Rick wakes up in the finale.

The halos (Zone 5's lighting and the vatos' halo graffiti clue), Rick's wedding ring, and perhaps even the ouroboros concept as hinted at by Rick's Python sidearm point to a loop or cycle. For those viewers that won't appreciate a "fake" world dreamed up by Rick to have been the series we saw by the time the series ends I've suggested Rick and the viewers hearing or seeing from his hospital bed news of a growing global infection that would make it "real" at the very end before fading to black. This then gives completion for both ideas (dream and reality) and makes Rick a prophet in the process.

I've said the caravan should make it to New Orleans and perhaps the French Quarter due to zombies being something in the rich culture there already. If Frank thought he had the time to steer the group further west, it'd be poetic as well to see them reach Corpus Christi, TX. Why?

Well, Corpus Christi cycles or "Mystery Plays" are Medieval public plays that celebrated Divine history from the Fall of the Angels through the Last Judgment. The Wakefield or Towneley cycle is of 32 plays which matches the Lines of Wisdom I've mentioned.

Anyway, it'd be great to see our caravan make it to New Orleans which I think is possible and although less likely it'd be interesting to include Corpus Christi in Frank's traveling circus as it could add a clue as well. That is before they head north to the Great Lakes for the show finale eventually. Either (or both) Lake Superior and Lake Erie and hopefully even Mackinac Island.
Although I believe the biblical episode clues are following the Old and New Testaments I did discover that Islam also has "the Day of Resurrection" and "the Day of Judgment" which is interesting. If this is all inside of Rick's head then his world would be influenced by his own religious perspective.

It might be a clue given from the van being a Lutheran Church that Rick is assumed to be Lutheran. My reasoning here is that if Rick is dreaming this world that's what he would "paint" on the van. Also (and conveniently for Darabont if this is his plan) Lutherans do not believe in an earthly millennial kingdom of Christ either before of after his second coming on the last day. According to this wiki entry here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Last_Judgment -

"On the last day, all the dead will be resurrected. Their souls will then be reunited with the same bodies they had before dying. The bodies will then be changed, those of the wicked to a state of everlasting shame and torment, those of the righteous to an everlasting state of celestial glory."

This then might explain the choice of denomination for the van as Darabont won't have to deal with a thousand year kingdom and can "cut to the chase" to wrap things up.

It's fun to juxtapose Rick perhaps painting the van as a bit of a personal reflection and Darabont painting the cube van as a similar personal reflection.
In playing off of Richard's idea (over at AMC) of seeing Dante's inferno in Atlanta, which I agree with, we might consider reading a bit into the nine circles. I'll focus on the five concentric circles of Upper Hell on this post and suggest we consider these topics which I believe will be included. Some already have, as Rick is in limbo if I'm right and we've seen some of the other topics get "touched on" as well like lust. :)

First circle (Limbo)
Second circle (lust)
Third circle (gluttony)
Fourth circle (greed)
Fifth circle (wrath/sullenness)

I wonder if we saw a little bit of gluttony at dinner in TS-19 (lol) and if we might relate this later to the food and fuel cache I'm predicting? In the fifth circle I see something that relates to the political cartoon about oil and also to the black pitch water in Hiawatha in the "swamp-like water of the river Styx" and the "black sulkiness." Perhaps this is a coincidence that Frank Darabont can't resist.

As I've got "the pit" now opened by the key I also see us going deeper into Dante's inferno to the other four levels and into violence and other hells. Of course I'm not missing the significance of this having circles in it's description.
This is something I've been pondering on for quite a while. To me it's obvious that Darabont scouted locations in Atlanta for their visual message in what he was building towards. I consider the overpass crossing the railway lines as the entrance to Hell and the sunken railway area as the river Styx and the opening we see Rick riding Blade through into the city as the vestibule into Hell. Since the cube van was driven down the tracks it could be thought of as Charon's boat. Since Merle now has the cube van it's yet another boat we need to watch, lol. Rick, like Dante, gains entrance to Hell by Divine means.

03-16-2011, 05:58 PM
Here is another interesting tidbit regarding Mos Def. His real name is Dante Terrell Smith.

I can't think of Frank Darabont missing an opportunity to cast him in TWD.
As Daryl and Rick have already had their scuffle at the quarry camp and the other minor "push backs" where Rick blocked Daryl from attacking others like with Miguel we might consider that as the fight between Hiawatha and his father Mudjekeewis (the West Wind). Again, we might think chapter V of Hiawatha's Fasting could be where in TS-19 we see Andrea feint as Jacqui tells Jenner they haven't eaten for days. A bit of a contradiction is that it's been less than 24 hours since the fish feast but it could be argued that they really didn't get their fill as the walkers crashed the party.

So where with my current thoughts are we in the story of TWD as considered by looking at The Song of Hiawatha (TSOH)? I think it's very likely that we are now at the end of chapter V. Why? Because I now think from the point of view of TSOH what we saw in the season end of TS-19 was perhaps Jenner as Mondamin. If I were to combine my gleaning of Revelation 2:17 giving me the solution of the whisper to Rick then I can synchronize that with the end of chapter five and the gift of maize/corn (Mondamin) to Hiawatha and his people (our survivors). This now with this latest addition of mine blends all three stories and "bookmarks" the season end with my foretelling of "heaven-sent manna" for the beginning of season 2. I'll add another booyah! as this fell into place for me today.

I'll again post an excellent link to the public domain content of TSOH-

Season two would then open at chapter VI (interestingly the same as the CDC name of the AI) with "Hiawatha's Friends." So expect fuel, food, friends and a general good time for our survivors at the start of season two until of course the next part of the 'nightmare' proceeds. :)
The point where Daryl goes after Jenner isn't at all as detailed as the wrestling match between Hiawatha and Mondamin but the gifting of maize to his people that Hiawatha gains does very nicely synchronize to my solution of "manna." from Revelation. So I'll say "maize is just manna by any other name." :biggrin:

03-17-2011, 07:14 PM
I'll say that we have a coincidence in what I think is the planned convergence of these two hidden stories as the Revelation quote of 2:17 of "He who has an ear..." also works as relating to the corn over in The Song of Hiawatha, lol.

If I could get Frank's ear I'd suggest they place some mention of corn in the food cache, such as canned corn or have one of the characters read off the contents of an MRE and include corn.

There is a side dish in an MRE (Meal-Ready-to-Eat) called Mexican Style Corn. Booyah!
This might be my best tweet ever.

@FrankDarabont Is Mondamin(corn)+Manna(heavenly bread) on the menu for episode 201 of #TheWalkingDead ? http://tinyurl.com/4mmsk84 +need_gas

Heck, it even rhymes, lol.

I can't believe I squeezed all of that info into a tweet. :biggrin:

03-19-2011, 05:28 PM
This screen cap might just be a foreshadow clue that the caravan is heading to New Orleans and maybe even the French Quarter. http://tinyurl.com/4zw8rxj
The irony is that Morgan's voodoo tat now looks like his wife.

Sam G
03-20-2011, 03:04 AM
http://screenrant.com/walking-dead-panel-season-2-details-c2e2-mikee-106786/ - probably spoilers

03-20-2011, 09:19 PM
Addhawk, I think it was Gadhafi. :biggrin:

03-21-2011, 01:00 AM
Addhawk, I think it was Gadhafi. :biggrin:

LOL. That's one guy I don't want to play wack-a-mole with....

Sam G
03-21-2011, 02:33 AM

03-21-2011, 08:16 PM
I'm not sure I'd call this a spoiler as it does not release content, just who might be pulling a chair up to a word processor in a later episode.

I have seen where Frank Darabont had considered filming in black and white because Robert Kirkman's GN was in b&w (and Darabont loves b&w) but ended up choosing to film in color. I really don't think that would have been a real consideration as airing a contemporary series all in b&w would not be supported by the mass of viewers. We're an all too spoiled bunch with the advent of big screens and HD. What I've been rolling around in my mind is that this might be yet another clue dropped for us by Darabont that links the series' hidden elements back to 1939 and the introduction of color over b&w in films. I think this might be a tip of the hat to the b&w bookends of The Wizard of Oz that sandwich the richly colored dream-scape of Dorothy Gale. But maybe that's just me. ;)

Because of his like of b&w Darabont wanted a DVD version in b&w according to this (http://community.livejournal.com/ohnotheydidnt/49225253.html).
As much as I like the idea I might be the first to say it's coincidence as Darabont likes b&w anyway and released a b&w director's cut of The Mist. I just think though that the use of b&w and color was brilliant in TWoO to distinguish the real and dream worlds.
This interview talks more about b & w than others do and describes how Nicotero’s cinematography is "a bit muted, sun-bleached, but in color."


I'm still w/o the DVD set so if someone has it already I'd like to know if a b&w version of the pilot was included.
Based on my idea of a possible link to The Wizard of Oz and in case I'm right about everything after Rick appears to wake up being a dream I guess I'm going to have to come up with how we reference time in the series. I've decided to call it OZ-ombie Standard Time...

03-23-2011, 04:05 AM
This might end up being a self-fulfilling prophesy as it's too good to pass on if Frank hasn't already thought it up. I can only take credit for the made up company name and acronym besides the idea of combining the two foods from the Bible and Hiawatha into an MRE side dish. A friend told me of the connection that cornbread already had to one of Frank Darabont's previous works. Synchronicity strikes again!

Again, regarding the whisper:

@FrankDarabont Will the MRE package display "EMS" in big letters, with "Edgecomb Meal Service" below it? I'm smellin' me some cornbread! ;-)I also made the logo conform to be similar to the acronym for Emergency Medical Services as the purpose it serves is for critical bodily sustenance at the beginning of season two.
I might have a grasp at last on the part of Jim's "delusional" conversation with Rick in Wildfire regarding Amy being a mermaid and swimming next to "the boat" and Jim's concern for the mangroves gouging the boat. In the first end of the world by flood (and I only discovered this today) there is a reference to Noah's Ark getting a naval escort of a sort. At this site (http://www.amnh.org/exhibitions/mythiccreatures/water/mermaids.php) is this interesting quote:

A picture from the Nuremburg Bible of 1483 (http://tinyurl.com/4oa8kec) shows a mermaid, merman and mer-dog swimming near Noah's Ark. According to this illustration of the Biblical story of the Flood, when land animals were rescued in the ark, the merfolk stayed nearby to weather the storm." This then might indeed be what Darabont was trying to tell us this meant. I already think of the RV as an Ark of a sort on a sea of desolation looking for a safe harbor.

Oh, those who do read up on mermaids at the link above will find it interesting that a lot of the mermaid legends are from western Africa (Mami Wata). This area is also the root source of where the Zombie legends come from before moving westward.
This sells me on my idea. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mami_Wata

Emma Bell: A gorgeous blonde woman with a lighter-than-normal complexion. :biggrin:
Amy also keeps her hair tied back at least some of the time. Now if we can just find her comb and mirror. :D
The character of Amy is from the comic and thus does not have the connections to water or even "Holy water" that I've drawn to her here. This supports my entire thesis that Darabont has his own story (stories) within the story and is not only telling Kirkman's story but is embellishing on it with his own additions. In some cases adding new characters and in others placing additional details onto existing ones. Stated another way and using a perfect metaphor, Frank Darabont has added a "tale" onto Amy. :biggrin:
My theory basically on Amy is that Kirkman thought up the top half and Frank invented her tail.

I'm convinced though that the Noah-Mermaid connection is what Darabont was trying to whisper to the viewers. He likely was using it as a rabbit hole where if someone recognized the biblical Flood and how it was the end of the world in the past it would lead them to thinking of the current zombie apocalypse as cover for Revelation and the end of the world by fire. I didn't need it as I went digging underground from the clock entrance but there are several ways to go subterranean.

It's likely the mangroves were mentioned because they live in seawater coastal areas in the transition point between sea and land. In what seems to be ages ago now I was contemplating how the MRI scans when the disease invaded the brain looked a lot like mangroves with their detailed root system. Keep in mind that mangroves are on the Gulf of Mexico and in particular around New Orleans. They are a primary coastal defense against storm erosion.

03-24-2011, 05:16 PM
Regardless of whether my idea of combining what I think are two season finale clues of Mondamin and Hidden Manna into a cornbread MRE side dish and then later taking that up a notch by suggesting that it be made by "Edgecomb Meal Services" turns out to be either a "bulls-eye" guess or becomes its inception, if it shows up being recognized by viewers as an homage to The Green Mile then I'm already prepared for those that would say it's "only" an homage to the film. :)

In other words, the rather complex bit of spelunking I've done (actually quite a lot of work) around in the subterranean tunnel network I've commented on so far would be the longer of two roads to that cornbread side dish. The much shorter road is the one I've also suggested that is a simple homage to the film. This then means if it does make its appearance the easier path becomes metaphorical camouflage as it becomes the "easy" solution that many (if they see it) will accept. I'll go ahead and juxtapose this with how many viewers might wave off what they see as "simple" product placement but which I've asserted is the perfect way to camouflage a well-placed clue. Some of these would be the Wenonah canoe, the Winnebago Chieftain, the Jeep Cherokee, Crystal water bottles and Crystal bottling works, and others like the Suzuki Samurai which I think might be connected to the entrance of Michonne in the series in season two. :)
Something I missed that works to support Amy as a mermaid swimming next to the Ark is that SK (at AMC) offered that Amy needed to throw the fish back.
As a Yang comment on Andrea to answer SK an her Yin of Amy while Amy threw the fish back Andrea put them on the dinner table. Andrea is also a lawyer and with apologies to the stereotype eating fish fits with her as a metaphorical shark. I've been saying Andrea will really step it up next season and that's indeed what Darabont et al is saying about her of late. Let's see how closely Andrea fits into the role of the biblical False Prophet, not forgetting I've got her also getting all romantic over Daryl and the two becoming very much an item. Things should get hot in more ways than one.

03-25-2011, 08:37 PM
I'll make use of 'boat' lingo and say that I'm not going to take the tack of suggesting that the inconsistency of time juxtaposed against distance between the quarry camp and the CDC is a continuity error by Robert Kirkman as the episode writer or Frank Darabont as the showrunner.

I'll rather take the tack that it is a clue of the uneven flow of time in the dream state. Richard has commented on this as well that dreams don't treat time the same as our waking state does. We hear from Rick in the Wildfire episode that they will break camp in the morning but by the time the CDC is reached and although still daylight it sure gets dark awfully fast. So we have what seems to be a long trip that lasts most of a day BUT it is supposed to be the shorter of two options given by Rick and Shane. We also learn that Shane's distance to Fort Benning of 125 miles is from the CDC and with gas and no obstacles that's under 2.5 hours on the road. Funny as it is supposed to be the LONGER option, so what gives? I have already suggested my reason and it is that we are watching the inside of Rick's mind like we saw TS-19's MRI.

Once at the CDC dusk came quickly and then it got very dark when the CDC door opened at last. At the rate it took for the caravan to get to the CDC (less than 15 minutes without the RV breakdown) it would take a week and a half to get to Fort Benning. I'm going to put this all on Shane's shoulders and say it took him most of the day to scrounge up the radiator hose at the service station. There, that works. :biggrin:
I think they really are leaving clues along the way. Normally I'd wave off comparing actual shooting locations and using them but we do indeed get locations of the episode scenes being placed accurately to match up with the series canon. The ones that are not consistent are not mentioned as far as I can tell.

For example, in Wildfire Rick radios Morgan and says the quarry is just outside and to the NW of the city. Indeed, there it is on Google maps. Rick's argument to Shane about heading to the closest ship and not farther out to sea is also accurate when the "CDC" is located and compared with Fort Benning's location. The 125 mile distance is also accurate. So what that leaves us with is to either believe it took most of the daylight for Shane to fetch the cooling hose and for Dale to mount it or else we have to think of this as Rick playing accordion with time.
Angela at AMC asked me about an observation of hers that seemed to form a pattern. Rick and Shane talking about how Shane's women were always leaving the lights on in his house, Shane being the one asking in TS-19 what the lights meant in the brain scan, and after Shane tried to rescue Rick the lights went off in the room. I thought about this and for the first time think I might have a possible answer as I was curious about the "women and light switches" talk anyway.

Angela, you really had to do this, didn't you, lol? OK, here is my answer to your very good observance. I was puzzled by the light switch comments as well and thought there was something to them but you helped me by linking the other two similar scenes. That lit a fire under me because it did form a pattern which should lead to a message. Then this fell together for me. It helps to begin with the assumption that Shane is playing a metaphorical John the Baptist in addition to his primary role. This was not initially an inception of mine but was gained by prodding my good friends here. I think it was Quirky's find as I've mentioned before. I then found another iteration (in the rec room) that seemed to support the JtB idea as well as a third one being found by Quirky of Shane splashing water on Carl.

OK, here we go. In the Apocryphon of John http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apocryphon_of_John we find:

"And he sent, through his beneficent Spirit and his great mercy, a helper to Adam, luminous Epinoia which comes out of him, who is called Life. And she assists the whole creature, by toiling with him and by restoring him to his fullness and by teaching him about the descent of his seed (and) by teaching him about the way of ascent, (which is) the way he came down. And the luminous Epinoia was hidden in Adam, in order that the archons might not know her, but that the Epinoia might be a correction of the deficiency of the mother," it is easy to see how Adam and Epinoia (Eve) are allegorical figures in a larger narrative about gnosis. In addition, the Gnostic depictions of Adam and Eve also seem to refute the assumption that Adam, as a man, was superior to Eve. In fact, the opposite seems to be the case. It is Eve who is elevated above Adam as the being who first revealed his true nature to him and attempted to lift the veil of ignorance set upon humanity by God, the creator."

In Trimorphic Protennoia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trimorphic_Protennoia there is mention of:

"(I am) the Mother (as well as) the Light which she appointed as Virgin, she who is called 'Meirothea', the incomprehensible Womb, the unrestrainable and immeasurable Voice."

I can boil this down I believe to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUBnxqEVKlk&feature=related :smile:

I have remarked about Carol's daughter being named Sophia, which is linked to similar concepts in the book The Da Vinci Code. Sophia is the Sacred Feminine.

So why would this be inserted into TWD as it is obviously not a component of Kirkman's GN? I think Frank Darabont (like the Cylons lol) has a plan and this is a way to add a lot of depth to Kirkman's character of Sophia and Carol which was his GN characters. A clue I'd suggest is to look to the sequel of Dan Brown's book called Angels and Demons perhaps, as I've got our caravan full of characters wearing several other hats each besides the "surface" level ones we love in TWD. The show is a great series indeed but just perhaps if you look under the surface there is a lot more to this series.

I'll add that what I think it says is that although John the Baptist's water can allow access to the light of heaven Shane (as a man) doesn't know why all the blondes he gives a key to (the first of many key clues linking to Revelation) leave all the lights on. I'll need to do additional reading on this but that's my take on it as this juncture.

It gives meaning now to Carol's husband of Ed being a wife beater perhaps. No, not perhaps as I feel it IS the reason Darabont had him acting that way towards her and why Carol took five swings with the pick.:smile: I think she was allowing some light into Ed's head. :smile:
Darabont has two reasons to bring this up. One, it builds a really rich background mythology to the already existing Kirkman's Sophia character and Carol plus it can segue nicely into Genesis and even Revelation because of Brown's sequel title being "Angels and Demons." The cross connections are gorgeous and self-supporting. It explains the reason to assign a wife-beating husband to Carol as her character will likely show a lot of growth. It also (and I'm loving this) seems to support the idea of my theory that Carol will not become the easy casualty that her late husband was. I had her cast as Nokomis, mother of Wenonah and as her she would be a survivor to the last as she raises Hiawatha. So far so good for the Hyde casting agency. :smile:
It will be interesting to see how Rick and Carol get along in the future. Somehow I don't see her ironing Rick's clothes much more because as Nokomis she was a bit peeved at Mudjekeewis. :rotflmao2:
I'll give consideration to the possible connection that in the particular youtube link of the song I am Woman I included on 6th St. Helen Reddy says that 1975 was the International Woman's year and that year nicely works with many of the vehicle ages, the 70's walkie-talkie vintage etc.

With me seeing Andrea and Carol through their alter-characters I see them as coming of age as alphas, for certain.
I have a feeling Gale Anne Hurd was in on this and it brings the sort of strong female presence that we have enjoyed in our entertainment from the likes of Sarah Connor and Ellen Ripley.
Seeing the (to me) high probability of the women in TWD taking on much stronger roles tells me why we were shown the gals doing laundry at the Grotto lake together (devoid of metro-sexual guys lol) and yet another reason we were handed the Hattie McDaniel comment by Jacqui.

Remember that I think Jacqui will return btw. "Her" book of Revelation isn't finished yet and so neither should Jacqui be finished.

I'll suggest that we think of the gap between the first and second season be thought of as the roller-coaster peacefully pulling us up the incline before the "fall" season takes us all on what I think will be a fantastic joyride. Hold on to your stomachs, lol.

03-27-2011, 03:43 AM
OK, Angela at AMC requested that I grab a screen cap that might let us see the watch and I fought through the blurring until I got this. http://tinyurl.com/4zvq283

My take on this is reading it as 6:54 and I'll focus on the Book of John so that gets us to:

"Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day."

The obvious context being (if I picked the right book and time) that the watch is a foreshadow that we're heading towards Judgement Day, perhaps in Rick's dreams.

03-27-2011, 05:21 PM
Last night on Coast to Coast AM - everything you wanted to know about Season 2!
:) :) 2 Smiley Faces because Steven delivered the goods!


Date: 03-26-11 Host: Ian Punnett Guests: Daniel Drezner, Steven Yuen

Joining Ian Punnett, Daniel Drezner, professor of international politics at Tufts University, examined how political leaders would react to a world-wide Zombie assault. In the first half-hour, actor Steven Yeun talked about his role as Glenn in the TV series, The Walking Dead.



Theories of International Politics and Zombies (http://www.amazon.com/Theories-International-Politics-Zombies-Drezner/dp/0691147833/ctoc)

03-27-2011, 05:37 PM
This can either be a theory that is proved correct or a suggestion that is used (in which case refer to the first part of my sentence here lol) but I think it would be very cool to discover that when we see the helicopter crash in season two it will be shot down by the Vatos perhaps by Felipe himself as he has the distinguishing tat. I'm saying the heli (HELLi?) would be shot down using a shoulder-launched Stinger anti-aircraft missile. :biggrin:
Last night on Coast to Coast AM - everything you wanted to know about Season 2!
:) :) 2 Smiley Faces because Steven delivered the goods!


Date: 03-26-11 Host: Ian Punnett Guests: Daniel Drezner, Steven Yuen

Joining Ian Punnett, Daniel Drezner, professor of international politics at Tufts University, examined how political leaders would react to a world-wide Zombie assault. In the first half-hour, actor Steven Yeun talked about his role as Glenn in the TV series, The Walking Dead.




Theories of International Politics and Zombies (http://www.amazon.com/Theories-International-Politics-Zombies-Drezner/dp/0691147833/ctoc)

OK, you've got my attention. :cool:
Now here is a fun idea. Have a hospital with someone that had the bad luck to be in a burn unit all wrapped up in bandages. When they turned into a walker- presto! A mummy! Yikes I like that! :biggrin: That's dark humor like with the driver's lic. organ donor gag (which I loved!).

In other words even though "zombies" aren't referred to overtly they could do it with mummies. I'd love to see the characters exchange disbelief looks and rolled eyes before they put them down (or just walk away laughing) as an alternative to embellish upon it as stress relief for the survivors.

I dare you Frank Darabont- I dare you. :grin:
"In the Gospel of John the word LIGHT is used TWENTY-TWO times."


I especially like this as it fits well for the placement of both of the Johns I have assigned to Shane. "Chapter 21" mentioned here


could be linked perhaps to Jon Bernthal's mention of the number 21 in the interview and might just be the solution primarily intended by the PTB (powers that be).

It would therefore be "Divine coincidence" that 22 is the chapter count in both Revelation and in Hiawatha. No, I'm just kidding as it's more likely explained logically that Longfellow knew about the significance of 22 to Revelation and he would have made certain to make The Song of Hiawatha fit to it in form as an homage.

What this does I think is two-fold. It tells me that although I am correct about Shane's 22 connecting to both Genesis' and Hiawatha's chapter count it might not have been the primary solution that was in the mind of the clue-givers (the PTB or Powers That Be). It also says that Shane's light switch "sermon" to Rick might have had in itself a two-fold basis as both pointing to the Sacred Feminine and to pointing to the Gospel of John to find the two Johns that I already have attached to Shane, with the support of Quirky having Shane pour water on Jim.

That scene and the one I spotted in the rec room with Lori scratching Shane let the hat of John the Baptist be placed and ironically because all six episodes had aired as the hat went firmly on, the head flew away (lol).

In the same scene and because of the rec room clock I went to the book of John which is yet another John (the Apostle) so Shane has that hat now (to me).
For me at least, I don''t consider this to be a reach as I think it is yet another reason that Frank Darabont sited the series in and near Atlanta. The color red is a repeating theme that fits well into The Song of Hiawatha for the red clay that peace pipes are made from and linked to the Book of Revelation due to it featuring the Devil. I'm certain that Longfellow was also including the theme in Hiawatha because of the Native American label of "Red Man" and he also brought up animals such as red deer and red squirrels.

I do not believe it was any coincidence that in TS-19 Daryl taunts Glenn with "Keep drinking, little man. I want to see how red your face can get." Although I haven't mentioned this quote before I've taken it as a cryptic lead to the alter-character in Hiawatha I have placed hiding "inside" Glenn of Chibiabos, the musician. I'm not basing this off of anything I've observed of Glenn using any musical instrument yet but rather from Revelation as I took Glenn as Gabriel who had a trumpet and had connected that to Glenn's "wailing" Dodge. It will indeed be fun for me if we discover Glenn to be handy with a brass instrument. I think after posting this I'll do a search to see if Steven Yeun has any musical inclinations. I've forgotten to do this a few times as something else gets my attention.

The reason for the famous red clay of Georgia is best described here from an official source.


Yeah, iron.

If we take a look at Melissa McBride's AMC Q&amp;A although some might think that it is a stretch I'll take it as a sly clue. http://blogs.amctv.com/the-walking-dead/2011/03/melissa-mcbride-interview.php

What's the clue that I think is being very subtly hinted at? Carol's "old timey" IRON of course. "Old timey" might be the Bible and in the Bible and especially in Revelation we find references to Iron scepters and more importantly rods of iron. It was plainly evident that Ed ruled over Carol with an iron fist (literally) and perhaps a "rod of iron" methinks. As my bad pun of the week I'll say isn't it IRONic that Carol used an iron pick on Ed? :biggrin:

I'm convinced that Frank Darabont most-likely had this irony planned in detail even though Glen Mazzara wrote Wildfire as the iron theme is more than a single episode and links to the color red. Of course that can be the sort of theme that the "writer's bible" can contain so it might have originated with Mazzara.

03-28-2011, 10:48 PM
Hmm, T-Dog is played by Irone Singleton but he spells it as IronE. Any casting director worth their mettle wouldn't miss the opportunity to find a slot in the WD lineup. OK, perhaps that was another candidate for bad pun of the week but at least I spelled it correctly, lol. This in no way takes away from earning a position on the cast from talent alone but something I've seen on other shows is actor's names do indeed matter in the entire mix.

03-30-2011, 04:34 AM
This post is a clue primer of a sort for any Doubting Thomas that might think I'm ready for the rubber room. I may be an agnostic but I do know that Thomas was an Apostle and ended up being called "Thomas the Believer." And no, you cannot feel my wounds. This is the internet silly.

OK, I have an answer for the bible verse that was meant to be found from a clue in the scene where Rick wakes up in Tell it to the Frogs and the camera cryptically pauses on the clothes as if to tell us "Hey you, in the chair. Yes, this is a clue dummy!" :biggrin:

I've got a watch to follow, so I'm not just searching for clothes in the bible. Plus, it provides me with a bible character to pin to Carol. Booyah! I already have her as Nokomis in Hiawatha so this completes her casting "trinity."

For any skeptical lurkers or just for the curious as to what is going on here, see if this makes sense. Your mileage may vary but on many of these I'm betting I'll be correct eventually. First, we look at Rick's watch for a hint.


This (9:12) gives us chapter and verse but we need to link the book of the Bible that should have the most context in the scene. I landed on Romans 9:12 of "It was said unto her, The elder shall serve the younger." We see the pile of clothes washed, ironed (the "old-timey" hard way), and folded when Rick wakes up.


We see very shortly who did this for Rick and we find that it was Carol.


Rick thanks her for doing this but the look on her face makes it clear that getting thanks for this sort of work is not something Carol is used to hearing.


What I did next was to look at the context in Romans before and after the verse and I found it linked to Rebekah/Rebecca, from Genesis. At this point it got real interesting for me. :)

I then had the hunch to look up the meaning of Rebekah. It is a Hebrew girl name and means "bound." My contention is that Carol's "hidden" Bible character is Rebekah. The way in which Ed treated her (and Sophia likely) was itself a clue to her identity. This is the way ideally that our CSI (Clue Spelunking Investigation) should be followed but we don't have clocks or watches all of the time to show us the path. This one ends quite nicely as far as I am concerned and I am very satisfied with my solution.

I did post a solution before here but it was unguided by Rick's watch so I didn't have a proper flashlight working and was feeling my way in the dark, metaphorically speaking. Hey, if the U. S. Congress can "revise and extend" their remarks (goofs) then I should be granted the same consideration. :rolleyes:

What is interesting with this particular clue is that not only do we have to pay attention to the central object in the series that gets the added attention span of the camera we have to look outside of it at peripheral actions. This is true for both the scene as well as the bible verse. We have to use our peripheral vision or we get blindsided. I find this lesson to also be true within the show itself when it comes to walkers sneaking up on you. As Morgan said: Don't. Get. Bit.

It's also important to peel off the second section of the verse as it is the first section (speaking to Rebekah) that is the key.

It's past time for me to add a comment here tacking onto my guess for what was whispered to Rick. Since there is no reference to fuel in my two supporting clues other than manna being "fuel" for the body and us using food as a metaphor for fuel for the caravan I'll also say that because of the use of corn in making ethanol it literally can be juxtaposed and not a reach at all that both Revelation 2:17 when combined with the story in chapter five of The song of Hiawatha can mean "food and fuel."
Angela over at AMC kindly offered an observation of an appearance of Rick's watch in episode 106, where he crashes next to Lori after spilling out his guts (was Rick an organ donor?) to Jenner. I'm letting the tarot cards fall and can only offer my perspective as the following.


I see the time as 11:11 and will pick Revelation as imho TS-19 is thick with Revelation.

King James Bible-
"And after three days and a half the Spirit of life from God entered into them, and they stood upon their feet; and great fear fell upon them which saw them."

Looking at the verses near it for context, I'll say this is a foreshadow that J&J will return in season two and if Darabont wills it perhaps even at the halfway point in episode 204 (!).

I'll also include the "prophesy" that they will be in the hands of Merle, which is why the camera hung just a tad longer than normal on the duct-taped sign Rick left for Morgan on the red Challenger.

In other words, J&J are the two witnesses/prophets in Revelation and unless Rick can figure out a way to save them they'll go to heaven just a bit delayed from their assumed demise in TS-19. Although "heaven" might only be a ride in the sky on a chopper.

I'm taking the wine Jenner offered them to be "the wine of God's fury" perhaps. It was Jacqui who said "or the wrath of God?" and she said it to Jenner. It is these two who stay behind at the end, coincidentally.

This is a big prediction/prophesy friends for if I'm right it tells us how long perhaps the series will run. After the half season completed so far I predict the series will put itself down after season four concludes. We have three years to enjoy The Walking Dead. I don't see that as sad in any way though. If a series is draw out, it suffers. I see this one as EPIC. It's a damn comet in the sky and we'd better not sleep while we can view it in all its splendor. Savor this, my friends.

03-31-2011, 02:12 PM
If I'm right this comment should be important perhaps (3) years down the road yet.

I have been mentioning the concept of the ouroboros, or a repeating alpha & omega loop. I have commented that I thought Rick could be in a dream (The Wizard of Oz) and would wake up with those like Amy and Jim alive again and in the room (Amy likely being Rick's nurse administering his drugs in an IV). To allay any angst from fans that saw a dream as a cheat dissolving a "real" zombie world I suggested news reports could be heard in the background of an unknown breakout somewhere in the world to make an ouroboros. Although I was alluding to this being directly connected to the beginning of the show Richard at AMC added that we might see the overt use of the first chronological scene at the end.

As we wake up our dreams lose their hold on us and we go about getting back to reality each day. A foreshadow of a future-Rick was shown to us with Jim perhaps, as he had forgotten why he felt he had to dig the graves that he knew were influenced by a dream he had.

I think I'll fit some pieces together I've dealt with before and see how they are received. I've been referring to the clock in Rick's hospital room as the Genesis clock but because of my revelations of events in that room I'll call it the re-Genesis clock. I'm happy and I think Richard will be to hear this next analysis of clues. Angela at AMC helped as well as she had asked about Shane's light switch comments and it got me to look that over again.

All in all we might have five clues. One is seeing Shane switch hands to eat his fry. That might be an instruction to look at his left arm and the watch time. The time is I think 2:25.

Back on Feb. 3rd I offered up that I had spotted seven iterations of 217 in the series. The first iteration (described below) at the time I didn't think had meaning but it's one of the clues here. Again, context is important. A puzzle piece if all alone doesn't say much. It's when it is locked in with others that a picture emerges. Another clue is Shane's light switch sermon.

Here is how I see them fitting together. Shane's comments about light switches being left on now might say to me "Let there be light" in Genesis. We know this is a literal Genesis moment as chronologically these are the first moments of the first scene in the series. The time on Shane's watch is 2:25 which is the last verse in the Book of Genesis. The last clue is the 2:17 utterance by who might be either Linda or Diane from dispatch pointing again to Genesis and the specific verse where Eve got her and Adam into so much trouble.

"GTA ADW 217 243" is heard from dispatch. I take GTA as Grand Theft Auto and ADW as Assault with a Deadly Weapon. Right now I do not know what the numbers mean in law enforcement jargon as there are differences in codes. The 243 might be filler but I'm taking meaning from the 217.

If Darabont does end up by overtly placing the car scene at the end instead of alluding to it as I offered before by my news chatter heard in the background it suggests that Rick might be dead and is in Purgatory. The world would be safe from zombies but for Rick he'd be back in the tank again. If Darabont only alludes to the loop it allows a more open ending with more options as Rick could live but the world (like Adam and Eve were before) would be in big trouble. Basically Darabont can still decide how to end this without changing the heart of the show, as he no doubt has planned from the start. He can have it be real with Rick not in a dream, or a dream with Rick waking up (with or without an apocalypse), or a dream with Rick waking up and going back into a dream, or a more complex "Inception" end where Rick waking up is yet another dream layer. It must be nice to have options when it comes to dealing with walkers. :)
If I turned on my imagination a bit and looked for something of meaning out of the 243 above (in the dispatch) I find in Daniel 2:43 -

"And just as you saw the iron mixed with baked clay, so the people will be a mixture and will not remain united, any more than iron mixes with clay."

We do have a connection again with iron-rich Georgia clay. As I have our band in a sense eventually at war biblically with itself it might be connected to Daryl and Andrea being wedded perhaps (fun stretching). When she eventually dies (of fever) as I've predicted late in the series it would drive Daryl into a terrible fit as in Hiawatha and Revelation. I would be treating the survivors as a metaphor for a nation or nations which might be the purpose if there is one to 243. Either that or it's filler.
Now that I think about it, I've already come to the conclusion that the opening sequence in the car is "Genesis" from other clues that were dropped in the conversation such as Shane's mention of the words reverend, preacher, and sermon, and the ten utterances of creation I took from the "speak, speak" part of the chat. So really, this opening "guy talk" is chalk full of clues pointing straight at Genesis. I'd say there is a bucket full.

Time for a recap and to spill the red bucket.

1- We see Shane's watch turn to show us 2:25.
2- Rick asks "What's the difference between men and women?"
3- Shane's "light" references.
4- We get a 2nd nudge to look at the time as Shane eats the fry with his left hand.
5- Shane now mentioning the difference between men and women.
6- "Alright, Reverend Shane's preaching to you now, boy." 1st religious ref.
7- "That's when Reverend Shane wants to quote from the Guy Gospel." 2nd religious ref.
8- "Look, man, I may have failed to amuse with my sermon" 3rd religious ref.
9- Shane to Rick: "The least you could do is SPEAK."
10- Rick: "That's what she (Lori) always says: "SPEAK". "SPEAK"."
11- Dispatcher: "Lincoln county units request local assistance.
Highway 18 south GTA, ADW, 217, 243. Proceed with extreme caution."
12- These are the first few minutes of the series timeline and literally are its genesis.

04-01-2011, 06:02 PM
Here is something I've dug up before and will share here regarding Jim's cryptic speech to Rick in episode 105, including parts like "You'll watch the boat, right?" and "Amy is there swimming." The message that I want to leave you with from my thesis including two photos would be of Darabont telling us that there is a biblical (Revelation) underpinning to the show mythology as well as one sourced from Longfellow's 1855 The Song of Hiawatha. By pointing to the previous end of the world by the Biblical Flood we might see that the series is folding into the zombie apocalypse the compatible concept of the Biblical Apocalypse in Revelation and the end of the world by fire. Interestingly, the Hiawatha poem/book is also compatible.

The other book that best supports my theory of these three stories (The Walking Dead, parts of the bible [including Genesis, Judges, John, and mostly Revelation], and The Song of Hiawatha) being able to hold hands metaphorically and go down the same common road that Darabont, Kirkman, and Hurd are imho taking the story is Joseph Campbell's The Hero with a Thousand Faces.

I'll add here that any reader of this that has the idea that this is all a fantasy of mine would be partially correct as it is indeed a fantasy. I hold that it's all a fantasy in Rick Grimes' mind and was placed there by Frank Darabont. I believe it's a 'Dorothy Gale' dream and plus, I like it that The Wizard of Oz premiered with Gone With the Wind in 1939.

I also suspect that Darabont will throw the fans a bone that don't like the finale being a dream and either toss in a news report after Rick wakes of an unknown infection spreading (making the dream become a confirmed prophesy) or end the show (as a friend offered to me before I could post it) showing Rick and Shane in the car talking about women. The first ending gives the fans the "reality" they thought was there all along and leaves Rick alive while the second would suggest that Rick is either still in a coma or is dead and in Purgatory.

Thus, the cube van having "Ferenc Builders" with Ferenc meaning both "Frank" and "from France" (where Darabont was born of Hungarian parents in a refuge camp) would indicate that Frank is the "developer" of the series mythology as his credits literally show us.

"Watch the boat" (with one assisted by "Amy is there Swimming") is a double entendre clue and forked rabbit hole because it leads to both of the hidden books I see supporting the series as it tells Kirkman's GN story to us. Here are both "boats" below and one has a mermaid swimming nearby while the other one has Amy inside and the hint told to us in that very scene that when she fished with her dad she always threw the fish back.

This picture from the Nuremburg Bible of 1483 includes a mermaid, merman and mer-dog swimming near Noah's Ark. (http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c385/SSTforumpics/The%20Walking%20Dead/THEORY/HT001821.jpg)

"Watching" this boat led me to Longfellow's The Song of Hiawatha as Wenonah was the mother of Hiawatha. (http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c385/SSTforumpics/The%20Walking%20Dead/EP104/EP104_WENONAH2.jpg)

I've offered this here before but it's been in pieces as it has multiple ways to go from Jim's comment. It allows a way to see how there are rabbit hole's left for us to enter the subterranean tunnels and see "behind the curtain" what is driving the episode content and show mythology besides the surface series of Kirkman's good work and story.
Before I turn down the light in my gas lantern (metaphorically) and turn in, here is another item to consider. If the plan of Frank Darabont is to travel the path of an overtly exposed ouroboros and as the last minutes are broadcast of the series to show us the scene of Rick and Shane eating fries in the car, it would likely mean that (as I said below) Rick would be in Purgatory or still in a coma. A decision could be made to wrap the series or...

...a "hell" of a twist would be to have it as a cliffhanger for yet another season or more(!). Remember (because for me I can't forget this) the cryptic answer to Lori saying "Any good books?" given by Carol in the rec room in TS-19 was "Uh-huh. Enough to keep us busy for years."

In other words, the entire 1st series of seasons (4?) of The Walking Dead that were supported by what I think is The Song of Hiawatha and Revelation would end as those two sources would have been tapped of their contribution and come to their end BUT another pair of underwater "rudders" could be fitted to Kirkman's "boat" and it could have more adventures following more of the currently ongoing GN.

How, perchance, if what we see is an endless ouroboros? Well, I did call it Purgatory and that just happens to be what the SECOND book is called in Dante's Divine Comedy (PURGATORIO). In other words the entire first "series" becomes a "book" of a sort and we call it what Dante called the first book in his series- INFERNO, which fits nicely.

Obviously we have to break the loop in the first episode of the second series (a gotcha genesis lol) and bring on more zombies but with two new "rudders" for the WD "boat" !

In all, the third series would be called "PARIDISO" where Rick realizes all that happened before really was a dream and he's still alive. Cool, except we still end up with zombies (lol) and one of the "rudders" is of course Paradise Lost. ;)

All in all we get a set (trinity?) of two mythological boat rudders to add to the Kirkman canon in each of the three multi-year series of The Walking Dead: A trinity of trinities. It's fun to think about as a way to extend the series (like a meal with cornbread stuffing lol) as much as can be desired.

As with Lori and Carol's exchange, "Any good books?" "Uh-huh. Enough to keep us busy for years."

If anyone thinks it's crazy, then just consider this as submitted (as it still is in my time zone) on April 1st. :biggrin:
If I consider that the Winnebago Chieftain RV owned by Dale is Noah's Ark (metaphorically of course), then it allows me to fit Dale's Bible character hat to him as Noah. Booyah!

Can I manage to offer some shred of evidence perhaps, even if it is in itself of a metaphorical nature? I can. As always, your mileage may vary but I think I've got it solved.

Watch this clip again (Inside Dale's RV), which I have come to believe is a scripted string of clues and see what Dale says regarding how the RV keeps his clothes dry and the purpose of his darker hat (his spare for rainy weather! lol) that was set right alongside Chekhov's gun, er I mean Chehov's Phaser. ;)

He seems to think it's important to mention that the bathroom has a sink and a shower. Plus, don't forget the multiple examples of water all over (a canteen, the "moonshine" and the bottled water, etc.).

I'm thinking I'm seeing an ulterior motive with connecting water to the RV (like the radiator hose). Plus, a lot of the time it is Dale himself that's on the roof or "crows nest" position. :)


My thesis is that "I Noah a secret" Frank and Jeffrey. ;)
Booyah! :biggrin:

I'm sticking fast to Dale being Noah although I'll offer that the show has two other Noah's. Morales' boy is named Noah (I've mentioned this before) and Jenner is played by Noah Emmerich.

04-02-2011, 06:47 AM
My body wants to rest but my mind wants to stay up tonight. Oh, the irony. It seems I need to spit these ideas out as they are developments of previous thoughts and comments. The first of these I'll mention as a metaphor of nested (babushka/matryoshka) dolls, in that the layer we see now as the reality of a world full of walkers and geeks will dissolve away as soon as (if I’m correct) the new reality shown in the finale displays the hatching of our geeks as literal eggheads into angels. Because I see The Song of Hiawatha at the same level of influence as the bible “under the water’s surface” there should be some reveal of Longfellow’s work as well as the Native American stories that it is based on. This paradigm shift will be a “Revelation” to viewers but only as long as Rick stays at that level. That reality too will fall away as Rick comes out of his coma, revealing a finale with allusions to The Wizard of Oz.

With all of the clues that are contained within the “Genesis lunch” that I have said previously is chronologically the first sequence in the series timeline, the probability is high that Richard’s recent comment that the last scene we’ll see in this series will be of Rick and Shane in the car talking about women will be the correct one.

It has finally occurred to me that this is much like the case of Schrödinger’s cat, opening the box only to discover that the cat is dead. For those that do not know what this is, I’ll refer to this.


If I may be forgiven I think I’ll call TWD version of it "Schrödinger’s cop." :) Thinking through the previous clues and seeing what the next step after Inferno could mean for Rick, makes me want to keep the box closed so as to leave it to the viewers what they perceive the finale means to them. This is the debate that happened over the Inception film, as the show faded to black before revealing whether Cobb’s token was going to keep spinning or not. I still think it was the correct finale. Richard was smart to connect the beginning and end together as there are many examples of the Ouroboros or closed loop as I mentioned in Rick’s wedding ring, the ceiling lighting in Zone 5, Rick’s Python perhaps being an Ouroboros, and in other clues we’ve seen. The biblical mention of Alpha and Omega is just a rose by another name for the Ouroboros after all. Thinking this over it occurs to me that about as close as I want to go to room 450 and peek inside to see if Rick’s vitals are showing on the monitors would be to perhaps move forward from my posted comment of the viewers hearing about an undefined possible pandemic infection in the background to adding Shane being extremely cheerful about Rick regaining consciousness and talking over the television reports about missing their lunchtime talks. ;)

It doesn’t really take the idea any farther that I had before because it makes no commitment. It does add another element to the background news teaser suggesting that Rick still hasn’t “risen” either to consciousness or to heaven plus it leaves open the idea that Rick has finally surfaced into reality. This hands back to the zombie fans their “reality” just after it was taken away from them after they saw a religious ending leave their zombies as discarded cocoon husks worldwide, lol. In addition my carefully choreographed ending also hands back to those fans of The Waking Dead holding a religious faith that likewise saw their “reality” of a surprise religious ending dissolve when Rick woke up the idea that Rick’s dream was simply a prophesy and that the background news confirms it to them. With the series having hidden the buried story of Revelation so very well (except to me and a few of my friends) these fans can now view the series with a new added perspective and enjoy it even more than they did the first time around. Talk about replay value! :biggrin:
It's time to see how my new character casting is filling out the cast of TWD for their additional roles in TSO Hiawatha and the Bible.

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes and Mudjekeewis and Jesus/Messiah.
Jon Bernthal as Shane Walsh and Kwasind the Strong Man and John the Baptist & Apostle.
Sarah Wayne Callies as Lori Grimes and Wenonah and Mary Magdalene.
Laurie Holden as Andrea and Minnehaha and The False Prophet.
Jeffrey DeMunn as Dale Horvath and the pale face Black-Robe chief & Prophet and Noah.
Steven Yeun as Glenn and Chibiabos the musician and the Archangel Gabriel.
Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes and Hiawatha in childhood.
Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon and Hiawatha and The Dragon (The Devil/Satan).
Emma Bell as Amy and Wabun-Annung the Star of Morning and the star of the east, Lucifer.
IronE Singleton as T-Dog and maybe Pau-Puk-Keewis.
Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier and Nokomis and Rebekah.
Jeryl Prescott as Jacqui and John of Patmos.
Juan Gabriel Pareja as Morales and maybe Iagoo, the great boaster.
Neil Brown Jr. as Guillermo and as "G" (God's Wrath/Wildfire of locusts & scorpion stings).
Michael Rooker as Merle Dixon and Mishemokwa the Great Bear and The Beast.
(To be announced) as Michonne and the Archangel Michael.
Something more is that we've all seen the upside down US flag. If a ship at sea were in trouble they might fly it in that configuration to announce they are in distress oh, I don't know, like maybe Noah's Ark? ;)

I've already said the flag having the star field in the lower left area allows it to be in most of the close ups showing Jim near death. So it also works as part of the repeating theme of stars meaning angels in heaven, just as Amy's shirt had stars on it.
This trope might fit Dale's RV video clip as it details a bunch of useless trivia (except that it's not useless of course). :)


04-04-2011, 01:33 AM
More treasure dug up from "Inside Dale's RV."

Jeffrey mentions the RV taking them on a "Magical Mystery Tour" which is a nod to The Beatles. I can connect Noah's Ark to the Beatles in one degree of separation! How? On Oct. 28, 2010 (after this short film was shot and just before the series was aired) the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra had a 50th anniversary Beatles tribute that supported a charity called "Noah's Ark Appeal." :)


A friend suggested I watch the clip and (duh) look for items placed "two-by-two." The shot where Jeffrey mentions the camera has two people in the frame. Also, another frame includes Steven Yeun and Jon Bernthal. Jeffrey mentions the RV is "slow on the hills" but has "good brakes" and "doesn't get going very fast." (lol).

If we focus on just the items Dale points to in his tour it gives some meaning that I could not connect when I was only looking for (and saw) the many water clues.

Dale mentions 1977 twice.
I'll not count the two headrests in this.
The kitchen sink is a double sink.
There is a canteen and a jug of water in the fridge.
Dale holds two different shirt sleeves.
Dale points out the seat back and seat cushion.
There are Dale's two hats. The Dark hat is next to Pavel's Phaser..
Dale points out the two arm rests (with two water bottles nearby).
Two beds.
There are two jars on the upper shelf.
Dale points to the books but mentions two of them (w/ 2 jars nearby).
Dale points out the two ceiling lights.
Dale points to the air vent which has two large alligator clips.
Dale mentions the sink and shower in the bathroom so they are like the two water items in the fridge (2).

This ends up covering the items that Dale mentions that are not water-related and makes them have purpose as 2x2 clues. In addition the palm tree model on the dash and the flowers that remind me of Hawaiian leis would allude to the island theme which is what Noah would be looking for in a world covered with water.

When these 2x2 clues are added to the rather overarching water theme, to me the evidence becomes more than circumstantial.
To review what I see, The Walking Dead seems to be an Inception-style stack of Russian nested doll "Babushka" layers. They might also be thought of as the nested concentric circles in Dante's Inferno or rungs on Jacob's Ladder (I'm alluding to the film). Of course we're seeing Ouroboros circles and lots of ladders in the series.

Juxtaposing that we had an elevator in both the Inception film and in TS-19's CDC, the bottom level of the elevator is the overt series showing us a zombie apocalypse. Perhaps the next one up might be thought of as The Song of Hiawatha. Next we have the Bible focused mostly on the Book of Revelation, although I see Hiawatha and Revelation really at the same layer and influencing the episodes together hand-in-hand. The next higher one I'll name The Wizard of Oz as I think Rick will appear to "wake up" (he hasn't yet).

Whether alluding to an Ouroboros by having a background news report overheard of an unknown possible pandemic and/or overtly placing Rick and Shane having lunch (Rick's "Last Supper"?) in the car provides a non-linear door from the "Omega" finale back to the "Genesis" beginning.

Dante's Purgatory starts where The Inferno ends, but as I've mentioned and suggested if Frank Darabont catches notice of this or has already weighed the possibilities a much better end is like with Inception. It'll tick off a lot less fans.

As I've said (and if this is what will transpire) as each layer is added it dissolves the previous one and the new dream/reality overwrites the old one. As the Bible reality is revealed by the captured/tormented souls casting off their zombie husks, the new paradigm wipes away the old one. As I see it perhaps then "ending" in a bright white light (at night looking up at the stars?) and this "finale" holding position just long enough to make viewers think "Thaaaat's all folks!" the next surprise layer is revealed with Rick waking up. It might not even be the same hospital as we saw originally and might be in Atlanta. By this time the viewers that were getting to appreciate the Bible twist pulled on them have now joined the ranks of the millions in the zombie horde with mouths agape and not feeling fulfilled. Sure, Rick is alive and the world is alive but they might not be happy about the end results, lol.

If the last layer is added the world lives but Rick is likely dead. The zombies stay "fiction" and really so does The Last Judgement. But if we leave Rick's Deputy Sheriff star badge (like Cobb's Inception totem top) spinning on the table each viewer can visualize their own finale. The background news becomes a door back to the reality of The Walking Dead and the entire series becomes a dream of Rick's that is like Jim's was and can be continued in Kirkman's ongoing writing. Likewise the news can be taken where Rick's dream is considered as religiously prophetic that opens a door back to the Ouroboros but with the Ferris wheel stopping at the bright white light and staying there. There would likely be some who would complain that it didn't have a concrete ending but those would be the ones that would be on the losing end of "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few." :biggrin:
So if either an Ouroboros circle is shown to us or is alluded to from a news report after Rick wakes up the dream layer dissolves away to reveal what I'll call Purgatory. It doesn't have to mean Rick is dead as like I've mentioned before he can still be in a coma. If the influences of the Bible and Hiawatha and the zombie graphic novel were indeed guiding Rick's adventures as I theorized then going into a repeating cycle is not a good thing as it would indicate he is no longer able to receive "walkie-talkie updates" from his loved ones and has gone into a deeper coma.

If what I wrote up recently "for fun" that we might see Rick still in a coma and a new set of books started by those during Rick's visiting hours then Rick's Purgatory might not be fatal. As I offered we could end "Inferno" and complete "Purgatorio" before having another alarm clock(a working one) wake Rick up into a final(?) book of "Paradiso" that can be either a safe reality free of comas and zombies and demons or be thought of as Heaven. I couldn't resist including a camera panning across a newspaper though with "Pandemic possibility" written below the fold.

My conclusion for the series finale is that I think it will be delivered not as a dream but as a sort of Purgatory superimposed on top of the dream.

As far as I'm concerned no one could accuse Frank Darabont of taking the idea from Inception as I detected the same brilliant and clever finale trope that preceded it in the ABC version of Life on Mars that was trashed by so many that didn't "get it" that probably loved Inception (go figure). I'll also mention one of my favorite films with multiple dream/reality layers that never got the love that The Matrix got called The 13th Floor. The Matrix being yet another with a repeating purgatory loop that was eventually escaped from. I believe I've mentioned FlashForward was going the way of The Matrix in using a purgatory-like causality loop as well. I really think ABC messed up by cutting off FF but that is my own personal opinion that I seem to mention in endless circles around the web, lol.

I'm still eager to see if Frank Darabont will make mention of Somewhere in Time by ending the first dream (the one we're viewing now that is the bulk of the series) at Mackinac Island and showing us the Grand Hotel. It would do a fine job of transporting the viewers back in time, as it were, to the location of the film as no motorized vehicles are allowed and it would recreate an "old timey" setting reminiscent of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
Although I included the idea in my thesis just before this, I really like the idea that what we see as daily walkie-talkie updates from Rick to Morgan is a clue that the books I have identified are influencing the structure of the episodes. I'll also include this piece of coincidence that may also be a carefully crafted clue from "Ferenc" Darabont pointing directly at my Wizard of Oz layer theory.

Although Morgan Jones is a preexisting character of Robert Kirkman's, the name of Morgan has a direct connection to The Wizard of Oz. Frank Morgan is the actor who played The Wizard in the 1939 film. So in a way we might think of the outer-most layer here in that although Rick doesn't think he's receiving any response from Morgan Jones he IS subliminally receiving instructions from the Wizard of AMC's The Walking Dead, Frank/Ferenc (Morgan) Darabont !!! ;)

04-04-2011, 11:39 PM
Regardless of how I'd LIKE to end this series, I've found multiple clues as evidence to support an Ouroboros, Phoenix, or "Groundhog Day" finale. To add to my previous findings, I'll offer this one and I think it's a biggie. Not only that, it's a NESTED clue! The first level is contained in the show canon of Dale quoting Faulkner in Vatos. Going to the source, being that Dale was quoting from Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury and suspecting that because the trope of Chekhov's Gun is not originally attributed to Anton Chekhov but really to Shakespeare, I remembered that in researching the book its title is taken from Shakespeare's Macbeth. Thus, Dale's quote of Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury is itself a clue (in my opinion) pointing to the quote in Shakespeare's Macbeth- Act V, Scene 5.

"Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
And then is heard no more; it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing."

My thesis is that Frank Darabont is (brilliantly) playing the self-deprecating "idiot" as showrunner and developer (Ferenc the builder).

I found this Shakespeare quote as the primary example of a trope called "Shoot The Shaggy Dog."

We know Rick has already been shot and I suspect he is in Purgatory so let's see if Rick becomes "shaggier" as the show continues. I thought I read an interview of Andrew Lincoln where he might have suggested that he will love exploring how Rick will degrade in the show as the stress mounts and takes its toll.

Imagine Dr. McCoy whispering to Jim during his nightmare (that is itself inside of Rick's purgatory) "He's dead, Jim." :)

I think I have drilled as deep as I can go with the Shakespeare Macbeth quote and will consider it my nugget of gold to the true nature of the mythology of Frank Darabont's version of The Walking Dead.
Booyah! and pass the Southern comfort! :)

OMG, here is Frank Darabont's escape tunnel (or we might imagine him driving safely away in his cube van lol) for how to answer anyone that thought the zombies all melted away like water thrown onto the Wicked Witch of the West. How he'd explain it is that yes, Rick's dream of purgatory began when we saw him appear to wake up BUT the flashback scene in episode 106 of Shane WAS REAL. That establishes a fork in the road where what we see there can be considered to also be REAL even though the details synchronize earlier with Rick when he woke up from being dead.

So the part from the lunch in the car to Rick being shot and the flashback in episode 106 can be real. One item that looks like a continuity error but can be a clue that Rick's world is not real is that when Rick gets up he throws off the bed covers while Shane left him uncovered after he tried to rescue him.

So if this is how Frank Darabont will consider how to answer fans at a later time I guess to make the zombie fans satisfied that they get their zombie apocalypse, it means the world dies as well as Rick. Great. ;)
A way to juxtapose the two flashbacks is that the one in the first episode (Genesis) was of course in Rick's "world" and was not real and the flashback in the last episode (Revelation) was in the real world, including Rick being dead and the walkers being undead and Shane running for his life.
Well? Was there another reason to insert the episode 106 flashback other than to redeem Shane? Is the bed covering a continuity mistake when compared with the scene from the pilot or is it a clue that the two scenes are not of the same reality?
It appears we have a (shot) shaggy dog that died in a coma currently in Dante's Inferno that will transition to Purgatorio in the finale, unless Frank Darabont reigns it in to a more vague "Inception" ending.
100%"Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’entrate" You have been warned (in Italian).

Imagine Dr. McCoy beaming into the back of the RV in Wildfire just after Jacqui goes to get Rick so Jim can ask him to "watch the boat." Jim, thinking this is part of his delusion asks "Are you real?" "Bones" leans over and replies "No, but I have a secret. You're not real either." Then knowing that they'll soon be having company and just before Bones dematerializes he says "He's dead, Jim." ;)

Here are some supporting clues that are cleverly staged (I believe) to appear as continuity errors.

In the pilot of Days Gone Bye, Rick wakes and throws off his bed covering. Also, his get well cards are all standing up. In TS-19's flashback Shane not only knocks over the cards after retrieving the gurney but pulls back the bed covering. I'll have to look for more "errors" but those are enough for me already. I may not have discovered both of these observations but I have now given them meaning as they support my thesis of Rick being in multiple dream layers wrapped in Purgatory.

I'll also say here that every time we see Shane in uniform it's the real world and Rick apparently won't allow Shane to be "on duty" in his world as Rick is the alpha of it. So The Walking Dead not only means the zombies will be real as we are shown them in the TS-19 flashback but it also means Rick.

So not only do we have a "Shoot the Shaggy Dog" trope but we have "Kill Em All" in play. Frank Darabont is a devil-dog lol. :rotflmao2::ntworthy:
Now I remember that there was a third "error" and it was caught by Quirky iirc. Shane starts the scene wearing black gloves and ends it with them vanished. Now that I have this new paradigm firmly fixed let's see how to make sense of it in relation to the other two.

The gloves are on when the other two events happen but seconds after they vanish as Shane goes around the bed to check how to unhook Rick from the monitors. This was what Quirky observed and shared.

It is right after this that Shane can't hear a heartbeat and is struck with anguish over losing his friend. The last thing Shane does with those gloves is to pick up Shane so the symbolism to me is "death." Rick's.
Overall, it does make sense that Frank Darabont would end it this way, as to have a "happy ending" with this sort of story arc is going against the grain. The fans are expecting to see a zombie apocalypse and that's just what the ending will give them. Zombie fans and the loyal fans of The Walking Dead are not here to watch puppies and kittens. They are here to watch zombies eating puppies and kittens. :biggrin:
Through my suspicions and early link I found from Hiawatha to The Divine Comedy by way of Longfellow and the observation of the Gate of Hell offered by Richard at AMC discussions (to whom I am grateful), I see the path of Rick not only following the graphic novel, The Song of Hiawatha, and the Bible's books including Revelation, I see it following The Inferno as well as I have recently alluded. Rick walks up a hill to see the Huey and the 1st Canto begins at the foot of a mountain. Later on the horse and before Richard's Gate of Hell is introduced I believe Frank Darabont alludes to the vestibule being crossed by having Rick ride over the railway tracks (the River Styx) and through the vestibule that is the large connecting arch on each side of Nelson St. SW.
The full inscription on the gate is as follows:

'Through me you go to the grief wracked city; Through me you go to everlasting pain; Through me you go a pass among lost souls. Justice inspired my exalted Creator: I am a creature of the Holiest Power, of Wisdom in the Highest and of Primal Love. Nothing till I was made was made, only eternal beings. And I endure eternally. Abandon all hope - Ye Who Enter Here.'
I think this point is an important one though and I make it bringing a bit of hope for Rick, as I think it was meant to. Rick has passed through the vestibule and while he was at the very gate of Hell, he turned and fled on horseback. Therefore Rick really is already in Purgatorio and heading towards Paradiso if we wish to think so.

So I'll back off in flirting with the idea of Rick having to go through The Inferno book as a major influence as place it alongside Gone With the Wind and The Wizard of Oz, etc. as a supplement and return my loyalty to the "trinity" of Hiawatha, the bible (focused on Revelation) and The Walking Dead graphic novel.
My educated guess knowing that the core of the show is a graphic novel (a comic by another name) I have an idea that Shane's gloves are a clue. This is my solution.

"Doctor Hurt lay in wait for Batman, believing that the complete destruction of a pure and noble soul is a form of artwork, and hoping, with Batman to produce his masterpiece."

I think the idea here is to give a nod to the DC comics criminal organization (Black Glove) and portray Frank Darabont as "Doctor Hurt" as even though there are many creative talents involved, this iteration of TWD was developed by Frank Darabont. It might have been the idea of Robert Kirkman to place the gloves on Shane knowing what was in store for Robert's AMC doppelganger. I have to agree and will be on the lookout to see if Frank Darabont is seen wearing any black gloves. ;)
If I were to pretend that this was the story of The Murders in the Rue Morgue by Edgar Allan Poe, it makes me a curious C. Auguste Dupin I might venture. I have solved the death of Rick but Shane, indeed "The Strong Man" in the series, is like the orangutan and is naive and innocent of the death he was seen causing as witnessed by the millions of AMC viewers by Shane's own hands. Of course coincidentally we must release Shane into Lori's custody where the real irony will be found. ;)
In the hospital room.
With the black gloves.

04-06-2011, 12:48 AM
Just when I think I have hit the end of the clue trail, I seem to find a little more I can squeeze out. In reading a bit more about the Black Glove organization and the Batman R.I.P. story arc, R.I.P. does not mean Rest in Peace. It means "Rot in Purgatory." So from what I have uncovered I would have to offer up my take on this and how it would apply to The Walking Dead.

I'm adding my own twist in having it as:

The Walking Dead R.I.P. (Rick in Purgatory).

If I could chat with David S. Goyer regarding FlashForward I'd tell him his Blue Hand organization was an homage to Black Glove.

And if I wring Shane's gloves jussst a bit more I learn that the BATMAN THE BLACK GLOVE trade paperback (that I have coming in hardback to be placed with the other books I have) story arc begins where I have predicted I think The Walking Dead will end- on an island. I don't care if it's an island in the Caribbean instead of Mackinac in Lake Huron. I just think it's cool. :)

I just remembered this. I remember way back I said Mackinac Island had bat caves... ;)

OK, Synchronicity strikes with this trivia. I have seen the inclusion used as homages of Gone With the Wind and The Wizard of Oz and noted that they both came out in 1939. I'll now drop here this to make it a trinity:

Batman is an ongoing comic book series featuring the DC Comics hero of the same name. The character first appeared in Detective Comics #27, published in May 1939. Booyah!
Oh, good Lord. They did it. Not only is Rick the robed Messiah he's the caped crusader. ;) "Batman" himself. Rick won't be keeping Batman company in Purgatory because he IS Batman, lol.


Rick is even wearing a mask!

So when do we find the clue for Shane as Robin? We already have! His tattoo of "Lil Bird" which not only works for Hiawatha as perhaps Mama the woodpecker and should be a clue to Shane as a pilot of perhaps an OH-6 Little Bird or Killer Egg but he is also the caped crusader's loyal sidekick of Robin. Oh man......:23wtp28_jpg:
What this does for me is to take away any sadness for Rick being in Purgatory. This ride is much too fun and I now "see the light." Frank Darabont, bring on The Full Monty and do your worst. I'll be cheering all the way like Slim Pickens as he sat on the bomb and waved his hat. :)
Rick Grimes.
Time of death:
2: 17: 32 pm.
Oct. 31, 2010.
R.I.P. (Rick in Purgatory)
Although the Macbeth quote was indeed a nugget of gold as I have commented on above there was more gold in the mineshaft. I'm beginning to feel vertigo in my clue hunt and am beginning to wonder if I'm in detective purgatory, forever finding clues with no end in sight, lol. ;)
Angela at AMC has brought up two good points. First, that during lunch Shane mentioning his chromosomes being different from women might have another context, in tagging him as the cure genetically. I connected it then to my catch of Rick mentioning Shane's grandma Jean which I spell as Gene.

Secondly a minor repeated theme of knots in Shane teaching Carl how to tie knots and Amy and Andrea in the boat with fish knots. It can mean a link to Purgatory in a triquetra knot being a mobius and/or Rick focusing in his dreams about his marriage because to wed is to "tie the knot."
Another clue to this link is when Jim mentioned "Watch the mangroves. Their roots will gouge the whole boat." A character in Batman R.I.P. is called Mangrove Pierce who is linked to Dr. Simon Hurt.

Richard mentioned first that Jenner was the best candidate for the Devil. While I'm not going to abandon in any way my call of Daryl in that role I think I'll join Richard now. How can I do this? Daryl is a puppet Devil of the real one who is Jenner. While Richard took his idea from Al Pacino I'm taking my "cue clue" from the recent Batman Black Glove and R.I.P. story arc as Simon Hurt is a psychiatrist (a Dr.) and implied to be the Devil perhaps.

Another clue is that he supposedly dies in a helicopter explosion (hmm!!!) but mysteriously survives. I had theorized already that we might see a helicopter crash in season two and that the survivors might see Merle again, only holding Jenner and Jacqui (who survived) as hostages.

So now we have a crashing helicopter in TWD GN, a helicopter in the Batman series, a comet in TSo Hiawatha, and Wormwood in Revelation. Wow.

Also, I think I can see a link from the song ending the pilot, Wang Chung's Space Junk, and perhaps connect it to Batman as issue 672 is called "Space Medicine" and Dr. Hurt created what is called "The Three Ghosts" to attack Batman. This works well as the three WD characters I already have as Daryl (puppet Devil), Andrea (puppet False Prophet), and Merle (puppet The Beast). So Dr. Jenner could indeed as Richard saw be the Devil. I think I've given Richard lots of backing for the possibility. It appears Jenner is manipulating Rick and making him jump through the Ouroboroses as it were as I still think he gave Rick the "hidden Manna" and "Maize" (and gas) tip. We should see Noah Emmerich's Jenner again and then as we think he's dead twice STILL return. Rick's archenemy does seem to be "Dr" Jenner.

This always bothered me and now makes sense from TS-19:

Rick: "I'm grateful."
Jenner: "The day will come when you won't be."
Now THAT was prophetic because Jenner knows what the future holds for Rick, endlessly.
OK, the Wang Chung song Space Junk is a clue to Batman volunteering for an isolation experiment for the space program back in Batman 156 (1963). It is "resurrected" as the title to Batman 672 (2008) called "Space Medicine." Rick is in a tank, isolated quite literally. Batman is shot and his ears start ringing. Sound familiar? :)
As I like to create graphics to express a theory I'll offer this to consider (http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c385/SSTforumpics/The%20Walking%20Dead/THEORY/RICKISBATMAN.jpg) from a few scenes in TWD. Rick even has a mask and the cover of Batman 667 reminds me a tad of TWD's in a very general way, as both have a framed photo.

04-07-2011, 03:10 PM
Bottom line (for me): The revelation or lifting of the veil (or looking behind the curtain if that pleases you) of The Walking Dead is not only that this is the zombie apocalypse, it's Rick's apocalypse in Purgatory.

Rick is packing a Python (to me an Ouroboros) and the finding of a meaning to my satisfaction of Shane's black gloves and it taking me to the "Island of Mister Mayhew" (to me) adds to my previous thesis that the series will conclude on an island (likely Mackinac Is.). I've got a fiery lake in Revelation and an island in a lake in TSo Hiawatha and now yet another one. Although I still see Daryl as the Red Dragon in Revelation (the Devil) I can now agree with Richard that who I'll call "The Devil's Devil" is Edwin Jenner. But instead of Jenner wearing a pair of red wings I'll "Paint it Black" because in one of his many guises Dr. Simon Hurt has played the role of Thomas Wayne and wore the Bat-suit that Bruce's father once wore to a costume party. Coming full circle (in a manner of speaking) the Halloween premiere of The Walking Dead in my opinion not only had zombies out in the daylight but the popular theme of bats hidden in the dark.

I need to add my previous feeling of the island being the location of the film Somewhere in Time and that film revealing a loop in time (Ouroboros) having a pocket watch that fits perfectly with this series beginning where Richard (at AMC) and I think it will come to a conclusion.
Although I brought this up around a month ago at the time I didn't have a solution to offer for it. I had "bible blinders" on then and was thinking it should have been a chapter/verse combo but didn't find anything too meaningful. Now I can.


It certainly LOOKS like something weather-worn and thus just a part of the alley graffiti but it's not to me anymore! Do you see it friends?

It's the number 108 and I can offer that it is a number that is the antithesis of Nirvāṇa. It is Saṃsāra and as the wiki entry for it states:

"Saṃsāra, ... translates as "continuous movement" or "continuous flowing", which, in Buddhism, refers to the concept of a cycle of birth, and consequent decay and death, in which all beings in the universe participate, and which can only be escaped through enlightenment.

Buddha was the first person to grasp the belief of Samsara and figure out how to end it. He taught that the only person who can stop their cycle of Samsara is the person traveling through their path. Some Buddhists think that Samsara is a place and that it is selfish for them to be able to stop it and leave the others behind, which is one of the reasons why the Bodhisattva vows of some Buddhist traditions include a vow to liberate all beings. However, most believe that Samsara is a process that happens to everyone, and since everyone has the ability to escape it, to do so is not selfish. The process of Samsara may take a long time to complete and even with no time limit there may be some who can never actually escape the endless suffering."

So even if Frank Darabont doesn't take the more vague "Inception" ending I have described before and overtly drops Rick back into the car with Shane, Rick might eventually work his way out of his gerbil cage. How this might be done is simple and besides, I wanted to bring up something anyway that works into this.

Although I have alluded to this I have not spelled out that when I said we might think of the two times so far that we have seen Shane in uniform I've suggested to assume that is reality. It's a bit more complicated really as I should have said the FIRST time we see Shane in uniform we should assume it is real. However when the Ouroboros turns full circle the next time we should consider it within Rick's purgatory trap. In other words, to use a trope I'm learning about and setting aside the little girl sequence as being in Rick's dreams later before he switches to the horse, the opening scene at lunch and until Rick is shot should be referred to being a Framing Device. Depending on how Frank Darabont ends the series, we could see multiple finale framing devices where each "bookend" the layers that he wants to show to the viewers.

In case the reader of this comment thinks I have strayed off topic, I will close with a very good example of a Framing Device that Frank Darabont made certain to place at the end of The Green Mile film. Paul Edgecomb states he is 108 years old during the Framing Device on the tail end of the film. Now there is something to put into your pipe and smoke. :)

BTW, a look at the 108 number again shows the 8 as much less weathered which to me seems to showcase the 8 as a "figure eight" mobius loop. Two episodes later we see the view expanded of the alley to reveal a "69" in this screen cap of episode 104.


To me a 69 can be another way of signifying the Tao ying-yang, which would be like 108 across from it. Even the light/dark theme of ying-yang is displayed in episode 102 as the light/dark terminator bisects the 8 in the graffiti. Your mileage may vary but this is what I can offer and I think both the 69 & 108 support the Ouroboros.

I had forgotten this but for those Lost fans that remember the countdown clock, it was reset to 108 minutes. :)
If you are thinking that the 108 might possibly have a meaning but that I'm crossing a clue too far suggesting the 69 seen from episode 104, I'd ask before you wave it off as coincidence to have you consider that it appears to be on a blue scissor lift. :winkiss:
In The Stand by Stephen King, the leader of the good side of the conflict is Mother Abigail.
She is a 108 year old woman.

04-08-2011, 08:47 PM
If we accept (and I do) that Rick is an allegory to Grant Morrison's Batman I can see a way out for Rick. The top layer of Rick's reality is of purgatory seemingly from death (observed in the 106 flashback) but the Batman R.I.P. arc ends with Bruce Wayne alive.

I also see an allegory in the outermost observed story arc layer (without Rick participating) where Shane (as Robin) takes the costume of Batman and Rick's son Carl becomes the new Robin.

In this "next rung up the ladder" Rick is still alive rather than dead.

If we consider the main viewed story arc as "Revelation/Oz" (with the Judgement Day end nested into the WD arc as a single layer) and Rick waking up as "Kansas/Purgatory" (as a single layer), then Rick could yet wake up looking at it all as a nested dream. This could be taken either as a normal world as Rick left it or the dreams as a prophesy that the world had been zombified after all.
An official Major League Baseball baseball has 108 stitches.

The pre-historic monument Stonehenge is 108 foot in diameter. It's a circle (Ouroboros) of course.

In The Fifth Element, the captain of the hotel ship orders the helm be taken to 108.

In Hindu Mythology the weapon of Vishnu (Sudarshana Chakra), and especially his avatar Krishna, is a serrated throwing disc with 108 serrations. It's another wheel I guess.

This is from the wiki entry for 108:

"In astronomy:

In ancient India, Vedic seers had calculated the following distances which modern scientific measurements have reconfirmed:
The distance between the Earth and Moon is 108 times the diameter of the Moon (true, ratio using the mean values is about 110.5877 and between perigee and mean is at 108 exactly.)
The distance between the Earth and Sun is 108 times the diameter of the Sun (true, ratio using the mean values is about 107.7586, and does equal 108 exactly during the orbit variance)
The diameter of the Sun is 108 times the diameter of the Earth (close - the number for the mean diameters is about 109.245)"

This could come in handy if you are ever in India and need to call 911. Don't. Call 108 !

There is a lot more but you get the idea. The cycle of life seems to be linked. I'll end this bit of trivia with something interesting that links to the fever people die from in TWD.

When the internal human body temperature reaches 108F, it is usually fatal.
This is my second theory-graphic (http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c385/SSTforumpics/The%20Walking%20Dead/THEORY/SHANEISBATMAN.jpg) that was influenced by what I think is an embedded Batman theme in TWD. It goes with this one I recently created.

As always, YMMV but to me it is a solid finding that perhaps could hint of a trap door escape (http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c385/SSTforumpics/The%20Wa%20lking%20Dead/EP101/EP101_ESCAPE_HATCH.jpg) for Rick (and even Shane) from a purgatory-ouroboros loop.

I find it fascinating that I can juxtapose the pillow, the (still fresh) flowers, and the clock shape to the ocean foam, the alien flowers and the rising (Genesis) sun on the 1963 Batman comic cover art. This is a brilliantly staged scene and I'm very glad I didn't give up digging for this particular bone!

Um yes, even down to Rick's shorts. :clapping::clapping::clapping:

What I'm suggesting is that what I have described before as happening to the souls trapped and tormented in their bodies as described in Revelation by being held as a firefly is in a jar is what is happening to Rick. In other words the nightmare world of zombies that we see is a reflection of Rick's own internal demons. The last view of the series might be Rick waking up and alluding that his nightmare was more than just a dream, as it could be a prophesy of things to come and thus throwing Rick into a loop back to the beginning of the series. It could be overtly shown as Richard offered but another layer could be tacked on as well. A camera pull back from an MRI scan (of course with Dr. Jenner looking on) that leaves Rick comatose, as he began. This isn't the same as I've said before as it is yet another layer overall and would be in addition to the previous reveal of Rick waking up with family and friends around his bed. I have to add that even this end could very likely be left with the allusion of an impending zombie apocalypse. Some combination of this or all of it is what seems likely to happen, but it doesn't change the label I have on it as "Purgatory."

Dr. Simon Hurt's goal of completely destroying Batman in body, mind, and soul seems to be the similar goal of Frank Darabont and indeed of Richard Kirkman, because the AMC version of Rick Grimes is not the original. This iteration of Rick Grimes must be destroyed in order for Kirkman and current artist Charlie Adlard to show their loyal fans since 2003 that they are independent of the AMC version that came after. Of course, Kirkman has now stated that he'll be adding the character of Daryl Dixon to the GN so this allows Darabont to have a mole in place. And what a mole! :biggrin:
Ever since spotting what I saw as a solid connection to a Batman influence or homage, I've been thinking that there are likely many hidden clues pointing to it. Several just hit me.

Rick: "This place...It's Fred and Cindy Drake's."

The house that Morgan took Rick to can be thought of as several clues alluding to the Batman. Fred is short for Alfred, Bruce Wayne's loyal butler.

Cindy can be tracked to Lucinda, Latin for "light." It might be a stretch to think of the bat signal so I'll leave it there.

The surname of Drake hits pretty close to home though, like Alfred did. Tim Drake According to the DC wikia

Tim Drake is a member of the Batman Family who has taken several names. Originally he became the third Robin, following Dick Grayson's ascension to Nightwing and the death of Jason Todd, when he figured out Bruce Wayne's secret identity.If I haven't said this before, I should. I've got an "evil trinity" from Revelation that I see composed of Daryl and Merle Dixon, and Andrea.

Simon Hurt created a trinity of Batmen "backups" that were later turned on Batman which he defeated. This is from the Wikipedia entry for Simon Hurt:

A psychiatrist, Doctor Hurt was involved in a program which created three "replacement Batmen" with the participation of the Gotham PD. Sometime after the three replacements had been trained, Simon Hurt was hired by the Pentagon to oversee an isolation experiment. During this process, he gave Batman a post-hypnotic trigger connected to the phrase "Zur-En-Arrh". He also arranged for the replacements to fight the dazed Batman, but they were defeated. Batman suspected nothing of this.

Going over his notes on Batman's psychology, he realized that Batman was "powered by tragedy" and set about traumatizing the three replacements, ostensibly to make them better crimefighters.I'm suggesting that we might learn of something tragic in the past of Merle and Daryl, and we've already seen the trigger pulled (literally) to cause the transformation of Andrea that I have predicted. This was before interviews leaked of her character becoming a much more hardened and self reliant person. I suspect there are many more "Batman" connected clues and I think it is at the level of influence of the Bible and TSo Hiawatha and not just a casual homage. I think it's a big find.

"Hey, you in the tank. Cozy in there?" :biggrin:

04-10-2011, 01:54 AM
Regardless of my clue digging and comments on them, I'm holding on to my cards showing a dead man's hand for Rick of Purgatory. It will be interesting to see what we might dig up along the road yet to come.
In having a bit of creative fun in placing the series as I see it now as a pearl (a black one lol) with others ending like it (theoretically) in a continuous string, I'll offer the phrase "The Walking Dead... On The Beach... of Gilligan's Island... in The Mist... on The Night of the Living Dead... on Halloween... looking for Monty Python and the Holy Grail..." ;)
Another tangent on the Red Dodge Challenger from my new Batman influence is that one of the three Robins (the 2nd) by the name of Jason Todd becomes the "Red Hood" and challenges Batman. Thus, the "Red Challenger" being driven by Glenn makes him a fit for this character. Also, as I've mentioned before with Daryl taunting Glenn at dinner in TS-19, Daryl says: "I want to see how red your face can get." This is a very nice fit and becomes a "multi-genre double entendre." :rotflmao:
I have two comments to offer here. I had thought the trinity of Merle, Daryl and Andrea would be the metaphoric link to the three Ghosts that Batman defeats, but I'm going to shift it to the three criminals in the Pontiac as they are a better fit chronologically.

The other point I want to make is regarding Glenn's hidden persona as the Jason Todd / Red Hood. I expect we'll see Glenn have a love interest and though she will likely be called Maggie we don't know what color of hair she'll have. Unless that is it was stated in the GN and I didn't know that. Regardless, I want to place a prediction that she might be a redhead as the Red Hood's sidekick is named Scarlet which adds to the theme of red throughout the series arc of TWD. If she is named Scarlett so much the better but I don't see a reason for them to go that far with the metaphor. So I'll say she'll be named Maggie but be a redhead. Let's see what happens.

Also, although all we know so far about Glenn from the series is his pizza delivery skills the GN character has a history of jacking cars and such. We had Rick do the deed and not Glenn in the series, which is an interesting twist but perhaps Glenn didn't want his skill set to be shown to a cop. Anyway, I'll drop this cover of Batman # 408 that shows Jason Todd basically being the Glenn from the GN in his past. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/5/58/Batman_issue_408.jpg

Now we wait to see if our Glenn has a weakness for redheads. ;)
I've got friends who think I'm reaching including a Batman theme so it will likely become important to discover if I'm correct saying Maggie will be a redhead. This is probably my best shot without the producers saying anything and I know they won't be talking for years, if ever on this theme. So even if it happens I know it won't prove a thing but I'm trying to place reasonable doubt that I'm off on this. Thus, I'll offer that my saying that Maggie being a redhead has odds against me of 50-to-1. In the U.S. 1-2% of the population are natural redheads. It goes up in northern and western Europe to 2-6% but this isn't set in France. Even so it would be 17-to-1 against if I allowed that in the mix. Of course on my side there is artificial hair color going for me, lol. Here is a good site on redhead facts. What is really interesting to me is that the site is called purgatory, lol.

The reset button ending doesn't have to be the last thing we watch. After seeing the level where Rick loops back to start his Purgatory Ouroboros trip, we can even be shown the episode 106 flashback again. It is already an ending as I've said being that the 2:17 clock can be thought of as Rick's wake up resurrection clock and also as his TOD (time of death) clock. Viewers will then understand that the zombie event happened, even outside of Rick's POV (point of view).

After we see Shane hightailing it to go back to Lori, Carl and the rest of the survivors, we see the military mopping things up at the hospital. Rick's body is discovered in room # 450, with a gurney still set up tight to the door. The body is wrapped in white linen and taken outside to be burned, along with the others that we saw in the pilot outside. Thus, it becomes an homage to Romero's NOTLD.

04-11-2011, 02:35 AM
It's fun coincidence that Robert Kirkman's Maggie Greene, if she does indeed get revealed in the series to be a redhead, will identify with the colors that Robin has on his costume, excepting the cape. Maggie will literally be "Greene & red." :)
Yet another reason I think Frank Darabont is making good use of the Bible and The song of Hiawatha, is their mutual connection of the planet Venus to Romero's Night of the Living Dead.


It is alluded that a returning space probe from Venus was blown up because of it' having absorbed high radiation.

Even though it was technically a mistranslation, Lucifer is a name linked to the Devil.

There is more here- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucifer , but Lucifer is the meaning for the morning star- Venus.

In The Song of Hiawatha as I've mentioned before, Wabun-Annung is the Star of Morning and it who I have assigned to Amy, as I believe I can fit major characters from each story to the other.

Besides what I see as a convenient segue to an homage of the Batman GN in the use of Wang Chung's Space Junk song, it obviously is also meant as an homage to George Romero's classic work of Night of the Living Dead.

04-12-2011, 03:34 AM
Here is something that is a possibility, plus they've dropped clues to support it.

Taking the Batman find that I believe is there and using the escape hatch that I described that it allows, plus hooking it to the repeating star theme and the Space Junk music choice at the end of the pilot, we could see either Rick, Shane, or both of them waking up in a sensory deprivation tank just like Batman does in 1963. The "old time" theme of the vehicles and walkie-talkies supports it as well. They might be on a space station. It would be a bit like the US Life on Mars series ending, in fact. While this does not allow for a sustained reality to support the zombie apocalypse it can be suggested at the end by focusing on a storage area in the station, which alludes to the ending of Frank Darabont's remake of The Andromeda Strain. I won't be the first to think of this option but the seeds have been laid to allow for it in the future.

I also just noticed the coincidence of Google making notice of the 50th anniversary of man in space, which is certainly appropriate to mention.

My best theory candidate is still Rick in Purgatory though.
Seeing Shane holding Rick as Batman holds Robin on the 1963 could be a clue that Rick isn't dead. Robin is not dead after all in the comic, so the clue is suggesting that perhaps we are seeing an illusion.

I'll bring up again that Frank Darabont wanted that specific corner location to place the scene with Rick in the tank because behind it on the corner is the old sign for the Pipe Corner of the South.


Thus, Rick's adventure is a "pipe dream." The term is even used in the Guts episode, where Morales states that the refugee center is a pipe dream. So the question really is, with the different themes identified which order will they be dealt out?

Here is the quandary I'm in. The "pipe dream theme" is enough of a clue to suggest "Dorothy in Oz" and a possible return to "Kansas" without including the deeply subtle Batman theme that connects me to an ending of an isolation tank with perhaps both Rick and Shane inside, being deprived of their sensory inputs.

If I add the clue that Lori offered us of thinking of Amy as the "mushroom queen" I can take this as Amy providing Rick his medication. I'm now thinking Jenner is present inside the dream as Rick's tormenting Devil but would then end up himself to be illusory. Dr. Edwin Jenner is both in the dream (playing a devil) and outside as a doctor of psychology. I've mentioned the Greek letter Psi before and it's time to offer that it can be thought of as a pitchfork! So Jenner is likely a devil only on the inside of the treatment/experiment.

The recent article I found and offered here ( http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2009/10/hallucinations/ ) is becoming a large part of my current thinking.

There is a way to place Amy's "mushroom queen" clue in a more prominent position as supporting evidence to an isolation tank if we look at the wiki entry for it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isolation_tank

Psilocybin mushrooms are indeed mentioned in the article. Plus, I can see how a lot of the vehicles and walkie-talkies dating to the 1970's works as well. So the mention of Merle's "stuff" (cocaine), Amy being the "mushroom queen" and also even my previous mention I offered of the RV reminding me of Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters fits the evidence. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merry_Pranksters

I believe VERY strongly that we'll see an isolation tank in the finale being used. I'm feeling confident of the isolation tank being seen more than Rick waking up like Dorothy in a bed. In a sense, it's still there but transformed from a hospital bed into an isolation tank.

I'll even tack this on and it makes perfect sense to me. I wasn't sure why we were being given the Noah's Ark water theme other than as a way to make viewers consider Revelation and the fire theme. I can now see it as a component of the iso-tank theme as it is SALT WATER that the person is suspended in. Booyah.

And another thing that locks into place here to support the theme is a way to read the Vatos graffiti. "Areba PSI" which I took before as a fast virology source (which works within the Revelation dream layer) also works very well to describe the isolation experience as happening as fast as 15 minutes. In this context PSI means mind-related so Psi-theory and psychology.

This might be the outer layer, after all. It's certainly at the top of my list now, with so many of the clues supporting it. This would make the "shoot the shaggy dog" trope that has also been hinted at from clues either a red herring or just another part of the isolation tank treatment.

Yes, I'm now of the mind that Rick is not dead and the "shaggy dog" has not been shot but rather given an injection of "stuff" and placed into a tank to dream shaggy dog dreams.

Basically I have two endings. Either the clue of Dale's Faulkner quote leads to Macbeth and to a dead shaggy dog or the Batman cover from 1963 and the other clues lead me to an isolation tank experiment. The dead shaggy dog is easier to discover and has less supporting clue effort than the iso-tank does so a Purgatory-death ending is less likely.

And I LOVE the idea of the Greek letter Psi being a devil's pitchfork for Jenner but only as subtext for him running the experiment with Amy.

This quote from the isolation tank wiki entry gives me the idea that Rick could be healing from his injuries perhaps using this even. This could also explain the 1970's being mentioned through the old rigs in the caravan and the walkie-talkies.

Peter Suedfeld and Roderick Borrie of the University of British Columbia began experimenting on the therapeutic benefits of flotation tank usage in the late 1970s. They named their technique "Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy" (REST).
Sure enough, Lilly has a connection to "the stars" as he is connected to early work in SETI and helped to form "the Order of the Dolphin." It's likely we have a few "lillies" in the vase Shane gave to Rick. Rick said the vase was important, and I'm taking his cue to mean that the vase is a container, like one that Rick is in. A metaphor for Rick being trapped in his tank is as I've said the souls that are still inside the walkers, waiting for Judgment Day.

For those that have seen Source Code, think of Rick in a similar "container" but filled partially with salt water in which Rick is floating.
In reading over the wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Altered_States I found it interesting that the main character was a Dr. Edward Jessup.

Dr. Edward Jessup
Dr. Edward Jenner
Dr. Edwin Jenner
If we take the AMC interview of Jon Bernthal regarding the 22 necklace as a hint, they would be having us count off "21" for the old football number of Jon's and "22" for the necklace as it is in the series. This begins a number sequence that takes us to "23" which just happens to be the position in the Greek alphabet that the letter PSI is in. So "PSI" would happen when being placed into an isolation tank after about 15 minutes but if psilocybin mushrooms were provided to the patient I think we'd get it much faster. Said another way, "Areba PSI." :)

The hallucinogenic compound is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psilocin

...so once again, we find PSI.

As to Frank Darabont's decision to include a "cube van" in the series mythology, I did find this trivia regarding psilocybin-containing mushrooms. A common version for the "Magic Mushroom" is called Psilocybe cubensis.

I'm wondering if we'll see Timothy Leary, Richard Alpert, Terence McKenna, Robert Anton Wilson, and or Carlos Castaneda hitchhiking along the roads that now I'm convinced is indeed a metaphorical Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters caravan. ;)
This is hilarious. In reading up on psilocin, the effects typically last anywhere from 3 to 8 hours depending on certain variables. So if we just convert the first number from hours to minutes we end up with Jenner's resurrection time span range of three minutes to eight hours.

This is what is really funny as I see so many of these symptoms being expressed in the series and flying under the flag of the zombie apocalypse.

"Its physiological effects are similar to a sympathetic arousal state. Specific effects observed after ingestion can include but aren't limited to tachycardia, dilated pupils, restlessness or arousal, euphoria, open and closed eye visuals (common at medium to high doses), synesthesia (eg. hearing colours and seeing sounds), increased body temperature, headache, sweating and chills, and nausea."

This to me says that someone in the writer's room has been on Wikipedia, lol. :)

04-12-2011, 10:25 PM
On the Wikipedia entry for psilocybin mushrooms (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psilocybin_mushrooms) is a particularly "enlightening" comment regarding the effects of the mushrooms to enhance spiritual awareness.

In 2006, the United States government funded a randomized and double-blinded study by Johns Hopkins University, which studied the spiritual effects of psilocybin mushrooms. The study involved 36 college-educated adults who had never tried psilocybin nor had a history of drug use, and had religious or spiritual interests; the average age of the participants was 46 years. The participants were closely observed for eight-hour intervals in a laboratory while under the influence of psilocybin mushrooms.

One-third of the participants reported that the experience was the single most spiritually significant moment of their lives and more than two-thirds reported it was among the top five most spiritually significant experiences. Two months after the study, 79 percent of the participants reported increased well-being or satisfaction; friends, relatives, and associates confirmed this. They also reported anxiety and depression symptoms to be decreased or completely gone.

Despite highly controlled conditions to minimize adverse effects, 22 percent of subjects (8 of 36) had notable experiences of fear, some with paranoia. The authors, however, reported that all these instances were "readily managed with reassurance."To me this is at least one answer, besides the royalty-free aspects of course and others, of why we are likely going to see the series include souls/spirits rising from the walkers when Judgement Day arrives.

If I was running the show, I'd start things off with the surprise of it looking like Judgement Day. The walkers which are geeks would become literal eggheads, the souls emerging from their zombie husks, dropping like puppets with their strings suddenly cut off. Appearing as balls of light, softly glowing and with telltale small electrical surges coursing over the surface, they would float up like bright balloons. Tilting up to follow them, the camera view is much like the end of TS-19 that tracked the flames and billowing smoke up into the sky. Then a bright light overwhelms the entire view and all we see of it is solid white light, like we did when Rick emerged from the hospital.

Pausing just enough to allow it to begin to be perceived by the viewers as how the end will happen, Rick opens his eyes and sees his loved ones and friends at his bedside. Everyone begins talking at once but Lori (of course) tells everyone to "pipe down." Rick briefly tells of the dream/nightmare and the context from many classic books that he (and we) now see are sitting around on tables. The dream, though it has seemed to last several years, is already now fading fast. People in the room, long dead to Rick, are now smiling. Amy comes over to change Rick's IV and smiles down on Rick. Dr. Jenner, the resident brain specialist, tells everyone to clear out as his patient needs his rest.

Lori and Carl leave last, with Shane eager (as Richard said) to get his partner back to work. Sure enough, the same lunch talk happens, indicating to the viewers that the happy ending looks like Rick is not doing as well as were led to believe. Rick is shot and the blackness closes over the scene. The previous fade to white is now juxtaposed with a fade to black. The audience begins to accept the "new" ending, sensing a reset button to oblivion.

Instead, clanking noises are heard and the sound of a heavy metal door is beginning to be opened in the dark. With the point of view inside a closed chamber and looking up, a low light is leaking into what appears to be a sarcophagus. It gives the feeling of someone being exhumed from a grave site, with the view from the inside.

Using a short flashback, we now switch to an outside view of a clean medical laboratory. Amy and Jenner are monitoring Rick's vitals. The monitor readouts look a lot like TS-19's from the first season. The viewers see a chamber and signage that tells them the facility features a medical isolation tank. Suddenly alarms go off, signalling a sudden change in Rick's readings. Amy and Jenner decide it's time to pull Rick out of the tank. We begin to then catch up with what was seen only a minute before from the inside. The hatch opens into a volume that is still mostly dark. Helpful hands reach down to lift Rick up into the light and out of the chamber. But something is wrong.

Amy suddenly cries out with an ear-piercing shriek and withdraws her left arm, to reveal a chunk of flesh has been bitten out. As pandemonium breaks out with the background alarms still sounding off, Rick stands up and begins to emerge from the isolation tank. He is a walker, transformed from the experience of his previous dream-scape nightmare, ironically used as a way to allow his body and mind to heal from his severe wound and trauma. Rick is now patient Zero of the coming global pandemic, and after attacking Amy and Dr. Jenner, he passes them up to feast upon, because something else has caught his attention. Another movement is noticed in the adjacent monitoring room.

Rick's heightened sense of sound and smell, somehow enhanced from the weeks spent in the metal cocoon of the isolation tank, guides him to the source of the sound and smell. It is a little girl, holding tightly to a teddy bear, simply too frightened to be able to run away. Fade to red.
I wrote up the above not precisely meant as a theory. I do see the Revelation theme making its way to the finale, only to be part of a fading dream of Rick's. I'm not sure that the Dorothy Gale component will be there but it's fun to consider. I'm pretty confident we'll see the Judgement Day theme and the souls "hatching" at the end, only to become forgotten when Rick wakes up. I'm also now confident that the isolation tank will be there. I'm more convinced at present of it than I was with Rick in Purgatory. Plus, Purgatory can even be part of it if they show us the "tank" Rick is in but don't have him wake up. I added the downer ending to it above as a twist on my own analysis that indicates Rick is still in his tank, in a metaphorical and literal sense.

Another way to combine the plot components I believe I've found would be to make the iso-tank become the same level that I'm calling the Wizard of Oz ending. Thus the tank isn't reality after all but wrapped into the Purgatory concept.

The show can loop at either point, being the lunch in the car scene or Rick waking in the hospital. Also, if the iso-tank is used as the top layer (as supposed reality) Rick doesn't even have to be a deputy-sheriff as that can be a dream as well.

There are items that bridge between the inner layer to outer ones, such as Rick wielding his Python which is non-standard issue. The others are using Glock sidearms but not Rick, even before Rick is shot. So the isolation tank can be used either at the same level as where the show opens or it can be at a level where nothing yet has been revealed to the viewers, making the entire show a dream with nested dreams.

04-14-2011, 03:40 AM
Holy chit, Batman. I want want Frank Darabont is smoking, man! :thumbup1:

Let's see how I can put into words what I've got pieced together.

Frank Darabont has got Rick Grimes in an isolation tank, perhaps as some sort of alternative therapy. Limited to the perimeters of what we have been shown I'll assume that Rick was shot as we saw and is in a coma. I know we saw him wake from his coma but really he is still in his coma. As I said I'll not go outside of the boundaries that have been already set up with Rick being a deputy sheriff but even that doesn't have to be what will revealed as the final reality.

I've mentioned seeing the Jeffrey DeMunn RV tour as a clue to Noah's Ark. I'll now say that my perspective on it as being a metaphor for Rick's own body, floating in a volume of water mixed with Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate), to a high concentration, with the relative density of the solution being at about 1.25. As "coincidence", the model of Daryl's crossbow is a "Scout HD 125."

Although water is a clue that can be connected to the bible (the Water of Life) and in The Song of Hiawatha for "Gitche Gumee" and Minnehaha (Laughing/Falling Water), those are peripheral to the primary solution being the water in the isolation tank.

I now can see the reason that the Bible and TSo Hiawatha (besides Batman) are supporting the series mythology and it isn't as bedside stories read by relatives to a convalescing Rick, although we might see it thrown in anyway. Hiawatha includes the smoking of the red-stone peace pipe and in the book Tryptamine Palace: 5-MeO-DMT and the Sonoran Desert Toad is this in the book description:

The venom from Bufo alvarius, an unusual toad found in the Sonoran desert, contains 5-MeO-DMT, a potent natural chemical similar in effect to the more common entheogen DMT. The venom can be dried into a powder, which some researchers speculate was used ceremonially by Amerindian shamans. When smoked it prompts an instantaneous break with the physical world that causes out-of-body experiences completely removed from the conventional dimensions of reality. The Bible inclusion supporting the mythology of TWD is even better, as we see in this review:

“If DMT is the ‘Spirit Molecule,’ then 5-MeO-DMT certainly qualifies as the ‘God Molecule’ as illustrated in this highly significant contribution to entheogenic literature. The immediate opening to full God consciousness that 5-MeO-DMT occasions demands careful attention by all those interested in spiritual states of consciousness, entheogenic experience, and the true nature of reality. Oroc’s book is a great beginning to the fascinating exploration that awaits us with 5-MeO-DMT.”
(Martin W. Ball, Ph.D., author of Mushroom Wisdom: How Shamans Cultivate Spiritual Consciousness )So I can connect the episode title "Tell it to the Frogs" to this reveal. Also, Amy being the mushroom queen as I said before. We definitely have a pattern emerging, and it's a real mind trip (literally tryptamine)!

I've mentioned the 2006 Johns Hopkins University study with psilocybin mushrooms, finding that "One-third of the participants reported that the experience was the single most spiritually significant moment of their lives and more than two-thirds reported it was among the top five most spiritually significant experiences."

The best solution I've found so far for Rick packing a Colt Python would seem to be this book that is grouped in the same genre like the previous one: The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge. The premise is that the serpent of shamanic lore is DNA and when shamans drink hallucinogenic brews, they can communicate at a molecular level with these "serpents."

Rick Strassman MD has two books of particular interest.

"DMT: The Spirit Molecule: A Doctor's Revolutionary Research into the Biology of Near-Death and Mystical Experiences" and

"Inner Paths to Outer Space: Journeys to Alien Worlds through Psychedelics and Other Spiritual Technologies"

I think I can see these connecting to the repeating theme of stars and spiritualism. As far as we know, the entire show can be revealed as just a moment passing in the real world and happened in a near-death experience of Rick's in the tank. Frank could still seem to kill Rick off and shoot the shaggy dog after all, only to have us shown that Rick is living in the world of The Walking Dead and continuing his existence after his body dies. We'll just have to see what they decide to whip up but I'm extremely confident that we'll see Rick in a sensory deprivation tank / isolation tank in the finale.

Terence McKenna's book "Food of the Gods: The Search for the Original Tree of Knowledge A Radical History of Plants, Drugs, and Human Evolution" gives me the reason that the whisper to Rick that I am predicting will be "Hidden Manna" (said as food and fuel) was picked by Frank Darabont, as it translates to food from heaven.

"Coincidentally" this book, like the others I've mentioned, all come up grouped together when one of them is found over at Amazon.com. ;)

Consequently, I've added a container of Magnesium Sulfate / Epsom Salt to my Walking Dead shrine, right next to my bottle of Crystal Lake spring water. I'll be shortly placing a model of a British Army Chieftain Mk.V main battle tank next to the water and salt. :biggrin:

The British Chieftain tank was mostly used from 1965-1995. I decided to stay to canon instead of using a modern US Abrams MBT. Hey, it's all a crazy dream anyway. ;)

Oh, I'd recommend looking up Joe Rogan and DMT and floatation tank at youtube. :cool:
All of the above can be condensed down into TWD = DMT. .galeannehurD
Clues like Noah's Ark and other multiple references to floating, such as ducks, Fred and Cindy Drake, the canoe, and paddles used as wall decorations in the Grimes' home and even holding up clothes lines at the quarry camp all point to Rick floating in the iso-tank.
This news (http://www.bleedingcool.com/2011/04/13/walking-dead-billboard-posted-on-funeral-home/) has a lot more to it than we thought.

Oh, the irony. This advertisement (http://www.bleedingcool.com/wp-content/uploads//2011/04/ha-ha.jpg) for TWD that was recently pulled because of poor placement was noticed by a commenter (dont get bit) over at the MyMedia-Forum for a phrase on it. My find (theoretically) of Rick being in an isolation tank and my thinking of the metamorphosis of the walkers into angels perhaps (suggesting Rick transforming into a walker) ala Altered States fits well with this PBS topic called Triangle (http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/body/what-makes-us-human.html). "What Makes us Human." :cool:

I mentioned right off the bat (yes, that's a Batman pun) that we have a "love triangle" in TWD. Yes, I'll say we did in FF too and the two might be connected to this as part of one or both of their mythology. I'll toss in Fringe as well as I see its use there as well.

04-15-2011, 02:25 PM
I'm going to bet it has everything to do with Dimethyltryptamine or DMT and what happens in the 1980 film Altered States.

If Rick does undergo a metamorphosis himself then my first gleaning of the finale as a transformation of mankind to a higher level of existence through the concept of the eggheads being transitional cocoons becomes a supporting clue for what might be done to end the series. In other words the souls emerging as angels of a sort is now as I see it part of the dream scape we are seeing but it will be a hint of what's to be finally revealed to be Rick's real condition.

The Ouroboros feature I've been looking for could be thought to manifest as a feedback to my original idea that I thought was going to be "real" but now should be seen as a dream. Because we might see Rick physically transform though as the show ends will leave viewers thinking that the dream they saw as the series was revealed to be can now be manifested in the real world. Thus, the dream scape becomes the reality and the viewers can be satisfied that what they saw is a dream (and perhaps were let down in finding out) will become the "reality" they thought was happening all along, within the context of it as a story they were being told. Thus, the dream as I offered before can become a prophesy of what is to come. Each viewer can decide if they want to tack on the "hatching" but because that was revealed as a dream the first time around they can dismiss it if they want to. Others can interpret it in a religious way and still others can have it become as I thought back in early December as an evolutionary step to the stars as non corporeal forms of life of pure energy.

Something I found interesting in looking into DMT and such was the term biogenesis. It is a theory that living things can only come from living things.
In Star Trek II Spock raised his eyebrow when he saw the Dr. Carol Marcus presentation of the Genesis Device and said that it had the power to bring life from lifelessness. This could be applied to The Walking Dead, perhaps.


Rick might end up being in "the tank" for only six days, with the entire run of the series happening inside his head.

I was hesitant to adopt the very end of my story above but it might be the best way to end things, with the greatest chance of viewer appreciation. Another Ouroboros is that even though the scene with the little girl was not the first linearly, it was the first thing the viewers saw, so if the show ends with her and Rick together it completes a loop.

I'll mention that I picked up on the coincidence that the film Somewhere in Time and Altered States both came out in 1980, like Gone With the Wind and The Wizard of Oz came out the same year (1939).

The "Shoot the Shaggy Dog" trope also fits my theory as Rick would be literally "the walking dead" and give a new context to Robert Kirkman's beginning title of "Days Gone Bye" as the days are passing in the tank in just seconds in Rick's head. This to me is the best way to fit all of the pieces together and not toss any away as red herrings.
I noticed items in the Ape Genius PBS episode that coincide with themes in TWD, such as plastic red containers (cups) on a cloth with a field of stars that we might juxtapose with Amy carrying the red plastic pail and later dying in the shirt with stars. Also, keys are in both as well as seeing sticks being sharpened. Although it is a common color scheme with insulated food coolers there is a red cooler with a white top in the show, the one in TWD being on the top of the RV. Both shows have the topic of a group cooperating toward a common goal. Then we have problem solving in Guts, with the group in the department store figuring out how to escape. We also have "ape like" behavior from the walkers as they only know basic use of tools, like the use of rocks to get at what they see as food in the department store. There are likely other topics I've missed that cross over.

An easy one to see is that the video said the chimps favored a meat diet and (duh) the walkers only want one thing, fresh flesh.

That's a lot of coincidences to have found in a PBS episode title that is word for word placed on a promotional sign board for The Walking Dead. It makes me wonder if I should start a conspiracy theory that the advertisement placement mistake story was a promotional ploy and part of the clue hunt itself. :rolleyes::biggrin:

An overall theme in the series might be thought of as DreaMTime. What if that is what we are watching? Here is a video clip of an aboriginal Dreamtime story that includes a waterfall (Minnehaha) and mermaids. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtEv5F7UzA4&fea... (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtEv5F7UzA4&feature=fvwrel)

The Wizard of Oz can be related to Australia as well, so I think I'll be considering the concept of Dreamtime to be what I'm watching for the bulk of the series.

I also might have had a very good guess back when I was looking for a white rock mentioned in Revelation 2:17. I mentioned Stone Mountain back in late Feb. here and I think it's where we'll be going early in season two. I'd think it would make a really good proxy for Uluru. :cool:

Uluru or Ayers Rock is sacred to the Aboriginal people of the area. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uluru

I still think the caravan will head south but later in season 2. The distance from the CDC location to Stone Mtn. is 25 miles and was a location I was thinking of when I made my guess about what Jenner whispered to Rick and linked it to Rev 2:17.
I fed this to Twitter tonight:

I think the caravan in #TheWalkingDead will go to Stone Mtn. very early in season 2. I saw Rev 2:17 but I also think it's a proxy for Uluru.
This is the new segment of the shrine (http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c385/SSTforumpics/The%20Walking%20Dead/TWD_SHRINE/TWD_SHRINE12.jpg), now including magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt), and some "dream water" besides the bottled spring water. I wonder how many really believe this was from a spring though, lol. I have a bigger tank model coming (and more accurate to the show canon as it's a Chieftain) but for now this US Abrams MBT will work as a stand in. I've got a duck on it as it's supposed to be all metaphors as I think the clues are meant to be, meaning the duck (as Rick) is floating in a tank. Well it's on it and not in it but you get the idea.

As a matter of happy coincidence after I bought the bible I found it had a stamp inside saying it had been in a Lutheran church, so it matches up with the church van in the caravan. Even though I'm certain the Army wouldn't allow them the use of an Abrams tank, the older UK one has been in other films such as Zombieland so I'm sure they'll be forgiven. As another clue of how I see the tank as a hint that Rick is still in an isolation tank, look at where Frank Darabont placed the military tank (http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c385/SSTforumpics/The%20Walking%20Dead/EP101/EP101_PIPE_CORNER.jpg) of all places he could in Atlanta. The pipe shop sign has been there for many decades and when juxtaposed with what I now think is a symbol for an isolation tank it supports the idea of Rick having a "pipe dream." In addition if you listen to Morales on the roof in guts, he uses the term. Oh, the Chieftain name works well too as a Chief smokes a pipe. The RV is also a Chieftain, friends. ;)

I'm going to have to offer that the true meaning behind the repeated theme of "keys" in the show is cannabis. "Tell it to the Frogs" leads to bufotoxin, which contains 5-MeO-DMT. 5-MeO-DMT is a sacrament of the Church of the Tree of Life, so we're back to religion, lol.

According to the wiki entry for isolation tanks, extreme uses of the tank involve the subject taking varying doses of psychedelics; such as LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, Dimethyltryptamine, or cannabis. Thus why these are dropped into the show as clues.

04-17-2011, 03:49 AM
In addition to the videos above I'd highly recommend "What Darwin Never Knew" (viewable on Hulu.com) as I believe this tells us a little about the rich series mythology that has been created for The Walking Dead series. Can I prove this? No. Do I think this is another part of the answer to the mystery of the series? Yes. My intuition told me to look into this material and all through it I kept thinking about mermaids, genetic transformation and how human brains are different from all other ones.

I'll also recommend the film Gattica as it covers the GATC sequencing of DNA. I dug up the DVD as I already owned it and have added it to my TWD shrine and collection of clue evidence. I've added "Ape Genius" and "What Darwin Never Knew" to my want list so they too can find a place in my growing collection. This is truly an entertaining and highly educational adventure.

My air-soft Python replica and book "The Cosmic Serpent" arrived today and have been added. As has the DVD Altered States which will have a special place of importance as a key supporting piece of evidence, to me.
I'm thinking junk DNA was but one of the influences for the choice of Wang Chung's Space Junk at the end of Days Gone Bye, but I think I have a lock on this because if you look at how the camera view points down at Rick in the tank while the song is playing, it pulls up in altitude as it turns around, just like a DNA spiral does.
OK Frank Darabont. I watched the show called What Darwin Never Knew and see many extremely subtle connections, such as "key genes", "gene switches" for fruit flies, "Junk DNA", and I'll even juxtapose a 365 million year old fish called Tiktaalik with Bicycle Girl, dragging herself along without the use of legs. If you ever ask me how I could have figured this out, I'll just say that you left some fruit flies in the underground passages of The Walking Dead mythology with glowing wings that lighted my way along with my trusty detective lamp.

I also "get it" when thinking of Amy as a mermaid. :biggrin:
Another way to think of this is evolutionary developmental biology or "evo devo."

I find this extremely fascinating in that it gets very close to what I had posted back in Dec. 2010 as my initial intuitive leap for how I thought the series might end.


If the clue I followed from Dale's quote of Faulkner eventually telliing me that Shakespeare's Macbeth- Act V, Scene 5 is basically Much Adoo About Nothing and a dead shaggy dog, it indicates that Frank Darabont will "turn off Rick's light." If they turn this into an experiment where they use Rick to find the cure to the global pandemic, they might even end it with the finale light flicked on. I've learned a lot from this little adventure and just how close I came back in December, intuitively. I just had a good face on ending what is a horror show and needed my original guess to have that figure reach for the stars but ironically get shot down as a suspected UFO at the end of it all. ;)
If Rick is revealed to be a medical guinea pig transformed inside of an isolation tank using a "mind over matter" Dreamtime trip and retro genetic modification or perhaps thought of as a fictional version of evolutionary developmental biology, we might think of Rick emerging from his iso-tank cocoon as a modern twist of Frankenstein, or if I may offer my twist on that as... Ferenc-enstein. :tracy:
Some of this is repeated above but is offered again to connect more elements together.

The clue that I followed to the isolation tank was the black gloves that Shane wore in the TS-19 flashback that Quirky (over at AMC) spotted disappearing into thin air. The trail was basically a hunch that there was something up with the black gloves. I looked into websites on the topic of dream symbols and struck out, so I wondered if comics had something as a tie in. At the time I hadn't thought of Batman and was glad I hadn't because when I searched for black + glove + comic I didn't hit exactly on Batman but a criminal group IN the Batman comics that was itself called Black Glove. You can look into it yourself if you're curious but it was a story arc in 2007 that went back to the roots of Batman and used part of the old stories as elements in the new arc.

Dr. Simon Hurt, is retconned into a 1963 Batman comic as the technician who did an experiment on Batman by placing him into an isolation tank. In my mind I took the scene with Rick trapped or "isolated" in the military tank as a metaphor and a clue to this old 1963 issue of Batman (#156).

I take it as no coincidence that the scene of Shane trying to pick up Rick wearing those gloves was choreographed to be the cover of that very Batman issue, but flipped as in a mirror. Shane is "Batman" and Rick is "Robin" for the purpose of the scene. Flipping the image mirror-like could mean that Rick and Shane are in each others place and that rick is supposed to be taken as "Batman." It is how we are seeing the relationship, with Shane as the loyal sidekick to the alpha male protagonist of Rick. I've made mention of my thought that Rick won't "allow" Shane to wear his own uniform in his "dream" or whatever it is said it is supposed to be, Dreamtime or full-up parallel reality, as real as ours is.

I'll post the images and allow you to come to your own conclusion.




Here is the screencap, only reversed. For me, I'm convinced it's not coincidence to see so many match ups. Shane in uniform with black gloves holding Rick. Robin and Rick have bare legs. The clock on the wall juxtaposed against the rising sun. The pillow perhaps as the sea foam. The "alien" plant and the ones Shane himself brought to Rick. Batman is supposedly on a mission to another world where Robin sacrifices himself to save Batman, only to discover it was all a hallucination. Rick did say when he first woke up that the vase was important. Remember how I took Rick calling Shane's grandma "grandma Jean" but spelled "GENE"? The spiral pattern on the vase is like we saw in the CDC microscope in Wildfire and the flowers died like TS-19's brain did. The flowers have died as I think Rick had died in the chamber and been transformed into a walker. You know the drill: as little as three minutes up to eight hours (so far as we know). I'm seeing the isolation tank as a cocoon for Rick's eventual metamorphosis.
We have the choice of Wang Chung's "Space Junk" being played as we see the camera wind up (like a DNA spiral???) into the sky, keeping focused on Rick "isolated in the tank."

Remember the recent "mistake" of poor ad placement in the UK? here it is if you hadn't seen it yet.


The phrase on the billboard of "WHAT MAKES US HUMAN" was taken by someone on another forum as strangely curious but I already had Rick undergoing retro genetic modification (RGM) in the isolation tank a few days earlier. This adds to my current theory, for if you look up several PBS videos using the term you get "Ape Genius" (viewable at PBS online) and "What Darwin Never Knew" (also at same).

When I viewed these very interesting episodes I saw many ways to think of how they will likely use this new emerging science and combine it with what is best thought of as my recommendation of watching 1980's Altered States film. I might as well toss in Gattica.

That's a lot to toss into one comment (and seven hours of media to watch lol) but it seems to fit the clues. If you do watch What Darwin Never Knew you'll hear them talking about "junk" DNA (Space Junk again?) and "key" genes. I'm also linking the many iterations of "keys" to cannabis, as it is used along with frog toxin and magic mushrooms to enhance the isolation tank experience. I saw a big reason to include the Bible as what I see as part of the underpinning of the series mythology because of the testing at Johns Hopkins in 2006. Don't forget the "pipe dream" clue right next to the "Chieftain" tank.


On the PBS site, they allow a transcript so here are a few interesting items to ponder that I though were relevant.

"In search of answers, Carroll turned to one of the least understood regions of D.N.A. The vast stretches that were once known as junk."

"It has been called the dark matter of the genome: mysterious, uncharted, strange."

"The vast bulk of the double helix, some 98 percent of it, doesn't code for proteins, which make the stuff of our bodies. The genes which do comprise just two percent."

"Even now, no one is sure what much of this huge non-coding area actually does, but it has long beckoned evolutionary detectives, like Sean Carroll." Like I said, I highly recommend viewing this. As always regarding my comments, YMMV. Peace.

04-18-2011, 04:33 AM
In showing a friend of mine the Darwin video, I spotted two more items that were covered in both TWD and this NOVA episode. First, (and it's similar to your observation about night versus light), the PBS show mentioned how a "rock pocket mouse" had developed in a geographic area with light rock interspersed with dark lava into having a version of itself with dark and light fur. This helped for survival as it became camouflage needed to live. It struck me how in the Guts episode the solution for crossing zombie infested territory was to smell like a zombie and cover up the living flesh odor. Thus, camouflage.

In more than a few scenes we see the walkers tending to be more active at night, like bats.

The second item in addition to me previous observations of commonalities seen in TWD was a section covering physical diversity within a species. They showed a sketch of Darwin's own family and how the children were similar to the parents but each was different as individuals. What struck me as a match was the talk between Andrea and Amy in the canoe and how they were so different from each other so that their dad taught them each different fishing lures and tactics to suit their personality.
Just now my mail delivery gave me my copy I bought of Batman #156, from June 1963. On a hunch I've followed Grant Morrison's modern arc back to this issue and see it as a way to think of Rick isolated in a tank but not the military one we saw in Days Gone Bye and Guts. If you watch the end of episode 101 where Rick in in the tank, "Space Junk" is playing and I'm taking the camera pull back gaining altitude and turning as well to be it tracing a DNA spiral path upward. When Guts shows us the tank again, the camera view is heading back down and retracing the spiral it drew before. Thus, we have a double helix! I'm waiting to see if they do the same to a certain helicopter in season two because if the tail rotor gets hit, it will drop in a helix spiral.
I grabbed this screen cap from episode 102 (Guts) at a point that I'm certain was planned for all along by Frank Darabont as it places the smoking pipe right above Rick's head and thus emotes (to me) that he is having a "pipe dream."


Angela at AMC found this. I'd favor the Book of Nahum, chapter 3, verse 11 for a solution.

"You also will be drunken; you will go into hiding; you will seek a refuge from the enemy."

Within mere seconds Rick will have a severe ringing in his ears as if heavily intoxicated. He has in fact already taken refuge in the tank only moments before. Although this doesn't give up anything useful in itself, it can perhaps be used as one of many coincidences that fit the particular scene that is represented. A devil's advocate would say there are at least 66 books to pull a meaning out of but it's when looked at in context with quite a number of them that intentional choreography can be noticed.

I've made a screen cap of the find. http://tinyurl.com/43a5y2p
Hmm, there is a way that it can have a purpose and that's if it is what it did to me in directing the obvious fit to be made, which lands me at the Wikipedia entry for the Book of Nahum. One particular event comes up of interest that we see exhibited just before this- that of Shane and Lori in the woods. I'll just bet that's it, and it's only right that you would have seen the watch that led me to your favorite scene, lol.

"God's judgement on Ninevah is 'all because of the wanton lust of a harlot, alluring, the mistress of sorceries, who enslaved nations by her prostitution and peoples by her witchcraft.'"

"(Nahum 3:4 NIV). Sexual infidelity, according to the prophets, related to spiritual unfaithfulness. For example: the land is guilty of the vilest adultery in departing from the LORD.(Hosea 1:2 NIV) The apostle John used a similar analogy in Revelation chapter 17."

And also this:

"It comes to conclusion with a taunt song and funeral dirge of the impending destruction of Nineveh and the "sleep" or death of the Assyrian people and demise of the once great Assyrian conqueror-rulers." It could be a hint of the "sleep/death" of the walkers, as I have them in a coma themselves waiting to "hatch" in the finale.

Angela also wisely offered that it can also mean a foreshadow of events at the CDC which makes sense too. I'm thinking it's both, as the scene with Shane and Lori was immediately before this scene and its placement now has purpose when juxtaposed with Rick's watch in the tank.
Revelation 17:1, which I was directed to from Nahum:

"One of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came and said to me, 'Come, I will show you the punishment of the great prostitute, who sits on many waters.'"

I think I've said this before, but it is relevant that in TS-19's rec room there is a bowl on the bookshelf. Bowls are a part of both Revelation and The Song of Hiawatha. I've already picked up a bowl that I'm going to be using to contain my "hidden Manna" and maize from both books.


04-19-2011, 03:35 PM
We know that Grant Morrison was inspired by the June 1963 issue of Batman to retcon his Dr. Simon Hurt as the Army scientist in that issue studying "space medicine" and I now believe it has a part to play as an influence in The Walking Dead's mythology.

Before I mention what things I caught notice of I'll mention that I'm betting Grant Morrison's pick of the name of Hurt was taken from William Hurt who played the scientist in Altered States.

In reading the June 1963 Batman issue yesterday, the first item that struck me was the introduction of "Ant Man." It is later revealed that a scientist's "brew" has reduced this man down to a radically small stature. A few days ago I was reading in comments about the book The Cosmic Serpent that

Jeremy Narby's argument is that when shaman's drink hallucinogenic brews, their consciousness sinks to the molecular level, and literally communicates with DNA, the basic building block of life. DNA appears to shamans, and others who drink these magic brews, as serpents. This is why, Narby claims, serpents loom large in ancient cultures around the world.Certainly it's an intuitive reach but this is my feeling when I read the two and juxtapose them.

Next, there is a stone idol, also called a stone colossus, that is encountered. I've already identified Stone Mountain Park in east Atlanta where I think the survivors will head very early in season two, perhaps as early as the opening episode. The stone colossus in Batman is manlike and we'll likely see the carving of a real "stone colossus." From the wiki entry for Stone Mountain (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stone_Mountain):

The largest bas relief sculpture in the world, the Confederate Memorial Carving depicts three Confederate leaders of the Civil War, President Jefferson Davis and Generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson ... The entire carved surface measures 3 acres, about the size of three football fields.Perhaps I'm not stretching things here, but as always, YMMV. As I have predicted, I think this is what was whispered to Rick in the season one teaser as the source of a hidden government supply of food and fuel. I got the idea from Revelation 2:17 and also found it in chapter 5 of The Song of Hiawatha in the form of maize.

If I were planning this Fall's season, I'd have Shane narrowly missed by a falling rock while at Stone Mountain and him comment something like "Here I'm worried about walkers and didn't think I might be killed by a falling rock." I can't know if Frank Darabont would do that but I sure would, lol.

In chapter two of the Batman adventure we are introduced to the "gorilla gang." These are criminals who wear gorilla suits as their M.O. After learning the meaning of the phrase on the WD billboard of "What Makes Us Human?", I first watched "Ape Genius." I can say that if I place the walkers as primates in my mind and not as much as zombies, I see how they are very similar. Use of basic tools such as rocks and a diet of raw meat and a bit of team strategy (acting in groups) in cornering prey is common to both chimps and walkers. We saw Lori sharpening sticks in camp and something of a revelation in the Ape Genius episode was chimps using sharpened sticks. So as a theme I'll suggest when watching TWD, think of the zombie apocalypse as "Planet of the Apes" because I feel confident that's what Frank Darabont had thought of when developing the series.

Well, that and perhaps combining it with Frankenstein's Monster. ;)

There is a lot of history pertaining to Stone Mountain relating to Native American cultures, which fits very well with TSo Hiawatha.
Here is a graphic updating my guess (http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c385/SSTforumpics/The%20Walking%20Dead/THEORY/STONE_GIANTS.jpg) back on Feb. 26, 2011 that we might be seeing Stone Mountain Park being used as a shooting location for early into season two.

As I've said previously, I think it is also serving as a proxy for Australia's aboriginal Uluru.
Because it is likely the biggest item of curiosity while waiting for the new season this Fall, I'll reiterate my claim that the solution to what was whispered by Dr. Edwin Jenner to Rick in TS-19 will be the following.

It should include a location where Rick can find critical food and fuel that they need to continue their travels. Beyond the food & fuel resupply I just mentioned, I'll guess that it will be located at Stone Mountain Park. This is 25 miles east of the CDC location and about 16 miles from downtown Atlanta. Since Jenner only had about six seconds to give this information out, just saying Stone Mountain as a location would be too general so there must be more to it. The biggest landmark at Stone Mountain is the Confederate Memorial carving so it might be included in what Jenner offers to Rick. I hope I can be judged as correct saying what the whisper was in detailing the items of food, fuel and the Park as a location.

This answers who (the survivors), what (food & fuel), where (Stone Mountain), when (a short journey away), and why (Jenner knows their needs).

This is not a wild guess but is from following many clues and some new ones that cross paths with ones I've followed months before.

As a separate comment regarding what I see as likely shooting locations within the park in season two, I'll be very interested to see whether the Sky Hike will be shown as I see it as an interesting plot tool to emote the concept of chimps in trees. Also, I'd expect to see the use perhaps of one of the DUKWs, as it can be a clever continuation of the "duck" theme that I have spotted. In addition, the location is perfect to link up with Hiawatha and the Native American theme as the mountain's history goes back 12,000 years! As far as quarries goes, it has one as well if they wanted to mention it. I just don't know whether we'll see the top view of Atlanta but even though the power would be out to the gondolas there is a hiking trail. We also have waterways for Dale's canoe and more fishing, as there are bass, carp, catfish, and brim to be had. To go along with the "old-time" theme we also have in the show, there is the "1870s town."

The trick is of course to either film in off hours or seek out a quiet part of the park to shoot at, as this is after all the zombie apocalypse. :)

04-20-2011, 04:40 PM
I think what Frank Darabont's punchline will be that he'll drop on us in the finale of The Walking Dead is that not only was Rick in an isolation tank, he'll "wake up dead" and become in essence a genetic Frankenstein's Monster or my description of that called "Ferenc-enstein's Walker." Combining everything I've observed and with the cube van as part of the clue trail as "Ferenc builders", the two worlds can then be juxtaposed against each other. I'm thinking that the series is the world of Revelation and that the world Rick is resurrected into would be Genesis. A complete circle but using two worlds, each perhaps as real as the other is.

This then is my ultimate theory for the series and it's downright "cold stone" that today my crossbow was delivered. Booyah! :ohyes:
If any reading here think I'm done with my quest, now that I theoretically have not only made my best educated guess based on what I believe are clues and that my solution for them is the correct one, think again. I have considered that there was the possibility of an "Inception" theme of stacked realities or illusions of what appear to be realities. If we assume I will be correct in seeing Rick's Dreamtime adventures in an isolation tank transform him at the genetic level after seeing a Judgement Day reveal and the walkers (geeks) "hatch" as literal eggheads, then it would complete the Revelation arc of the series which is the show's entirety up to this point.

The new Genesis would be Rick emerging from the tank as a walker, supposedly the source of the global pandemic of this reality. But what of the world we knew so well for the run of the show? If we thought on it, the implication would likely be the same as had happened to the one Rick woke dead into. Thus, we would be left with a suggestion of an endless chain of infections. Since I think I have the elusive whisper solved and the finale itself calculated to a fair degree, I'd like to begin to retrace the puzzles and clues that didn't have anything significant to say to me and revisit them. Besides this, I need to watch the first season again to look at it with my themes in mind to see how many more items line up that I can spot.

One clue that I only had partially solved was the cryptic wood paddle in the Grimes' house (http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c385/SSTforumpics/The%20Walking%20Dead/EP101/EP101_PADDLE_DUCKS2.jpg), in that being a paddle it folds into the theme of Rick floating in saltwater in the isolation tank. The paddle itself is but one item, indicating a boat or canoe that floats. Then we have a second floating theme component in the duck-shaped cutouts in the paddle. A third item integrated into the paddle is a year, 1723 as best as I can read by altering the brightness in the screen cap. As my best candidate for a solution I'll go with Adam Smith's birth year. And what do I find if I research further? The artist/sculptor James Sanborn created two "spinning top" sculptures that are at two universities:

One is at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte (http://www.spacestationx.com/projector/cp-Images/38.jpg) while the other is at Cleveland State University (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/87/Sanborn-CSU.jpg). My conclusion is that this is a clue that indeed we have a theme of nested dreams but which can be thought of as real as they project the reality of their zombie apocalypses into the ones "above" them. For those not understanding what the top might be a symbol for, it is the primary "totem" in the film Inception and a tool to say whether the holder is in a dream or reality. "Dominoes of Death", is one way to think of this. As to the other two components of this enigmatic paddle outside of Rick's master bedroom, we are left with a heart and what looks like a four leaf clover.

The heart is easy, as is would mean love and also poetically the soul. One story of the four leaf clover was that if one were to be found it might allow them to see faeries. We might see that as a tiny stretch to include angels, perhaps. Especially in the finale.;)

I think what I like about this ending, if it is what we'll see, is that where initially those viewers that didn't like the "religious" ending would see it revealed to be a dream and then when Rick becomes the contagion for the demise of the world they see the series "end" in, it becomes a reset ending and thus real after all. For those that were OK with the religious ending but saw it appear to be taken away, they could think it is still very much in play because each world in its turn arrives at Judgment Day. In essence, the entirety of all of the infinite parallel worlds is being called to Judgment and the isolation tanks are the rungs on Jacob's Ladder linking them all together and connecting heaven and earth. All of the infinite Earths are like fish on a string, being hauled into the boat.
I am extremely impressed by the scouting efforts that were done in the Atlanta area and how existing locations have been woven into the very fabric of this series. Take for instance as I've said before regarding the location of the tank that is placed next to the "Pipe Corner of the South" historic sign (http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c385/SSTforumpics/The%20Walking%20Dead/EP101/EP101_PIPE_CORNER.jpg). I've said I believe the tank is a metaphor of the isolation tank we should see in the finale and the pipe sign is a symbol that Rick is in a "pipe dream" or Dreamtime.

Now I'll add a solution for even the street sign Of Walton St. NW which like the pipe sign, was a naturally occurring artifact already in place and not altered for the scene. It was something I'd been wondering if it was possible that could be tied in like the sign and now I think it is. In Mary Shelly's Frankenstein there is a character called Robert Walton, an arctic seafarer, who picks up Victor Frankenstein off of the ice and hears his story. So with this one screen capture below, I can see a reference to the 1818 "Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus", an isolation tank of a sort found in a 1963 issue of Batman, and an old pipe shop sign for Royal Cigar, now closed but giving us smoke signals that all is not as it seems.

Am I as crazy as Victor Frankenstein? We were both in pursuit of wisdom but though Victor's quest is done, mine is still underway. To really reach out, we might imagine the Vs on the tank are standing for Victor. This too is crazy, right? Well, in some cases the V or 'chevron' stands for victory so perhaps not the stretch it looks like at first. :biggrin:
That paddle has more to give up as the four leaf clover can be linked to the genetic discovery that turns a three leaf clover into the "lucky" four-leafed one. The discovery was made by researchers at the University of Georgia...

The leaf of a clover is heart-shaped.

04-22-2011, 03:03 AM
I honestly do not think the identification letters and numbers on the tank would have been wasted. Since I am already confident of the tank being a metaphor for an isolation tank with seawater used to genetically transform Rick into a walker, let's see if I can make the Chieftain tank's designation make sense in the context I just described. The identification sequence is "TA 069."

To me, I'll drop the zero as it is unnecessary which leaves us with 69. This can be thought of as the symbol for the astrological sign of Cancer. Remembering that a crucial component of the iso-tank is Epsom salt saturated water, I'll note that Cancer is one of the three signs for water. The other two being Scorpio and Pisces. Btw, we have a scorpion tattoo on Felipe's head and fish were another part of the Vatos episode we saw Felipe in. I'll note that a "69" is also in the alley painted on a blue scissor lift so tell me it's just coincidence if you wish.

I also can see the 69 being a version of yet another symbol, that of the Tao Yin-Yang. Yin and Yang transform each other which is very close to the concept of the Ouroboros, the self-regenerating serpent. With this alpha-omega symbol of the ouroboros in mind, let us take a look at the letters "TA" on the tank. How can we see this perhaps as alpha-omega or rather more accurately omega-alpha? The "A" is the easy one, as it is Alpha without hiding itself in camouflage. It's the "T" that had me for a bit, but I have a way to see it as a clever way to say omega.

The Greek alphabet not only was used for letters, it was used for numbers as well. The 24 letters were broken up into three groups of nine, adding three additional archaic letters to the collection to make a total of 27. The first group of letters stood for the digits 1-9. The second group stood for 10-90, while the last group stood for 100-900. The last of the three additions was called sampi. One way to write sampi is a capital "T." Thus, numerically, "TA" is a clever way to say Omega-Alpha or "the end and the beginning" without using an overt Omega sign. This just happens to be exactly what I said recently regarding how I am thinking Frank Darabont is building his mythology, as the show might be thought of as "omega" or Revelation in biblical terms and the world Rick wakes up undead in could be considered as "alpha" or Genesis. Genesis because Rick is Patient Zero and will eventually create a new zombie apocalypse. We might think of this coming from infinity and going into infinity if we think in terms of the Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics, as theorized by Hugh Everett III in 1957. Going back to the 69 symbol of Cancer, we might think of the infection as a fast-acting cancer even. So I expect to see more than two iterations of 69. It's much too useful to think of it as a cancer, as alpha-omega, as yin-yang, and as a water symbol. http://tinyurl.com/3vbq26r

I can now add this designation to my previous observations of the tank as a foreshadow of an isolation tank, the Royal Cigar pipe sign foreshadowing Rick in Dreamtime and Walton street as alluding to Mary Shelly's Frankenstein.

As I'm likely not going to get a lot of believers to follow my lunatic prophesies of Rick's impending doom in the manner that I have described, I might as well suggest that the "one way" sign next to the pipe sign is "a sign" that Rick can only go forward and can not turn back. I'll toss another great book onto the stack that this show has already pointed out, my suggestion to this very fine list being that of Walter Miller's 1960 novel of A Canticle for Leibowitz. Should I cast Frank Darabont as a version of Brother Francis Gerard, or rather Brother Ferenc Gerard? ;)
Dr. Edwin Jenner's message to Rick might go something like: "If you make it out, you'll find a hidden cache of food and fuel at Stone Mountain. Look near the giants."

I do know it's going to be about food and fuel and I now feel confident of the general location. Yes, that was a pun because two of the three are generals. :biggrin:
I've finished assembly of my Tamiya 1/35 scale Chieftain Mk.5 main battle tank and have detailed it to be similar to the one in the pilot and the episode Guts. Yes, it has "TA 069" custom decals and markings to match Rick's "tank of isolation." http://tinyurl.com/3w4lcw2

I've also added an airsoft model of Rick's python and acquired a holster for it as the bare gun exhibits the orange barrel tip and doesn't show it well for display. Since I have not removed the tip but only holstered it, it keeps me legal for display purposes. http://tinyurl.com/3vw4xw4

You might notice the book called "The Cosmic Serpent" that I believe is the best solution to why Frank Darabont chose a python for Rick.
Is this evolutionary thinking or devolutionary thinking? You be the judge but stay tuned to see if you are right about your idea regarding my idea. http://tinyurl.com/3hr2ogh
I should also mention that yet another clue signalling to us an Ouroboros ending is that Robert Walton is only at the beginning and end of Mary Shelly's novel. Thus, Genesis/Revelation, Alpha/Omega, Yin/Yang, etc.

The TA, the 69 (two of them at least), the 108, the halo/ceiling lighting/ wedding ring, etc. are all suggesting that the solution to what caused the global outbreak that we learned of in the first episode will be revealed in the last episode. I believe it will be Rick as a new iteration of the phrase "The Walking Dead" and if I'm right as a twist of it I'll also call him "The Waking Dead."
It's only 30 miles from the TS-19 CDC location to the Skylift at Stone Mountain Park. It's 125 miles to Fort Benning according to Glenn. He checked the map, even. :)

04-23-2011, 03:14 AM
I'll submit for your consideration another Genesis, that of the pilot episode of The Twilight Zone. If you watch it to its conclusion there is an interesting twist. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WieiPr54paA&feature=fvwrel

I think I now know what was the primary influence of the writer of the June 1963 issue of Batman. :biggrin:
In watching the PBS show called "What Darwin Never Knew", as I've said earlier, I can see many influences that are being inserted into The Walking Dead. It's hilarious to think of the bicycle girl as a beached mermaid, manatee, or Tiktaalik, dragging herself over the ground because she had no legs. I believe the new information regarding DNA and gene switching in this episode will be made use of in the finale reveal, perhaps years away.

I'll make note of my suspicion that it might be even Rick not as a patient in the tank but as the scientist himself in the isolation tank as an experiment and not to heal from being shot. This would peel away even the outer reality before Rick was shot that he was a Deputy Sheriff. I'll submit this quote from a scientist from the PBS show that makes sense for Rick experimenting on himself.

HANSELL STEDMAN: In the department of true confessions, we do certain experiments first on ourself, largely out of convenience.I've noticed what is yet another theme that is being infused from What Darwin Never Knew into The Walking Dead but is still small, as I've only caught two examples. I'll be looking for more in the existing season and in the upcoming episodes as well. It is the theme I'll call "125."

The iterations so far are the crossbow model number of "Scout HD 125" and in the specific comment in the Wildfire episode of Glenn saying it was 125 miles from the CDC to Fort Benning. What this means if we look for a message in it as if it was sourced as an evolutionary clue from WDNK is that our upper arm bone is single, our lower arm bones are dual, and we have five fingers. A sequence of 1-2-5. I'm not kidding here. I feel very certain this was encoded into TWD as one of many ways to hint to viewers that have watched the PBS episodes that not only biblical material is being folded into the show's tapestry but also that of evolution. Here is a quote from the WDNK episode, describing this feature of us.

It all goes back to what Darwin had seen in the snake embryo: the rudiments of leg bumps. This convinced him that a snake must have evolved from some four-legged animal.

Over the years that same mysterious process, the losing of legs, has been seen in other creatures, like the whale. Its front flippers have all the bones of a land creature's arm, even the fingers. And further back in its body, it has the vestiges of a pelvis. Clearly it is descended from an animal that walked on the land.

Like the whale, the manatee is another huge mammal that lives in the sea. And it, too has lost its hind legs.


Tiktaalik is a perfect transitional form. Much of its body is that of a fish. It's covered in scales. But it also had something very un-fishlike, an arm-like fin, or, perhaps, a fin-like arm. Tiktaalik had the bone structure that is seen in the arms and legs of every-four limbed animal: one big bone at the top; two bones underneath, leading to a cluster of bones in the wrist and ankle. We have five fingers, so the sequence for us is 1-2-5.

In other words. my conclusion is that the location for the CDC was scouted by using Fort Benning as the center of a circle, searching for driving locations to a structure that filled the visual needs as well as the location, so it could be said to be 125 miles. This really isn't any more "far-fetched" that some of my other comments. I have no way of proof, other than the circumstantial sort of evidence that would suggest I'm right if we find more of these "coincidences" of the number 125.

Oh, as far as numbers go, there is a 40 on the turret back of the tank outside the CDC and 40 is a very big number in the bible. The chevron, unlike the one on the tank on Walton St. that points down (devolution?), points upward to heaven.

I'll swing back to the 125 clue for a minute to add another connecting item of interest that says to me I'm correct. It's that the paddlefish became critical in connecting fish to land animals and to us. What would this be in the show we're watching about zombies? Why, it's all the paddles that are about everywhere, from the one in Rick's house to the canoe and even to keeping one end of the clothesline up in the quarry camp (!). I'm saying paddles and the 125 references in TWD are specifically pointing at What Darwin Never Knew. Booyah! (humbly stated, of course).
Oh, here is another connection to rear legs going "missing" besides bicycle girl. In Tell it to the Frogs Shane tells Carl they should catch frogs because they can eat frog's legs. In order to do that you have to first remove them from the frog. Plus, I've never heard of eating frog's arms, lol.
Another feature of paddlefish mentioned in the PBS documentary is that they eat each other and when you consider where walkers came from and how they like to go after human flesh I can't bypass adding this here. :)

04-24-2011, 02:06 PM
I will highly advise viewers to be on the lookout for instances of the letters G, A, T & C in episodes. They are the nucleotides or molecules that make up the structure of RNA and DNA. I haven't gone through the episodes yet with this in mind but can submit several samples. The "TA" painted on the tank Rick was trapped in is one and the alternate name used by Miguel to refer to Guillermo when he called him "G" is another. We also have "T-Dog" to consider.

Here is an example of canoe paddles being used to support a clothesline. http://tinyurl.com/3sf9g6t

I am confident about when I point out that a pair jeans is draped over the paddles that Frank Darabont is telling us "Here is a 'pair of genes' and I placed them on the paddles because paddlefish are an interesting segment of a PBS documentary called 'What Darwin Never Knew' and I think you should consider how I might make use of this idea in this series."
As to the number 40 on the tank at the CDC just behind Rick, look at the significance of 40 especially the religious comments below. I don't see this as coincidence. Scriptwriters don't like to throw things away with coincidence when they can hook a meaning to them.

Regarding my connecting Glenn to the Batman character of "Red Hood" as done by Grant Morrison through the "red Challenger" driven by Glenn to the quarry camp, I'll add that his ball cap is a washed-out dark red or maroon. Thus, Glenn is wearing a "red hood" over his eyes most of the time. I really don't see Glenn separating from that ball cap any more than Rick from his own signature hat. This does not redact my fit for Glenn as the Archangel Gabriel as with all of the main characters they wear many "hats."
Check this out. They mention TWD several times. Enjoy.


My favorite quote from this article is the part about the mathematical progression of an infection introduced to a city of around 500,000 taking only a week to convert the population. I didn't miss notice that the number is the size of Atlanta, peeps & geeks. :)

04-25-2011, 06:48 PM
I believe I have just increased the chance that I am correct regarding DNA base molecule letters being inserted into the show as clues, although for me I was already convinced. The trivia I'm offering up in this comment is that the four nucleotide bases of adenine, thymine, cytosine, and guanine, or A, T, C & G bond in specific pairs. A bonds only with T, and C bonds with G. Thus, when I offered up the tank I.D. of "TA 069" perhaps pointing to DNA at the time I didn't know that the T-to-A pairing was the way it had to be dealt out and could not have included C or G.

So, to hone my previous suggestion a bit more we need to look for combinations of AT or TA and CG or GC to establish these as genetic clues pointing to the double helix that I believe will be revealed in the finale as a physical transformation due to the experience in the isolation tank.

I've even constructed a paper origami double helix (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jOapfqVZlo), using this youtube guide and printing out the template downloaded (http://www.yourgenome.org/downloads/DNA_origami_temp_coloured.pdf) from the page the yt clip links to.
I might have a grasp on another theme that is running very subtly under the surface. I have almost nothing to bring up for examples except the red & white striped umbrella that might be a theme connecting to the red & white stripes on the multiple US flags we see. What I like about this possible answer is that it is connected to the foundation of life itself and the double helix of DNA. It is elemental phosphorus that might be what this means, as it only comes in red and white versions. Since this has so little to offer in examples, I just have to watch for more flags and other items that have a red & white pairing. I'll also mention that although I think if there is a theme here and that I feel it connects to elemental phosphorus our blood has red and white cells as well. Oh, there is a bit more that I can attach to the theme and it helps the idea along quite well that there is a theme going here. It's the several food coolers in the series. The main one is of course on the RV roof but I've found another one in the pilot at the gas station. http://tinyurl.com/4y6u4vu

So I'm stating we have a possible theme of red + white and my solution for it is red and white phosphorous because it is a component of DNA and RNA. Candidates so far are the RV's red & white striped umbrella, the US flag and the white-topped coolers. We'll likely be adding to this set of items. This is separate from the singular theme of red that has its own foundation.
I have more items in the "red & white" club to offer. The Ferenc Builders cube van was white with red lettering and Amy wore white jeans while she carried the red pail in the Guts episode. The "do not enter" sign in Atlanta. There's going to be more to add, I'm certain of it.

I could always suggest wine, as it comes in red and white varieties but we'd need to see if white wine was seen in TS-19 as I only remember red wine being served iirc.
I'm harvesting new finds from the PBS documentary of What Darwin Never Knew.

We have my previous declaration that the "pair of jeans" left drying on a set of paddles (http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c385/SSTforumpics/The%20Walking%20Dead/EP103/EP103_BIKE3.jpg) are sourced from this Nova episode in the manner of the claimed discovery of how all four-limbed land creatures might be evolved from fish originally using still surviving "living fossils" called paddlefish. Plus I see the bone structure described in human limbs in the show as a 1-2-5 sequence of a single upper arm-leg/ two-boned lower arm-leg/ ending in five fingers or toes, which so far has been very subtly inserted as the model (125) of Daryl's crossbow and the distance from the CDC to Fort Benning as precisely told by Glenn to be 125 miles (he checked the map). Also is the source I think of the "light switch sermon" of Shane to Rick in the pilot and Amy and Andrea bringing fish into the series and how fish are basic to the PBS show.

Now I see the following connections or "bridges" from What Darwin Never Knew to The Walking Dead. I'm going to state that the primary driver of including clocks, watches and the repeating theme of "time" in TWD is the treatment of how the PBS show uses timing in these genetic switches to create different beak shapes in Galapagos finches. As they state:

"One particular body-plan gene became active in the ground finch—with the short, thick beak—on the fifth day of development, but it didn't go to work in the cactus finch—with its long, slender beak—for another 24 hours. This was a revelation. The same genes were responsible for the beaks in all types of finch. Any differences were in timing and intensity"

We would also have yet another covert purpose for Shane's chest tattoo, adding a Galapagos finch to "Robin" from Batman, plus the woodpecker from Hiawatha to the flesh-feasting birds in Revelation to finally a chopper pilot.

I believe this genetic timing will become manifest in the finale when I'm predicting a change in Rick's body chemistry in the least and perhaps his physical appearance. At the least he'll have the infection become created as a result of his "Dreamtime adventure" that some might think of as only a dream but that I will think of as a peek into another reality or parallel world that was infected much as Rick will become infected in the world he wakes up in.

The other item of interest was a scientist self-described thus:

"What I love about my work is geeking out on a computer, writing programs and thinking about biology."

By itself, I would not normally offer that this was the "inception" of the alternate term for walkers we find in TWD but considered in context with the entire theme and content of this documentary (What Makes Us Human?) I will precisely make that claim. The trick is in getting a verification. Being that I consider this to be unlikely I'll be satisfied on a personal level if what I'm saying becomes how the series is wrapped up. For me the end will justify the means. There would need to be an isolation tank involved and the concept used in the Altered States film to create what is in essence the answer to how the world (really worlds) become exposed to the genesis of the zombie apocalypse. Rick either as a healing Deputy Sheriff or as I suspect perhaps more likely as a scientist self-experimenting as described in both the PBS series as well as the 1980 film.

If the reader thinks this is a far reach then I'll offer one even farther out in space. Lennie James played a character in Jericho called Robert Hawkins. In the PBS episode so called body-plan genes are called Hox genes. It's a far far stretch but I wonder if "Hox genes" could be thought of as "Hawk-kins"? Since only the showrunner can confirm this I guess I'm safe in listing it along with what I believe are more likely happenstances.

As in the WW2 history of an allied operation called "Market Garden" this last one might be a "bridge too far", even for me.
With snakes being mentioned in What Darwin Never Knew for their embryos having leg bumps which later disappear it is not escaping my notice that Rick's python is used to put down the bicycle girl, who has no legs. This is genetic irony.

04-26-2011, 02:08 PM
I fully expect that turtles will be featured in a season two episode (turtle soup?), as Galapagos giant turtles were mentioned in What Darwin Never Knew and several species of turtles are in lakes at Stone Mountain Park (the Painted Turtle and Box Turtle).

As long as I'm at it, I'll predict that the Black Rat Snake will also be made use of, likely scaring one of the kids. It is 5-6 feet long. It's a non-venomous constrictor and I will link it to Rick's sidearm, being his Colt Python.

Although the quarry lake didn't contain any frogs, there are lots of American Toads at Stone Mountain. These however have a toxin defense secreted from the warts on their skin. I find it interesting that I already own the book Tryptamine Palace which talks about the Sonoran Desert Toad that contains the 5-MeO-DMT similar to the ethogen DMT. Shane will likely say that they can't eat these particular Stone Mountain toads because of their toxin.

This site includes all of what I have mentioned as well as ducks, rabbits, and butterflies that I believe have been weaved into The Walking Dead's mythology as clues.


Another reason for Stone Mountain being used this Fall is its history with the KKK. We have already seen Merle exhibit racist behavior and it will likely be where a lot of next season is filmed and where I'll predict Merle will catch up to Rick and the caravan because Jenner will tell him (under duress) where he sent them. There are thus good reasons to have J & J be alive, as they will lead Merle to Rick and become hostages he can use.

I've come a long way from my first inkling that perhaps Stone Mountain would be a good shooting location. With its lakes, campgrounds, and tourist exhibits its perfect for this story.

The Confederate Memorial Carving, and especially the Crossroads "old-timey" town that fits the what I'll call the "antique" theme should be featured. They'd have to work around the tourists but it might be managed. Because I'm now aware of the comparison of the walker behavior being much as a primate and believe What Darwin Never Knew and Ape Genius were used as influences for this, I can't see Frank Darabont resisting the desire to film at the Sky Hike attraction. To me it's a must-use item as I see it. We might see the humans use it to escape from walkers, with the walkers perhaps beginning to "ape" their prey's behavior and follow them for a meal, not unlike what I saw in Ape Genius. In other words Frank will be juxtaposing humans being hunted by a pack of walkers with chimps hunting Colobus monkeys. Let's see how intuitive I am.

04-27-2011, 03:12 PM
I'm still waiting to receive my Indian corn to place in the "Heavenly Manna" basket but I did receive my cornbread MRE side dish packets today. I've created labels that state:
"Manufactured and Packaged by EMS
Edgecomb Meal Services- Angola, LA 70712"

For those readers that have not followed this topic in detail, you might find several references in these labels to the film The Green Mile, based on the book by Stephen King and written and directed by Frank Darabont for the screen.
Alert readers might also spot the "Dead Man's Hand" I've dealt Rick and the DNA double helix origami model near it, and the DVDs of Gattaca off to the right and especially of Altered States directly under the aces and eights poker hand.

Just to the right of the cornbread MREs is another DVD set, a combination of The Song of Hiawatha (w/ Michael Rooker) and The Pathfinder (w/ Laurie Holden). The stack of books the DVD set is leaning against are books related to possible use with isolation tanks. The top one (coincidentally near the MREs and bread) is called Food of the Gods and is about altered states of consciousness.

Here is a photo of part of my TWD shrine (http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c385/SSTforumpics/The%20Walking%20Dead/TWD_SHRINE/TWD_SHRINE15.jpg) with my new addition of cornbread MRE side dishes.
In doing a little poking around researching nucleotide bases, I found some quite fascinating trivia.

Cytosine (the letter C of the base components of A, T, C, & G in DNA) is used as a component in quantum computers. This is amazing as it thus connects Cytosine to quantum entanglement, which Einstein famously called "spooky action at a distance." Gee, I suppose if this trivia ever makes it into the series as part of a fictional scientific definition for Shamanistic and Aboriginal Dreamtime, we'd need Jenner to be around to remind us perhaps of something his wife told him in the past, being that she was the really geeky one in the marriage. And "spooky action" certainly qualifies for AMC's Fear Fest, lol.

So now that I've taken the reader of this into the quantum realms of parallel existence, where could I possibly take you next? Why looking next at the genetic base partner of "C", Cytosine, which is the letter G or otherwise known as Guanine.

According to the Wikipedia entry for Guanine, "The first isolation of guanine was reported in 1844 from the excreta of sea birds." Yes, Guanine is named for guano, lol. That's quite a trip, eh? :) From the quantum realms of alpha right into a steaming pile of omega, lol.

So one of the two base pairs that make up DNA, specifically being G & C, can be thought to encompass a range from guano to quantum psychics! That doesn't leave much to share with the other base pair of A & T does it?

Adenine though is a key part of ATP, which is the chemical energy source for cells and is second only to DNA in importance. Adenine, when attached to a ribose sugar molecule, forms Adenosine which is what the "A" in ATP is. Thus, it is a key part in both DNA and ATP. Without life you cannot have guano and be allowed to have a brain to think about altered states of consciousness and quantum physics so perhaps it trumps C & G all by itself. That leaves the letter T for Thymine to look into. Thymine seems to have a lot less to offer for trivia than the other three. It can be affected by UV light and is being studied relating to cancer, so it might be important regarding the fiction of the disease in TWD and why the walkers like shade over sunlight. I'm thinking of the pandemic being caused by a fast-acting genetic cancer that will originate from the isolation tank experience that I predict will be in the finale.
The first methods for sequencing DNA were developed in the mid-1970s and I believe this is likely the primary reason for the "dated" vehicles and walkie-talkies to around that time.
It's quite fair to say I'm stretching this, but it's about the only think I can come up with to give meaning to Rick's cryptic comment about the spoon collection when he first 'woke up' in the pilot.

First, I'm taking the pilot title as something Frank Darabont had control over and it's not so as "Days Gone Bye" is of Robert Kirkman's making. Even so, I guess I'm suggesting Frank Darabont "ret-conned" the clue to fit the title which is quite possible. OK, here is the string I've made. I'll connect the title of Days Gone Bye and say it's similar to the book title of Good-Bye to All That by Robert Graves. Looking into Robert Graves' history he was not only a poet, translator, and novelist, he fought in WWI and as an officer was literally in the trenches. Although a victim of shell shock himself and not going for treatment he arranged for his friend Siegfried Sassoon to be hospitalized for it instead, as he was going to get into trouble otherwise as a war protester. In the hospital Siegfried Sassoon met Wilfred Owen. Later, Owen would attend Graves' wedding and present him with an apostle spoon collection. A 1991 book called (very interestingly) Regeneration by Pat Barker tells the story of the hospitalization of these war casualties, including all of the names I've listed.

What I get from this tenuous thread from the pilot title to Graves and onward to Regeneration is that although hospitalized, treating the patients only seems to make them worse. We might perhaps link this to Rick Grimes in the isolation tank and add the notion to it of the rule of unintended consequences. We know what the consequences are because we've already seen the zombie apocalypse happen already in at least one world.

04-29-2011, 06:53 PM
Even though I think the sudden disappearance of Shane's black gloves is meant to lead to the 1963 Batman issue and through that to the isolation tank, we might think of the span of a few seconds where Shane is wearing the gloves and then not wearing them as a view not of one world but two of them. One is where Shane had them on and the other world was where he wasn't donning them when trying to save Rick. In viewing this sequence in the flashback from episode 106 of TS-19, I think I can suggest that there should be more than two iterations of this sequence playing out here.


The above is a link to a >5mb animated GIF of twelve frames.

Frame 1,2, & 3- Shane enters room 450, knocking down several get well cards. Shane is wearing his black gloves like he did at the roadblock.

Frame 4- This is what I call the "Batman pose" that I found in the June 1963 Batman comic issue cover.

Frame 5 & 6- Seconds later, the gloves disappear.

Frame 7- This is the entrance of the corporal, doing a room sweep. The second card from the left which showed the front earlier is now rotated to show the inside. The cards to the right are now standing back up but do not appear to be the same as before.

Frame 8- When the guard turns away the card under the light switch appears to be a different card from the previous frame involving the corporal. We can also see the edge of the card that's been placed to the far left all along but is out of place here as if it walked towards the door.

Frame 9- Rick has his bed covering pulled down by Shane but in the pilot Rick has them up over him again. As mentioned before, all of the cards are standing back up in the pilot.

Frame 10- Up to and including this point where Shane pleads with Rick to "show him a sign", Shane has retained a dry appearance. After the power goes out and Shane detects no heartbeat on Rick, he is suddenly displaying wet hair, face and collar area.

This much non-continuity indicates to me that we are seeing multiple views of similar but layered realities or views of parallel worlds that are being accessed through what I believe is the "dreamtime" experience in the isolation tank. So there are more things going on here than I suspected before, now adding Shane's dry/wet appearance and the cards not only being standing up in the pilot but being altered and partially stood up even in this flashback. Anyone who thinks this is all due to production continuity errors at this point is someone far outside of YMMV.

As a last gasp attempt for any doubters after even all of this, I'll return to the pilot of Days Gone Bye to find more "card switching" magic being played on us. This next animated GIF I'm offering is a four-frame sequence. It loops indefinitely but the first frame is Rick seen as if by a fly up in a corner of the room. Look at the green card on the far right as it will be changed into the orange card after Rick fondles the dead flower bud. Then, seconds later when Rick gets up the card is back to being green, even opening a bit from the view before. The view from the mirror in the last frame again shows the orange card. Although it could be that it is behind the green card this view in the mirror should show at least part of the green card if it was in front. If we accept the two green cards as the same world we have two realities. If we don't accept the slightly repositioned green cards as the same then we have additional realities in play. The mirror itself could be thought of as a clue as Rick stares strangely at it as he doesn't believe what he sees. The classic Star Trek episode of Mirror, Mirror might be thought of but also Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking-Glass works very well too.

I'll also point out to watch the shadows on the wall behind the cards. :biggrin:

I'd say that they were plucking the green card off the table and then putting it back, leaving the orange card behind it exposed. It is the green card as it happens that is the first to fall over when Shane comes in the room in episode 106.


A way to attach the circle/ouroboros theme seen in the ceiling lights of the CDC Zone 5 area, Rick's wedding ring, and the halo in the Vatos graffiti and such to the isolation tank, like I have before with the water theme, is that (quoting Wikipedia) "A ring heating system can be used around the outer walls of the tank to warm the water so that it rises up the outside edges of the pool, travels towards the center, and then sinks under the tank user. This very slow water convection flow helps to keep the user centered in the middle of the pool..."
I probably should not exclude red and white blood cells from the "red & white" theme but still think currently that the theme is pointing at elemental phosphorus.
I have the opinion that the core of the "red & white" theme is pointing to mushrooms, specifically Amanita muscaria (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amanita_muscaria). Heck, one of the items containing this color scheme is the "mushroom" umbrella of Dale's that is mostly fixed on the RV roof. With this in mind, perhaps the blue and white umbrella that Amy (the mushroom queen) makes use of for shade in the boat while fishing is a blue-staining version of Psilocybe cubensis.

I've mentioned already that the Ferenc Builders van was called a "cube van" and it is also in a red & white color scheme.

Coprinus comatus (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coprinus_comatus) or "Shaggy Ink Cap" breaks down and liquifies to black after being picked or bruised, so I'll attach this mushroom to the theme I spotted earlier of "black pitch-water" in The Song of Hiawatha and that I think connects to the political cartoon in the back of the RV that is about the oil spill in the Gulf last year.

Psilocybe translates from Greek to mean "bald head" which to me brings up Felipe, our "special care provider" in The Walking Dead. Yes, the "PSI" part of the graffiti works for the effects of Psilocin and Psilocybin. This all seems to fit together very well.

Jenner mentioned in TS-19 that it didn't appear that the disease was caused by fungi, however I think we'll discover that mushrooms through their isolation tank connection will contribute a degree of separation from the genesis of the disease through the metamorphosis that I believe will be manifested by the experiences in the parallel world Dreamtime.
To continue the above, besides the US Flag, the Ferenc "cube" van, Dale's umbrellas, etc. being tied as a red/white theme to Amanita muscaria (also called fly agaric and fly amanita) I can add the food and beverage coolers that are in the series. One is at the very front of the series when Rick first approaches the gas station and the ones in the quarry camp and on top of Dale's RV, next to the red & white umbrella.

A funny thing is that only the other day I linked the red and white theme to phosphorus and what I'm about to offer doesn't dismiss it but rather pulls it into the overall theme connecting to psychedelic mushrooms. Besides her moniker of "Amy the mushroom queen" she has her shirt emblazoned with stars. I've previously connected this to Amy fitting The Song of Hiawatha character of Wabun-Annung, or the Morning Star, Lucifer, & the Star of the East. Lucifer means "light-bearer." The Greek name for Venus is Phosphorus (Lucifer is from Latin). This pulls in my recent phosphorus theory and also encompasses my link from Amy to Hiawatha as Wabun-Annung. My goodness.

As I mentioned before, phosphorus is a component of DNA and it also happens that psilocybin is the only psychedelic chemical containing phosphorus. Here next perhaps is a way to add to the many mirrors that we see, so many that it's safe to say we have a mirror theme as well. Besides the broken rear-view mirror that suggests Rick is in a dream and the mirror as a link to Through the Looking-Glass and Star Trek's classic Mirror, Mirror episode, I found this just now that is very interesting, or as Spock would say fascinating.

At http://www.stainblue.com/ah.html there is this from the page about Dr. Albert Hoffman (famously linked to LSD):

"Psilocybin and psilocin are noteworthy in that their molecular structures are very similar to chemicals present in the human brain. Psilocin, for example, differs from the human neurotransmitter serotonin (designated 5-hydroxytryptamine) by only one hydroxy molecule. In this respect, the mushrooms are mirror images of the human brain. Psilocybin is the phosphoric acid ester of psilocin and is the only known indole derivative occurring in nature that contains this novel phosphoric acid radical. The phosphoric acid is considered "dead weight" and does not contribute to the compound's psychedelic effects. Its presence does, however, stabilize the compound. Conversely, psilocin, which lacks this phosphoric radical, is extremely unstable and sensitive to oxidation. It is 1.4 times as active as psilocybin, a ratio corresponding to the molecular weights of the compounds. Psilocin is the "Rolls-Royce" of psychedelics."

Mirror, mirror, indeed! Now we know why the queen in Snow White was talking to a mirror, lol.
We now know what Dale keeps in the red & white cooler. ;)


04-30-2011, 03:28 PM
In this entry http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apple_%28symbolism%29 we find the following:

"Ethnobotanical and ethnomycological scholars such as R. Gordon Wasson, Carl Ruck and Clark Heinrich write that the mythological apple is a symbolic substitution for the entheogenic Amanita muscaria (or fly agaric) mushroom. Its association with knowledge is an allusion to the revelatory states described by some shamans and users of psychedelic mushrooms."

I've mentioned Terence McKenna's book "Food of the Gods" and it asserts that the magic mushroom is the original Tree of Knowledge. This can be linked back to my previous suggestion that Jim was propped up against two trees where I connected them biblically.

05-01-2011, 11:57 PM
In looking at psychoactive plants that contain DMT, I came across ayahuasca. It is described in the book "DMT, the Spirit Molecule" that I recently added to my collection. I'm going to claim that even Andrea's vomiting is a clue that links to ayahuasca because of this quote from the wiki entry on it:

"While non-native users know of the spiritual applications of ayahuasca, a less well-known traditional usage focuses on the medicinal properties of ayahuasca. Its purgative properties are important (known as la purga or "the purge"). The intense vomiting and occasional diarrhea it induces can clear the body of worms and other tropical parasites."

So I guess it's good to know that Andrea is worm free, lol.

Since I have the finale including an isolation tank and a lot of themes linked to psychoactive drugs specifically related to enhancing the experience in the tank and have described how I see this connected also to the change from human to walker (I'm preferring geek here) and then to them "hatching" into angels or evolved forms of non-corporeal consciousness (your preference works), I found this find fascinating:

Keith Arnowitz made a documentary film in 2008, following five westerners before, during and after ingesting the Ayahuasca medicine. The title of the film is Metamorphosis. :biggrin:


Some of these folks look to be having a nightmare, methinks. ;)
This I'll credit to synchronicity over common coincidence. I've mentioned the 1980 film of Altered States starring William Hurt as a major part of my theory and it turns out that William Hurt also starred in the 2004 film of The Blue Butterfly. This center was named for the Blue Morpho:


I'd like to request that Frank Darabont find a way to cast William Hurt for some role in The Walking Dead before the finale. He needs to be in this, OK? :)
:animal0036: Oh, and the Blue Morpho in its caterpillar stage is highly cannibalistic.
Morpho menelaus was named by Carl Linnaeus to honor the Greek mythological figure Menelaus, a king of Ancient Sparta.

I've said that "King County" can not only stand for Stephen King and for Rick as a symbolic Messiah, but perhaps reaching out a little to perhaps catch a blue butterfly I'll add that we might think of Rick as a king of Ancient Sparta too, perhaps. I wonder if Rick's son Carl will catch a blue butterfly in the series?
This quote from Hamilton Souther below is one way perhaps to think of why the walkers come out more at night:

"Ayahuasca ceremonies take place in the dark because light is afflicting to the eyes. It is traditional to drink ayahuasca at night as it is considered a time of spirit. It's the time when spirits walk."

Although this might be coincidence it still fits rather well with my theory so I'm making the correlation. Besides, when Morgan says "They're even more active after dark sometimes" less than two minutes later we hear the car alarm go off. Why I'm bringing this up is that Morgan says the color of the car is blue. This is the same color as the butterfly that the Blue Morpho center is named for. Perhaps this is more coincidence but I see a connection to an overall psychotropic theme that can be followed to the isolation tank.

I'll add another bit of trivia in that Morpho butterflies feed on the juices of fermenting fruit. Thus they may be lured using this knowledge and then caught because they wobble in flight and are easier to catch. Perhaps Jenner feeding the group wine was a way to add this as a subtle clue, like I mentioned with Andrea throwing up perhaps linking to ayahuasca.

The Wikipedia entry for Morpho menelaus also has two items of interest for me in the link there to the game of BioShock 2 and to this quote:

"The blue morpho bounces off the glass as I watch. I fold these paper effigies as secret badges, for the faithful. The morpho caterpillar doesn't spin a cocoon... it just grows armor on the inside... before the change. It is us. To wear a butterfly is to support Doctor Lamb and the Family. Before long, Rapture will split wide... and take wing. Imago is coming."

I can perhaps see a link from this to the characters trying to get out of the CDC where everything they do just "bounces off the glass" until the grenade option is employed. The term Imago looks to mean "Image of God" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image_of_God which in Latin is "Imago Dei."

Even though this series is at its core a zombie fest doesn't mean that an entertaining twist won't be delivered, which is just what I've suspected since I intuitively struck at the walkers being an evolutionary "cocoon" stage of a higher stage of mankind. After seeing the biblical links I saw it also being somewhat compatible to Judgement Day as well. So if Rick becomes the source of the zombie apocalypse in the world he will wake up into because of the influence of the dream (which I'm calling a parallel world) the viewers can accept it as a horror tale in the end that is a reflection of what they saw during the show. However on deeper reflection the entire series can allude to a religious or an evolutionary theme. Even with my agnostic take on life at present I can't help but see the spiritual angle like what is said in the game quote above, "Imago is coming."

05-03-2011, 02:47 AM
Continuing the film Metamorphosis, those that cannot handle the fear and high emotion in undergoing the experience of the ceremony have either water poured over their head, as seen in TWD when Shane pours water on Jim to cool him off, or they go into a shower to calm down which we see in several episodes and with the characters showing an additional level of emotion attached that is supposedly accepted by the viewers as hot showers getting rare. We saw Shane drinking booze in the shower, which echos the inebriated state of the man seen in the shower in the documentary. This is all done in the dark of night, as the film of the ceremony was shot using night vision lenses.

The lights used to chase away the darkness after the ceremony are the same gas lanterns as we saw in Days Gone Bye. A conch shell is seen on the ceremony room floor along with quite a few clear crystals. I've pointed out previously that sea shells are used to make wampum belts in The Song of Hiawatha.

Also seen in the WD pilot are polished dark and light marble spheres on the fireplace mantle in Rick and Lori's house, which are also seen on the floor after the ceremony in Metamorphosis.



According to one metaphysical website, "Sphere shaped crystals are representative of the universe and everything contained in it. Spheres are synonymous with the "whole" person. Including consciousness, mobility, non attachment, self containment and a powerful mind. Tied to our spiritual nature, these spheres allow for our purity, clear mind and flexibility to emerge."

I guess I need to be on the lookout for small pyramids in TWD as there are some on the ceremony room floor next to the spheres and crystals. I took notice of what looks to be a turtle shell made into a ladle or spoon perhaps. http://tinyurl.com/3m824sn Remember that I have predicted we'll be seeing Stone Mountain in the Fall and the showrunners should make good use of the turtles there in the show mythology as they did with frogs. The reason I think would be liked back to the PBS Nova episode of What Darwin Never Knew.

While I'm on the subject of episode titles such as Tell it to the Frogs, I'll consider that another underlying reason for the episode title of Guts, besides them using the smell of dead intestines as camouflage, is this fascinating trivia regarding serotonin. I've brought up previously regarding my isolation tank research that psychedelic drugs like psilocin/psilocybin, DMT, and LSD are chemically similar to serotonin. It turns out that 80% of our body's content of serotonin is located in our gut, regulating intestinal movement. So my own "gut feeling" is that this was part of the influence to title an episode with this topic as it becomes a clue like with some of the other episodes. A derivative of serotonin is melatonin, made by the pineal gland. As this in turn regulates our day/night sleep cycles it can be linked to the light/dark theme perhaps.
Hmm, perhaps this is coincidence because Lori's heart pendant is an ornamental metal locket but I did find this quartz heart stone in Metamorphosis.
In gazing at the Ayahuasca Wikipedia entry, I find the ingredients interesting when thinking of topics in The Walking Dead series. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ayahuasca

The Ayahuma or Dead Head Tree might be thought of as what we learned early in the series about how to take down a walker, first from Morgan and then from Daryl. It's also called the Cannonball Tree so I guess we should keep on the lookout for either cannonballs or a bowling alley, lol. A really good film homage because of the psychedelic nature of this topic would be The Big Lebowski, so I'm making a call to perhaps see this mentioned (if they're clever). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ayahuma Oh, because it's a tree I can connect Jim dreaming and also being propped up against two trees (tied to the first and left to himself with the second). Conveniently, that's where and when Shane poured the water over Jim's head which was offered (when I pressed her) by Quirky as a baptism and Jon Bernthal perhaps being thought of as John the Baptist (which I do now).

By the way, the Cannonball tree is interesting as it is not only found in south America but also in Asia where Hindus revere it as a sacred tree because the petals of the flower resemble the hood of the Naga, a sacred snake. This coincidence is getting rather synchronistic, the deeper one looks. No, I'm not getting metaphysical but I keep an open mind.

Remo Caspi, or the Oar Tree. Used to move dense or dark energies. Head spirit is a native warrior.

This works well to link to Hiawatha and yet another of the several uses of paddles in the series as clues.

Wyra (huaira) Caspi or the Air Tree. Used to create purging, transcend gastro/intestinal ailments, calm the mind, and bring tranquility. I'll not only link this to Andrea's purging but perhaps to the CDC building itself "purging" itself of the poisons contained inside, "Gaea-like." Remember that we had "Vi" which was female voiced, coincidentally. I cannot help but throw in the detailed description by Vi of how the "purge" was going to happen, employing "high-impulse thermobaric fuel-air explosives" with my emphasis on "air." If looking a bit deeper in the episode transcript, Lori mentions to Carl that "the air conditioning stopped" and that Jenner mentions "It sets the air on fire." Fun trivia to consider and just perhaps already researched and inserted into the mythology of this series in the writer's room.
In watching the documentary The Spirit Molecule I honestly get the feeling that I'm channeling Frank Darabont back when he was likely watching this and getting inspired as I come across quotes such as the following:

Patricio Dominguez, DMT volunteer, Shaman:
"So Laura removes the eye shades and I ask, not really with my eyes open quite yet, I ask 'How long was I gone?' Because I needed to know. And Rick (Strassman, MD) chimes in 'like fifteen minutes.' For a moment I'm shocked. I'm like, you know, my mind, you know, has to try to catch up because now the whole cognitive dissonance of the experience, has to, has to, catch up. I was gone fifteen minutes. A thousand years of experience in fifteen minutes. Well, to say the least it was profound. It was profound."

Cynthia Geist, DMT Study Nurse:
"It's amazing what a human being can experience in a hospital bed. I mean they can experience almost the whole universe. You know, life, death, everything in between."

So as I have been considering lately anyway that time is subjective while in an isolation tank, and especially so with a booster shot of DMT and/or Psilocin, the entire series of TWD can fit into a single experience.

Shortly after these quotes, the film discussed the possibilities of alternate realms of existence or parallel universes. I really liked the concept of merging science with spiritual perspectives and think this is part of the end-game of the series of The Walking Dead. This is what I've thought from the point of my epiphany back on December 8, 2010 when it hit me that the hospital clock I had seen on October 31 and suspected might have been a "Genesis" message was indeed that very thing. What did it was spotting another iteration of "217" in TS-19 that I later resolved was the "Yang" of Revelation to Days Gone Bye's "Yin" of Genesis.

I think I may have hit a bull-eye back on Dec. 8, after all. Booyah (theoretically)!

05-04-2011, 07:51 PM
Although I'm absolutely confident that there will be an isolation tank revealed in the finale of The Walking Dead, it might not contain Rick. For there to be a logical "bridge" of consciousness connecting each of the multitude of parallel worlds to the next, the best method is to "mirror" the experience so that the same person is the bridge each time.

This would mean that Rick isn't in the tank but is being channeled by the person who is the bridge. This character could end up being another of the minor characters we have already seen. A good candidate as I have mentioned before is Dr. Edwin Jenner, as the name is similar to the Dr. Edward Jessup character in the Altered States film. A way to triangulate on this is that Dr. Edward Jenner (with a name similar to both of the previous characters) was the pioneer of the Smallpox vaccine. In fact you can make his name if you take the last name of the Walking Dead character and the first name of the Altered States character. Another good candidate is Morgan but because of the character name of our Dr. Jenner matching so well to the smallpox personality and to the Altered States character I'm looking at him as my primary candidate.

Although it is a bit different in the structure that is used, we might think of one of the best episodes of Star Trek TNG called The Inner Light. Picard is awoken into another person's identity and lives what seems to him to be years in another world. It turns out to not be a separate reality but rather a probe that has planted memories in Picard so that an extinct people might be remembered. It makes no difference to Picard though that it was fake, as it was real enough to him that he knew how to play the flute found on the probe and thus the memories were no different to him than his own reality.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Inner_Light_%28Star_Trek:_The_Next_Generation% 29

While I can't be certain that it will be Rick himself in the tank, or who we know as Morgan or Dr. Edwin Jenner, I do feel confident that the world we see will be revealed to be but one of many layers of reality and not what some viewers might too quickly accept as "just" a dream. I like the connection to the historical pioneer of smallpox because TWD's Jenner does mention smallpox in TS-19. Also, this works well with my idea that the genetic "infection" will have a domino effect on all of the parallel worlds and not make mankind extinct but rather evolve all of mankind in all levels of reality into a discorporated collective consciousness (or angels if you prefer). In other words, it's not smallpox but instead "evolution-pox." The person that is inside of the isolation tank is observing another copy of our world that is undergoing a metamorphosis of mankind which was caused by a person in that world that came out of an experience in another isolation tank just like we should see in the eventual finale. This is the genesis-revelation/alpha-omega/ouroboros connection and if carried far enough, we might see the person come out of the tank infected (patient zero) and the period of time being established as the beginning of the Wildfire alert, I think five months before Rick is shot. For entertainment, I like this better than a Judgement Day end. So, an uplifting finale that on the surface can either be perceived as angels or that it's a dream and "everyone dies" as a zombie. After all, we would see a genetic Frankenstein's monster too. A YMMV end.
I've also mentioned how Shane is the one wearing the "batman" gloves in the hospatal, while we never see Rick having them. I'm seeing how it makes it hard to have Rick be the one in the tank and also be Rick the Deputy Sheriff as well, and how when considering the world that is woken up to really still needs to have a copy of the same "players" at that level and in those jobs.

Taking the other side of this argument, it is Rick who is seen "isolated" in the military tank (a UK Chieftain main battle tank) and is the messianic figure of Jesus in the series. However, if we don't see Morgan or Duane again in the series up to the finale we might discover they were never "real" but were apparitions. Then Morgan can come into play as what I'll refer to as an "observer", the person who comes out of the isolation tank in the linked world. They might have filmed the sequences with Jenner in TS-19 using Lennie James as well so that we might juxtapose Jenner shooting his wife against Morgan Jones not being able to do it. In other words if Morgan and Duane are in Rick's mind, Morgan can become Dr. Jenner and Mrs. Jones would be "TS-19." This would leave Noah Emmerich to be revealed as the Doctor and researcher in the isolation tank. Morgan would also have met Jacqui. My evidence for this is weak but it's fun to consider because I think we won't be shown a complete stranger in the tank. It should be a character we are already familiar with so it's a surprise. The Hiawatha book is telling me Shane should be around for the bulk of the series and will only leave toward the last few episodes before the finale. I've got Glenn, Shane, Andrea, and Merle all "leaving" within a few episodes of each other because of reading The Song of Hiawatha.

I'm pretty much streaming this here without a lot of forethought but if the observer isn't Rick himself it needs to be an observer tied mostly to Rick's adventure so that at the bitter end the end of the world it will become a physically transformative experience and piggyback to the world woken up in and infecting it. The tank could be in France or Italy even, nations mentioned in TS-19.

This would really be wild if they swapped actors around and made Morgan become the scientist at the CDC, shown to us in a flashback. It would free up Noah Emmerich to be someone we knew from the series before the finale and also still become someone with a different identity in the finale. Perhaps coincidence but the actor's name is "Noah" which fits with what I've learned regarding the idea of floating in seawater in the isolation tank. So the CDC scientist would be named Dr. Morgan Jones, leaving Dr. Edwin Jenner to be infected from his journey of following Rick around the other post-apocalyptic reality that is a foreshadow of what is yet to happen in his own world, and on and on.
For this to work out, Lennie James as Morgan should likely stay where we only saw him with Rick in the pilot and not really be seen by other characters. If Morgan does make it into more episodes it wouldn't mean that my theory about the isolation tank is wrong but that it's just harder to place Noah Emmerich as both Dr. Jenner and the person in the tank.

Another solution would be to have Noah Emmerich's Dr. Jenner have a twin brother as that would solve the paradox of using one actor with two roles. This "twin" idea would free up Andrew Lincoln to be given a role as Rick and also another Grimes that chose to go into psychology perhaps. A link between identical twins would be a way to bridge the "character paradox" so that the connection is the same person between each layer of worlds. So Noah Emmerich could be a CDC scientist and be a psychologist twin as well, as could Rick be a psychologist in the tank and be Rick's brother. Then we don't need actors being musical chairs and everyone can be real, within the dreams of course.
The Grimes twin that was into law enforcement could then be able to pass the "apotheosis-pox" to the twin in another alternate reality that chose psychology as a career. This solves the double identity paradox and allows Rick to be the primary contagion and pass it to "himself" or perhaps to the identical twin of the CDC's Jenner if they use Noah for a role as a psychotherapist in the finale. This keeps my potential foreshadow of "Noah" in play.
This can become another solution for the mirror clues, as Rick sees an image of himself in the mirror but it might be thought of as a clue that he has a twin brother psychotherapist in a "higher" plane of existence that is observing Rick's ordeal. That would make Rick Grimes and his twin the genetic "alpha-omega" batons passing the infection to all parallel earths.


I like Andrew Lincoln playing two roles as it removes the more complicated method I described above using Jones and Jenner.

05-05-2011, 03:32 AM
As far as themes, I've updated the red and white theme (including flags but also one of Dale's umbrellas and the food and beverage coolers etc.) to mean "Magic Mushrooms", specifically Amanita muscaria which has a red cap with white spots. This connects to Lori calling Amy "the mushroom queen" and other links to my theory in the other section here. Oh, I've added a can of a certain brand with a red and white theme of cream of mushroom soup to my show shrine, lol.

Tonight I'll add a theme of bridges. We see Rick riding the horse over the railroad yard and then right after that passing under a "sky bridge" between two buildings. I take this as too much coincidence and have taken it as a location that worlds well as the rail yard being the river Styx and the sky bridge as the vestibule which leads to Hell in Dante's Divine Comedy. I also believe the bridge theme links to my theory in connecting one parallel world to the next. If we use our imagination a bit we can see more examples of bridges in the locations that were scouted that are shown in the first episodes.

For example, when Glenn takes Rick with him from the tank in Guts, the two cross a section that "bridges" between two buildings and then soon after we see next to where Merle is handcuffed a "bridge" that allows access across the roof piping. Pipes are also a theme but I've mentioned that. Another way to see the bridge theme expanded from horizontal to vertical are the ladders used by Rick and Glenn. The camera angles make it clear to me that there are saying a "Jacob Ladder" clue, to me at least. There are two of them, in sequence in order to reinforce the "bridge" theme. There are other bridges, if we look for them, such as over the freeway at the end of Guts. It's easy to wave off bridges as they can be everywhere but it's the way they are shown to us that makes it a theme. By compressing them such as when Rick rides into Atlanta and in the Drake home painting by the camera being off center gives us the tip off to then count the ones that are filler and not calling out to us.

In the pilot when Morgan is about to cut Rick loose on the bed, a view toward Duane really doesn't focus on him as it should but rather a painting of a bridge. My theory states that the isolation tank is that bridge. So I'm offering up where the bridge theme is leading. As always, YMMV but that's where my horse is taking me, lol.

05-05-2011, 07:32 PM
Although some of the supposed history on this link might be retconned (meaning retroactive continuity), the content about Amanita muscaria regardless of its authenticity can be thought (if desired) to be connected to the mythology of TWD. Regardless of the accuracy of the information, I will never be able to look at the US flag or Santa Claus in the same way again, lol.


In just a few days I've learned about staggeringly flying drunken Blue Morpho butterflies and now dancing reindeer that are tripping on Amanita muscaria. As "The Dude" would say, "Far out, man!" :)

Regardless of whether you believed the material but found you were entertained by it, this video below might explain the many sunrise scenes we see with Rick reporting in to Morgan on his walkie-talkie. I think I just found another influence perhaps for the underlying mythology of TWD. It continues the theme of supporting the use of an isolation tank as a bridge to parallel worlds that allows the collective infection of a zombie apocalypse which culminates in the genetic transformation or apotheosis of mankind to a state of pure consciousness.


If I may be allowed to inflict you with a bit of my humor, perhaps when Amy was looking for toilet paper she was really just wanting to "squeeze the Shaman." ;)

Some additional examples covered in the video that I see are themes in TWD are light/dark, the world tree (Jim leans on the trunk of two of them), and the "spoon collection" that Rick mentions as part of his very first words when waking from the coma. I thought it would mean the 12 Apostles but they are also the signs of the zodiac too.

For those that haven't believed me before (and you are likely legion lol) some of my best correlations to my theory can be seen in the video at the 15 minute mark. The two positions of our sun are the two stars on the wall in the courtyard in Vatos, above the "halo-areba-psi" graffiti. The scorpion and the kiss are both on the bald head of Felipe as tattoos. Now I know what the kiss tat means as it connects to the scorpion. To call this coincidence is to deny your eyes and intellect, imho. Let's see what this video has next (I'm writing this while watching). Remember what I said about Pisces being a water symbol but Scorpio and Pisces (69) are as well. The V on the tank Rick was in might be thought of as Virgo and don't forget the number 69 on the tank as well.

Even though the northern hemisphere winter solstice is usually on Dec. 21, it can happen on Dec. 22 as well. This can bring up the number 22 on Shane perhaps as yet another meaning of it, as in the AMC interview he does mention that his football number was 21. The significance might be that this time is when the day is the shortest and the night longest, which happens to favor the walkers very nicely. So the light/dark theme among other things can be thought to point to the equinox.

At the 24 minute mark I had an epiphany as I now see the spinning "Inception" top I located on the Adam Smith Wikipedia page (from the 1723 date on the oar/paddle in Rick's house) as being the earth itself described in the video as the precession wobble. From my viewpoint this was an "ah-hah!" moment and why I enjoy digging for meaning from clues dropped in a show like TWD. Wow.

I see the coming flowering "backbone" of the women of TWD that I have predicted to be exhibited in the film when the zodiac signs are juxtaposed with our past history as the video asserts. This links to Carol's daughter's name of Sophia, as I have said before.

There is a lot to see in the video that links to my theory of TWD so I'll continue.

At the 42 minute mark the video brings up the Amanita muscaria mushroom. At the 47 minute mark the life cycle of the mushroom from spore to adult basically shows me the meaning of the graphic of the disease in the brain in TS-19 as the mushroom roots connect to the tree roots like the disease connects to the human brain. So what I first thought was mangrove roots really is best described as mushroom roots. As the description proceeds I am struck with how I can juxtapose the red cap erupting from the base component and how I would direct a special graphics effects team to show us how to hatch the eggheads of the geeks in the finale. I see this as Sahasrara or the Crown Chakra.

Just turn on your imagination and watch the video and I hope you see what I do. The human race will all become dead-heads (they almost already are of course) and then might temporarily evolve into "red-heads" as the egg-heads break open before rising into the night sky as beings of light (I'm theorizing). This is yet another reason to include Glenn as who I'm calling "Red Hood" and what I am predicting that his future girlfriend will have red hair.

The upturned later stage of this mushroom cap being described as the Holy Grail is at the least a thought-provoking idea, lol. Especially when the captured moisture can contain both the red pigment as well as the psychedelic compound. Regardless of all of my previous links to the theme of red or red & white in the series, this mushroom is at the root of all of it. I'll have to keep a lookout for red shirts with white dots or similar pattern now, for certain.

Though many of the links asserted by the video, like my own theories here, can be waved off and considered as coincidences but I hold nevertheless to my theories here and can only wait to see what hatches from the mind of Frank Darabont et al in the finale of this exquisite series.

The one hour mark reveals a wholly new perspective of "water into wine" and I'll not say anything here so as to not reveal and spoil the entertainment and epiphany that awaits the viewer, lol.

Also, when they discuss the Ouroboros they describe the serpent not as a symbol of Satan but of Jesus, which then makes the Python on Rick's hip make the best sense I've seen yet. I have no doubt that Frank Darabont has seen this video before I have.

I'll say that the 1:08 mark begins a very symbolic suggestion and I take notice of the random coincidence of this time and its meaning. After all, a broken clock is correct twice a day.

The 1:10 mark shows us the ladders used in TWD and their meaning as I have theorized. The 1:18 mark describes "the woman and the dragon" from Revelation 12.

1:26 in the video discusses oil that is in the series in various forms and is the black pitch-water in The Song of Hiawatha and the political cartoon in the back of the RV. It suggests that oil is the "anointing" medicine or holy oil. The discussion of the caduceus symbol is covered as well, linking to merchants and money.

At the 1:33 mark psilocibin mushrooms and DMT is covered and then my "revelational" Revelation 2:17 find from TS-19 is mentioned and its hidden manna. Their suggestion for the meaning of the burning bush is interesting. 1:37 is interesting when it brings up Shiva and Rama but I lol'd at 1:38 when they remarked on Psilocybe cubensis. You just have to watch. Holy crap, Batman, lol. I know from this that when we see Hershel's Farm he'll be sure to have cows there, lol.

The video then goes into DMT again and brings in the other various related topics I've covered before like ayahuasca.

The 1:41 mark is a huge reveal of what we see as the red flash in the opening credit sequence that I've said looks like a dragon head rearing up. This reveals to me that it is actually the ventricular system of the human brain (!). The title on the screen is called "Occult Anatomy" so my "Dragon" was all-too close to the answer.


As a metaphor of Andrew Lincoln (or Noah Emmerich perhaps) floating in the isolation tank, the film describes the brain itself floating in protective cerebral-spinal fluid, containing DMT.

Yes, they mention "keys" several times.

Sorry for yet another long-ish stream-of-consciousness comment but there is so much to comment on, from my perspective. As always, YMMV but I'm of the opinion that my mileage is very close to the efficiency of what Frank Darabont's oil is doing. :)

05-06-2011, 03:33 AM
In other words, what we are seeing is as real as our world. It's just that someone from another world, it doesn't have to even be Rick, is observing like we are. At the end I am guessing that they will become infected and take it back with them as they "wake up" and thus become the source for the coming zombie apocalypse for that world. This then allows the viewers to make the leap that the world we saw in the series had a similar infection, from an identical "psychonaut" adventure to a "lower" world on the ladder of parallel earths. It's a deeply philosophical ending, not unlike Inception or The Matrix or others of its kind. I even don't see it as a "kill 'em all" ending now as my leap back on December 8-9 of 2010 can (and will I believe) be put into play. Religious folks can think it's Judgement Day if they want but to me it'll be an apotheosis of mankind. And it will be a chain reaction in all realities. Pardon me if I inflict my description of it here as an intellectual orgasm (lol) but my dogged pursuit to yet another possible film that I think was used for inspirational themes got me an "ah ha!" moment when I saw the entire earth (and all parallel versions of it) as an "Inception" spinning top token when considering the precession of the earth and its own axial wobble. When it hit me it was really something to behold and this isn't the first of these for me.

The video, called The Pharmacratic Inquisition (see above), showed me what the two stars were in the Vatos courtyard above the graffiti. I was able to immediately link to it plus include the sunrise updates of Rick to Morgan, which I completely am convinced were choreographed to emulate. I started this morning by intuitively seeking out more info on the Amanita muscaria and hit what I consider gold. While I don't believe all of the video's assertions it does make for good fodder for scriptwriters, imho. Oh, I got multiple "orgasms" with this video (fair warning lol) as it filled in how Felipe's "kiss" tattoo links to his scorpion tat. It then links to the stars on the wall in Vatos (where we meet Felipe) and to the sunrises with Rick. As always, your mileage (and IOs lol) may vary. Yes, another film homage would be The Never-ending Story.
Being that this series is about zombies craving human flesh and supposing for creative reasons someone might jump to a conclusion that biblical stories were being used to weave the dream catcher mythology of The Walking Dead, it might be interesting to juxtapose biblical manna with the survivors of humanity, attempting to hide from a planet of hungry walkers. Dark humor accepted, I found it intriguing to juxtapose the word "human" and the original version of biblical manna which is "man hu." It gives one pause to wonder just whose side God is on in AMC's The Walking Dead, fictionally of course. This would seem to stand John 6:54 on its head of "Whoever eats my flesh, and drinks my blood, has eternal life; and I will raise him up at the last day." Bon appétit! http://tinyurl.com/3awjkpd

Correction, this isn't upside down at all as it fits perfectly with my finding of Rick being a metaphorical Jesus/Messiah. It's as I was beginning to suspect lately that Rick may not be in the isolation tank but someone that is a "psychonaut" from a parallel earth observing Rick's adventure. This would leave Rick at the very end being cornered with "no way out." The walkers would have at last found Rick and "eaten of his flesh" and would be able to "drink his blood", completing the cycle for that world. The person (Lennie James?) would wake up infected and begin the next cycle. Viewers can perhaps either toss away or include any apotheosis or Judgement Day extras they see, ending it to their liking. The shaggy dog would be dead or just like as done in Inception, would he? Thinking to this next world, Rick will be having fries eventually ( I have guessed 150 days after Wildfire being declared) and about to go into another coma. If Lennie James doesn't get seen in the series by other survivors than we don't even know that Morgan and Duane were really there. That'd be fun. It can also be a new character, introduced for the finale. I wonder what William Hurt will be up to a few years from now? ;)
Rick dies, then later eats fries. lol. :lol1:
That's it! Theoretically stated of course.
Of course it is not the same Rick eating fries that we saw that died. It would be the Rick on the earth that the person in the isolation tank would wake up into (each time). Consider this. If I'm right about the meaning of the two stars in Vatos that are above the "halo-areba-psi" graffiti then we might think of the difference in the sun's position at dawn as the swinging of a grandfather clock pendulum- tick, then tock. Summer solstice then winter solstice. The Pharmacratic Inquisition video not only explains the meaning of the two stars on the Vatos compound wall, I believe it was this video that was the "inception" of this part of the WD mythology.

In episode 105 Jenner said it was day 194 of Wildfire being declared. I've allotted a day per episode in the first season (based on Rick's morning calls to Morgan and the observed night cycles) which would put the pilot episode (after Rick wakes up) at day 190. Rick wakes up close to the six month mark after Wildfire and the time of year looks like it might be July so we might assume we are close to the summer or northern solstice for most of season one.

There are hints of the equinoxes as well in the many hints of a light/dark theme. We might decipher a few hints of this from the number eight that is split in half in episode 102 (http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c385/SSTforumpics/The%20Walking%20Dead/EP102/EP102_108_MOBIUS.jpg)(even though it is a moving shadow) in the alley Rick and Glenn run to in Guts and in episode 105 (appropriately titled Wildfire) when the first scene opens with Rick under a sunrise (http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c385/SSTforumpics/The%20Walking%20Dead/EP105/EP105_SUNRISE.jpg) that is positioned midway between the two tallest buildings that can be seen in the distant Atlanta skyline (I believe quite on purpose). We might think of these buildings as the two equinoxes, to either side of the current sun position. Backtracking six months brings us to the winter solstice and... Christmas. So Wildfire might have happened around Christmas, which makes sense in a series that has the main protagonist appearing to be metaphorically Messianic.

I'm certain that the group is heading to Stone Mountain so they should have picked out a shooting location that allows Rick to see the sunrise. The top of the mountain would be perfect but since the park is open it would require a lot of computer graphic work to erase all of the visitors so they should have picked out a secluded area to be away from the park activities. Being west of the mountain would block the sunrise that I feel will continue to be a part of the series' clues so perhaps on the northeast side of the rock is where they will be, after they get resupplied.

Watching The Pharmacratic Inquisition video tells me what some of the symbols and clues mean. I'm not saying whether the film content should be believed or not but I'll assert that it would work well to assist in spinning a creative tale for television, which I think it is.
The covered bridge at Stone Mountain leads to Indian Island, and is close to the Quarry exhibit. Both of these interest me because they can each be linked to The Song of Hiawatha and of course we can easily use the old quarry camp as a foreshadow to the quarry area at Stone Mountain. Plus, it's on the east side of the mountain so we might get a nice sunrise for Rick. I can't pass up the good idea of Frank Darabont also making use of yet another bridge, lol.
Here is some trivia that can be brought into the series if any of the group gets over to the Antebellum Plantation at Stone Mountain. When it opened in 1963 it was hosted for a few years by actress Butterfly McQueen. She was known as Prissy for her role in Gone With the Wind. So we can drop in an homage to Gone With the Wind and to Ms. McQueen and my favorite theme for this series being butterflies, as it was at the core of my initial theory being that of metamorphosis & the evolution of humanity.

There is also a farmyard at the plantation but it would likely be easier to locate Hershel's Farm to a more private location perhaps when that is brought up in the show as it is an active part of the park. If they do film some scenes at Antebellum Plantation and also introduce Maggie Green as a redhead as I'm predicting, it is then a short jump to think of Scarlett O'Hara. Remember though that the reason I have predicted Maggie as a redhead before considering this is due to my attaching the Batman "Red Hood" moniker to Glenn.

05-06-2011, 08:57 PM
Let's see how this plays out but I can imagine a method of describing the science fiction element of the finale that I've theorized from a set of specific biblical verses. I have already put forth the idea that Frank Darabont used the half-season "test" of The Walking Dead of six episodes to give observant viewers the suggestion of the biblical six days of the world's creation and he also built in both Genesis and Revelation into season one. If the series had not been picked up enough clues would have been planted to perhaps decipher it in later years. What Frank Darabont may plan is to do a sort of "countdown" by using 6,5,4,3,2,& 1 as a mirror of the first six days of creation.

I saw part of the pattern in John 6:54 and then just finished the sequence. It almost demands it of you when you see it. Revelation 3:21 is the proper way to finish it up with what it says.

So here is my finale countdown:

American King James Version-
John 6:54
Whoever eats my flesh, and drinks my blood, has eternal life; and I will raise him up at the last day.American King James Version-
Revelation 3:21
To him that overcomes will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne.Here is how I see the "zombie" perspective that we might see used in the series finale.

John 6:54
In the context of The Walking Dead being a zombie series, this description is taken literally and happens to all walkers/geeks globally when Rick is finally cornered and surrenders to his fate. Think of Charlton Heston in 1971's The Omega Man as an example of this.

Revelation 3:21
The "throne" will be the isolation tank. The next part seems to be a paradox but if you think in non-linear terms it might work. After all, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost can also be thought of as non-linear. I had the observer in the tank being infected and handing the plague "up ladder" but that is opposite to what is described as the verse says that the observer has already sat with his Father before this.

I have the notion that somehow Carl Grimes has to be part of this as Carl is the son of Rick. Currently Carl is the sole successor to the Grimes family tree.

I have been thinking of the infection moving up through the tank to the next "higher" world like Jacob's ladder but the verse suggests it moving down. I guess in a non-linear perspective it is all happening at once like two pebbles at each end of a pond being dropped at the same time and the waves meeting, overlapping, and moving on their way. The entity "above" could be thought to be in a dual state of existence, both the unknowing corporeal version that passes the plague onward as well as the post-evolved or "angelic" version overseeing the "downward" path. Again, it could be thought of as a pendulum swinging as "tick" and "tock." I need to think more on this to see what makes the best fit but the use of these two verses might be part of the finale. It looks too convenient to pass up and it fits with my theory.
For those that like a puzzle, I'll inflict upon your brains this bit of "dark and light" (http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c385/SSTforumpics/The%20Walking%20Dead/THEORY/DARKLIGHTpub.jpg) graphical exposition. I created it to encapsulate a few of my observations and revelations of this series. You'll either have to "brute force" read parts of it backwards or use a mirror as the concept of dark/light and mirrored reflections are part of the mythology of the series so I have followed suit accordingly. Feel free to ask any questions of any component if the meaning is not clear as I did not make it all self evident to the casual observer.
I can't help but notice that under the Confederate Memorial Carving at Stone Mountain is a reflecting pool. In other words a mirror made of water.

It's not of paramount importance to me really who ends up being in the isolation tank as it's the tank that is the portal or bridge from each world to the next. Using the context of The Song of Hiawatha Minnehaha character meaning of "waterfall", we might also imagine all of the isolation tanks linking the parallel worlds as one long waterfall or river. Indeed I can offer this verse:

Revelation 22:1
"And he showed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb."

I think Frank Darabont has read this and other verses and has put it to use within the mythology of the series.

To me, the series is only going to last as long as it takes Rick to be cornered and bit, perhaps even using the horse's fate in the pilot as a foreshadow of how it might end for Rick in the finale. I've taken the leap using both my logic and intuition that it will be Rick ultimately that is the "man hu" and taken rather creatively I might say by Frank Darabont to become literally the "bread of life" that when eaten will trigger the release of the souls that have been incubating in the bodies of the walkers/geeks. This is what I've mentioned that is contained in John 6:54.

Revelation 3:21 is then (I am theorizing) the followup verse that will be used as the basis of a chain reaction or perhaps more accurately a chain-evolution that will move through all of the multitude of parallel earths like a wave or river of Epsom salt saturated water.

It is too bad that Charlton Heston is still not with us as he starred in not only The Omega Man but the original Planet of the Apes. I'll toss in The Ten Commandments as well and it would have been fantastic to get him to make an appearance in the finale. It would have been a major Booyah(!).

05-08-2011, 08:53 PM
Let's see if I'm ahead of the curve a bit. I'll predict that we'll see a future Nintendo product placement with one of the kids (Carl or Sophia?) playing either a classic 1980's Super Mario Bros. console or it might be a 25th anniversary red variant of the Wii or Nintendo DSi XL console. It would be a way to drop in mention of "Princess Toadstool" and the "Mushroom Kingdom." This goes to both the previous mention of frogs and mushrooms in the context of "psychedelic psychoactive support" to our as yet unknown observer to be shown to us in an isolation tank in the series finale.
If I am understanding what Frank Darabont has in mind for the finale of this series, he will be taking creative license with particular bible verses and using them in a literal context as pertaining to the zombie mythology in The Walking Dead. It goes without saying that when I run these by here again the dark humor will be self evident.

Revelation 2:17
"He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit said to the churches; To him that overcomes will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knows saving he that receives it."

The context (that I am theorizing) in the above verse is that "him that overcomes" means Rick specifically, and the thing to be overcome is to escape from the supposedly unbreakable glass of the main floor CDC area. The "hidden manna" as I have suggested before will be food and fuel, of which the caravan is in critical need of both.

The "white stone" I believe will be Stone Mountain in east Atlanta and the "new name" might be Elias Nour, who is considered to be one of the most notable persons related to Stone Mountain. Among other things he is noted for Elias worked on the Confederate Memorial Carving under all three of the chief carvers. His name is literally written in stone on Stone Mountain.


On another discussion forum I was asked why Dr. Jenner would whisper to Rick something as seemingly unprofound as what I have said will be food & fuel and not just tell everyone there, and all I could answer was that he was only following the instructions in the bible verse and the information was meant for "him that overcomes" because of the last line of "which no man knows saving he that receives it." This is my most detailed breakdown yet of this verse and what I think Jenner whispered to Rick in TS-19.

Next up for analysis is John 6:54 because I believe it will come into play in the eventual finale. It says "Whoever eats my flesh, and drinks my blood, has eternal life; and I will raise him up at the last day." I believe this will be used as literally as our desperate group at the department store in Guts made use of the organ donor notice on the Georgia driver's license of Wayne Dunlap. In other words my theory is that as soon as Rick is caught and at the least bitten and perhaps a "bite" more than that, a global "hatching" of all of the world's walkers will be triggered. It can be thought of as either the biblical "Judgement Day" or as an evolutionary version of Neil Armstrong's moon landing speech. I'd think it could be thought of as "That's one small bite for (a) walker, one giant leap for mankind." :biggrin:

As I have said recently I believe John 6:54 will be followed by the use of Revelation 3:21, of "To him that overcomes will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne." I believe the context of "he who overcomes" which is coincidentally similar to a part of Revelation 2:17 (from TS-19) in this case should be the entire complement of the planetary consciousness that just "overcame" their goal of the pursuing and eating of Rick.

I'll juxtapose the manna that will be rewarded to Rick and those under his charge of food that they'll need to move forward and the manna of Exodus 16:15 which was the bread for the Israelites provided for them in the wilderness in that as Rick will be fulfilled with his manna so too might the walker masses be fulfilled with their manna which I suggest might be Rick himself. We might think of Rick as "second-hand" manna, lol. In fact, those that have viewed my recommended video of The Pharmacratic Inquisition have found the rather humorous suggestion of how Jesus turned water to wine and what the wine consisted of and perhaps see a parallel of a sort. As I included in my little black & white "mirror" graphic previously I am juxtaposing the word "human" and what is said to be the root of "manna" which is "man hu." I'm suggesting that Rick is "man hu" to be consumed in order to trigger the transformation of the hibernating global population of zombies. The observer then would trigger the cause of the next pandemic in the world woken into and so forth, to all parallel realities. I deem this to be awesome.

Although I'm done with my breakdown of what I consider to be important verses connected to the mythology of TWD, I want to add several additional items of interest that I discovered recently regarding Stone Mountain that may very well be brought up in the series. The first is The Carillon Americana- http://www.bryanf.com/smp/Carillon.htm and the second is on the Stone Mountain Loop Trail, between the grist mill and the covered bridge. The trail has a stone walkway with lover's hearts just inches above the lake level. Hmm, might Frank Darabont set Rick upon this so that we might view him as if he was just perhaps "walking on water"? We'll see. What caught my attention regarding this was seeing Lori's heart-shaped necklace and wondering if it was a foreshadow of this location. Season two should be especially interesting for me to see what parts of my analyses will bear fruit.
Here is an update of my fan shrine for TWD (http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c385/SSTforumpics/The%20Walking%20Dead/TWD_SHRINE/TWD_SHRINE16s.jpg), featuring my updated "bowl of manna." It now has the Indian corn I ordered as well as the cornbread MRE side dishes. In the center position I have placed the mushroom red & white theme which include the "Healthy Request" logo of a heart which I consider a bonus clue, lol. If you look at the book it is appropriately titled "Food of the Gods" which has a halfway mushroom-transformed red & white umbrella on the top. If you look over at the back of the RV you'll spot more of the red & white theme, including another can of mushroom soup, Dale's umbrella, a food & beverage cooler, a flag and another of the dozen models I recently made of Amanita muscaria mushrooms and placed around the table. If this example of an artistic diorama assembled from rabbit hole clue-chasing doesn't make me the ultimate fanboy of AMC's The Walking Dead, I'll eat Rick's hat. :)
I'll mention here that the red & white mushroom theme is an overarching set of clues that can be connected even to the color of Maggie Greene's hair, which I've predicted and was likely not a part of Kirkman's Maggie. Besides, it's a black & white comic so I only have my theory to suggest making a prediction that Maggie will be a redhead. How can this connect to my red & white mushroom theme? well, the shrooms have a red cap and I've identified a link to Glenn as "Red Hood" so I projected that on to Maggie. Plus, we have Scarlett O'Hara to consider from the links in the series to Gone With the Wind. This is all quite amazing if I'm correct as a LOT of thought has been applied to tying these themes to each other, much like my own hard work (but loving it) of digging up what the writer's room and showrunner have offered to us.

05-10-2011, 03:09 AM
I went to my local Micheal's craft store to pick up a model of a crab so that I can have what is likely the symbol for the "Cancer" that will infect each world in turn and the link it has also to the water in the isolation tank itself and the "69" which can be thought of as the non-linear "Yin-Yang" loop in the way we have to resolve the timeline paradox.

Anyway, I spotted several other items in proximity to the crab model and I decided to create a mini-diorama of my own invention as a metaphor to describe how the person in the isolation tank (from another alternate reality) might be "swimming" inside Rick's head as a sort of voyeuristic stowaway. I painted a "69" on the crab and drilled holes to support the other items I gathered at the hobby store on stiff wires. Thus the crab became a support base. I placed a scuba diver ascending from the water sign of Cancer and looking up to his eventual destination being the stars. Keeping to the nautical theme I placed two starfish on wires as stars in the cosmos. The left star is just a little bit bigger and higher due to the Pharmacratic Inquisition video's juxtaposition of the Autumn and Winter positions of our sun.

Then I repainted two jellyfish replicas white and added red tops with white spots to them. Thus, they appear as if they are Amanita Muscaria mushrooms that are swimming alongside the diver in the ocean of "dreamtime." The result is that it can be thought of as the person who along with the viewers of the series is watching Rick struggle through his predicament. When at last the "dream" is over (it's not a dream but rather a visit to another copy of reality) the voyeur "surfaces" but carries the infection to his or her own world to begin the process of global transformation anew.

I took a photo of the display with a space pattern fabric background to give it a feel of being out in the cosmos and then placed it onto the table where it became part of the shrine.


I was pleased with how it came out.

The next item to acquire will be a red & white Coca-cola can as I can link it to the sponsor of the Stone Mountain Carillon built for the 1964-1965 New York World's Fair. It's more on my non-linear thinking as I thought of using the cola can and the next day found the info about the Carillon.

I guess I'll review items currently not in the series as clues but that I've considered might become clues in future episodes. They are Glenn's girlfriend having red hair, red & white cola and mushroom soup cans and Super Mario Bros. red & white power-up mushroom.
As part of my theory on TWD I've been able to recycle gland research I did while watching FlashForward. Yes, there are overlapping themes as much as the two shows seem apart from each other. In FF the hippocampus and pineal were my main targets and in this show the pineal (considered the 3rd eye) is a big part because of its link to DMT (Dimethyltryptamine).

As to why Jenner mentioned the Adrenal glands besides them contributing to the shutdown of the body of TS-19 when they hemorrhaged could be related to their sitting atop the kidneys. In my research on the Amanita muscaria mushroom the kidneys absorb the toxins. The video "The Pharmacratic Inquisition" claims the "water of life" to be recycled urine, as the psychoactive elements of the mushroom are still very potent even after passing through the body 5-6 times. Gross trivia but interesting nonetheless as there is indeed "urine therapy" information of the web and writings in history on it.

I think I might have found the show mythology's source of Rick seeming to not have a heartbeat in that a side effect of a heavy dose of psychoactive mushrooms reduces the heart rate. In going back to focus on Jenner mentioning hemorrhaging of the adrenal gland I'll add that the pineal gland is said to produce a beta-carboline called 6-MeOTHBC that not only reduces the pituitary gland but increases the adrenal glands. Reducing the pituitary might inhibit production of cortisol and adrenaline and bring on lethargy. It might be related to Rick's coma as far as our story. The pineal (with me reminding us here of it being said to be the third eye) making 6-MeOTHBC and it being said to cause adrenal gland size increase could be the hemorrhaging Jenner described. What I think is that the writers are taking minor side effects of these substances and magnifying them to support the "mystery" of what the plague is doing.

I think it is very interesting that the adrenal glands are found at the level of the 12th thoracic vertebra. This can be thought to be a link to the number twelve biblically as the 12 apostles and the age difference between Amy and Andrea. The spoon collection mentioned by Rick in the pilot is likely a reference to the number twelve as well as one of the sought after collections is of the apostles. That's a lot of coincidence and I think it is meant to lead us to the concept of an out of body experience caused by DMT, psilocybin "magic" mushrooms, fly agaric mushrooms (Amanita muscaria) and perhaps connected to an isolation tank.

I'll recommend this link as I believe it contains topics that can be linked to themes in The Walking Dead such as light/dark (serotonin/melatonin cycles), the "PSI" that is part of the graffiti in Vatos, ESP that was shown in Jim's prophetic dreams, and more such as the coincidence of a scientist named Norman Dixon. If you don't see the coincidence it goes beyond the last name of the Dixon brothers and adding that Norman Reedus is the actor playing Daryl Dixon. As I've learned there are no coincidences with scriptwriters.

I think a good way of thinking of the series might be as a Pac-Man arcade game. We did in fact see a classic Ms. Pac-Man game in the CDC rec room in TS-19. I'm predicting that Jenner's whisper to Rick is about fuel and food, which might be thought of as a "power pellet" that allows the "game" to continue. The "lives" of Rick might be thought of as the lives of the group Rick is responsible for and he's already lost several. I can't know if Rick will be alone when he is caught and cornered in the finale or if there will be a handful of the characters left in his proximity but when Rick is caught, it should trigger the "hatching" of all of the walkers into what might be seen as either angels or non-corporeal "life-energy."

I've considered the clues here and am still with my original theory idea to describe it of the geeks "hatching", and while not discarding the majority of my research as I think it can be thought to end up supporting a "reality that is a dream that is reality" in the end. I've wavered recently as to who is in the isolation tank and even if there will be one shown as I am trying to wrap my head around all the bits of clue answers but I do see a "reboot" cycle to the beginning of the series, mimicking the death and resurrection of the victims in the apocalypse. I'm still thinking we will be dealing with the concept of out of body experiences and of the idea of Australian aboriginal dreamtime as I see Georgia's Stone Mountain as a stand in for Ayer's Rock. This dreamtime connects with all of the themes like "pipe dreams" and isolation tanks and psychedelic "trips." I am still getting the feeling at present of someone waking up perhaps in a tank and exclaiming "wow, what a trip!" only to be infected with the zombie-pox.
While everyone else will wonder why I'm saying this I know the writer or showrunner responsible (likely Glen Mazzara or Frank Darabont) for including the following in the script for Wildfire will know what I mean. The lines said by Daryl are :

"Take the shot. Clean, in the brain from here. Hell, I can hit a turkey between the eyes from this distance."

I'll suggest that the mention of a turkey (as food), although it is more urban legend than factoid, links to the hormone melatonin as the "hormone of darkness" and its purpose of regulating our biological clock and support of vivid dreaming. The "between the eyes" part can be considered mention of the pineal gland, which produces melatonin as well as being called the "third eye" in psi circles. Well done Glen, or whoever subtlety inserted this incredibly well hidden clue relating to several repeating themes in The Walking Dead. Either it was as deviously clever as I have just asserted it was or the turkey was just enjoying a cigar, which sometimes is just a cigar. ;) If it was intentional, I just called it out. This is about as anal as it gets friends, lol.

05-11-2011, 02:15 PM
Even though most of the embedded clues point to out of body experiences enabled by the psychoactive drugs I've mentioned, I have to consider that we might not be shown something as overt an an actual isolation tank. It might be as subtle as a person, much like Rick was before he awoke in the hospital, that is in a coma. This would require an explanation of some kind that would establish not only a telepathic link to Rick but one that would follow him after Rick leaves the hospital and throughout the series. Because this link to Rick would have to connect to the other coma patient that would end up being patient zero of the global apocalypse that Jenner called Wildfire it would need to timeslip backwards. I'm going to describe this in terms that would say the two brains are quantum-entangled. More on this later.
I'll make note of a possible book candidate for mention in TWD. It is called The Wound and the Bow and is by Edmund Wilson. I stumbled on it when looking at an article on the quantum mind here:

"The wound" could refer to Rick's gunshot wound while "the bow" could be Daryl and his crossbow. The book is an essay that might be juxtaposed with the phrase "that which does not kill me makes me stronger" perhaps as for Wilson each of the stories in the collection are themed on the idea that those who go through extraordinary suffering are granted extraordinary powers of creation. That works perfectly for my theory of the series that all of the suffering of the world and of the survivors and ultimately down to Rick will be turned upwards at the finale to final victory through a transformational genetic process.
While I'm not saying that I'm dropping the idea of parallel realities in the series, for the purpose of my thought experiment in this comment let's just use the idea of a single world.

Let's assume Rick was linked to another person who was in a heavily medicated coma or in an isolation tank about five months before Rick was shot or about six months before Rick woke up. If we assume further that the established link continues after Rick wakes up and the other person is "remote-viewing" Rick, then all of Rick's experiences are seen exactly as we the viewers are seeing the episodes. If, as I have suggested, Rick is finally cornered and at least bitten (or worse) Rick will transform into a walker. This could pull a dual trigger as Rick's end could become the final stage of metamorphosis of the world's walkers into a non-corporeal life form and also time slip the contagion back into the person that was linked to Rick's mind and bootstrap the beginning of Wildfire. Even though this creates a paradox of reversing cause and effect the concept has been used many times in fiction and is even beginning to be understood in science over the past number of years.

This can either be thought of as a domino knocking itself over without being touched or as a row of identical dominoes (as parallel worlds) that is seen falling down without observing why the first one fell at all unless it is considered that the last one did it retrocausally.

I might even describe the pairing of Rick and this other person as a "dynamic duo" from a certain perspective, adding in the Batman theme that I see. :batman:
The meaning behind the several iterations of the theme of hearts being displayed such as Lori's pendant and some in the paddle or oar in Rick's house I believe isn't love as would be the obvious leap in this. I think it's indirectly aimed at the brain, which is indeed at the core of the show as shown to us by Morgan and Daryl's comments and focused on in the TS-19 episode. In ancient Egypt when being embalmed, bodies had the hearts removed and carefully placed in a container as it was considered the seat of the soul. As for the brain, it was liquified and drawn out through the nose and disposed of as waste. It was only much later than the idea of the seat of the soul was moved from the heart to the brain.
If the link is followed that is at the bottom of the wustl website I mentioned recently you will find what I can safely say is a "roomful of geeks." The direct link is here.


Although it would seem to be a far cry from The Walking Dead series at first glimpse, I hold that this discussion regarding human consciousness and reality might find a home in the eventual finale of this very fine series about a group of human survivors trying to survive in a world gone to seed (literally) with zombies.

I really liked the different perspectives on the pitcher of water that were brought up by Deepak Chopra.

At around the 1/2 hour mark Everett's Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics is brought up.

There is a quote (attributed incorrectly in the video to John Wheeler btw) that I think describes a bootstrap paradox and an Ouroboros extremely well.

"In the beginning there were only probabilities. The universe could only come into existence if someone observed it. It does not matter that the observers turned up several billion years later. The universe exists because we are aware of it." Martin Rees, Baron Rees of Ludlow

Thus, if I'm to end up being correct in my theory that the zombie apocalypse in The Walking Dead will be caused by Rick being caught and "bit" as Morgan warned in the pilot by a walker, or eaten by a gaggle of them, the "observer" that might be remote viewing Rick's travels will become the first one infected, around five months before Rick and Shane are eating fries and talking about Lori. Rick Grimes is essentially a "bootstrap steak." :biggrin:

I'll remind the viewers that the first Terminator film (that was produced and co-written by Gale Anne Hurd) included a story with a bootstrap paradox that involved the character Kyle Reese.
I might need to rethink my solution of what the heart symbol means as I found The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav. The best way to explain this is to quote from a short video clip that states "The path to understanding the soul is through the heart, not the mind."


Although it might be a reach too far I'll mention this because it did occur to me to be a possible link between Bell's Theorem and the Carillon at Stone Mountain. One thing that I might offer to help anchor me in this idea is that I've already linked Rick to the "dreamtime observer" that will eventually become the source of the infection in my theory and there is something in quantum mechanics called an Einstein-Rosen Bridge which seems convenient for me to latch onto.

Even if this is part of the mythology of the show I don't expect too much of it to be revealed in the finale as it would be better to just allude to it and let the audience soak on it after the credits roll. The main critique I'd think of my idea would be that this is a horror series and not science fiction. I'd counter that the film Alien is as much if not more a horror show than a sci-fi. The same nearly goes for Stephen King's The Langoliers as it is light sci-fi but still a great horror story.

05-12-2011, 05:38 PM
For those interested in the background of the Governor from the comic series, there is this from EW:

Holy broken mirrors Batman :batman: they're switching to alternate universes with the hospital bed in the hallway too. The episode 101 version has a one-piece roll bar with curved elbows and an IV mounting bracket set low and shaped differently than the bed in the episode 106 flashback. That bed has a roll bar that is squared off and the IV bracket is much higher.

When we add this discrepancy to the bed covers on Rick that are down in 106 and up in 101, plus the gloves that disappear too quickly in 106 for Shane to remove and the multiple greeting card "tricks" played in both episodes to me is a clear sign of juxtaposing parallel worlds that are nearly the same. This fits with Hugh Everett's Many Worlds Interpretation and should be included in the series in order to be able to explain where the infection came from. I'm saying it will be an observer remote viewing Rick from the past and in another reality that is either in an isolation tank or might be in a coma similar to Rick's. As I currently understand it when the show ends if I'm right this link will be broken when Rick is infected, which will then infect the person in the next world "in line" but the "clock" will be set back at the same point that Jenner said Wildfire began.

It's not purgatory as the Ouroboros isn't stationary but is rather rolling forward down the paths and following the forks as the universes split off. This "rolling Ouroboros python zombie-pox" (python due to Rick's sidearm model name) itself duplicates when a fork happens and would act in a similar fashion to the progression of any infection being passed in an exponential pattern. Thus the genesis of the disease would have to originate in the original world root that spawned all the others and would not seem to have anything to get it from. This could be resolved as the act of a divine source or if the curvature of spacetime of the last world infected was thought to circle back and infect the original one and complete the circuit making a larger Ouroboros (theoretically). No wonder the word "geek" is in the series, lol.

As yet I don't see a way for Rick (rather another Rick) to be this observer and besides to have Rick and Shane be out of the loop (that's an Ouroboros joke) and be oblivious of Wildfire it can't be a local disease but is likely on the other side of the world. This would follow the day/night theme perhaps and put the infected person as far from Atlanta as possible.

On a hunch because of the day/night theme I looked at where the antipodal location of Atlanta is and found it in the middle of the Indian ocean, west of Australia. Although it's 3000 miles west of it, on a global scale it's in the neighborhood of Ayer's Rock that I think will be linked to Atlanta's Stone Mountain which has its own history with the Native American culture. Because of the water theme in the series that is a component of the isolation tank function and Dale's RV as a metaphorical Noah's Ark I can visualize Frank Darabont perhaps placing the observer at sea in the Indian Ocean, maybe on a cruise ship. This is another of my intuitive far reaches but as more episodes are shown I can see if this is a good line of thinking. If I go my original favorite finale spot of Mackinac Is. it is still in the Indian Ocean and farther from landfall in India. Hey, at least because of the western term of "Indian" being taken from India itself by mistake I can see a way the "Indian" ocean can be juxtaposed with the Native American "Indian" theme I have discovered as in The Song of Hiawatha. We might find out that the remote-viewing observer from a parallel world will be located in the Indian Ocean. Now that would be a great guess for me to shoot an arrow at and hit from only seeing six episodes.

05-13-2011, 08:04 PM
I have to admit that this fried my brain and I'm the author of it. :rolleyes:


I received my red and white Santa Clause nesting dolls (five levels deep) today and have added them to my fan shrine of The Walking Dead.
This should inflict more aspirin intake, as it combines Hugh Everett's Many World Interpretation with the way I am thinking that the infection jumps between universes. The zombie-pox can't actually move physically but the information crosses from Rick's mind to the observer's and when the observer returns to his or her body it is genetically transformed, thus seeding the plague in a new world.

I learned of this from the folks at losttv-forum. WD fans should love it.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DszVEMqhW0&feature (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DszVEMqhW0&feature=player_embedded)

05-15-2011, 04:34 PM
Hmm, perhaps an alternative term to think of that the letters "RV" would not normally stand for when looking at Dale's RV is "Remote Viewing." ;)
I've done a newer iteration of my theory of the source for the infection. For those that don't see the difference between the two, I've added the concept of Jacob's Ladder to the graphic. The observer(s) "descends" the ladder while the infection "climbs" it. We have seen examples of this but as subtle metaphors. In episode 102 Glenn takes Rick into the alley after escaping the tank (itself a metaphor for an isolation tank which can provide a dreamtime experience) and they both climb "Jacob's Ladder." Two episodes later Glenn takes Daryl down the same ladder.

Notice that Glenn is in both situations. I have already placed Glenn as the Archangel Gabriel, messenger extraordinaire and he also delivers a heavenly pizza. ;)

I'll recommend saving the file for closer viewing as it is a bit detailed. Truth be told, consider this comment to be a "stream of consciousness" example as I had not fixed who I think the observer/ remote-viewer was but when I described how the ladder was used it told me the answer (!!!) as I was describing the metaphor of Glenn taking Rick "up" and Daryl "down."

If it turns out Daryl doesn't have an identical twin then I suppose the Ford F-100 at the farm would mean that in a different world than the reference world we are mostly viewing when watching the series it was Daryl himself and he didn't join the group at the quarry later. I'd much prefer Daryl to have a twin that "takes the trip" to another world and follows Rick around. Besides, I love the "other brother Daryl" being a part of the series mythology and having him on a walkabout near Uluru and Alice Springs. I'd totally think that was far out. ;)


Oh, and I'll assume the "stuff" Merle had was a white powder form of psilocybe mushrooms, just to keep the mythology consistent and make it a clue.
I just hit upon who the mystery person is that I have remote viewing Rick from waking in the room to the end of the series and it's Daryl!. At first it doesn't logically work as whoever the person that begins Wildfire six months before Rick wakes from his coma can't be one of our group of survivors. First, he'd be a walker and also all of our characters would be dead, lol. Besides, Jenner said they all passed the blood test. That leaves my logic to borrow a piece of mythology from the series Newhart, meaning the three brothers of Larry, Darryl and Darryl. I'm serious here. Really.

If Daryl had an identical twin brother that was in another part of the world, let's say on walkabout in Australia (hey, it might happen) then it might be that character who is on a trip and remote viewing Rick from another parallel world. Regardless of whether we discover that Daryl had an identical twin, I'm saying that Norman Reedus will play the character that begins Wildfire.

I'll continue my "insane" idea further and it should make you pause before guffawing further. What happened in the finale to Newhart, hmm??? It was called "The Last Newhart" and swapped Mary Frann with Suzanne Pleshette. Thus, the entire Newhart series was a dream, lol. It's still considered by many to be the best series finales in television history. There is more! It looks like Mary Frann was a blonde while Suzanne Pleshette was a brunette.

This quote is from the wiki entry on Newhart.

Then a light is turned on, and viewers see Dr. Bob Hartley in bed, saying, "Honey, you won't believe the dream I just had." Emily (Suzanne Pleshette, Hartley's wife from The Bob Newhart Show) turns on the light and rolls over to speak with him. The bedroom is a recreation from The Bob Newhart Show, and — in a parody of a 1980s television vogue — the entire Newhart series (and presumably Dick Loudon's entire existence) is revealed to have been nothing more than a dream in the mind of Bob Newhart's 1970s character. Bob tells Emily that in the dream, he lived in a weird Vermont town surrounded by strange people: a snobbish maid and her alliterative husband, a dense handyman, and three eccentric woodsmen, two of whom were mute.

So we get a connection to Shane's light switch talk, lol :idea: :idea: :idea:

The three brothers are backwoodsmen whose last name we never know (now alluded to by Frank Darabont as Dixon???). :lol:

Also, the time period of the 70's for The Bob Newhart Show and the 80's for Newhart work for the vehicles in those date ranges.

I'll toss in that Russell Johnson was a guest. You gotta love that trivia.

Have I fried your brain out yet?

Anyway, the ending of Newhart as a dream and Daryl Dixon maybe having an identical twin brother (maybe they'll say his name is Larry, perhaps) in TWD is too cool not to believe in and as the author of this theory I'll be the first to sign on to my newest components of my overall theory. Booyah!

With all the humility I can muster, "Damn I'm good." :lol: :rolleyes:

This is the best series... ever. :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
Also, we have a psychologist, Robert Hartley, Ph.D., which I can link to the repeating theme of seeing hearts in the series.
I've even got this locked in from another tangent, as I had decoded Longfellow's The Song of Hiawatha before to link Rick with Mudjekeewis and Daryl as Hiawatha. Hiawatha's father is Mudjekeewis and if I may be allowed to inflict again upon those who are reading this with my series "countdown" of John 6:54 followed right after by Revelation 3:21, we get the following sequence:

Whoever eats my flesh, and drinks my blood, has eternal life; and I will raise him up at the last day.To him that overcomes will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne.I'm predicting that Rick will be cornered and caught up to in the finale and fail Morgan's warning to "don't get bit." Using my finding of Rick as a metaphor of Jesus, the series mythology will make creative use of the verses above and have Rick's flesh become an MRE (Messiah, Ready to Eat). :rolleyes:

After we see the world get released from their mortal shells, who I now think is Daryl (regardless of his name he'll be played by Norman Reedus), will snap back to his reality but carry the seed of the zombie-pox and begin Wildfire on his particular world. The second verse comes into play in my MWI multiverse graphic after we see the world overcoming the pain and suffering of what we are seeing in the series, both humans and walkers. Perhaps the "throne" mentioned in the second verse could be thought of in the series mythology as Rick's body, or more accurately his brain/mind. The visiting Daryl is basically a stowaway and is seeing what Rick sees. What is also said by Longfellow fits in nicely as Mudjekeewis says to Hiawatha:

"And at last when Death draws near you,
When the awful eyes of Pauguk
Glare upon you in the darkness,
I will share my kingdom with you,
Ruler shall you be thenceforward
Of the Northwest-Wind, Keewaydin,
Of the home-wind, the Keewaydin."
Thus, I can now see the connection between the tank (as an isolation tank), Rick and Glenn going up the ladder, two episodes later Daryl and Glenn going down the ladder, the ladder itself as well as the blue scissor lift, and the numbers 69 and 108 that are in the alley. Back at the tank, we have the last scene in the pilot elevating the camera while looking down in a spiral movement and reversing this in the second episode to return to the tank. This not only emotes the "ladder up- ladder down" of Jacob's ladder but as I've mentioned before that the camera is tracing out in the air the double helix of DNA. We have another 69 on the tank, with the letter part of the tank ID being TA. The TA sequence is one of the two pairings of genetic building blocks.

I'll now add for the first time something new in the alley that I hadn't seen before which is a graffiti "3C" seen in episode 102 (http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c385/SSTforumpics/The%20Walking%20Dead/EP102/EP102_ALLEY_3C.jpg) when Rick and Glenn run to the ladder. It turns out that 3C is defined as either Chromosome Conformation Capture or as Chromatin Conformation Capture. The first acronym is linked to gene expression, DNA replication and repair, and recombination. The second seems to be linked to understanding the three dimensional structure of the genome. I found these using two sources (the 1st with Wikipedia & the 2nd with YouTube) but I feel that they are really different aspects of the same thing. So we are seeing a "manna-crumb" trail leading from the tank to the alley and up the ladder to the department store.

Switching context back to my revelation tonight of Norman Reedus "acting" (possibly) as our remote viewer, a clue for this might be thought of if we consider that the Ford F-100 at what I'll call the "Dixon farm" where Rick picks up the horse is an "identical twin" to the one that Daryl has parked at the quarry while he is hunting. I'll go ahead and commit to the view at this point and time that the truck is a twin of Daryl's and is a foreshadow that Daryl has an identical twin, and that the farm where the "God Forgive Us" is written in blood belongs to the Dixon clan. The sign itself might be in reference to the couple's foreknowledge that this other brother of Merle and Daryl was the origin of the apocalypse and brings it from being a random item for viewers to make note of into sharp focus.

05-16-2011, 04:33 PM
Today I received my copy of Life magazine, dated May 13, 1957. For those that might wish to satisfy their curiosity and read the article that I hold is an important part of the clue trail to the series mythology without needing to satisfy any perceived obsession to own a copy as I have, I'll offer this online version.


First off, I'll mention my enjoyment of seeing Bert Lahr on the cover for if we do get to see hints of a yellow brick road and the land of Oz (and/or Australia) get mentioned then we can toss in the synchronicity of the Cowardly Lion being on this cover of Life.

I'm also going to be on the lookout to see if Frank Darabont drops into the series any of the characters finding and consuming chocolate milk, because the article states it is a preparatory part of the divine mushroom ceremony that the article's author joined in, in southern Mexico (Mixiteco country). I'll present this then as a non-linear clue discovery as we haven't seen it yet. :biggrin:

I'll note that the shaman and local Indian population use a combination of pre-Christian and Christian religious themes. The ceremony used an alter table with images of the Child Jesus and Baptism in Jordan. The mushrooms are apportioned in pairs, with the newcomers getting six pair and the shaman and her daughter getting 13 pair. Six pair would be a collection of twelve mushrooms and although a reach I'll mention for fun Rick's statement about the spoon collection (I claim alluding to the number twelve) to a Shane that wasn't there to hear it. When we did see Shane just before that the view was blurred as if Rick was under the influence of a hallucinogen. This could be a link to Daryl's twin brother, perhaps, beginning his adventure along with Rick. I don't see this visitor's vision as necessarily all from Rick's POV as we also see several "fly on the wall" camera angles in Rick's hospital room that could be thought of as out-of-body perspectives.

Back to the article. Before midnight the last candle was put out in the ceremony, leaving the visitors that had just consumed the mushrooms in total darkness. This was the normal practice and they were left that way until dawn. The visions happened whether their eyes were open or not.

I'll quote this part as I hold that it is a key to understanding our voyeuristic stowaway that my theory states is following Rick.

"It seemed as though I was viewing a world of which I was not a part and with which I could not hope to establish contact. There I was, poised in space, a disembodied eye, invisible, incorporeal, seeing but not seen."

This perfectly describes what I am theorizing, from the perspective of who I'll call "Merle's other brother Daryl." Yes, I'm alluding to the series Newhart and I'm quite serious although I don't think Daryl and Merle's brother will have that name, lol. Perhaps I need to call him "Larry." Yeah, Larry Dixon is a great placeholder until we discover his name that Frank Darabont gave the character but it might end up being Larry. It's what I'd do, lol.

The article mentions the thirty year investigation of mushrooms and their cultural connections in Russia (Wasson's wife was Russian) and distant lands like Siberia and New Guinea. It mentions that the Buddha ate a plate of mushrooms, according to one school, before translating to nirvana. Cortez found the Aztecs eating mushrooms during religious ceremonies and that they were called "God's flesh." Guatemalan Mayas carved "mushroom stones" perhaps as far back as 1000 B.C. the article states.

A phrase used to answer a question to the Mixiteco Indians about the mushroom's effects was stated as "Le Ilevan ahi donde Dios esta" or "They carry you there where God is."

I'll be on the lookout for a character (if they decide to include her) by the name of Eva Mendez, as it would be something I'd do if I was contributing to the creative communal writer's room of The Walking Dead.

In Mexico there are seven kinds of hallucinogenic mushrooms, at least in 1957 that is. The article claims that Mexican Indians think the mushrooms hold the key to what we call ESP. Besides my theory suggesting that the "key clues" in the series link to genetic transformation I believe they also link to the psychotropic journey that itself allows the transformation to take place and move between realities.

This next part is a critical clue (I believe) to explaining how time is handled in the series mythology. The article says mushrooms destroy the sense of time.

"On the night that we have described we lived through aeons. When it seemed to us that a sequence of visions had lasted for years, our watches would tell us that only seconds had passed. The pupils of our eyes were dilated, the pulse ran slow."

So am I glad that I decided to pursue adding this old Life magazine issue next to my 1963 Batman comic? You betcha I'm glad.
This bit of creative fun really does not help to convince anyone of my theory but will likely only close the door on my rubber room and leave me with no visitors, lol.


Anyway, my creative imagination saw the patterns that could be thought of as a climbing snake and a stack of bows & arrows. Regardless of this seeming example of quackery I hold tightly to my theory of Rick's "death" in the series finale releasing the world's billions of zombies as if they were immortal butterflies emerging from human-sized cocoons and the series revealing alternate realities that were integral to both infecting our reality as our reality will pass the baton of genetically advanced mankind onward to the next world.
I added a bit of "Dante" to this photo of Rick meeting the zombie horde in Atlanta and although the connection wasn't my find I have adopted it into my overall theory. Enjoy.

This is fun to consider as freaky coincidence (or a deed done by Frank Darabont lol) but if you grant me the notion that I will be right that from my point of looking at clues our world will be perceived as if it is in a dream, then I'll point out the synchronicity that the address of 83 Walton St NW # 4, which is next to the sign above happens to be what I think is the office of "The Atlanta Dream", Atlanta's WNBA team. Google maps street view shows "Atlanta Dream" in the intersection. (http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c385/SSTforumpics/The%20Walking%20Dead/EP101/EP101__ATLANTA_DREAM.jpg) Either that or Frank Darabont edited Google Maps and added "Atlanta Dream" to their system, thus leaving it as a clue on the internet, lol.

05-17-2011, 04:48 PM
Ah, the fun of starting a conspiracy theory will have to be tabled, as I found this.

Atlanta Dream
83 Walton Street NW
Suite 500
Atlanta, GA 30303

Still, it is a fantastic bit of synchronicity (if my theory is right) that I wonder if Frank Darabont knows of.
Here's a darn big spoiler for you (although it's a theory still). OK, I'll call it a nonlinear spoiler as this is all sourcing clues from past episodes and if I'm right it'll be a spoiler in the context of the current time frame. :biggrin:

Instead of graphics like I've done lately I'll try it in text form.

The cause of the zombie apocalypse is...

Merle's "other brother Daryl", also played by Norman Reedus. Don't laugh. Norman will play Daryl's twin bro. The finale would have to show a long flashback which would be the entire series length back to around six months before Rick woke from his coma. This new brother will have caught the zombie-pox by having an out-of-body experience, likely drugged and perhaps inside of an isolation tank, after visiting a near-copy of one of the infinite worlds as per Hugh Everett's 1957 theory of the multiverse. He will have followed Rick around all series long after the coma and when Rick finally falls victim in the finale Norman's surprise new character will return to his reality. Because the journey wasn't physical it will be a case of genetic transformation (mind over matter). I'll recommend 1980's Altered States for a movie-metaphor. It will be either overtly said or alluded to but this will be happening through all of the worlds of the multiverse. In a sense, it will be a non-linear chain reaction. There are more details but I think that was a lot to contemplate on, to be fair. My own brain fried and I'm the one who put it all together.

So in the finale Rick will give it to Merle's and Daryl's brother (remember, Daryl's twin) in another world who will give it to that world who will eventually give it to that world's Rick, who has his brain "entangled" with yet another copy of Daryl's twin from yet another parallel world.

Remember, this exposition of mine didn't include explaining any of my trail of clues but this is already rambling, which I'm good at. I'll hint that part of it is from the tank Rick is trapped in, down the alley and up the ladder. Another clue trail is found at the farm where Rick picks up the horse and includes the "God Forgive Us" message and something else at the farm. This brother should be in a distant area far away from Atlanta, perhaps southern Mexico, Peru, or I've even thought of Australia, as we need to allow for wildfire to reach Atlanta late in the game.
As far as incorporating The Wizard of Oz into the AMC WD mythology, each world in the "many worlds" is both Kansas and Oz, depending on the perspective juxtaposing the remote viewing observer and the subject world that is being observed. The bridge metaphor theme in the series can also be thought of as a rainbow. Considering the allusions that I see pointing to dimethyltryptamine, the Sonoran desert toad, psilocybin mushrooms and their toxic cousins Amanita muscaria, and isolation tanks, I can imagine multicolored rainbows as a very creative complement to the bridge theme that to me signifies the connection between worlds that will be the conduit for the transmission of the genetic information to the other worlds. I'll predict that we'll see a few rainbows perhaps in future episodes of The Walking Dead.
With thoughts of mushrooms on my mind of late I can't forget to mention that this is the 31st anniversary of Mt. St. Helens. Here was a little burp about two months after the main eruption, sporting a very nice 'shroomy appearance. http://tinyurl.com/3be2ufr

By the way, I live a little over 30 miles due west of the mountain and have for most of my life. I watched it erupt without the aid of a television screen to show it and was able to see it with my bare eyes. Two days later I was in a Huey exactly like the one Rick saw in the pilot and was an observer looking for survivors. We flew just north of the mountain and over the moonscape of destruction that was wrought back then. I'll use the word apocalyptic and it say it wasn't an overstated choice. [/URL] [URL]http://gallery.usgs.gov/videos/234 (http://tinyurl.com/3be2ufr)

05-19-2011, 01:52 AM
What I found seems to say where season two will be filming so I'll spoiler it.

http://www.mtv.com/videos/movies/651531 ... dead.jhtml (http://www.mtv.com/videos/movies/651531/norman-reedus-teases-the-upcoming-season-of-walking-dead.jhtml)

I'll back up what is said by Norman Reedus above as it jibes with what I found in the casting call info below of "must be available to work on southside of Atlanta."

Anyone close to Atlanta and really skinny might try out to be a zombie.

http://www.beforethetrailer.com/?s=The+ ... ad&x=0&y=0 (http://www.beforethetrailer.com/?s=The+Walking+Dead&x=0&y=0)
I like it that the CDC is now promoting AMC's The Walking Dead.


And here is my favorite of their promo pictures.

OK, I'll admit that this CDC poster wasn't in episode six of TS-19 but I just had to add one to this screencap.

What do we do while waiting for the series to come back? Why, play The Walking Dead board game based on Robert Kirkman's comic series of course.


Sam G
05-20-2011, 09:20 AM
http://commonhealth.wbur.org/2011/05/cdc-zombie-apocalypse/ - here's the poster

05-20-2011, 05:41 PM
http://commonhealth.wbur.org/2011/05/cdc-zombie-apocalypse/ - here's the poster

I could not source the poster photo at the CDC site but I took the "consumerfriendly/flickr" as a likely lead and it took me to where it was sourced from. The reflection is a clue that it was a photo taken of a poster behind glass and then placed on the web, but about 4-1/2 years ago (!). http://www.flickr.com/photos/consumerfriendly/286172287/

Thus, the article in a way alludes to the poster being part of the new CDC public awareness campaign if one does not look too closely. It sure looked to me like it was "official" but apparently not. Now I wonder what it was connected too.

The white "spots" look like light bulbs on a large overhead light fixture that is part of the reflection. The person taking the picture is also in the reflection.
I found these two guys (http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c385/SSTforumpics/The%20Walking%20Dead/TWD_SHRINE/TWD_SHRINE19.jpg) at my local hobby store at 50% off and had to have them. They fit well into my overall theory for several reasons (both have Amanita muscaria mushrooms and wear red hats). The one holding the flag originally held a nutshell bucket but I thought to have him wave the flag a bit instead. The one that's snoozing is perhaps watching Rick in an alternate reality, lol.
Richard, who I met over at AMC discussions, brought up what he thought was either a continuity error or a hint that the walkers could have been dating back perhaps as long as the last winter, six months back. My thought was that because of the calmness of Rick and Shane's "french fry chat" in the pilot not just Atlanta but the entire area should not have had any cases of the pandemic. The fact that the downtown Atlanta walkers looked too warmly dressed for July perhaps might have other solutions. One is that covering up the zombie extras with long sleeve shirts and no shorts is a way to cut down the makeup time and second, there seemed to be hints planted in several episodes that the otherwise sweltering temperatures in Atlanta during summer was at odds with the characters making mention of cool nights where there should not be any.

Since Shane mentioned global warming in the "french fry talk" and we have the scene when Rick spends his first night at the quarry camp watching Ed throw a forbidden log on the fire because it was cold, we might have yet another juxtaposition of alternate realities like with the gurneys, gloves and cards in the hospital. Although Atlanta summer nights are about twenty degrees cooler I wouldn't call them "cool" at all. I just talked to a visiting cousin whose husband's sister lives near Atlanta and after asking him he said it is very warm and humid even at night, confirming my suspicions.

As long as we are on the subject of temperatures in Atlanta, I have this to add for general consideration to my earlier notice of the writers deciding to include "cool air" in the episodes like I did with Ed around the fire.

In the pilot episode Morgan said this to Rick and I don't think I have to add more content for us to know when it was said.

Morgan: "They're even more active after dark sometimes. "Maybe it's the cool air or hell, maybe it's just me firing that gun today."

Regardless of the evidence to the contrary, the writers seem to want to add mention of cool nights (in more than one episode) where there should not be any. My feeling is that the writers are trying to plant comparisons of day versus night not only regarding the light and dark but also as hot versus cool. My thinking is that mentioning temperature along with light conditions (regardless of the accuracy) only adds to the nocturnal comparisons I have made to bats seeking out cool, dark caves during the day and coming out to hunt at night.

Having Shane mentioning global warming in the pilot and then later perhaps alluding to a version of Atlanta that is cool during the evenings (in the summer) could be taken as a hint that some of the scenes, especially at night, are of alternate worlds with their version of Atlanta not experiencing the same temperatures as others. Remember, Ed didn't say cool as much as it was cold. In Atlanta? In what appears to be July? Juxtapose that with the day scenes at 100 degrees and that is quite a temperature swing for a single Atlanta. And we all missed it until Richard spotted it. I can't see walkers dating back six months (to me about a month works) but I can imagine walkers dressed for an Atlanta that isn't "ours."

So teamwork pays off, once again. Richard sees walkers a little too warmly dressed and partsguy adds the lack of shorts anywhere. This causes me to bring up multiple iterations of episodes using the words cool and cold where the maximum temperature swing is twenty degrees at most. It's either that Richard is right that these walkers were infected as humans six months back or they are "fresher" examples (a month or so) from an Atlanta without global warming that would mean another "log on the fire" for my theory of multiple realities.
I'll add this as I think we'll see them in future episodes.


Why? The way I figure this, rainbows are yet another way of adding to the bridge theme I see as the connection between each of the parallel worlds. I've mentioned that Gone With the Wind has a "chronological cousin" from 1939 being The Wizard of Oz that certainly includes rainbows and the Emerald city. I did a search in Genesis and Revelation and discovered rainbows and even "a rainbow round about the throne, in sight like to an emerald" (Revelation 4:3). I cannot envision Frank Darabont using psychedelics without the "bridge" between worlds being perceived as a rainbow perhaps. It's too good not to use.

Revelation 10: 1 of "And I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud: and a rainbow was on his head, and his face was as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire" describes who I think will be a new character in the finale played by Norman Reedus as a Dixon brother we haven't seen yet.

Back in Genesis 9:13 of "I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth" is also translated as bow being rainbow.

I feel we might see Ezekiel 1:28 fitting into an episode as well.

Daryl Dixon (twin brother of our observer perhaps) uses a crossbow which I've claimed is a metaphor for a cross and a bow so it might as well be a rain-bow crossbow too. As far as the model being a "Scout" I see it as just another way of saying the word "observer."

05-21-2011, 08:01 PM
Angela from AMC dug up something more detailed than I had when considering Shane's 22 necklace.

The region (locus) of a chromosome that encodes an antibody is large and contains several distinct genes for each domain of the antibody—the locus containing heavy chain genes (IGH@) is found on chromosome 14, and the loci containing lambda and kappa light chain genes (IGL@ and IGK@) are found on chromosomes 22 and 2 in humans.

Chromosome 22...."light" chain genes.....hmmmmm

When added to what I have offered of Shane's "grandma Jean spelled as GENE" comment and after I decoding Shane's "light switch sermon" and finding what I hold to be what influenced Frank Darabont in creating his version of the mythology (the PBS episodes Ape Genius and What Darwin Never Knew) it opens up more info. I have been reconsidering that the primary solution for Shane's chain necklace with the 22 on it points to chromosomes but in a more generic fashion of 22 autosomes. Chromosomes were also part of Shane's "sermon" by the way. If the pair of sex chromosomes are discounted (and even this is mentioned as Shane says his are different from a woman's) then the number of autosomes is twenty-two.

I'll contribute also that Shane's clue is in the form of a chain necklace and DNA is formed from two chains of nucleotides. My previous solution of seeing The Song of Hiawatha and the Book of Genesis being 22 chapters is still a happy coincidence and might be known to Frank Darabont. Angela has a very good find.
There might be a connection between chromosome # 22 and the several iterations of what I'll call a heart theme. Several conditions (cat-eye syndrome and deletion syndrome) are linked to chromosome # 22 and include heart defects. The list at the moment of my sightings of hearts are in one of the cut-outs in the wooden oar in the Grimes' home (on the wall as a decoration), and Lori's heart-locket. Also, Morgan mentioned that when things got crazy the reason they had to lay low in the Drake home was because his wife had a heart condition. So I'm attaching these together to see where they lead. They might lead to chromosome # 22 but we have more time and episodes to collect additional "samples" of hearts.

Another possible answer is "Chromosome 22 Ring", where the ends break loose and reconnect forming a ring. The symptoms that were of interest to me were diminished muscle tone (hypotonia) and motor incoordination; an unsteady manner of walking (gait). Hmm! This makes me want to look again at Grandma "Gene's" vase (http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c385/SSTforumpics/The%20Walking%20Dead/EP101/EP101_GENE_VASE.jpg).
I just had the epiphany that my theory-graphic of the "Many Worlds Pandemic" (http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c385/SSTforumpics/The%20Walking%20Dead/THEORY/MW_APOCALYPSE_THEORY.jpg) I created less than a week ago matches very nicely with the first part of Bob Dylan's "Tomorrow Is A Long Time" that closed season one. The "python-like" zig-zag can also be thought of as driving up a mountain road in a switchback pattern (!)

I hold the opinion that this is no coincidence.

"Tomorrow Is A Long Time"
If today was not an endless highway
If tonight was not a crooked trail...


05-22-2011, 08:37 PM
Another way to think of rainbows is in the iridescence of some pearls. The seashell theme (that includes pearls as a consequence) that I saw in The Song of Hiawatha should be really supportive of the saltwater component of an isolation tank. Thus, with that now connected further (I believe) to the mind-bridge between worlds that passes the infection onward we can see yet another reason to perhaps hold that pearls will have further meaning. I've already used the idea of the Many Worlds as an infinite string of pearls metaphor and have had a set of cheap pearls as part of my artifact collection. I'm also planning to add a set of "world beads" to further the metaphor of my Many Worlds pan-Apocalypse.

I cannot forget my biblical research that used pearls also (the "pearly gates" anyone?) and those are included in this Wikipedia article. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pearl such as Revelation 21:21 of ""And the twelve gates were twelve pearls; every gate was of one pearl..." So we see the number twelve yet again as well.

I'm going to quote the Hindu section of the Wikipedia Pearl entry above because among other things like relating to snakes (Rick's Python) we find a contextual link between pearls and the number 108 which I observed in the alley near the tank. in episodes 102 and 104.

Hindu scriptures

The Hindu tradition describes the sacred Nine Pearls which were first documented in the Garuda Purana, one of the books of the Hindu mythology. Ayurveda contains references to pearl powder as a stimulant of digestion and to treat mental ailments. According to Marco Polo, the kings of Malabar wore a necklace of 108 rubies and 108 precious pearls which was given from one generation of kings to the next. The reason was that every king had to say 108 prayers every morning and every evening. At least until the beginning of the 20th century it was a Hindu custom to present a completely new, undrilled pearl and pierce it during the ceremony.

The Pearl or Mukta in Sanskrit is also associated with many Hindu deities. The most famous being the Koustubha which Lord Vishnu wears on his chest. Apart from religious connotations, stories and folklore abound of pearls occurring in snakes, the Naaga Mani, and elephants, the Gaja Mukta.(Red) rubies, pearls and 108, oh my!

I'm pretty certain Lori has worn pearl earrings and there was a framed sketch of oysters and pearls in the Grimes' home.
I really like this entry.
The Hymn of the Pearl mentions the following: pearl, serpent, deep sleep, "king of kings", arising from sleep, and even the mention of a double.

As long as I've mentioned bats and Batman there are cave pearls too. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cave_pearl
I forgot to add to the list in The Hymn of the Pearl above the mention of a heart:
"and they inscribed it in my heart so that it would not be forgotten:"

The pearl can be "wisdom" ultimately and to take a break from reading the web I decided to have it read to me here. Perhaps a few answers might be gleaned.
In reading and now listening to "The Hymn of the Pearl" I can see perhaps that "the pearl" itself can be a metaphor for the genetic transformation that begins the zombie apocalypse and I have the notion to name Merle and Daryl's brother "Thomas" perhaps for Thomas the Apostle. Reading the text (or in the case of the website above) having it read to me I see the story as a loose metaphor for the observer in the series- perhaps. I like it quite a bit though as the story seems to flow in ways that might loosely be fitted (as metaphor) to the series mythology. I'm not forgetting that Carol's daughter is named Sophia even though Frank Darabont would have to be taking advantage of Robert Kirkman's previous character and "retooling" her like he is (according to my theory) with Rick, Andrea, Shane and other preexisting characters. My best evidence that the comic isn't being followed for everything is the Dixon brothers, perhaps all three of them, lol.
This is too good to pass up on so I'll commit to adding onto my previous prediction that Daryl will have a twin brother revealed in the series finale AND his name should be Thomas, as the root is Aramaic and MEANS "twin." Like I said, it's too good to pass up on. :biggrin:
I'll go even one better and declare that the visiting observer from another world (not yet infected during the run of the series) will have the name of JUDAS (!). The way I see it "Thomas Judas Didymus" is really just saying the word of twin twice as both Thomas & Didymus mean "twin." This leaves Judas as the name. Yes friends, laugh all you want to but I'm saying Lady Gaga is in on the "joke" and cast Norman Reedus in the recent music video of "Judas" !!! BOOYAH! BOOYAH! BOOYAH! Brilliant mythology Frank Darabont and my hat is off to you sir!
I'll update this again and say Daryl's brother's name will be revealed as "Thomas Judas Dixon" or "Judas Thomas Dixon" as even though the music video is called Judas and the content alludes to Judas Iscariot Norman's jacket has Thomas on it so it also alludes to the Thomas Judas Didymus in the New Testament apocrypha. Booyah!
OK, another biker has Thomas and Judas is on Norman's jacket, but it's set up to show the name Thomas first and Judas second, thus still alluding to the New Testament apocrypha "Judas." In a way this adds more detail to my "conspiracy" in that the choreography of that name sequence switches the context from Judas Iscariot to "the other" Judas, Thomas.

So we have Merle, Daryl and Judas Dixon. Booyah! (theoretically of course but I'm convinced of it).

I just tweeted this.

I needed the Rapture to be over so I could add the name of my mysterious observer to my theory of #TheWalkingDead http://tinyurl.com/3c4hml7I already felt that I knew the identity of the observer and that he'd be an identical twin of Daryl's but I feel I now can also add what the character's first name is as well. For all intents it should be "Judas Dixon" although Thomas might be added to it to differentiate from Judas Iscariot.
I've gotta say this. One thing I noticed regarding the Hymn of the Pearl is that it ends in a prison and I know that this isn't lost to Frank Darabont. ;)

If I see any background on Glenn in future episodes more detailed that him being a pizza delivery dude and suggesting perchance that he comes from an oil family, I'll point back to this "non-linear spoiler" where I predicted the clue as well as it's solution before seeing it occur in the series. I'm predicting therefore that Glenn's family connection will be something along the line of being mentioned in the Hymn of the Pearl as...

the son of oil-sellers.100%
I've just ordered a 40-page hardback of "Pearl: Hymn of the Robe of Glory" and have it coming to add to my collection. I wonder what Norman Reedus will be wearing in the eventual finale? Hmm, something we might call a "Robe of Glory" perhaps? We'll just have to wait to see what they cook up in the props department.

A point of trivia regarding my extra Dixon brother that I am hypothesizing on that should be revealed as either Judas or Thomas Dixon that I like is that his Apostle namesake spent time in India and more importantly died there. This might become a hint of the future location of where the observer's body might be located when the consciousness returns to it after watching Rick's travels.

I have previously thought that the body needed to be far from Atlanta like on the opposite side of the world. I have already placed the antipodal position opposite Atlanta, to the west of Australia (and Ayer's Rock) in the Indian Ocean. India is to the north of this position. Thus, it may be that Daryl's twin brother, a twin that I'll point out is from a parallel spin-off of our own and thus "a copy of Daryl's twin" or thought of as a "twin-twin", might be revealed to return to his body in India perhaps.

As populous as India is, a person infected with the zombie-pox would start a fever that would be hard to put down. I'd prefer Daryl's brother to be at sea for awhile as it would delay the inception of the apocalypse. We need it to be logical with what Jenner described as the period for Wildfire. Regardless of him being located on land or sea I think he'll be placed in this region of the world, far from his two brothers and six months (190 "days gone bye") before the pilot of the series.
Fixing Saint Thomas the Apostle as another character "hat" assigned to Norman Reedus should be linked to Rick mentioning the spoon collection of Shane's, as I have taken the spoon collection as an Apostle spoon collection. This links directly to the mention of Shane's grandma "Gene" and the vase as a likely graphical metaphor for the genetically induced infection. Also, I see the period of Rick's coma possibly coinciding with the entanglement of the observer's consciousness who I now believe to be Daryl's twin brother named either Thomas or Judas (very possibly Thomas Judas Dixon).
I feel compelled to call those who think I'm crazy or at the least just plain wrong a "Doubting Thomas." Sorry, I couldn't help myself, lol.

05-23-2011, 03:21 PM
In reading the full text of the Hymn of the Pearl (or also called the Hymn of the Robe of Glory) at http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Hymn_of_the_Pearl I see how (as part of my hypothesis of The Walking Dead) Rick can be thought of as the eagle which is "the likeness of the letter" and that the world the observer visits can be thought of as "Egypt."

My way of being satisfied that I'm on a correct path with Rick as also a metaphorical eagle (in addition to the Messiah) is contained in these particular lines as:

"It flew in the likeness of an eagle,
the king of all birds;
it flew and alight beside me,
and became all speech."

I'll juxtapose the above with what Shane says to Rick during the light switch talk in the pilot of:

"The least you could do is speak" with Rick adding that's what Lori says with "That's what she always says: 'Speak'. 'Speak'."

While this might be easy to wave off as coincidence I can offer the suggestion to focus on what Rick carries at the very front of the pilot. Yes, it's an Eagle branded red gas can. This challenges it to being just coincidence.


A Red Eagle. In The Song of Hiawatha during the battle between Father (Rick as Mudjekeewis) and son (Daryl as Hiawatha),

"The Keneu, the great war-eagle,
Sat upon the crags around them,
Wheeling flapped his wings above them"

This part of The Hymn of the Pearl also fits with what I see as the point of Rick succumbing to his fate in the finale and transferring the genetic instructions (the letter) to the observer (now perhaps named as Thomas Judas Dixon):

"I remembered the pearl,
for which I had been sent to Egypt,
and I began to charm him,
the terrible loud breathing serpent.
I hushed him asleep and lulled him into slumber"

Rick is also the serpent because of his sidearm, a Python.

We might think of "the letter" that wakes up the subject of the hymn as containing the letters G, A, T & C perhaps.

"And I snatched away the pearl,

and turned to go back to my father's house."

I hold that this house is the farmhouse where Rick found the horse. Thomas Judas Dixon will never make it back there and the identical twin to Daryl's Ford F-100 pickup is sitting behind the horse as Rick rides the Dixon's horse into Atlanta.


Continuing a bit further, this entire section describing the Robe of Glory speaks of what might be thought of as metaphors for parallel worlds or near-twins of our reality-

"And because I remembered not its fashion,—
for in my childhood I had left it in my father's house,—

on a sudden, when I received it,
the garment seemed to me to become like a mirror of myself.

I saw it all in all,
and I to received all in it,

for we were two in distinction
and yet gain one in one likeness.

And the treasurers too,
who brought it to me, I saw in like manner

to be two (and yet) one likeness,
for one sign of the king was written on them (both),

of the hands of him who restored to me through them
my trust and my wealth,

my decorated robe, which
was adorned with glorious colors..."

I really like the phrase of "Two in distinction and yet of one likeness" as it describes and juxtaposes the duality of Daryl and his twin as well as the duality of worlds. This is the par excellence of geek. :)
I've tweaked my theory graphic for the apocalypse cause and present this new iteration. What it does is to focus on St. Thomas and when that is done the start date of Wildfire fits to a "T."


We take Jenner's statement that episode 105 was day 194 since Wildfire was declared. This leads to the pilot (when Rick wakes up) being day 190 (by looking at the dawns with Rick reying to update Morgan). We need to use a biblical calendar (not Gregorian) of 360 days and using my reading of the intent of the showrunner (Frank Darabont) to divide things into equal halves.

Half of 360 is 180 and if we assume the pilot is at the halfway point of the year (June 30) and add the ten days after December 21, which is not only the 2010 solstice but also the stated day of the death of St. Thomas, we arrive precisely at 190 days. The "194 days" is a clue that is offered and is pointing to both the 2010 winter solstice and St. Thomas. This is what I updated as I previously had guessed a Christmas date link from Rick but it should be coming from the observer and not the one being observed.
With St. Thomas being connected to India (the cross of St. Thomas includes a lotus) I'll have to keep an eye out for mention of the White Lotus flower as it is the national flower of India and can have psychotropic effects as well from what I've gleaned so far. Also the lotus has great literary connections to such works as James Joyce's Ulysses, Alfred, Lord Tennyson's poem The Lotus-Eaters, and homer's Odyssey. Great stuff, geeks.


The Cross of St. Thomas does not include the effigy of Jesus and it stands for the empty tomb and therefore resurrection. This is what is behind the curtain of the show, friends. Watch and enjoy it like a fine wine. I want to know if Gale Anne Hurd offers any Lotus flower wine. It needs to be in my collection. ;)
So far from what I can tell Lori tends to wear turquoise earrings and I think I've spotted Carol wearing pearl stud earrings. Not that either of these are meant to stick out by themselves but they do fit the profile as conforming to the continuity within The Song of Hiawatha, the Book of Revelation and now The Hymn of the Pearl / Hymn of the Robe of Glory.
Carol being the mother of Sophia (wisdom) might end up working pretty well with the pearl earrings, perhaps meaning "pearls of wisdom."
An interesting point of trivia is how Thomas the Apostle's Cross of St. Thomas includes elements of east and west, incorporating India's White lotus flower and was where Thomas died. I also noticed that Thomas is the Patron Saint of builders (he was a skilled carpenter) which might support the signage on the cube van of Ferenc Builders, in addition to what I think it also means as Ferenc meaning Frank (Darabont) and that he will be building a genetic Ferenc-enstein's monster of a sort to infect each of the Many Worlds.

Because of my new gleaning of how Thomas the Apostle works into my hypothesis of the show, I decided to have another run on the overall timeline of Wildfire (http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c385/SSTforumpics/The%20Walking%20Dead/THEORY/WildfireTL.jpg) up to the introduction of Edwin Jenner. I rethought that I should change the context from Rick as a metaphor of the Messiah and shift to Daryl's twin as a metaphor of St. Thomas. I do think it's a better fit and might be what the writer's room has on their wall. :biggrin:
From my reading of the Hymn of the Pearl I can make the prediction that Glenn and Daryl should become good friends. Also, it fits well to read that the person on the quest for the pearl falls into a deep sleep along with the other "comfortable" clauses in the hymn.

05-24-2011, 02:48 PM
I've mentioned Carlos Castaneda in my comments before. I see our observer (that I've named Thomas now or Thomas Judas or Judas Thomas but probably only needs to be "Thomas") as a person on Walkabout on the other side of the Earth from Atlanta visiting either or both Australia and India. If Daryl's twin is following the history of Thomas the Apostle he should die of the fever in India. I've got at least three separate ways that I see Daryl having a twin.

Although this is clear as crystal in my mind I already know others don't see it like that. First, I see the metaphorical "message" of the importance of Glenn leading Rick up that tall ladder (Jacob's Ladder) in episode two and Daryl down the same ladder in episode four. It helped to already have Glenn fixed in my mind as the Archangel Gabriel as he is a messenger. Glenn delivered pizzas which was one of my clues. The car alarm was another. I already had the parallel world graphic created but was only guessing that there might be a twin involved. Seeing Daryl come down the ladder and how he is connected to Rick (as son to father) in The Song of Hiawatha also helped a lot.

Secondly, the "twin" Ford pickup truck (it's likely the same rig used by Norman Reedus in the series- and why not) was at the farmhouse where Rick got Blade. This would allude to who I'll call "Thomas" living there before going overseas. The blood-writing of "God forgive us" might be alluding to the people in the house knowing who began the global breakout. They might stage a quick scene that connects Thomas, played by Norman Reedus, overseas to this couple. They could have the scene already filmed perhaps. If Thomas was fevered, having watching the "series" like us and fully knowing what's in store for him soon, he might place a call to that couple. This would connect the viewers with an "aha" moment and flood them with memories of that house, Rick looking for gas, and then taking the horse.

Thirdly, I think Frank Darabont was also thinking of the finale to the Newhart show and I've described the possible connections to it. I have to say I'll love it if Frank ever admits this.

Anyway, I took imaginative leaps from rainbows to pearls and landed on The Hymn of the Pearl. This connected my to Thomas the Apostle. When finding that two of his three name components meant "twin" and that the hymn had multiple lines that I could take meaning from, I was sold. So I've gone from creating the parallel world chart and thinking it would be better to have a character we know (or rather a twin to one) be that observer, to placing him as Daryl's twin, and only a matter of days later fitting him with a specific name. I have to be right, as fitting the death-day of Thomas as December 21 is also a solstice marker most of the time. This year it's the 22nd but it's the 21st in ten years out of fourteen (2004-2017). I already had dark/light clues like the perfect split of the shadow on the number eight within the 108 that was I'll point out coincidentally right next to that long ladder. Arguably, a 50-50 split isn't a hint to solstice but rather one to equinox but both solstice and equinox were covered in the video (The Pharmacratic Inquisition) that I took from following subtle hints that Frank Darabont was using it to help construct his own take on The Walking Dead for live action TV.
I'll go ahead and even creatively make a link between the glittering bright "Robe of Glory" described in The Hymn of the Pearl (the hymn title also even being called The Hymn of the Robe of Glory) and Joseph and The Coat of Many Colors. A link perhaps might be made because of the ladder (I believe) being a metaphorical Jacob's ladder and Joseph being gifted the coat by his father Jacob. It's a fun connection. I'll further link this to our voyeuristic observer in that in Genesis two dreams are described where Joseph has his brothers bowing down to him. This might allude to a possible feud which drives Thomas from his two brothers and becomes the reason for the overseas trip perhaps. That's a stretch but it does find a common thread perhaps in linking to Norman's character(s) through Jacob's ladder. It is a minor item and doesn't really need to be addressed in the show. It’s a fun juxtaposition.
I believe I have the meaning for the heart theme that I've been seeing examples of in the series. When the eagle that is one of several metaphors of Rick, "turned wholly into speech" and startled and awoke from his sleep the subject of the hymn, "it unloosed the tracings of the message" that was written on his "secret heart." This is the heart that the trail of hearts should be pointing to. It's only appropriate that when I thought to recently follow rainbows that it might lead me to a pot of gold: the Hymn of the Robe of Glory.

Being that Thomas has such a connection to India and has the white lotus as a component of his cross, I'm then free follow my intuition to delve into Hindu texts and Buddhism. When I look into the Heart Chakra that is on the path I want to follow, I find the following quotes from the Anhata section of of the Chakra entry in Wikipedia:

Anahata is related to the thymus,located in the chest. The thymus is an element of the immune system as well as being part of the endocrine system. It is the site of maturation of the T cells responsible for fending off disease and may be adversely affected by stress. . Anahata is related to the colours green or pink. Key issues involving Anahata involve complex emotions, compassion, tenderness, unconditional love, equilibrium, rejection and well-being. Physically Anahata governs circulation, emotionally it governs unconditional love for the self and others, mentally it governs passion, and spiritually it governs devotion.

In Tibetan buddhism, this centre is extremely important, as being the home of the indestructible red/white drop, which carries our consciousness to our next lives. It is described as being white, circular, with 8 downward pointing petals, and the seed syllable Hum inside. During mantra recitation in the lower tantras, a flame is imagined inside of the heart, from which the mantra rings out. Within the higher tantras, this chakra is very important for realising the Clear Light.I'll take special notice of the physical context of the immune system, T cells, and circulation, and the mental context of passion, the emotional context of unconditional love, and the spiritual context of devotion.

The following list topics regarding bodhicitta, the luminous mind, and Nirvana.


This, along with the Christian and Islamic counterparts fits with my very first intuitive leap of where I thought the show might be going and said back in mid-December, 2010 of a rebirth for mankind into immortality. Nirvana is a great way of encapsulating my theory.

The Walking Dead are on the road to Nirvana. Cool.

I'll suggest that Bear McCreary might be looking to perhaps consider this for a future episode. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4X_l8PIobc&feature=fvwrel or


Although I feel the that red/white theme is definitely attached to the Amanita muscaria mushroom the "indestructible red/white drop" should also be included in the red/white theme and I'd think is the more prominent of the two. In other words I'll suggest that the Amanita muscaria is a subset of the "indestructible red/white drop" much as the red theme (linking together Hiawatha, the bible, Batman's Red Hood, etc.) can be a subset of the red/white theme. Red works with the heart Chakra as well now. The U.S. flag can also be a metaphorical link to the Anahata/heart.
I've visualized the quick flash of red we see in the opening credits as a dragon rearing its head in a wash of blood and linked to Daryl Dixon but with my new gleaning and tweaks to my theory I will hypothesize that although it might be shown as the inside of Rick's brain I still think it's more likely it will be connected to a character played by Norman Reedus but as who I'll identify as possibly named "Thomas" Dixon, linked metaphorically to Thomas the Apostle or more fully described as Thomas Judas Didymus.

I am visualizing this as the interior of Daryl's twin's brain being genetically "mirrored" to match up with the "baton" being passed from Rick's infected brain in the finale and through the entangled connection of the two consciousnesses, returning to the world of the observer. From a non-linear perspective (see Kurt Vonnegut Jr.'s Slaughterhouse Five) the observer is going to sleep and waking up along with Rick getting shot, waking from his coma, and finally dying (sort of) pretty much all at the same time. A certain 1957 Life magazine tells of eons perceived as passing for a magic mushroom-consuming ex-J.P. Morgan V.P. while his watch shows but seconds passing "bye."
Call me a conspiracy theorist (I'm not) but I'll toss this on the pile along with the UK billboard story and the recent Lady Gaga music video. Either I'm fit for the rubber room or this is one hell of a creative way to give out clues... :rotflmao2:


My point being that through Andrew the article is dropping these gems: "I'm living the dream", he is "getting to play his dream role", and from Andrew as "I'm kind of living the dream." Regardless of whether this was contrived or coincidence, it fits my theory. I just thought to mention this for fun as we wait for the new season.

05-25-2011, 06:40 PM
This has been bothering me, as Rick could have read this sign from a lot farther off but walks right up to it and takes a moment for it to sink in that they have no gas for him, at least not in the station's tanks.


It finally hit me that it's not the "no gas" sign to be taken notice of but rather what I had been accepting as "pump 1 and pump 2" above it from the one and two. Looking back now, I can see an alternate twist of it as a twelve. This then is likely the beginning of the "twelve" clue trail that should end at Thomas the Apostle. It is supposed to be a one and a two separately and it still is where that gas station has customers pulling to buy gas from. However, I'll make the claim that in Frank Darabont's dream world of The Walking Dead it has a "parallel" meaning of being a signpost for twelve.
I asked myself why did Rick have to walk so close to read the "out of gas" sign in the pilot? I don't remember Rick being near-sighted. So, being that this scene was choreographed the way it was, I had to pause and look at what might have made Rick walk right up to what we saw him looking at. Then one of those paradigm shifts happened and it hit me that it wasn't the "out of gas" sign that Rick was looking at but rather (for the viewers) that the one and two as pump numbers could be alternatively read as the number twelve. Yes, just like Rick alluding to the apostles by mentioning Shane's spoon collection and the difference in years between the ages of Amy and Andrea. This then is what I created to fit some of my past decryption comments. To me, the link between the gas station "12" and the gas can being the eagle inside the Hymn of the Pearl that was itself inside the Acts of Thomas was of great import to me.

Now I'm getting jumpy and it's not fair! :)
In trying to crack a simple joke about the knife pattern in the photo below forming a "42" and thus telling us the answer to the question of life, the universe and everything I'm now thinking seriously of the tree as a world tree & tree of life as I have been in my theory with the two trees that Jim was up against and also symbolic as the tree of knowledge.


It's not fair I tell you. ;)
I am very intrigued when I consider a Gnostic perspective and combine it with the way I have already identified and juxtaposed the characters in The Walking Dead to those in The Song of Hiawatha. Both of these would favor Norman Reedus' as yet unrevealed character whom I'll call Judas Thomas Dixon or Thomas Judas Dixon as the ultimate savior of humanity and who, if my theory is correct, will take the One Pearl (the spark of immortal life) from Rick and gift it to the world where Thomas Judas' body waits for his consciousness to return from its fantastical trip.

As I first saw then when I delved into my find of a rabbit hole leading to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's 1855 epic poem of The Song of Hiawatha, although the overt hero of The Walking Dead is Rick the real hero, the covert one, will be portrayed by Norman Reedus. Booyah!

I will now present that I have in my own possession and from my own quest that I have partaken in THE ONE PEARL. Although this particular book was printed in 1979, it holds a translation of a gnostic hymn that dates back nearly 1800 years. The book takes only 7-8 minutes to read and will forever more be close to my heart. What a treasure I've found.


I'll offer notice of the addition of lotus seed pods to the collection besides the book.

I am intrigued by the way I see that Frank Darabont is juxtaposing Rick Grimes and Daryl/Judas Dixon. From an orthodox Christian perspective Rick is Christ-like but becomes the serpent that guards the One Pearl in the apocryphal gnostic Hymn of the Robe of Glory. It's like a yin-yang symbol that changes its colors.

I also wonder if mention will be made of the constellation Ophiuchus, as it can be thought to contribute to the series mythology. I like how Ophiuchus, the snake charmer, is wrestling with the serpent while stepping on the scorpion. From Roman era perspectives the person is described as Asclepius the healer. He learned the secret of keeping death at bay by watching one serpent bring healing herbs to another. Zeus killed Asclepius with a lightning bolt to keep him from bringing immortality to the entire human race. Perhaps this time around Zeus was out of bolts while Hiawatha still had three- the same number of bolts Daryl carries on his crossbow. ;)

It's fun to bring Johannes Kepler into the story too as Kepler's 1604 supernova can be thought as the scorpion's sting (my find in Vatos). Again, a bit of juxtaposition fun can be considering that Rick is Ophiuchus as he has a python strapped around his waist but then becomes himself the snake that is charmed into sleep by Judas Dixon which I believe is what the sidearm is meant to suggest. Again, a yin-yang that swaps colors. Who would of thunk that The Walking Dead would be this deep? Perhaps it is only me that sees this great depth on this side of the stage and I want to say to Frank Darabont how deeply this has touched me. It has reached down to write itself onto my secret heart. Thank You, sir.
If this happens it'd take the cake or at least eclipse it, lol.

This might be an intuitive reach too far and not occur but I'll mention it "just in case." If nothing happens in the series regarding this then all of the clues would be chalked up to coincidence. I'd hate to skip any mention of it only to see it pop up later in an episode. This would be attached to something I already think IS contrived, being the celestial influences on the earth. This spans from the 24 hour day/night cycle up to the 26000 year precession of the equinoxes.

OK, with the previous information established that I feel is already included in the series mythology I'll toss in my observation. If it happens it would additionally allude to the extra depth of research that I believe is already in play. Part of this is in regards to my previous mention of the number "42" in the pattern of the knives stuck in the tree at the gas station (a row of four above a row of two. I thought of it again only when looking at a particular car that is behind Rick when he pauses to read to "out of gas" notice at the gas station in the pilot. The car is a Mitsubishi Eclipse. If we take this scrap as a clue (for fun mind you) and look into 2011, we find the following link.


The top of the page states the following trivia:

"Four partial solar and two total lunar eclipses take place in 2011. This 4:2 combination of solar and lunar eclipses in a single year is rather rare with only six cases during the 21st Century (2011, 2029, 2047, 2065, 2076 and 2094). The first and last eclipses always occur in January and December."

Now I'll bring up the strange coincidence of the pattern of the knives in the tree, as it might be taken in combination with the white-colored "eclipse" (itself a sort of yin-yang metaphor) to be saying "four partial solar and two total lunar eclipses take place in 2011." Yeah, this is a stretch even for me but since I saw it I had to mention it. How it might be included in the series is where we've already seen the mention of the walkers to be more active at night and even a partial eclipse might make things more dangerous for our survivors, especially if they rely on the sun or moon to be unchanging. Thus, this deeply (perhaps) buried clue might be a foreshadow, and I'm using that both figuratively and literally. Sure, we might not have a thing connected but if we do see the inclusion in a future episode of either or both a solar or lunar eclipse then I'd be right about the sheer coincidence of a white Eclipse near a pattern of knives in a tree in a four-two sequence. It's something to be on the lookout for I'd think.

05-26-2011, 07:00 PM
The only one that would affect Atlanta would be on Dec. 10, with it being a total lunar eclipse. So either they'll use the real one in a practical manner on Dec. 10 in a late season two episode or they could always use CG to place one in any of their episodes.
The non-linear "little girl" scene at the market & gas station in the pilot is also the beginning of the red & white clue trail theme, as when making use of the very nice fan map at walkingdeadlocations.com and go to the street view mode I find it was sporting a Texaco brand. with this pick we get the red & white theme, plus a bonus of a star theme which both overlap in with the US flags we see. We might also go a tad further and perhaps see the T as beginning the cross theme. So with the little girl's adornments of butterflies, the sleep wear they are printed on, the robe (of not so many colors), the bunny slippers, the stuffed bear, the Mos Def newspaper article, and then Rick showing us his python, his own deputy star, his eagle gas can, the 1-2 = twelve (apostles), the red & white theme and star theme and (cross) and more it boggles the mind.
If they use an eclipse it appears it will be a CG one as I'm seeing hints that season two will wrap in November.
One of the things that I have found interesting is how the relationship between Rick and Daryl can be viewed as both a father-son as well as a twin brother juxtaposition. The quote by Dale of William Faulkner's from The Sound and the Fury is one of a watch being handed down from father to son. This relationship is also mirrored (love that word) in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's The Song of Hiawatha with Hiawatha and his father Mudjekeewis.

An interesting way to think of The Hymn of the Robe of Glory (The Hymn of the Pearl) is in thinking of the story as an Ouroboros in that the very serpent that the One Pearl is stolen from could be thought of as the father of the one on the quest and that it might be considered as a right of passage to be worthy of the father's crown. The pearl can be the crown itself disguised as the pearl to be taken back and given to the father. Thus the son can be deemed worthy of eventually being the king himself.

Stepping from the hymn that is contained in The Acts of Thomas to Judas Thomas himself and reading the Jewish poet Bardesan's description of Thomas as the twin brother of Jesus, we can see extra meaning in the scenes where Rick is seen staring at his own image in a mirror. We see it especially in the bathroom in Rick's hospital room. We see his refection in the broken rear view mirror in his work car, which I've mentioned is itself a continuity clue as well as a dream tip-off. I'll say again on this point it's not that just the mirror is broken but the windshield as well at the point where the mirror is mounted. Thus a crack on a crack or a broken mirror on broken glass. I'll note among other reflections we see the one as Rick pushes his front door open, pausing enough for us to see that refection as well as the framed drawing of what appears to be an oyster and pearls. I'll make good use of a metaphor and suggest that this many-colored undercurrent narrative, as good as the show is on the surface, is the real pearl and the secret heart of The Walking Dead.
I may not have said this in totality but rather only alluded to it and said it in parts but within the context of The Hymn of the Robe of Glory / Hymn of the Pearl I see Rick in the finale of The Walking Dead as the Logos, the Letter, the Word. the Speech, the Eagle, the Serpent etc.

In trying to read the mind of Frank Darabont I might see the matches that Rick lights (one at the nurses station and three more in the perfect darkness in the fire exit well) as the spark of life and immortality that Daryl's brother will steal as the One Pearl and take back to the world where his slumbering body awaits him to gift to that world. The three matches might be a reference to the three robes of light of Jesus in the Pistis Sophia perhaps. The spheres in Rick's house on his fireplace mantle might be thought of as celestial or cosmic spheres.

05-30-2011, 05:38 AM

Now I see it Frank. In the opening sequence of Days Gone Bye you had Rick Grimes shoot a zombified Alice in Wonderland !!! Yes. You. Did. Booyah!

She was literally following in the footsteps of a pair of "White Rabbit" slippers, stopping only to pick up the stuffed bear. That pair of dirty white slippers was a paradigm shift to be sure but didn't change the flight path I think those butterflies on her pajamas will be on in the finale.

The Walking Dead Alice in Wonderland... I love it!:dance:
Think about it. Alice was in a dream and the little girl was too in "following" the white rabbit(s). She was also wearing sleepwear as I've been saying is also hints to back up my theory. All of the walkers really are sleeping. I've twisted the title of the series to say "The Sleep-Walking Dead" before as well. So to me the LG is not only a set of clues but now I see her as a zombified Alice in Wonderland too- and Rick shot her, ROTFLMAO !!

Additionally, this way we can have "dreamer" bookends in the series, one at the start (Alice) and Daryl's twin brother at the end. Perfect!
After reading The Hymn of the Robe of Glory I'm no longer certain where the series will end up, location-wise. If the showrunner decided to follow The Song of Hiawatha I've said before they should end up at Mackinac Island, MI.

Since no islands were mentioned in my "pearl" of wisdom they could more efficiently stay in the Atlanta area and finish up perhaps on the Gulf coast near New Orleans. This would make the area around the Big Easy where things would be wrapped up instead of my idea that it would be a stop on the way to backtrack north to the Great Lakes region.

In the hymn book material it mentions the walls of Sarbug which I'm going to take a leap might be used as the walls of a prison.

I'm getting additional vibes from the hymn text that when combined with the Song of Hiawatha and using them both to influence the story yet to be seen by us that Merle might become taken down eventually by Daryl. The way perhaps to do this would be after Merle become a walker. this would make sense and perhaps a foreshadow of this was seeing Andrea feel the need to be the one to put down her own sibling. This idea conflicts perhaps with my fitting of Merle, Daryl and Andrea as the "bad" trinity in Revelation but I still feel that there is a way to see Daryl and Andrea being "an item" because of allusions from Revelation and especially from The Song of Hiawatha.

Although I'm a little uncertain about some of the alternate roles that the survivors will be given I'm still seeing Daryl firmly in the role of Hiawatha. My pick for who Merle will be in TSoH is the character of Megissogwon, the Magician and the great Pearl-Feather. The name of Merle is of French origin and means blackbird. Seeing the crows in the series is an allusion perhaps to Merle and feather is part of the magician's name. Another variant of Merle is Merlin and thus again supports the magician archetype. Looking into Merlin it is of Welsh origin and means "sea fortress." I've seen too many clues that suggest the caravan will end up at the Gulf coast (iterations of oil on water) so this fits very well. The name of Merlin being Welsh also can be connected to Merle's belt buckle which is a Celtic triquetra/ Celtic cross design and with even a tri-weaved Ouroboros tossed in. I have an exact twin of the buckle that Michael Rooker wore in my collection of "tactile clues."

I'll bring up that I have previously assigned Merle as the Hiawatha book character of Mishe-Mokwa and do not need to recant that assignment as "the great bear" had already been defeated (metaphorically) by Rick on the roof of the department store. So when Merle as a magician says "There is nothing up my right sleeve" he can really mean it, lol. ;)

05-31-2011, 11:57 PM
This might be thought of as another support mechanism for the color of red in the series.

In tantric Buddhist colour symbolism, red represents control. Thus, this offering is concerned with having control over one's capacities which are to be put to the effort of gaining enlightenment.http://viewonbuddhism.org/general_symbols_buddhism.html


This is too good for the writers to not make use of.


I'm combining Merle's name meaning blackbird and Merlin for magic, and adding in New Orleans Voodoo. I'm envisioning Merle taking on delusions of grandeur (foreshadowed in Guts) and how my character assignment of Merle as the Great Pearl Feather, Megissogwon the Magician, works well with "the Left Hand Path" as Merle um, no longer has a right hand. :idea: :lol: I think it's a very nice, tight combination.
No, I am not on drugs. If I could place a bet in Vegas against what would be likely considered as astronomical odds of these comments I'd win hands down and if Merle was with me he'd win hand down. ;)

I love this show like no other fan could possibly understand. If I'm not on this Earth when the finale is shown I'll have seen it as a prophesy so don't be sad. Think of me as a comet trail across the night sky but I hope I have a lot of "sky pilot" time left to me yet. :)

P.S. If this song makes it onto the show I'd say I made a very good guess then...
I've made a Buddhist connection (really a reconnection) in the WD because of my thinking of how The Event was using Buddhist rebirth concepts. I had figured out in watching Dale's RV tour video that they were alluding to the RV being a metaphor for Noah's Ark. I also took the very subtle and oh-so casual reference by Jeffrey DeMunn back then (two months back on April 3) of his name dropping of "magical mystery tour" to be a message. This is what I dug up back then.

Jeffrey mentions the RV taking them on a "Magical Mystery Tour" which is a nod to The Beatles. I can connect Noah's Ark to the Beatles in one degree of separation! How? On Oct. 28, 2010 (after this short film was shot and just before the series was aired) the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra had a 50th anniversary Beatles tribute that supported a charity called "Noah's Ark Appeal."


What that said to me was my thought that Frank Darabont was also alluding not only of the RV to Noah's Ark but to the "interface" between the Beat-niks and the Hippies. It was Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters. So the RV all of a sudden got a tie-dyed paint jon with a sign on the front labeled "FURTHER." The Beatles' "Magical Mystery Tour" name was inspired from Ken Kesey's Merry Pranksters.

In reading up on the 50's "Beat Generation" (the precursors to the 60's hippies) again tonight it hit me that Bob Dylan was very good friends with Alan Ginsberg. The song that was chosen to end season one was by Bob Dylan (no coincidence). The first two lines of the song fir perfectly with my parallel world infection theory graphic I made with the "switchback road" zig-zag connections climbing to each level (also like a Jacob's Ladder).

If we get a song later like I've already said I'd like to be included of "Band on the Run" by Paul McCartney's Wings band it would be perfect. Did you know that the name of The Beatles was chosen as an homage to "The Beat" Generation?

I'll post a quote from the Wikipedia entry on the Beat Generation because this is where I'd be looking partly for future music artists in this series (hint hint)-

Rock and pop music

The Beats had a pervasive influence on rock and roll and popular music, including the Beatles, Bob Dylan and Jim Morrison: the Beatles spelled their name with an "a" partly as a Beat Generation reference, and Lennon was a fan of Jack Kerouac. Ginsberg later met and became friends with members of the Beatles. Paul McCartney played guitar on Ginsberg's album Ballad of the Skeletons.

Ginsberg was close friends with Bob Dylan and toured with him on the Rolling Thunder Revue in 1975. Dylan cites Ginsberg and Kerouac as major influences.

Jim Morrison cites Kerouac as one of his biggest influences, and fellow Doors member Ray Manzarek has said "We wanted to be beatniks". Michael McClure was also friends with members of The Doors, at one point touring with keyboardist Ray Manzarek.

Ginsberg was friends with Ken Kesey's Merry Pranksters, a group of which Cassady was a member, which also included members of the Grateful Dead. In the 1970s, Burroughs was friends with Mick Jagger, Lou Reed, and Patti Smith.

British progressive rock band Soft Machine is named after Burroughs' novel The Soft Machine.

Singer-songwriter Tom Waits, a Beat fan, wrote "Jack and Neal" about Kerouac and Cassady, and recorded "On the Road" (a song written by Kerouac after finishing the novel) with Primus. He later collaborated with Burroughs on the theatrical work The Black Rider.

There was a resurgence of interest in the beats among bands in the 1980s. Ginsberg worked with the Clash. Burroughs worked with Sonic Youth, R.E.M., Kurt Cobain, and Ministry, amongst others. Bono of U2 cites Burroughs as a major influence, and Burroughs appeared briefly in a U2 video in 1997. Laurie Anderson featured Burroughs on her 1984 album Mister Heartbreak and in her 1986 concert film, Home of the Brave. King Crimson produced the album Beat inspired by the Beat Generation.

I need to go back and get a list of all the music so far and what else besides Dylan we might find. This is the most fun and the most work I've ever done on a show. This one is the mother-load of mystery shows.

What this does though is snap together two main sections of clue threads and say that the end I have figured out can be thought of as mankind experiencing Buddhist Nirvana and ascending into bliss.

Far out, man.
I present The Walking Dead, pre-apocalypse.

and Maynard G. Krebs lives! Woo-hoo!
The antiques are more than alluding to music though as part of the journey is one of time- the period of the 50's through the 60's, 70's and even the 80's. The Huey's allude to the Vietnam war, the drug culture and "make love not war"- all of that too. I've seen the antiques as merging these past times into the "end times", compressing linear time into non-linear time. In a sense I think Frank Darabont is showing us non-linear time, which is the only way that my theory holds water (literally lol). Things from our past instead of fading away into the rear view mirror are back amongst us, surrounding us, embracing us. The show to me is the "eighth day" of the week, outside of the repeating Ouroboros of the sequence of the seven days of the week.
Here are some additional trivia links that tie in nicely. Ken Kesey was called several nicknames. One was "Swashbuckler" and the other was "Chief." The first might be a way to connect the introduction of a certain female sword-wielding addition to the group and the second we'll find in the model of the RV (Chieftain). As to the Vietnam-era Huey's (really Iroquois) and what I'm seeing from Shane's "'Lil Bird" tattoo as him being a helicopter pilot (MH-6 Little Bird/Killer Egg), these clues should connect to Ken Babbs, a Marine Corps. transport (H-34) helicopter pilot who was on the bus "Further" and was a famous "Merry Prankster."

I also think that there is a very good possibility that part of the route of the bus Further will also happen to be traveled by the survivor caravan. I already have a route from Atlanta to the gulf Coast to The Big Easy traced from other clues and checking the route of the bus also connects the two cities. Although it is still possible for the longer route that this is a part of that goes to the Great Lakes to be used I'm leaning toward the economy of where to shoot the series and the shorter route makes more sense.

06-02-2011, 02:50 PM
I have offered all of my thoughts on this material before but perhaps not bundled together in a single presentation.

I have already stated how I think the paradox can be resolved of how an observer from the past (specifically from December 21, 2009) who's having an out of body experience can have a different perception of time when I brought up my research about R. Gordon Wasson from his article in the May 13, 1957 Life magazine "Seeking the Magic Mushroom." Wasson remarked that what appeared as aeons had only taken mere seconds off his watch.

http://books.google.com/books?id=Jj8EAAAAM...epage&q&f=false (http://books.google.com/books?id=Jj8EAAAAMBAJ&pg=PA100&source=gbs_toc_r&cad=1&#v=onepage&q&f=false)


I've also brought up how I believe Frank Darabont has slipped us a subtle clue in the form of a decorative oar that is on a wall in Rick's house. among other clues on that paddle is a date that is the birth year (1723) of Adam Smith, a famous Scottish philosopher. In Scotland is the Gaelic term of Darna Shealladh or "second sight." This includes precognition and remote viewing which is central to my theory as well as Dreamtime.


On the Wikipedia entry about him can also be found what I'll call from my point of view a "totem" that to me can be an intuitive bridge to Christopher Nolan's film Inception.


If we look into the film for clues that might help to reveal the hidden mythology of The Walking Dead, we learn that here too time is not perceived by an observer the same in a dream as it would be seen in a waking state.

http://screenrant.com/inception-spoilers-d...ion-kofi-68330/ (http://screenrant.com/inception-spoilers-discussion-kofi-68330/)

I'll offer a third reference of how perceptions of time can change from what is considered as one of the best episodes of Star Trek, The Next Generation. In the season 5, episode 25, story "The Inner Light", while decades are lived through and pass away behind Picard in his dreamstate it is later revealed that only 25 minutes had passed on the Enterprise.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Inner_Lig...t_Generation%29 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Inner_Light_%28Star_Trek:_The_Next_Generation% 29)

I'll now bring up once again my own graphic representation of my theory of how I believe the "inception" of Wildfire will be revealed to have occurred.

http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c385/SSTforumpics/The%20Walking%20Dead/THEORY/MW_PANAPOCALYPSE_THEORY5.jpg http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c385/SSTforumpics/The%20Walking%20Dead/THEORY/WildfireTL.jpg
Far out, man.

Do more cuts mean less guts?

Now they're scaring me...

http://www.craveonline.com/tv/articl...ng-budget-cuts (http://www.craveonline.com/tv/articles/168725-are-the-walking-dead-a-boardwalk-empire-facing-budget-cuts)
I was able to find two bible verses that work well also to juxtapose the time perception of the remote viewing observer, watching the series as we are essentially , against the brief time that it would be perceived as in the world where the observer's body is anchored in.

Psalm 90:4
For a thousand years in your sight are but as yesterday when it is past, and as a watch in the night.
2 Peter 3:8
But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

06-03-2011, 03:02 PM
I'll present this find of mine as a tip-o-the-hat and homage to Gale Anne Hurd, but because I've seen multiple allusions to a dark/light and lunar motif in the series I'll bring up what the boundary is called between the illuminated and unilluminated hemispheres of a body such as the moon:

The terminator. ;)
I'll revise/update this info as although it will be a total eclipse technically Atlanta will only see it as a partial eclipse. This should not change my idea that it might be used though. We'll just have to wait and see if a lunar eclipse is used in a season two episode in a way that poses it as a hazard to our "Pranksters" and as a tactical asset to the geeks.
I'll mention a way to connect the Beat Generation that I've linked to TWD to my find of the lunar eclipse motif by tapping into Allen Ginsberg's Howl poem. The Song of Hiawatha, also being a poem, includes the moon as Nokomis fell from the full moon. Through Ginsberg's Howl is a line with ”Saintly motorcyclists” which strikes me as coincidental with the recent music video of Judas, where the apostles are a motorcycle gang which just happens to include Norman Reedus in a central part. Hey Norman, were you not only channeling Judas (and through my theory covertly also Thomas Judas) but perhaps Marlon Brando as well? If so, did they pay you overtime? ;)

Btw, Marlon Brando played Johnny Strabler in The Wild One, which gives us yet another "Johnny" to add to the list, along with Johnny from Night of the Living Dead and a certain apostle that both introduce Rick in his hidden disguise in the first minute of The Walking Dead. I like it that the rival gang is called The Beetles (similar sounding to the musical gang of the fab four a decade later).

06-04-2011, 09:31 PM
Probably the most clue-heavy item in the series thus far is the decorative oar or canoe paddle that hangs in Rick and Lori's house. We see it fleetingly when Rick drops the bicycle and rushes through the house looking for his family.

The oar itself is part of the motif of floating, which I see as both meaning the water saturated with Epsom salt within an isolation tank and also as a way to describe the observer, identified hypothetically by me as Daryl's identical twin brother named Thomas, Judas, or perhaps combined together.

I'll describe the cutouts from top to bottom.

First we see a four leaf clover, symbol of good luck. in looking up this clover on Wikipedia I found something that locks into my genetic motif, in that we have discovered the genetic switch that makes only one four leaf clover for every 10,000 three leaf ones. We now can manufacture all of the four leaf clovers we want instead of looking through a field of thousands of them.

Next up, we see a heart cut-out. In the context of what I perceive to be the show mythology, I'm going beyond cupid (it doesn't have Daryl shooting it yet with his crossbow) and taking the meaning as the secret heart or soul.

Next up is a pair of ducks I believe. Ducks to me emote migration, transition, and the unconscious floating observer that is entangled with Rick's mind and is forced into watching his adventure/nightmare.

This was the hardest for me to glean but I think we have a pair of lit matches that have been cut out of the wooden oar. I'll place the meaning to me of them as illumination, inner light and Divine truth. After all, we saw Rick striking four matches in complete darkness in order to find an exit door out of the stair well of the abandoned hospital. Yes, this too is a metaphor that I took notice of. Trust me that this is a foreshadow of something much more illuminating in the finale, years from now I hope.

Taking notice that two items above were in pairs makes me think of the twin TA-GC pairings of DNA, Thymine, Adenine, Guanine and Cytosine.

Last but certainly not the least of importance is a number that I'll accept as a year: 1723.

In looking at the possible ways of finding what this might mean, I took the fork of the road that led me to Adam Smith. His date of birth might not be known but his baptism is noted as 1723. What I saw as meaningful was being Scottish, I thought it might link to what is called "Second Sight", or ESP, remote viewing, and precognition. That is not a direct link though and is a rather long reach. However, based on the whole of my theory it is one that I like.

More directly, Smith was an economist and philosopher and was interested in the origin of language. If I look at my research into genetic gifts to mankind because of inherited defects in our genome, the power of speech is very large on the list. Rick's mention of "Speak, speak" comes to mind from the pilot. The other clue that I believe I recognized linked to Adam Smith were the two sculptures dedicated to him at several universities. They are both to me an allusion to the spinning token in the film Inception. I've mentioned before in some detail how I believe that spinning top is not only is a metaphor of nested/parallel universes or alternate realities with other copies of our characters doing much the same "moves" (as in a mirror), but that the spinning top can be a metaphor of the Earth's approx. 26,000 year axial precession or wobble. This is further connected to the pairs of equinoxes and solstices that happen and how that alters the position of the sun at dawn each year. The various clues of light/dark and yin/yang and of lunar eclipses all point to the binary "genetic switches" that create the Wildfire pandemic and what will (I believe) be revealed as a "rebirth" into Nirvana, an escape from the gnostic Demiurge, Judgement Day, or an evolutionary leap of mankind into pure conscious non-corporeal existence.

For a hint perhaps of what "scratched" Frank Darabont and gave him the inception of his mythology you need to look no further that the first lines from Barbra in Night of the Living Dead of: "They ought to make the day the time changes the first day of summer... It's eight o'clock and it's still light." In this we get two pearls from George Romero that infect Frank Darabont (hypothetically in my theory). The first day of summer is the summer solstice which when we flip to the winter solstice allows me to find the beginning of Wildfire, based on clues from Dr. Jenner and folding in St. Thomas the apostle as well. I might as well say that the time being 8 o'clock works well as a segue to the pilot of The Walking Dead where Rick has his car numbers add to eight and a crow cawing eight caws of homage to him as the king of birds (eagle). I've already said how Johnny's name itself can be used to glean the other motif for Rick as "King of Kings" because the opening sequence of both "parallel" each other.

While these comments of mine might be seen by many here as someone that is up a metaphorical creek without his paddle, you forget that I've got my hands firmly on a certain paddle already and I stole it "like a thief in the night" from the Grimes' house. ;)
For the record, I see another connection from Adam Smith to The Walking Dead's mythology as well, and maybe two more of them. Besides the list I've made of the clues including references to evolution, Gnosticism, Christianity, and Buddhism I'll toss onto the pile that to many experts now Adam Smith believed in Natural Religion, ascribing as Thomas Paine (a Deist) did to a belief in God but spelling it Nature perhaps.

The other connection I enjoyed as an "aha" epiphany moment was that yet another of sculptor Jim Sanborn's works was called "Circulating Capital (http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c385/SSTforumpics/The%20Walking%20Dead/THEORY/sanborncentral2.jpg)" and located outside the Robert C. Vance Academic Center at Central Connecticut State University, New Britain. It is a tall cylinder with a portion of The Wealth of Nations on it but to me more importantly has the upper half displaying some of the same text but in binary code. The "kick" here is that to me it links up Shane's "blondes with light switches and chromosomes" sermon and what I hold is all alluding to "devo-evo" or developmental evolution that will become the inception of Wildfire on all alternate worlds as a chain reaction or what I might name a "Fall of dominoes and rise of mankind." Booyah!
Back to Johnny's comments above that I see connecting to TWD that pairs up with the eight o'clock time mention is that his mention also of midnight can become the inception of the twelve motif linking to the apostles and from there to Thomas the apostle and to time in general. We might think of Johnny's mentioning of time becoming the "end of time" in TWD mythology (that I'm claiming). I see a lot of "motif bridges" between TWD and NOTLD and it's very cool and creative. I've already mentioned the cross motif and flag motif from George Romero's classic before and the LeMans "motif" of one being totaled as a stunt double for the much more valuable GTO Judge.

06-05-2011, 04:33 AM
NOTLD has Barbra mentioning the summer solstice and DST starting and Johnny complains how he lost an hour's worth of sleep before the drive and that it's Sunday. If we were to assume that the year was the same as the film's release it allows us to accurately fix the date of the visit to the graveyard as happening on Sunday, April 28, 1968.

I used the six sunrises spread across the six episodes of TWD, the time span of Wildfire as revealed by Dr. Jenner, and the combined day of the death of St. Thomas and winter solstice to fix the day of Rick waking from his coma as Friday, July 1, 2011. I calculate that Rick was shot on May 21, 2011 and the observer arrived on June 21, 2011 on the summer solstice. I figure he was likely in Rick's head for one week until Shane tried to rescue Rick on June 28. I also think having the remote visitor "with" Rick is what caused Shane to not be able to hear Rick's heartbeat.

The power going out in the hospital could become the likely influence for the observer to be able to move around and leave Rick's body. Remember that the distorted view of Shane that we saw from Rick's bed was not Rick as his eyes were closed (hint) and that it was rather the pov of the observer. On the day Shane tries to retrieve Rick and when we see Rick awake we see what looks like a CC camera pov up in a room ceiling corner.

By my figures that allows Lori forty days to elapse after Rick is shot before we see her "hunting mushrooms" in episode 102. Like Rick was in his coma Lori is "out of the wilderness" of mourning, and she decides to "adopt" Shane as protector of Carl, with benefits. :)

From the point where we (and the observer) see Shane bring the flowers it leaves ten days for the flowers to not be watered and dry up. I'd be interested if that window seems likely or should be assumed to be more lengthy but that is what I have for the days and how it fits.

Today being June 5, we should be about at the halfway point between Rick's coma starting and the observer coming in for a "landing" inside of Rick's head. After one week "Thomas Judas" should see Shane delivering the blue and white vase and flowers.

The reason I picked 2011, which doesn't have the series happening until next month from our time frame, is because season two needs to pick up right where we saw season one leave off. I do not know whether the "one day equals one episode" will continue but it's likely going to be dropped as it has done its job of mimicking the first six days of biblical creation. FlashForward tried to bring "the real world" into its mythology by attempting to synchronize the season finale with the flashforward date of April 29 but the network caused delays. This is not really the same as pulling us through the 4th wall and into the show mythology but if the clues are followed up on it does seem to feel to me that we are several weeks into Rick's coma currently. The 4th of July should be interesting to me personally and even though I'll likely be the only one believing my time line, it happens to be the night of the camp attack and with all of the gunshots heard at the conclusion of Vatos in a post-apocalyptic world without celebrations that will be the only "fireworks" that the survivors will hear in The Walking Dead. That's an interesting coincidence, wouldn't you think? ;)
Here is a followup from the previous news regarding budget cuts. It's from Hollywood Reporter and includes a great video of the roundtable.

More TWD goodness.


06-06-2011, 07:04 PM
Shooting has begun for season two. And we know that "shooting" draws zombies...

In looking at 22 again there is just too much to draw upon in religion and numerology but I've mentioned before the things that I thought were alluding to the number hanging around Shane's neck. I'll list several website that are interesting.


When we see Shane for the first time (linearly speaking) in the pilot, he comes to the radio after Amy tries to respond to Rick in his car driving into Atlanta. Shane "buries the hatchet" in a piece of wood and is out of uniform. In looking at Freemasonry, the 22nd degree level is called Prince of Libanus or Knight of the Royal Axe. It represents sympathy for labor and the labor class. This makes sense to me and I believe having Shane in working clothes with an axe so dramatically choreographed as his post-apocalypse reintroduction tells me that it wasn't a coincidence.

I've mentioned how I saw the book of Revelation having 22 chapters as well as The Song of Hiawatha being interesting to take note of and also that when setting aside the sex chromosomes there are twenty two chromosomes called autosomes that contain genetic hereditary information. Remembering Rick's question to Shane of "What is the difference between men and women" and looking at what is the same between them brings us to the 22 autosomes. It has been brought to my attention that we might need to look closer at the 22nd autosome as it relates to antibodies.

In looking closely at the decorative wood oar or paddle I've seen there are two pairs of symbols (ducks and matches or torches) and see that as a way to abstractly show "22" as it is a "pair of twins." 1+1 adding to two and then doubling that is a way to represent 22. We might also revisit my theory that Rick will die (physically/mortally) and that I've dealt him the dead man's hand. This is said as "Aces and Eights" and thus is another way to say a "pair of twins." The card hand also includes the number eight.

Yet another way of thinking of "22" is the TA-GC base pairs of DNA. We might think of the four men going back to Atlanta and how Glenn tactically split the "four horsemen" into two pairs, placing each pair into a different alley. I might remind those following my comments that it was in my study of how Glenn (as my metaphorical placement as the archangel Gabriel and sometimes messenger of pizza) made sure to split Rick and T-Dog off so that I could see him lead Daryl down the ladder (Jacob's) that to me named the character that would be revealed in the finale to be the identical twin in my parallel world pandemic infection diagram. Within several days I had the name of the character by following my intuition to a gnostic hymn about a Robe of Glory and The One Pearl which took me to Thomas Judas Didymus. Don't look this over as as I think I've said before that this is another iteration of "twin-twin" because two of the three names resolve into meaning twin, leaving Judas. Judas lest I remind you is the name on the motorcycle jacket that Norman Reedus wears in the Lady Gaga music video "Judas."

Yes, as I've said, Norman plays Judas Iscariot but we can see just before Norman's Judas jacket the one for Thomas, which sequentially might be viewed as a hint of Norman's future character that he'll play waking up in another reality (and starting the Wildfire back in time). If you look at Daryl's crossbow closely, two hints are in the model name. It is a "Scout" which to me says "observer" or remote-viewer and "125" which has its own nested meanings of adding to eight, and as I've said before as a Darwin pattern (single upper arm bone, two lower arm bones, and five fingers).

Really, that is a lot of pairings to consider and also the added pairing of twins. We should have a pair of identical Dixon twins, each in their own worlds which is yet another pairing and makes a super-set of four "Daryl's." This is a huge inside joke when you think of the Newhart series and the "other brother Daryl" phrase we heard over and over. For me, this is all synchronicity and perhaps irony for Frank Darabont, as my name is... :rotflmao2:
The first part of this is a fun play with graphics but the bottom part might fry your brain (as it nearly did mine). :)

A little fun playing with 22 (http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c385/SSTforumpics/The%20Walking%20Dead/THEORY/22.jpg).
Regarding my timeline for the beginning of Wildfire below, there are several ways to consider bumping the start date of the winter solstice forward. An obvious year to consider because the age of man is at an end would be to bump the 21 Dec. 2010 beginning of Wildfire two years forward to what some are calling the end of the Mayan Calendar.

However, much like with the recent End Times dud in May of 2010, we might imagine it happening in 2015. For one thing it can add a bit of dark humor as it happens after everyone relaxes for a few years but what I like even better is that winter solstice happens on Dec. 22, like it does this year. This can then become yet another reason for Frank Darabont to have had Shane wearing the 22 chain necklace. I believe in fact that I'm not considering anything that Frank hasn't also considered and this too is part of his mythology. For myself, although I'm partial to this idea of using a year with a Dec. 22 solstice occurrence being what the 22 means (as one of many meanings) I also like the idea very much that the number 22 can be thought of as the two sets of identical Dixon twins in two of the many worlds that are as pearls on a string. I wonder if Carol's daughter Sophia likes pearl necklaces, Frank (Darabont)? ;)
This is way overdue but the use of water as a motif supporting allusions of the biblical flood, Dale's RV as Noah's Ark, baptisms, and the saltwater contained in the isolation tank have to be bundled up under (poured into?) the overarching solution of this motif as the "Age of Aquarius." There, now I've done it. I'm thirsty. Hmm, perhaps a cigar is in order. I wish I had one from the Royal Cigar Co. (Pipe Corner of the South) but I'd make certain to light it with a friction match invented by John Walker in 1826. Even though he was an Englishman he reminds me of a Scottish John Walker, which brings be back to being thirsty. Hmm, what about a nice Scotch to go with that cigar. Ah yes, of course, with this show it should have a RED label. ;)

Yes, Johnnie Walker Red label on Aquarius rocks... :)
Much like with continually forgetting to offer up the Age of Aquarius as the solution for the water motif I need to add here that we saw the symbol for gnosticism already in the series and it was when Morgan was attempting to put down his wife with the scoped rifle given to him by Rick. I've had this in my mind before this but look to the right in this article and think back of what we were shown in addition to the view of Mrs. Morgan. As for bringing up water in this scene, I'll remind anyone reading this of the empty old wooden crate of Crystal Bottling Works, Erie, PA (on LAKE Erie) and in the same state connected to Night of the Living Dead. Boom! Booyah!

Here I am again most likely to be thought of with an overactive imagination (and what's wrong with that anyway?) but it hit me just now that we might think of the corporal in the TS-19 flashback as a "corporeal" observer looking into Rick's room # 450 while at the same time Shane and Rick are being observed by a non-corporeal observer. At least that's the way I'll take that scene with the soldier looking into the room at Rick. http://tinyurl.com/3gs5dtg
Corporal is the older form of corporeal. Corpus = body (Latin).

This can even be directed more to Rick as I have him being a metaphorical Christ as from Merriam Webster-
"Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Medieval Latin corporale, from Latin, neuter of corporalis; from the doctrine that the bread of the Eucharist becomes or represents the body of Christ."

06-07-2011, 07:09 PM
I see another thread clearly now, as I've been trying to glean the possible reasons that Guillermo was called "G" several times. G is one of the four letters in DNA sequencing, and I'm pretty sure that the reason for the character name of "T-Dog" fits this motif in several ways. T is yet another letter in the ATGC group, plus "dog" should allude to the artificial rather than natural selection process that has diversified the domesticated breeds of dogs while wild wolves are by comparison unchanged over thousands of years. Boom.

Thus I'm looking for a completion of this motif and should see an A and a C within a new character name but standing out more than simply Amy or Carol is.
To me this season two filming news is spoilerish because I think they're filming a flashback scene. Dale's RV is in the video in a traffic jam but without the canoe. I don't see them losing the canoe as when they left the CDC location it was still on the roof.


So... what does this mean to me? It gives me hope that my supreme detective skilz (lol) might still be born out for when I heard they were filming in south Atlanta it didn't look good for my having them at Stone Mtn., in east Atlanta. Fingers crossed, peeps!

06-08-2011, 05:22 AM
June 7-8, 2011
There are clues aplenty within the Q&A of Neil Brown Jr. (Guillermo).
I'm going to do the best I can with my current understanding.
This is going to appear very strange so if you are not interested just shrug, say "meh" and enjoy the series. :)

"Q: Robert Kirkman wrote the episode you were in. What did he tell you about your character?"

"A: Originally, my character was an extra. Frank and Robert ran with the idea of having a boss, somebody leading it. It was awesome 'cause Frank kept sending over script pages in the middle of the night with more dialogue."

Placing my very best Vulcan mind meld on the above question and answer, I get the following vibes.
Another use of "your character", besides meaning the obvious of Guillermo, is that it can allude to his alternate title of "G", which I've assigned to the nucleotide Guanine. If this sounds strange, read on because it’s going to get “stranger, friend.”
The mention above of Neil Brown Jr. being "an extra" means that the "junk" or “noncoding DNA” of humans is 98 percent of the human genome. Only a matter of weeks ago I didn't know this but if I'm anything I might be a bit intuitive and perhaps have gum under my shoes.

"Frank and Robert ran with the idea of having a boss" might be a very subtle allusion (and I'm stretching here a lot) to one of the many meanings of a "boss", that of a protuberance of granite (Stone Mountain?). The dominant use of a leader can also be used to describe taking over the human genome for the transformation.

The sequence of "Frank kept sending over script pages in the middle of the night with more dialogue" should be the return path of the genetic instructions from an infected Rick in the finale, passed to the remote-viewing body of Daryl's twin brother who I have named (using either or both) "Thomas Judas" Dixon. Boom.

"Q: And suddenly you're the custodian running the place. Have you ever had to deal with a situation that you weren't prepared for?"

The phrase "the custodian running the place" should be a metaphor for the genetic modification taking hold of the body and creating the transformational form known as a walker or geek. We're back to being "boss" again (like Merle wanted to be in Guts). Booyah.

"A: Many times. My father made it a point of doing it. He was a Marine so he waited 'til I got some muscles on me and he was like, "Come here." I went with him and he's like, "We're going to add to that house right there. I need that cement mixed. I need all those blocks over here in one pile so we can start laying them." I'm like, "Daddy don't do me like this. What are you talking about? I am an actor." But we got it done. You got legs, feet, hands, a brain. You got everything you need. That's how my dad is and he's right. I'm good in a clutch."

Neil should know "Once a Marine, always a Marine" but I'll forgive this because I'm not sure Neil even said this. I'll comment below on what "muscles" might mean additionally.

Adding to "that house", using "that cement" and "those blocks" to me is an allusion to "Ferenc builders" and Frank Darabont making a genetic monster and using it as a pandemic domino in the finale. I'll thrown in, like with "corporal" yesterday being handy to use in the mythology for its other meaning, the word "marine" as it can refer to sea, water, the isolation tank, our transitional ducks, and Aquarius.

"You got legs, feet, hands, a brain" means to me the 1-2-5 limb sequence noted in the very good PBS Nova special called "what Darwin Never Knew" and the model on Daryl's crossbow. The crossbow model was to me treated with the same attention to detail as a shooting location, and not only is the "125" on Daryl's crossbow but "Scout" also works well as another term for observer or remote-viewer (from another alternate reality).

"You got everything you need", points to the notion that our new form(s) can be constructed from the existing human genome using this extra or "junk" DNA. "I'm good in a clutch" could mean that Guillermo as a metaphor for the "G" or Guanine nucleotide (T-Dog being T or Thymine with two more to find [C&A]) is indeed what a clutch does in another meaning- as a transmission of mechanical power from one member to another. I am certain that Frank Darabont knows where he's heading. The opposite of a clutch is a brake and this series is just too good to be stopped until it's had a chance to tell its complete story. So far, AMC concurs.

"Q: Have you ever worked with the elderly?"

"A: No, but I used to go around with the church to visit the sick and shut-in as a kid..."

"Q: Did you think of her when the old woman entered to break up the stand-off?"

"A: She came in and gave one of my grandmama's smiles. My grandmother could calm a situation with one smile. She was an angel."

"Q: You used to be a boxer. Did that training come in handy for The Walking Dead?"

"A: You could see how Guillermo could be a welterweight boxer. I fought for 26 years. Pretty good. [Laughs] He'll stand a certain way, touch his chin a certain way, look a certain way, gotta be ready to move."

I've listed a string of three questions and answers because all of these weave in and out of a common motif- that of "William's Syndrome." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Williams_syndrome
We have the juxtaposition of old and young and being "sick and shut-in as a kid..." WS is a genetic disorder (thus affecting victims beginning in their youth) caused from the loss of genes (about 26) from the long arm of chromosome seven [and yes, you did in fact read just above that Neil said he fought for precisely 26 years!!!]. It was mentioned how Abuela walked in unafraid and calmed everyone down in the episode. I'll quote this from Wikipedia: "...people believed that sufferers of the syndrome, who have very charming and extraordinary kind personalities in comparison to most people, were gifted with extraordinary, even magical, powers. This is often believed to be the origin of the folklore of elves..." Now look above and find the answer just about how Abuela broke up the stand-off by being so innocent and naive. Is this a coincidence? What about the coincidence that Guillermo is Spanish for "William"? Interesting thing, that.

Now I'll bring mention of muscles back into my comments and analysis and match it with this quote of "other symptoms include failure to gain weight appropriately in infancy and low muscle tone." Now I'll comment on the last of the three questions that are grouped above mentioning Neil being a boxer and then of him mentioning that we might imagine Guillermo as a welterweight boxer. Why? If I look specifically at the wikipedia entry for the topic of interest I see something of interest here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Welterweight
The quote I found interesting is this: "A welterweight boxer weighs in greater than 140 pounds (63.5 kilos), but not greater than 147 pounds (66.7kilos)." What this means is the number SEVEN. So if we imagine we have perfect pitch we might be able to receive a message from all of this "noise" of the number seven coming from the clue of welterweight boxing but also from Williams Syndrome. Seven is the number of days in the week, a pattern which recycles until you get to the biblical end times, just perhaps. I see all of this intricate tapestry as more than whispering "seven" in our ears, because if we read through the text regarding WS we find "individuals with WS can also tend to demonstrate a love of music, and appear significantly more likely to possess perfect pitch. There also appears to be a higher prevalence of left-handedness and left-eye dominance."

When Abuela leads her grandson Felipe to Mr. Gilbert, we see a man at a piano which I don't think is coincidence when all of this is considered in toto. I'll have to wait to see if there is any link from the mention of "left-handedness" perhaps creatively being linked to Merle because of his new left-handed perspective. I've been thinking of the Vatos being more allied to Rick because of his giving "G" guns and ammo as an act of good faith that should reap later rewards. Another item of great import is this from the WS entry- "In an experiment, a group of children with Williams syndrome showed no signs of inherent racial bias, unlike children without the syndrome." This then is the underlying reason (I believe) of why Frank Darabont included racial tensions because the show will likely show us a healthy and beneficial use of flipping genetic switches with chromosome seven. Angels are mentioned in the interview and there is something about chromosome 7 that “softens” humans and perhaps moves us a bit toward angels. That’s what I get intuitively and no I’m not left-handed.

I believe this is helping to "build" (remember Ferenc builders) toward a very "warm" message in the eventual finale. In fact I'm feeling very warm all over right now. I wonder if I'm getting a fever. Boom.
Two photos from S2. Greg N. is back on the job. No spoilers observed.

http://blogs.amctv.com/the-walking-d...ook-photos.php (http://blogs.amctv.com/the-walking-dead/2011/06/season-2-first-look-photos.php)

06-10-2011, 06:26 AM
This is the continuation of the Neil Brown Jr. Q&A from a couple days back-

I’ve still got more to do, so let’s get at it.
Q: What other skills do you possess that would be helpful in a zombie apocalypse?
A: My grandmother cooked everything from turtle soup to possum. She taught me how to take any animal and fricassee it up and make it taste delicious.
I believe the mention of “turtle” and “possum” together might be linked to a Cherokee animal story called “How Turtle’s Back was Cracked.” http://www.ilhawaii.net/~stony/1096myth.html (http://www.ilhawaii.net/%7Estony/1096myth.html)
The Trail of Tears could be thought of then because Georgia contained part of the Creek Nation and Cherokee Nation.

There is a second hidden element in the answer if we consider that both fricassee as well as gumbo originates in New Orleans, famous for seafood. The part above regarding “any animal” is a clue to me pointing directly to oysters. It really is an animal- look it up. So although a lot of meat and fish can be used as ingredients in fricassee the “hidden meat of merit” we are being teased with is oysters. I have already found my “Hymn of the Pearl” and thus already have the treasure that is being pointed to in my grasp. I’ll also point out that there is a way to see parallels of a sort between the Trail of Tears and Cajuns as the term is derived from Acadians- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Expulsion_of_the_Acadians
Q: What's your favorite thing about this character?
A: Most people, as tough as they seem, retreat. I'm like, "Retreat? Hell, I just got here." Fight or flight. The doctors were out. He's just a janitor but he's the guy who is going to fight. You mix morals with a guy who can fight back and you got a real leader. If he doesn't know what to do, he's going to find someone who does.
Substituting “we” for “I” the quote becomes "Retreat? Hell, we just got here!" and was said by Capt. Lloyd Williams, USMC, on June 1, 1918 at the Battle of Belleau Wood. The significance of this trivia is that Marine Capt. Williams (promoted posthumously to major) belonged to the:
1st Marine Division 2nd Battalion 5th Regiment, or… the 1/2/5. Yes, we have another iteration of 125.

Next we come to “Fight or flight.” I’ll remind the reader again of William’s Syndrome and of this quote from the Wikipedia entry of “There have also been studies that show that the amygdala of a person with Williams syndrome has greater volume than the average person's, and given that the amygdala controls a human's sense of fear, it can be seen why WS individuals can so willingly talk to anyone, including strangers.” There might be more to glean from the rest of this “answer” but at the current time I don’t see anything “below the surface.”

Q: Guillermo is called G. Do you have a nickname?

A: My friends call me NBJ. It's a drink too. In 2006, my friends started going to all the bars and were like, "Let me get a NBJ. You don't know what a NBJ is? It's vodka, water and three limes baby!" They started doing it and I was like, "That's not going to catch on man," and then I went to a bar in LA and and said, "Let me get a NBJ," and they knew what it was and I frickin' flipped!

Besides the “and and” after “a bar in LA”, I did discover other items of interest. We need to yet again consider alternate context in the answer. My thought was that research was done on the initials of the actor to then attach words where the meaning was known but in a way to reassemble another way to deliver them- just not directly. That’s what we’ve been reading on the surface. If we assume particular words or in one case initials (as an acronym?) are keys and use a web search query, say “NBJ, 2006, bar” we find a report summary called “The Road to Recovery” on newhope.com, which we might consider itself as a bit “illuminating.”

If you don’t wish to replicate my search and are fine with reading then I’ll tell you that the report is about nutrition bar sales drops in 2006. Keeping topics like evolution in my mind I spotted “Gluten-Free Niche Evolves” and pounced on that. It seems that Celiac disease (according to familydoctor.org) “is a disorder that causes problems in your small intestine when you eat gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye and barley. Gluten is poison to people with celiac disease.” I don’t see this as random noise as I can take notice of the small intestine and apply it to a certain episode in the first season called “Guts” where I’m pretty sure Rick and Glenn were wearing Wayne Dunlap’s intestines as bling. You see, sometimes the clues are not nearly as well hidden as at other times.

I’ve also made a bold “prophesy” that the mysterious whisper from Dr. Jenner to Rick in TS-19 will be revealed (likely in the first episode of season two) as directions to “food and fuel.” I took my cue like Rick did straight from Dr. Jenner and saw his stated resurrection time for TS-19 as instructions to read Revelation 2:17, which partly mentions “hidden manna” or heavenly bread. Bread is a source of gluten and is something not yummy if you have Celiac Disease. As stated above, it’s poison. Guess what Vodka is made from? Apparently the good stuff is made from rye and wheat. Yep: Gluten. Between 0.5 and 1.0 percent of people in the United States are sensitive to gluten due to celiac disease.

As far as the “vodka, water and three limes” mentioned above, the name vodka comes from the Russian word voda, meaning water, so we have in a sense “water and water” and three limes. I’ll note also that the Wikipedia entry for Vodka says “aqua vitae (Latin, literally, "water of life")” so I guess “water of life and heavenly manna” is something those prone to Celiac Disease should steer clear of. Not to worry though, as of 2004 low-gluten Eucharist wafers safe for coeliacs were approved for use at Mass by the Catholic Church. To solve the liquid side of the problem there’s always AA (like in FF).

Now as to the three limes, I think this is the correct solution. Once again, we must learn from Shakespeare about alternate meanings. A magician would call it misdirection. Although a lime tree in the US bears green and yellow fruit full of vitamin C, in Europe what they would call a lime tree is a basswood tree here. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tilia

According to Wikipedia, “Tilia is a genus of about 30 species of trees native throughout most of the temperate Northern Hemisphere, in Asia (where the greatest species diversity is found), Europe and eastern North America; they are not native to western North America. Under the Cronquist classification system, this genus was placed in the family Tiliaceae, but genetic research by the APG has resulted in the incorporation of this family into the Malvaceae. They are generally called lime in Britain and linden or basswood in North America.”

What was the name of the county that the units requesting assistance came from that the King County Sheriff’s Office dispatcher told Rick and Shane needed their assistance? I’ll let her tell you herself: “Linden County units request local assistance.” Linden County = Linden Tree. Just after that request was heard it was followed up by an utterance of “two-seventeen” which later was the time on Rick’s stopped clock in the hospital. If we discount the nonlinear opening sequence and take the “guy talk” for the opening scene (in a linear perspective it indeed is), then that scene is the genesis (as in Genesis 2:17) of the series mythology story arc. Using this 2:17 context and the consistent context of the terms “hidden manna” and “water of life” I can then fit the last part of the cryptic phrase of “It's vodka, water and three limes baby!” to mean “the three trees” of the Tree of Life, the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and the Cross.

I’m accepting "That's not going to catch on man," and “and they knew what it was and I frickin' flipped!” as if those two phrases were talking directly to me. I’m getting vibes of The Neverending Story. My response is to quote Robert De Niro in one of his many guises with “Are you talking to me?” ;)

Q: You were in the recent alien invasion movie, Battle: Los Angeles. So, what's scarier: zombies, aliens or humans?

A: Humans. The capacity for man's evil is beyond measure. Think about this: Man came up with the zombies and aliens.

I can’t argue with that logic.
As a followup on my marathon decrypting session, I think I may have stumbled onto a foundational cornerstone of both The Walking Dead and Lost (!!!).

This morning I read a comment from RainKingX that basically saw the John Locke character portrayed in a racist light. In what can only be synchronicity I had been bothered that there was still something I had missed in the initials of Neil Brown Jr. and when I found it in the urban dictionary (um, the first entry, not the 2nd lol) I didn't like what I saw at first. But the juxtaposition of what I read on him at IMDB of being lighter skinned than was normal for his neighborhood was a reversal on the urban meaning. Somehow I ended up at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/And_Then_There_Were_None and a piece fell together perhaps for both Lost and The Walking Dead as the Agatha Christie classic is to me being "honored" in both modern live action shows. It also hit me at the same time that Grant Morrison's The Island of Mister Mayhew is an homage as well (!). So I have "And Then There Were None" to add to my collection now. Boom! Booyah! (and holy crap)!

Um, the victim of Emily Caroline Brent in TWD is Amy, as they were both "stung" in the neck. ;) The actress is Emma Bell ~ Emily Brent (!). I have said before the name of an actor is part of the casting decision...

06-18-2011, 11:30 PM
I'm going to leave a note here and although it could expand into a very large book (or a movie trilogy lol) here is my "ah ha!" moment, or rather several of them. A few days ago it occurred to me that I have one "kill" notch carved into my Chekhov gun from Life on Mars over two years ago and a very good feeling of how FlashForward would have ended and a few others. I've hit on many motifs in the few shows I've watched that are common and even though it's easy to dismiss that as the "there are only so many ideas" meme another epiphany hit me. First, at the local level of many shows and films since perhaps the late 1990's, clues were indeed doled out and that if followed might give away an ending. This my friends was cheese for a mousetrap. At some point (and I just passed that threshold only days ago & yes that's a Goyer-Bragga series), a much larger "plan" was seen (the Cylons had a plan, too). Although I never considered it as real and swallowed the baited hook, a picture emerged nevertheless of an overarching subliminal "message" that tied into the now ever-growing apocalyptic list of live action television shows and films as we head full-tilt toward Dec. of 2012 (yawn).

Either from aliens or machine intelligences coming to Earth, or earth-based apocalypses like the now growing zombie trend (I love AMC's The Walking Dead), the plan is one of telling us that there is something to go forward to after the fall, either for us to go back to our real home in the stars or that we will "move on" in ways foretold by all of the world's religions. This friends is the greatest practical joke sprung since Orson Welles and his Mercury Theater on the Air broadcast a certain radio play based on H.G. Wells War of the Worlds on October 30, 1938. This "leg pull" or "Halloween BOO!" is simply the biggest prank ever pulled. Around the 14th of this month for a period of about 24 hours I saw the "message" that I might be a hybrid alien-human. I did not believe it but what I did firmly believe was what the message was saying. This is the stuff of conspiracy theories and not the same as my intuitive and analytical gum-shoeing to guess what was coming in my favorite shows.

I do not hold to any "popular" conspiracy theories and that might have been my saving grace as the many clues built a picture of several ways the world will end next year. I didn't believe in the Y2K scare either. In fact, from just a quick scan of films that came out in 1999 before the millennium ended a few too many "dreamy" movies were released. We have the "Millenium Falcon" and "Jedi mind tricks" from George Lucas so I think I have a guess as to who first had the "Inception" in hatching the plan. Therefore "the plan" (re-imagined BSG) got going again around 2004. What broke it free for me was that I had around five clues from The Walking Dead in my hands that all said "1939." Even though the radio play was in 1938 the script had time flashforwarded to 1939. Yes friends, Orson Welles had a "FlashForward."

I finally had the solution and the "ah-ha" was a big one, sort of like a super nova. I might even make use of something hinted at in The Walking Dead and in Super 8 as of "fireworks going off", which is what they wanted to suggest to us as meaning an epiphany or eureka moment. Yes, "Eureka" is a series- see the pattern? However I had quickly surfaced to the level of the puppet masters and the master magician. My fireworks were of an image of Toto pulling the curtain away from Professor Marvel and with him (through his holographic puppet) trying to shoo the dog away and implore those nearby to "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain."

I don't want to bark so loud as to ruin perhaps over 15 years of planning and a conspiracy so large it encompasses a lot of the films and live action television shows and even comics and music videos that we enjoy, but there it is. Get ready, Guinness World Records, as you will have one hell of a new entry to make after next year.
George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, and so oh so many more of you, take a bow. The image I hold in my mind's eye (all three of them lol) is of the end of the film The List of Adrian Messenger.

Take off your masks (from Eyes wide Shut and V for Vendetta) and makeup and clap. This was one hell of a knee-slapper. And I think it's only right that I'd have Hollywood "ghost write" it for me (Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol <cough, cough>).

And now I can't say I don't believe in any conspiracy theories, lol.

06-20-2011, 08:19 PM
Same ol', Same ol'. Rapture, Jesus, Judas, Unfamiliar creatures attracted by snarkiness. I didn't read all your comments but, I think you're tracking the wrong 2:17 on this one. I'm more interested to see how much of your writings they steal for S2. I mean, you basically wrote it for them.

06-21-2011, 12:43 AM
I just had a dream. I was looking back in time into a mirror and saw a goat driving a GTO. Please take care of me guys, and I know Shakespeare would warn me to wrap enough words around what I just said to make it be received in the best possible context. ;)

I'm also feeling like Truman Burbank right now and it's creepy.

If I'm right I don't need to explain it and if I'm wrong I don't want to explain it. ;)
I forgot a much better solution for C3 than linking to genetics. C3 is also for "command, control, and communications." I don't know how I missed that one except it used to be called "C&C" for just command and control. Of course as long as I'm at it C3 is the first half of C3PO but that's just random noise unless a "PO" box was close to some graffiti with C3 on a wall. At the moment about all the image I get of late is of a dead Schrodinger's cat in the road.

I'll say it was synchronicity that today (for the northern hemisphere at least) is the summer solstice. It may not matter a bit as far as assisting the clue hunt to predict where the show mythology might be headed to, but there it is anyway.

06-23-2011, 11:31 PM
Until next season (if I'm still here),

07-24-2011, 12:43 AM
Here is the season 2 trailer for The Walking Dead. Look for it October 16, 2011 at 9pm.


Sam G
07-26-2011, 11:09 PM
Frank Darabount (http://tvovermind.zap2it.com/cable/amc/the-walking-dead/frank-darabont-steps-showrunner-walking-dead/84981?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=frank-darabont-steps-showrunner-walking-dead) stepping down as showunner

07-27-2011, 03:23 AM
Frank Darabount (http://tvovermind.zap2it.com/cable/amc/the-walking-dead/frank-darabont-steps-showrunner-walking-dead/84981?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=frank-darabont-steps-showrunner-walking-dead) stepping down as showunner

This is looking more like an Ouroboros theory than my others did as he's done this before. Maybe he's going to make it stick this time. Maybe. Thanks for the update Sam. My theories for this show are pretty much kaput as I don't think the majority of the clues are linked to it but something else. I'll be watching as a couch potato though.

Sam G
07-28-2011, 09:40 AM

07-31-2011, 03:04 AM
http://news.tubefilter.tv/2011/07/28/am ... king-dead/ (http://news.tubefilter.tv/2011/07/28/amc-digital-studio-walking-dead/)

Hmm, a web series directed by Greg Nicotero. "Hannah" would likely be a the center of a new group struggling to survive. I didn't see any Hannah listed as an existing character on the WD wiki.

Original source: http://www.bloody-disgusting.com/news/25580

08-11-2011, 08:16 PM
For us Steven Yeun fans (and who isn't?) he'll be on SyFy's Warehouse 13 on Monday (August 15) as a video game programmer. I do not want to consider for a minute that this might be a "crossover foreshadow" that TWD's Glenn will become a geek in the future over on AMC but who knows? FYI, I thought about it for 59 seconds. :biggrin:

Link to article on Zap2it (http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/2011/08/11/eureka%E2%80%99s-neil-grayston-returns-to-warehouse-13-in-new-crossover-episode-on-syfy-monday-august-15/100183/).

Sam G
08-12-2011, 10:03 AM
Why Darabont left (http://www.slashfilm.com/unnamed-sources-reveal-truth-frank-darabonts-departure-the-walking-dead/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+slashfilm+%28%2FFilm%29&utm_content=FaceBook)

08-12-2011, 01:43 PM
I think Darabont was the backbone of the show so we'll see how this changes things. I was not amused when AMC used him at the SD Comic-Con then metaphorically decapitated Frank like Dale & Daryl did to walkers. The cube van was called Ferenc builders for a reason. :rolleyes:

I had to roll my eyes a bit though juxtaposing "Unnamed Sources" & "Reveal Truth."

08-15-2011, 07:32 PM
AMC to Michael Rooker as he reports to work for TWD:

"Well, the good news is that you've made the cast cut for season two. The bad news is that because of the cost of CGI and the recent episode budget rollbacks we're going to have to really cut off your right hand." :biggrin:

09-21-2011, 07:06 PM
AMC is adding a 1/2 hour after-show (http://blogs.amctv.com/the-walking-dead/2011/09/talking-dead-announcement.php) for TWD.

09-27-2011, 04:37 PM
AMC will be offering six webisodes (http://blogs.amctv.com/the-walking-dead/2011/09/the-walking-dead-webisodes.php) related to TWD beginning on October 3. They will center on Hannah, better known as "bicycle girl" from last year. That would certainly qualify as a flashback I'd think. :)

10-11-2011, 03:37 AM
This is great! It's the Dec. cover of Mad Magazine (http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c385/SSTforumpics/The%20Walking%20Dead/MISC2/walking-dead-mad-20111008-132734.jpg) and they've focused on The Walking Dead. Very cool!

10-14-2011, 01:04 AM
Well, Sunday is here geeks. S2 should be fun.

10-18-2011, 07:47 PM
My table of clues, called by some a shrine, can be also thought of as a term I found today.

objet trouvé

This is literally French for "found object." It means an object kept more for it's artistic or symbolic value than as what it was created for. In my case though, it is a table of lost and found... and lost. :)

OK, I have to share this. We got an overt shout-out to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom when Daryl called Glenn "Short Round." Even though Daryl is still "Merle-light" there is still his biker "SS" decal to consider.

A real subtle nod perhaps is when Shane doesn't think Rick's assessment of the church was correct by saying it didn't have a bell or steeple. Later, we see that the "bell" was recorded and on a timer. As a side note I wonder where the power came from but I'm drifting from the homage I think this portends. I'll suggest that it might be the nursery rhyme of

"This is the Church, this is the steeple. Open the doors and see all the people." I did not pick this example (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccwoF6fEteE) as it was the first one Google offered when looking for clips. Taking the phrase though and doing a deeper look-see brought up a clip from the classic Twilight Zone episode of Stop Over In A Quiet Town (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hM-5eYn6Hu0). OK, now I'm creeped out more than what the episode did to me. :hide:

10-21-2011, 07:33 AM
Well, since it's October anything that dies just gets up again, lol. So, I'll say a bit more on my adventure.

I think part of my answer is found in following good old David Bowie as you just can't go wrong with him. His album "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars" has a song called Suffragette City. It contains linkage to Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange. We did get the hint from the laundry in the quarry done by the gals with the guys loafing around that can be thought of as a hint to it. FlashForward had oranges and I was also nudged to it from that as well.

I've been nudged by clues that can take me to the stars (sorry but I'm too old for that sort of fantasy) or fill my mind with conspiracy theories and secret societies (no sale). I found threads that are in shows that allow me to see a list of various "confidence tricks" that expose these as cons, both short and long but mostly long.

I was then led to believe that I had "written" the end of the show I called about three years ago. All along I knew what began it all (with three clues) but there was still logic in being watched online and "picked" like Donkey in Shrek, lol. However, the rules of this as just a really cool game compel you to "act" as if the secret society really exists. However, even this layer can be perceived as yet another long-con as you have to play the game as if it is real. It's like a self-sealing fuel tank (I'm a WW2 history buff) in that even if I don't swallow the secret society for real I have to protect it as a game for others. I'm thinking that these are Jedi mind tricks all the way through, at the moment. So all of the clues that appeared to be aimed at me can be set up as a pre thought out path, generically. It's evident that my path of Rick in some sort of dream or even the more convoluted version of Daryl's twin doing the dreaming from another parallel world (very sci-fi) was just a string of clues that were inserted as a dead trail. Another ending is going to happen because the canoe they threw away was always going to be thrown away. This would likely parallel how "psychics" work on TV. As long as they keep the predictions generic enough they appear to read minds. I'm just beginning to watch The Mentalist and how he describes his past as a con. I should have been watching Psych and Leverage as well- like every episode instead of a few.

It's fascinating how these nudges work. Those in on the game can be described as "Harvey Two Face" and on FX's American Horror Story we have such a character. I'm glad I touched on that show for several episodes as it had clues to offer as well.

If I had really been "steering" Life on Mars then the show would have ending in the year 2043 and not 2035, as I flipped the 35 years back from 2008 to 1973 forward and got 2043. Many viewers noted that "President Obama" (one of the two daughters of the present one in office) would not have been old enough to be president while my dating would have allowed for it. Of course, that doesn't take into account that the law was still the same in the future that states the minimum age to be President. Here are some more screen caps from A Clockwork Orange that might have meaning or not for you.


My guess for The Walking Dead show finale would be something not expected, perhaps a "kill em all" end or at least for Rick in the finale. I still have that Aces and Eights death hand for Rick. Now, watch it be something different, lol.
OK, here's a word from the Nadsat list that could work as a link to the web series ARK.

Zheena can be Xena (Warrior Princess). This links to the web series Ark, with Renee O'Connor (who was Gabrielle).

"Starry" becomes the shirt of Amy's in TWD (and other stars) and the ones in FlashForward as well as Sam G's find of Star as an airline.

Alright, I'm off to spat and sneety. I guess unlike Vincent in Lost, I didn't lie down and unlike in TWD just up and die. I'm a zombie "dark dog" Hyde now I suppose. :)
Shive / Slice, cut / English slang: shiv-a knife

"Shiv-a knife" can be thought of as Shiva, as I found in Buddhist clues in The Event. Of Course knife goes to Terry O'Quinn's character(s) in Lost.

Oh, here is one for TWD!!!
Rooker= hand. Yep! Plus, there were several severed hands in Happy Town.

I've got my yarbles back, lol! Woot!
Viddy= "to see" and because this is the most recognized one one the list it would be the one to swap out for my Gostic version of "to know." Viddy well, my brothers, viddy well!

Also, the viddy as the television that is in the backgrounds of a lot of shows with clues on them like the test pattern (from The Outer Limits).

Tree = three, so that's likely the biblical memes in shows as clues. Genesis (I've seen that a lot) becomes the biblical tree(s) and the Holy Trinity. That would certainly connect the three dots of JJ Abrams' box of mystery (and Enigmatrix).

"Scoteena" = cow, so perhaps Gene the cow in Fringe (and milk).

"Rot" = mouth so perhaps zombie films and shows lately? Hey, it's not such a stretch as Rooker/Hand is next to it, lol.

Rabbit= work (I'd say this was work- for three years!). BUT, it was Radosty, too.

Privodeet= "to lead somewhere" YEAH, I'd agree with that! :rotflmao2:

Crud! I wasn't looking at the last column. It's mostly Russian but also German, French etc.

Yarbles (we know the slang meaning, don't we?) but yarblica is apples in Russian. Woot!

Zvonock = doorbell so perhaps bells in many iterations such as William Bell in Fringe.

Besides things such as Twitter (obvious) "warble" as song can become Finch in Person of Interest! Finch's have a cheerful song.

Vellocet becomes cocaine and other drugs in shows perhaps. I would think so.

I guess the little girl in TWD was wearing toofles.

"Tolchock" would be what Nina Theroux does in Alphas (!).

Merle's hand was placed in a tashtook.

FX's show American Horror Story should be named American Strack Razkazz

Odin = one and of course we get the film Thor and Norse myth.

Nadsat = teenage (the name of this list like Kabbalah (or 137 lol) is).

Snout as pig in several iterations (Angry Birds and police procedurals) and also the broken snout of Alex. It's HIS bandaged nose I've been seeing homages to rather than Patrick Stewart's character in Conspiracy Theory.

Kot = tomcat such as the dead cat in the road in TWD that I had just thought was Sylvester lol.

TWD Guts episode should be called Guttawhats or Keeshkas.

Horn = to cry out but it becomes the character iterations of Glenn in TWD (my dead theory) & Gabriel McDow, and other Gabriels.

I've been gloopy. :)

What came first, the hen or the eggiweg?

Glazz is eye (like in the doll eye in FF) which I had recently been locked onto as the eye from The Twilight Zone.

The Burning Question drink in LoM is really firegold. That's answered at last!

Droog = friend as in "These ARE the droogs you have been looking for." :)

Hmm, so walkers "drat" people they catch. I'd say more than drat if caught though, lol.

Dobby = good (helloooo Harry Potter!).

Collocol is bell so we don't need doorbell for William Bell.

Dook = ghost so Mission Impossible: Dook Protocol. :) And more with ghost of course.

Cancer = cigarette but is the many iterations of 69 and the constellation.

Cal, I'm tired!

William Bell is "Belly" = Brooko.

Britva was Daryl's move in TS-19 with the two axes as it was like a razor cut (double razor).

This has driven me bezoomy.

Charlie in Lost was in a banda (also wedding band iterations).

That's not nearly all of them but It's a start.

OK, have I surfaced yet?
The Nadsat list is what I've been looking for as it is the argot or Rosetta Stone. I "hope" this is the last layer...
I've been thinking of quite a different term than Anthony Burgess' "subliminal penetration" but I guess it's a rose by another name. :)

Happy Town
The Walking Dead
Life on Mars
FlashForward (averted) EP117
The Event (EP117- Cut Off The Head)
SE7EN (you knew this was coming)

10-21-2011, 12:33 PM
The concept of "the third eye" (the pineal gland or eye of God) in "psychics" can also be an arrow in the same spot and it is still called getting a third eye, lol. So this screen cap from the Mercury Men can be thought of as both "input and output." :)


How about this?

When metaphors fail is when you ask for a third eye because you wanted to be a prophet but Daryl Dixon is your surgeon. #thewalkingdeadRemember Jim and his dreams? Daryl was going to give Jim a 4th eye but nodded a respectful goodbye instead.

The Mercury Men were trying it several ways. The head shot to a three-eyed invader and the concept of having an idea as if struck by lightning. It was staring back at me all this time, lol.
Also, the "brain in a jar" meme that I've seen very overtly in The Mercury Men fits this as well. American Horror Story certainly looks like it also envelopes this meme. What seems to me to be the biggest contradicting metaphor in this puzzle is in the bag now (yeah, I know- hee).

I have another one from The Mercury Men but it would be more of a contranym. The Mercury Men offer "enlightenment" or "illumination" but it's not a lesson you want to participate in.

In digging for a bone on The Walking Dead and following Ricks watch to Carol, I had to study the time on the watch and what Rick did after that. What that sequence offered up was one word- Rebekah. I felt what to do with it was to look up it's root meaning. It was bound. Bound is a contranym and means both to move and not to move.

I can immediately see that this is what I went through a few months back and suspected it was nudging and not harassment (lol). It was covering the contradiction of the "winkie" emoticon and how a wink can be friendly and "LOL-light" (how I use it). Another use is to alert someone that what is said is not what is meant. I think we need emoticons with scent, lol. Anyway, so bound is one and illumination is another but don't get bound to a power line (another reason for this reiterating meme) or you'll never have the knowledge to live to go to Disneyland.

Life on Mars' "head over here" was hilarious as uttered by Harvey Keitel because we knew Sam Tyler didn't know the true meaning that a head was in a box. I would hope that there is more to this than meets the eye (in a manner of typing- hee). I wouldn't want one of Daryl Dixon's bolts or Mark Benford's pistol rounds to "meet my eye." That might be all there is to this but it's so overarching (bridge meme) that I'd think there is more. Oh, contranym can go by antagonym, which doesn't get lost in translation. I've had that phrase in my mind and knowing that it's another film by Bill Murray (like Groundhog Day) called easily enough Lost in Translation. My thinking is that this is a planned element and should have more meaning than just its quite interesting educational value. This "universe" of connected shows and films, that certainly seem to be expounding upon the various contranyms and "mirror-metaphors", can't be just the sum of the various parts. It has to be more. Either that or I've run away from one wall just to hit my head against another one.

I wonder if Kevin Bacon has cats instead of dogs? :lol:

Here are screen caps for clues that are perhaps more important as contranyms/antagonyms. And yes, not all of these are my finds but were "found" by others that can likely be nudging me.

Citation (http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c385/SSTforumpics/The%20Walking%20Dead/EP101/EP101__GRIMES_PIC.jpg)

Bound (http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c385/SSTforumpics/The%20Walking%20Dead/EP103/EP103_WAKETIME.jpg) --> Bound (http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c385/SSTforumpics/The%20Walking%20Dead/EP103/EP103_CLEANCLOTHES.jpg) --> Bound (http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c385/SSTforumpics/The%20Walking%20Dead/EP103/EP103_CLEANCLOTHES2.jpg) --> Bound (http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c385/SSTforumpics/The%20Walking%20Dead/EP103/EP103_CLEANCLOTHES3.jpg)

Buckle (http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c385/SSTforumpics/The%20Walking%20Dead/EP103/EP103_TRIQUETRA_BELT.jpg)

Cleave can be the "deer" zombie or the organ donor or others.

In the season two opener this last Sunday Dale had oversight duty but when Shane "baptized" himself Dale was distracted and thus was responsible for an oversight regarding the approaching herd. It was not lost to me that the side message acknowledging executive producer Gale Anne Hurd was included at no extra charge. :biggrin:
Of course it's not all about contranyms because synonyms and other creative writing tools and linguistics are being seeded as well. As I've already been Daffy Duck I wonder when we'll get graffiti in shows with "MR DUCKS" and the modern version of Kilroy Was Here (http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c385/SSTforumpics/The%20Grand%20Illusion/Killroy.jpg)? Oh, wait. The Omega symbol on the same Wikipedia page as Kilroy is in Fringe and was in Babylon 5 but I never equated it to Kilroy. Hee, "Kill Roy" sounds a lot like from STTNG's "Fire at Will" (Riker). Hmm. Am I looking for a film perhaps with Kevin Bacon and Bill Murray? I'll have to check on that possibility.
Well, Bill Murray has a Bacon # of 1, from 1998's Wild Things. I don't think I'll be chasing myself in a circle for the next 2,511 of this.

10-24-2011, 05:59 PM
Good episode.