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Lost General Theories Theories based on things that HAVE happened on the actual eps of Lost. No spoiler info is to be posted here.

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Re: "Lost" is a train wreck, and it's not over.

Originally Posted by Malachy View Post
I think in following the show and really appreciating it for what it is, you just have to accept that most mysteries were not resolved (at least satisfactorily) and that the mysteries surrounding the island were always going to remain, well, mysterious.
Read Tales of Terror and Mystery and I think you'll see otherwise. You'll see where the Smoke Monster came from, and the brilliant but vice-ridden surgeon who was cajoled into operating under false pretenses. You'll see where the burly Spanish-speaking man with a reputation as a warrior came from. But most importantly, you'll see the motiv'n for making a large passenger vehicle disappear, and how someone can be made to appear to have died and yet live. And then once you have that motiv'n for the disappearance of flight 815, the real question is, who was the person who knew too much, and what did s/he know?
But even I can appreciate that there's nothing more you can or should tell about the story, at least in terms of events that happen after the series conclusion, because it would detract from that perfect emotional ending. I love the way the characters were sent off and that's the way it should remain.
The really important part is not what happened after the story, but before it. Once we know that, it will change what we think about everything that happened during it.
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The Fuselage > Speculation > Lost General Theories > "Lost" is a train wreck, and it's not over.

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