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For Terry O'Quinn .... John Locke For Terry O'Quinn .... John Locke. He posts as oquinn.

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"The Truth is Out There"- think I found it!!!
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Wink Happy B-Day from Vancouver (Galiano Island)...

Hey Terry!

Don't know if you view the 'lage anymore, but wanted to send positive vibes your way on your 58th B-Day...

I wonder where in the world you are these days...maybe Ireland? Summer is fantastic here at my summer home on the West Coast of Canada!!!! The sunsets are amazingly colourful, & the whales have passed by a few times already while I have been sitting on my favourite rock! Hope it is warm, pleasant, and relaxing where you are too, and hope that you have been as lucky as me in being surrounded with great friends, family, and lots of red wine so far...Shiraz is just so heavenly in the summer!!!!

Have a great few months, and hope to see you on the tube somehow in the Fall !!!

p.s. You had better start planning your outfit for the Emmy's...all of us desparate, patriotic chicks will be watching closely for our dose of suave, sexy Terry (and of course, to see what the always beautiful Lori is wearing...hi Lori, by the way...sorry for being a pest!!!!!).

In Loving-Kindness,

Lori from Canada

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The Fuselage > Ask the Staff > Got Questions for the Lost VIPs? > For the Lost Actors > For Terry O'Quinn .... John Locke > Happy B-Day from Vancouver (Galiano Island)...

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